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  1. As far as I know Speedmaster is made in China and machined in China. i have heard good and bad on them. most people that say they are good say they need a fair amount of clean up and prep work. the people that say they were bad said about everything bad including the box it was in
  2. My all original car was opposite what you have there
  3. They bolt on or they don’t. I would want to know why they won’t work if they bolt on
  4. The smaller carb will limit your top end performance and perhaps a little bit of off the line. so how will you be driving the car?
  5. I used the adapter from OEM on mine $100 and all I had to do was remove my control valve and thread the adapter on mine has been there since 2014 with no issues
  6. I swear I saw one made for mustangs at one time but that’s been a while may not have sold well enough
  7. Is this power or manual drag link? im fairly sure I have a couple good used power steering ones
  8. The copper gaskets are the best you can get
  9. They are the same for 65 to 70 and someone told me that they fit 71-73 as well i swear smeone makes a concourse repo, or,so,I have heard
  10. I have been wanting a belt grinder, ok I have a belt grinder but I have wanted a specific type of belt grinder. so I finally broke down and built one. the vac base was a $40 swap meet find. all the steel was free, salvaged from other stuff. I can’t allow new or slightly used steel tubing go to scrap if I see it’s usable. the motor was free. the paint I already had. the wheels I bought, was planning to make them but I wanted to move this along. still need to buy the VFD
  11. Personally I think you need more. if it was me I would be looking at that box section that extends from the front frame rail. i think you could make or buy another section of that for each side. Then you can run some rectangular tubing side to side from that. Weld to that as well as the floor. then if you add some strap material on top going front to back. look at the Cox body cop cars, they had an issue with floor pan cracking around the seat attachment points. ford make an add on kit that was standard on the cop mustangs but the rest of us could buy them. they looked kind of like frame connectors with wings that went and grabbed the seat attachment points, this is along the lines of what I am thinking. now if you tie the rectangular tubing to the outer rocker and the rail I recommend then you get a good seat attachment point and you improve the chassis
  12. Leaving the car on the tires will flat spot them over time. If you cannot put the car on stands then get a cheap set of roller tires and swap those on for storage we had an issue with mice around my step daughters car that was stored next to the garage. I was reading about the Irish spring soap trick. I’m thinking no way but I can try it. After all it cheap. holy cow, two bars under the hood and another one in the car and never saw another mouse dropping or scratching stabil in the fuel is good. i would remove the battery from the car and put it in a marine or plastic box on the ground i have see where people buy those small HF moving dollies and they work better than the wheel,pan type skates
  13. Your options are mild to wild. what are you going to be using the car for? the mustang Steve brackets are popular, you can also use the rear brakes from a crown Vic on a rear end with small bearing ends
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