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  1. Manual drums, power disc brakes were only available on the L code 6cyl engine cars
  2. There is a specification for the amount of torque required to slip the clutches in those track loc units many people just guess at it and put it together and hold the two halves together with bolts. then do the torque test. if too high torque, thinner shims if too low torque, thicker shims bob
  3. Added info. the car shows very well so I would think you will get good offers
  4. Hate to say it but how about eBay? put in on there with the price you want plus a little and set for accept offers. or start bidding low with a reserve of the price you want
  5. ACC has several grades of carpet, from repo of the original to the type used in the modern cars. and the price varies
  6. I have a booster from Tuff Stuff on my 69 this is basically the same booster used on the boss429, just not concourse correct. i got it from summit, but I bought the Crome version. the thing works great, as good as the original. Feel is good and all that. it has been on for 4 years no worth no issues. i want to say I paid $200 give or take for it, the black version will be less. i have also talked to the Tuff Stuff people on the phone and at SEMA and they have always been very nice. their booster takes less room , is easier to work around in that area of the car, and was a direct bolt on
  7. So the top part looks the same as the 64-68 version. The lower bracket is different
  8. Please post a picture of the clamp they are not that complex, odds are they could be fabbed up
  9. What engine? early small blocks and even FE engines has their PVC located there. They used a mesh basket as an oil trap. there is not much oil splashing in the lifter valley. if you have a baffle and some kind of oil trap you will be fine
  10. Get it tested dont you want to know for sure that’s the issue before spending money
  11. Yes the car will run on battery alone. we used to run our race car that way. pill the thing and have it tested, the regulator could have failed and that could be the issue. i agree with the solid state regulator recomendation
  12. I interrupt thenpower to the MSD box with a switch something I see more people doing is using keyfob that trips a seleniod, no switches to see or find. The solenoid can be fully hidden somwont even show on a full resto car.
  13. They are for road coarse and street. clone of the AVIAD pans used in the shelby R models
  14. the issue with the offset in the 8.8 rear end is that the driveline gets very close to the side of the trans tunnel and can make putting a dual exhaust in very tight on the one side
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