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  1. Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    I am planning to do this as it really pisses me off when the fuel kicks back and get on my paint. my plan was to reduce or remove the lip/flange so I can get it past the curve. I figured that I would drill 4-6 holes radially in the neck where I want the inser to go. use a couple of the holes to hold the insert in place with screws and plug weld the other holes to hold the insert in place. Then remove the screws and plug weld those holes. if there is any gap between the insert and the neck I figure that will be fine as it will allow venting and drainback. Should not get too much of a gap so should not negatively effect the splash back reduction bob
  2. Are these heads any good?

    Above the price was mentioned at $600 for the heads. I think you need to look as I beliventhat those heads are $600 each so $1200 for the pair. i was assuming they were $1000 a pair and the edelbrock heads are $950 a pair. so I was basing my opinion on that and that it sounded like these were either new or have very low miles on them. if this is the case I think it’s a fair deal. If they have a bunch of miles then I would just spend a little more and buy new bob
  3. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    It is my understanding that there is the carpet and then one layer of underlayment under that. i think it seems like multiple layers because as the cars have gotten very old that underlayment comes apart/degrades and seems to come out in multiple layers. years ago when I would take cars apart you could often take the pieces out in one piece/layer as long as the car was not rusted or had never gotten flooded with water. back in the day I had reused underlayment from one car into another car. I have not been able to do that in 10+ years bob
  4. Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    The wider he gave me is just a little narrower than a 65-6 mustang and the pinion is basically centered. yes the home grown version is to get a spare short axle and narrow the one side. That works if it happens to be the width you need . i have a couple spare short side axles now so let me know if you need one. i prefer to convert to the 9” axles. It allows me to make it whatever width I want it and eliminated the C clips. i have done several of this type conversion for guys that drag race or road race. For the drag racers it is like a C clip eliminator kit but those kits say you cannot road race with it and recomend against driving on the street. for the road racers I have seen the stock axles get mushroomed on the end as there is a little play with the C clip and under hard use it can pound out the end of the axle
  5. Just a couple of my SEMA deals

    You are looking on the wrong porch...... at the end of the show the guys at the ideal hose clamp booth kept handing me boxes of hose clamps so they wouldn’t have to pack them up and ship them home at the end of the show the gal on the mic in the WD40 booth said “guys, come get your free samples” and there was a sudden “Black Friday opening mob rush” that happened. I’m betting they won’t do that again next year as there were almost people trampled. most of the time the free at the end of the show happens quieter than that.
  6. This started as an 8.8 posi rear end out of an explorer. this was narrowed for a friend of mine to go into an older car. He gave me the dimensions he needed for width and pinion offset. steps. axles, carrier and gears were removed and the housing was pressure washed. fixture bushings were installed in the carrier location. hydrolic shafting was used for an alignment bar. 9” axle ends from a torino were used so the rear end could be converted to use 9” axles and still retain the Explorer disc brakes.
  7. Are these heads any good?

    In general they are good heads from everything I know. are they the best? Well the best at what? Flow? HP?....etc from everything I know the Motorsport stuff is generally very good stuff but often overlooked as you can get stuff a little cheaper that may be a little better. for the price...heads, rockers, and push rods. I don’t see how you could go wrong. this sounds like new stuff that it seems to me you will be paying lightly used price for bob
  8. Just a couple of my SEMA deals

    Free stuff
  9. Just a couple of my SEMA deals

    Yes....yes I am....
  10. Anyone here like TEKTON tools, discount deal

    I always love going to SEMA i got some good deals but bought the least amount I have in years. just was not in a buying mood I guess there were some awesome cars there like always. I noticed a number of companies that have been there for years were not there. I have questioned the value of trade shows in this time of the Internet and showing there is very expensive. SEMA has made it more difficult the get things out that you buy (unless they fit in your bag) and they have tightened the rules (which I am surprised they didn’t do before) . for me it is always a good time. It’s like a reunion of friends I only see there and my uncle lives in Vegas so so get to hang out with him. this year I was on a scooter because of problems with my foot and not being able to walk very far. The scooter made it much easier on me and was not hard to get thoughthe show with. plus I did some drinking and driving.....toward the end of the day there were booths serving free beer and I was driving a scooter....so.... but I can tell you that no other attendees were hurt (very badly) from my drinking and driving. this was my Thursday take......
  11. Not a mustang......sort of.

    I have seen a couple of these in the past and also a 67-8 cougar convertable. they are interesting/cool looking cars in the what if catagory of car history. that guy took the easy way by graphing to the cougar, all the other ones I have seen the people put the Cougar sheetmetal onto the mustang fastback body. i really like the Torino roofline on the cougar. I like it better than the mustang roofline doing a convertable in some ways is the easiest. Add the under structure and the conv well components and you are just about there bob
  12. Just a couple of my SEMA deals

    So every year I love going to SEMA with my dad.It’s a good time covering a few of my favorite things to do...Look at cars, check out Parts, not be at work, drink beer, and of course bargain hunting.So this year I bought much less than I have in past years but still got some great deals.5 ton long frame jack for $100AndLow profile jack for $30SEMA keeps making it harder to get things out of the show, but it can still be doneBob
  13. Anyone here like Tekton brand tools they are more popular in Europe that here but decent quality stuff from what I know. SEMA deal 20% off
  14. Low Back Seats

    If you have them next time in i that area I would take them, but don’t wait for me
  15. Behind the rear seat

    On a non fold down fastback there is a fiberboard package tray that goes behind the back seat. This leaves you with a deeper trunk for storage