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  1. I use the ARP engine bolt kits in stainless and love them. i also buy spare ARP bolts for other areas of the engine compartment so they match i love stainless fasteners
  2. I heard a trick that I thought was to use the wheel lip from the qtrs of a 71-73 mustang
  3. Leigh shorly in Brisbane area is a good contact for information and parts yes you need those braces
  4. You hold them on with adheasive or epoxy. my dad replaced the one on our car years ago, bought them from ford, the pins had to be shortened and then he glued them on
  5. The question is what do you want to do with the car. all original or a hot rod? someone already fixed the tower with one of those kits that I hate but they did not repair the inside. For all original you need to replace those towers. for a hot rod you can grind the welds and make them look better, weld the inside cracks and go from there
  6. Used on manual top cars only. i have seen those for 65-66 cars and they are a bit different but this is the first time I have ever seen then for a 69-70
  7. Either a stamping mistake or the car had a vin swap. we came across a guy they bought a 71 mach 1 that had the vin plate on the dash that was from a station wagon. he didn’t know the difference and the poor guy was showing off his newly acquired toy and we burst his bubble. he had the car inspected by the police and they found the original vin on the car and it was stolen, and they took the car
  8. First off, if it was me I would be shopping for whole 8” rear ends and try to find one that has the 325 or 355 gear ratio. wont matter what car it came out of or what year as they are all 28 spline. swap the center section and then I would resell the rear end with your gears in it
  9. I have a whole front clip if you needed it, should yours be too modified from the conversion
  10. If you want to keep stock seats you can reduce the height of the lower seat frame and adapt the seat back a little. adapting the seat back a little was a factory ford fix without modifying the car, cutting down the seat frame is something I have done to several cars to help tall people
  11. In my 69 I am using a booster from tuffstuff, it is a non concourse version of the boss429 booster. it gives a bunch more room in that area and gives a stock feel just like the original booster.
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