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  1. Rsanter

    PCV valve - install into the intake?

    What engine? early small blocks and even FE engines has their PVC located there. They used a mesh basket as an oil trap. there is not much oil splashing in the lifter valley. if you have a baffle and some kind of oil trap you will be fine
  2. Rsanter

    Alternator questions

    Get it tested dont you want to know for sure that’s the issue before spending money
  3. Rsanter

    Alternator questions

    Yes the car will run on battery alone. we used to run our race car that way. pill the thing and have it tested, the regulator could have failed and that could be the issue. i agree with the solid state regulator recomendation
  4. Rsanter

    Ignition kill switch with key

    I interrupt thenpower to the MSD box with a switch something I see more people doing is using keyfob that trips a seleniod, no switches to see or find. The solenoid can be fully hidden somwont even show on a full resto car.
  5. Rsanter

    Completed some oil pans

    They are for road coarse and street. clone of the AVIAD pans used in the shelby R models
  6. Rsanter

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    the issue with the offset in the 8.8 rear end is that the driveline gets very close to the side of the trans tunnel and can make putting a dual exhaust in very tight on the one side
  7. Rsanter

    Best rear gear manufacter

  8. Here are pictures of a completed pan based in n the T sump kits I am making. just got them back from plating
  9. Rsanter

    Taillight Panel Question

    If they are in good shape, up can reuse them
  10. Rsanter

    WTB 69 NON Tilt Steering Column

    I should have a couple of them
  11. Rsanter

    lowering compression

    Let me mention something stupid or simple.... could re radiator be clogged? When you rebuild an engine it can often loosen thing in the water passages but not enough to come out of the block. Then after some run time it will come loose and can clog the radiator. I have seen this happen more than once. whenever I rebuild an engine I always run a gano filter in the top radiator hose for a while and it always ends up with debree in it. if race gas will solve the problem then I would get some and start running that or at least in a blend. Then see how that works if the pistons have a bit of dome to them I would trim the pistons a bit to lower the compression. I have done that several times to fine tune the compression we wanted
  12. Rsanter

    Rusty crank

    Have the machine shop clean it up and measure it. technically if you go from 010 under to 020 under you will need to rebalance
  13. Rsanter

    69-70 Hood catch

    I guess they didn’t have a big enough press to do it the way the factory did
  14. Rsanter

    Fastback inner rockers

    Yes I am talking about mustangs in general. However it is important that when adding inner rockers to a car with torque boxes, you need to properly tie them into those rockers and just welding them to the angled face of them on the inside of the car is not enough. You will need to cut the torque box open and insert the inner rocker into them so it can be welded to,both the front and rear surfaces
  15. I bought mine from a seller we met at SEMA, they were out of LA, good people and have no issue with the unit