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  1. I installed one of these a couple of years ago on a friends '32 Ford Roadster... It is quite a bit different than a regular contactor in that it is a Latching Contactor. You use a momentary switch to activate it. The large contacts come together and a mechanical latch holds them together and the current drops off when the momentary switch is released. When the momentary switch is activated again, the latch releases the contacts. The biggest problem that I found was it would do no good as an anti-theft device if the driver forgot to turn it off. I put a small LED in the dash that would illuminate when the device is ON, that way he would be reminded to turn it off... Here is a partial description and instructions from the manufacturer.... Installing the Hotronics MBD-150, Quik Flip Master Battery Disconnect. The Hotronics MBD-150 is a latching type relay solenoid and only requires current to turn ON or OFF. Once the battery disconnects, latch is moved one way or the other, the MBD-150 needs NO power to keep the latch in place, once latched, it never draws power, even engaged. (It can never run the battery down.) The MBD-150 is rated at over 100 continuous amps and easily handles a 600- amp surge for 30 seconds during cranking modes. A bad starter won’t turn over at about 400 amps or so. Making the MBD-150 well suited for the high in-rush current demands of high torque starters and high compression engines. With lot’s of margin to spare! MBD-150 does NOT make bad starters better! Just is built tougher than needed. The MBD-150 does not replace the starter solenoid or do the starting. So if you have a Ford or use a Ford type solenoid for starting now, save it, you’ll still need it to do the starting. The MBD-150 would install between it and the battery for that application.
  2. Barney is always right.  I have seen this behavior in other posts.  No point to argue with him. He does have a lot of valuable information, but he has a definite opinion.   Go easy on him,  someday I might be like that.  A lot of the regular posters on the site know it. 

    Thanks for contributing, 

    1. mwye0627


      Agreed...    I looked in to some of the many forums he has been banned from and their experiences are similar and in some cases even worse.    A few years back he registered on a Ford truck diesel engine forum after he had bought an f-250 at an auction.   Barney entered the forum admitting that he knew nothing about diesels and especially nothing about computer controlled engines, period.   It took less than one day for him to seriously piss off the lead moderator and most experienced person on that forum.  The expert read Barney's description of his vehicle's symptom and gave him a a likely fix, which many other members agreed that it was a common problem and relatively simple fix.  Barney wanted to argue with the experts and kept asserting his 45 year experience working in the automotive field.  After 2 days it got to the point where NO members would even respond to him.     Perhaps that's what I should do - Just ignore him.  But when he is determined to assert himself as the Global Expert of ALL Things, even when presented with definitive information from the engineers and manufacturers of the systems in question, as an Engineer myself, it has a tendency to set me off...    If I have to be faced with much more of the ignorance that accompanies even his helpful posts, I will just resign from this forum.   This is STILL the best forum for '69 and '70 Mustangs, but other forums have banned Barney, and for that they are better for me.


    2. danno


      Thanks for the reply.  I understand.  I think most of us take what he says and realize it is not worth arguing, just nod you head and say "yep". 

      Stick with us, I agree this is a great forum. 


  3. It would appear that Barney is ready to instruct the WHOLE world that technology NOT used since the early 1970's is superior to Everything produced since that time - (Yawn)... There is a very good reason that technology is over 40 years old... It is NOT as efficient as more modern AC compressors! We all know about your 45 year history working on cars and no matter how many times you repeat that, it doesn't seem to make you any more intelligent, now does it? You want to know just who the WE was in 69ShelbyGT350H's post? If you would have bothered to read some of the links he posted to the OP you just may have noticed his information came verbatim from Vintage Air and their interesting and ACCURATE page of information and descriptions on all types of modern and vintage AC Compressors... You may, and probably will disagree, but I'm pretty certain that Vintage Air has a LOT more Experience and Knowledge collectively than you ever will have on this subject, and their experience and knowledge is largely based on our vintage cars. Hey, NOBODY knows everything and even YOU still have a chance to learn new stuff! (perhaps like Diesel Trucks... LOL) Please stop trying to berate EVERY person on these forums who happens to have a different opinion than you, many of them come on here with experience and knowledge of their own and are just trying to help others... Please try to remember. Even with your "45" years of "Experience", your viewpoint is just YOUR Opinion, just like everyone else who tries to help others. And yes, your replies are often very informative and have helped many on these forums and is greatly appreciated, but when you go off on people you make this forum a less enjoyable experience than it is supposed to be... I have to take meds for my anxiety, perhaps you would feel better if you did too!!! :) Moderators, please take note...
  4. mwye0627

    Seat riser repositioning?

