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  1. Rsanter

    Why are oil pans so darn expensive?

    Sorry about that. Dam autocorrect i make a kit that you cut the bottom off your oilpan and make it an AVIAD racing style pan perfect for pans that have damaged sumps basic kit is $69
  2. Rsanter

    Why are oil pans so darn expensive?

    Do,you,Kant to make,it a aviad style T sump pan? i make the kit to,c you nevertheless your pan clean off the rust, cut off the bottom and weld on the kit.
  3. Rsanter

    Found two build sheets. Leave or Remove?

    Remove and preserve looks,like a build sheet and a quality check sheet
  4. Rsanter

    Need help: wonky brakes

    I bet he won’t do,that again
  5. Rsanter

    Drive shaft 101

    That’s great. learned that in school,but have spoken with so many people that don’t understand it
  6. Rsanter

    decided to make a frame jig

    Yeh problem with this jig is that if you have a wreck or a rusted car. It won’t guarantee proper alignment of critical points unless you measure and index it every time. if you copy this design I would also look at the factory manual for frame points and drill index holes and reference lines so that when you put it together you know you have correct placement of those critical points
  7. Rsanter

    Remote jumper cable posts - good or bad?

    The remote jumper terminals are really meant for race cars so they don’t have to open the battery box or don’t have to try to get in a confined space to attach the clamps. also if you have a street rod and you have hidden the battery under the floor, under the bed, under a seat...etc. they allow you to jump your car without taking things apart
  8. As said the difference is in the depth of the console insert. You can leave it as is and run it. If the gap bother you, you can also make a shim that would move the boot up to fill the gap
  9. Rsanter

    heads questions

    Just because you port the heads does not mean just make them bigger. on the exhaust side the ford heads are so restricted that going bigger is the first step. But a lot of porting is to get the best flow out of the size of port you have/create. when I do porting I always want to know what the customer wants out of the car. And that drives how much I port and how big I make things. this is why you will find that companies that make the aftermarket heads will have several versions of their heads and will list the port volume. That way you can best match what heads are for your application with stock heads it would be hard to make them too big as you can only go so far
  10. Rsanter

    MSD ignition box placement

    I put mine on the driver inner fender panel, but a friend mounted his under the dash, he then split the tape on the gauge harness and ran the wire with that and rewraped the harness. you would have to look very carefully to see that he had an MSD or anything added
  11. Rsanter

    heads questions

    I used to port and rebuild heads all the time. It was good money for a while. since the newer wave of aftermarket heads have come out, not that many people are willing to pay to have their heads ported. personally I see your situation two ways, port what you have and rebuild them. You can even do the porting yourself. or just but aftermarket heads ready to go. if you price the difference between new valves, port Work, hard seats, labor, etc, you may find there is little difference between the rebuilt heads and the new aluminum heads
  12. Rsanter

    Head and cam combo

    Keep in mind that you only need the bigger headers, carb and exhaust for the higher RPMs. if you are not spending much time at those higher RPMs then going bigger can lose low end response as well as mileage for exhaust, 2” is fine. 2 1/4 is good, and unless you plan to be at wide open throddle a bunch then the 2 1/2 is really too big do your research and you will find there are cam grinds available for the edelbrock, TFS, AFR heads that are designed for those heads. some other places have build sheets that show example engine they build and what the dyno results are for decent bargain aluminum heads you can look at the skip white heads
  13. Rsanter

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    It gives you rear disc brakes, a posi, and 373 gears. if you just want the rear disc brakes all you have to do is take the rear disc set from an explorer or crown Vic and swap them onto the 8” or 9” you already have. explorer for the big bearing crown Vic for the small bearing
  14. Rsanter

    70 rear brakes locking

    Check that the disc brake cars don’t use different wheel cylinder. i know in the 65-6 models if you have a disc brake car the rear wheel cylinder are a different size. The prop valve will be calibrated to that designed balance.