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    Mean Machine Award!

    I won the "Mean Machine" award at the Christmas Car Show at Griot's Garage in Tacoma last Saturday!
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    FWIW, I was in a similar situation with my 302 vert a few years ago. I have a numbers matching car that I wanted to keep looking as it did in '69. Not concours but at least period correct. I went with a roller cam and roller rocker conversion mostly for reliability and longevity reasons, but I did go a bit more aggressive (Comp HR216/325-2S-12). I kept the stock compression, heads, and exhaust manifolds but added a dual exhaust (I have long tube headers but couldn't get happy with them so I shelved them). I had lost the original 2-barrel carb but had an Edelbrock F4-B intake so I added a Holley 600 CFM and went 4-barrel. I added Pertronix ignition. Now I would never argue that this is a sensible approach to adding real performance - the stock heads and exhaust manifolds are awful - but I did end up with a nice running engine with decent torque and I'm quite happy with it as a weekend cruiser. And to the untrained eye, it looks totally 1969 stock. I have the original intake and a replacement Autolite 2100 carb on the shelf and I also entertain the notion of adding some better heads and headers at some point as well...so the options to move either way is always there.
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    If you use the original style air cleaner it will hide the carb you have under it.
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    Since you are upgrading to screw in rocker studs and roller rocker arms, for valves, you can select 1.94" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves for a small block Chevrolet motor. That's what I did with my 1969 351W. They are more readily available and less expensive. Do most of your port work on the exhaust ports. On the intake ports, merely gasket match and clean up and extremely rough edges. If there is a hump on the roof of the exhaust ports, it can be removed. It takes time to remove that hump but, it opens the exhaust port a lot. I would not have the cylinder heads machined until you have the correct valve springs for the cam you are using. Most often, the valve guides and/or spring pockets need machine work to fit the valve springs. This almost always occurs when upgrading to a hydraulic roller cam.
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    After all those upgrades. With the stock 2-barrel carb and intake (and exhaust man.), I don't think you will notice much improvement, if any. Ford's stock exhaust manifolds are pretty much anemic as well. I would definitely also include a new intake manifold and 4-barrel carb. Weiand Stealth, or Weiand Street Warrior intake. If you want stock, find a stock cast iron 4-barrel intake manifold. Summit Racing's house brand 4-barrel carburetors are modeled after the Ford Autolite carburetors, so look similar. I'd also look into short headers. Instead of spending a lot of time on those cylinder heads, look into a pair of 1969 351W cylinder heads with the C9OE casting. Larger ports, valves, and valve springs without all the additional work and money. They have a 60cc combustion chamber, so double check your compression ratio. *** I mention these things because, keep in mind, regardless of what motor you build, it will only be "period correct". Numbers matching is gone as soon as the original engine is removed. Unless you find the original motor, it will no longer be numbers matching.
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    Port and polish the heads. upgrade to roller rockers or roller tip rockers. upgrade to 65-6 hipo exhaust manifolds and port them for greater flow peetronix ignition with high voltage coil. Paint coil to hide it select cam for a vehicle 1000 pounds heavier than yours. Basically select a torque cam like,would be used in an early bronco. This will give you the punch off the line you want to feel. You don’t have the carb to support the higher RPM this is an engine combo that I have built many times, this was more popular when people were more key or strict on keeping their car stock or for people that want very stock apprearing cars afternthis you can swap to a gear ratio of 3.00 or 3.25 if you have the 2.79 gears
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    The oem 2 barrel carb is going to limit how much improvement you'll actually see, not enough to justify the cost of your proposed mods IMO. A few others on here with more knowledge will chime in with some good advice.
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    RIP Bob Glidden

    Yep. He was my favorite drag racer. Always gave the Chevy guys fits! I liked his 429 Boss Thunderbirds.

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