    Do you install 3-point retractable seat belts? If so, what brand do you use? It seems most people have a problem with the seat hitting the retractor when the seat is moved farther back than the stock position. Are the retractors you use much smaller than what are typically available?
  5. mwye0627

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    I would have to assume most members don't know that is even possible... I am pretty much computer savvy, in fact I have been writing code for over 20 years. But I have never been Website or Domain owning savvy... In my job, I use the internet several hours a day for research, but I have never had any interest in owning a website and/or domain because my employer took care of that end of our needs... If I didn't know, even in my capacity as an engineer and researcher, I have to believe not too many other people would know this information. But since I am an information "Sponge", I truly do appreciate this info!!! Thanks Midlife!!!
  6. mwye0627

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    Do you have a photo of what you are describing? If it angles into the tunnel, but the buckle is upside down, could you swap sides and install them with the bracket angled away from the tunnel? That way, perhaps things may work out better... Good Luck!!!
  7. mwye0627

    Voltage fluctuation - large swings

    I agree that something is likely wrong with his DVM or leads... Batteries typically act as very large Capacitors which filter and smooth any fluctuations from the alternator. An LED type test light would flicker if there were truly those kinds of variations in voltage.
  8. mwye0627

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    I have to wonder which transmission that was from. When I worked for Watson Engineering, we did a lot of work with the Ford Engineering teams. We did a LOT of work on NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) issues. Ford sent many different engineers to our facility, and in most cases their "Fix" was to hang different weight attachments to the component causing the vibration... The really didn't care to Correct the Cause of the vibration, but rather to Dampen the vibration by adding additional weight to the vibrating component, which reduces the vibration to a lower frequency which would hopefully be less noticable... I'll likely get in a lot of trouble for disclosing this information, but what the hell, I'm retired and I had no pension from Watson, so really, what could they do???
  9. mwye0627

    Rising temps

    Please be a little more descriptive... Lukewarm for an engine, or lukewarm to the human touch? Most information I have found describes "Lukewarm" as being between 98°F and 105°F
  10. mwye0627

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    I had the exact same symptoms on my truck two weeks ago... I checked the u-joints for sloppiness but there was none... I then jacked the truck up and put the rear end on stands and I watched the driveshaft as it was rotating in gear. I noticed significant runout behind the front u-joint. I removed the driveshaft from the truck, and while there was no sloppiness, the front u-joint was stiff and bound up on one axis!!! I replaced that U-joint and All Is WELL!!! I'm glad I caught it early before that runout damaged the tailshaft bushing on the trans!!!
  11. mwye0627

    Can you drop a motor in this fast ?

    Crap... Are you still looking for those Top Loaders??? I have seen 3 of them for sale just this month here in Michigan... Too bad you are so far away in California!!! Dang, I thought you guys had everything out there!!! :-)
  12. mwye0627

    Lost Spark

    I remember a time back in 1976, I was driving my 1969 Mustang with a 351W engine down the road when it suddenly quit running... I got it towed home, and when I checked it out it had no spark... As it turned out, that was a lucky break for me... The oil pump had somehow locked up and the roll pin through the distributor gear had sheared off!!! Replaced the Oil Pump and Roll Pin and life was good again... These ignition problems are not Always Electrical... :)
  13. mwye0627

    I'm alive!

    Thank God you are still with us!!! If I were closer I would certainly assist in replenishing your Adult Beverage stockpile.... But since I'm still in Michigan, I'll make sure my Adult Beverage collection remains intact in case you happen to make it up this way!!! :)
  14. I re-read 1969_Mach1's post a few times, and while he did refer to the Inverted Flank camshaft lobe, (that's what we used to call them), I seen absolutely NO instance where he inferred that Inverted Radius cams would be the "best one for all builds etc." He only stated that he had read interesting tech articles and they might be worth reading for someone who wanted further information... In order to have "Shamelessly Plagiarized" from whatever source, his written text would have to be Verbatim to the source you specified, which it most certainly is not.... Many, in fact, Most people are not familiar with the YellowBullet.com website as it is tailored to a pretty specific audience. The two predominant groups that are drawn to YellowBullet are either Drag Racers, as it has a lot of different sections for various classes and venues. The other group would be the "Pissers and Moaners", as it's first listed forum is "Trash or Be Trashed, where the Weak are Killed and Eaten"... There are also quite a few political dissidents who regularly air their grievances... There is a LOT of information available on YellowBullet, but nearly nothing I would consider Gospel... and yes as a Long Time Drag Racer, I have been a member on YellowBullet for many years! But as with MOST forums, the information presented is typically Opinions Only and should be regarded as such. As to the rest of your "Dissertation" on inverted radius roller cams, the vast majority of your rant is totally unnecessary to the typical classic car and muscle car hobbyist that frequent this forum. I do understand much of your information since we ran a few different Inverted Flank roller cams which were all custom grinds specified by our engine builder, Ex NHRA Pro Stock racer and engine builder Sam Gianino back in the early 1990's. They were not nearly as aggressive as they could have been at that time, since the primary objective of the inverted flank lobe at that time was to increase the acceleration and velocity of the valve event to allow more "Area Under the Curve" for increased air flow. Since we were not Billionaires we requested a slightly milder profile to save money due to valve spring attrition. Again, this was before the advent and more widespread use of the SpinTron device which ultimately demonstrated the damage created by such camshaft profiles at high lift and RPM. As you constantly speak down with a condescending tone to anyone with an alternative opinion to your own, please try to remember that MOST members simply cannot comprehend the engineering aspects of most active components within an Internal Combustion Engine, and instead of your diatribes being informative in a useful manner they typically come across as self serving babble with the sole purpose of stroking your own ego... As many wise men have said, think before speaking.
  15. mwye0627

    New guy in Town.

    What a beauty!!! Whenever one of my dogs pass away, I usually end up getting another within about 2 months... They NEVER could Replace the pet that passed away, but I just cannot live without a beloved pet in my home!!! I hope you have a Great time with the new pup!!! :)