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  1. Here are pictures of a completed pan based in n the T sump kits I am making. just got them back from plating
  2. Rsanter

    Taillight Panel Question

    If they are in good shape, up can reuse them
  3. Rsanter

    WTB 69 NON Tilt Steering Column

    I should have a couple of them
  4. Rsanter

    lowering compression

    Let me mention something stupid or simple.... could re radiator be clogged? When you rebuild an engine it can often loosen thing in the water passages but not enough to come out of the block. Then after some run time it will come loose and can clog the radiator. I have seen this happen more than once. whenever I rebuild an engine I always run a gano filter in the top radiator hose for a while and it always ends up with debree in it. if race gas will solve the problem then I would get some and start running that or at least in a blend. Then see how that works if the pistons have a bit of dome to them I would trim the pistons a bit to lower the compression. I have done that several times to fine tune the compression we wanted
  5. Rsanter

    Rusty crank

    Have the machine shop clean it up and measure it. technically if you go from 010 under to 020 under you will need to rebalance
  6. Rsanter

    69-70 Hood catch

    I guess they didn’t have a big enough press to do it the way the factory did
  7. Rsanter

    Fastback inner rockers

    Yes I am talking about mustangs in general. However it is important that when adding inner rockers to a car with torque boxes, you need to properly tie them into those rockers and just welding them to the angled face of them on the inside of the car is not enough. You will need to cut the torque box open and insert the inner rocker into them so it can be welded to,both the front and rear surfaces
  8. I bought mine from a seller we met at SEMA, they were out of LA, good people and have no issue with the unit
  9. Rsanter

    Fastback inner rockers

    For a car that you want to put carpet in, this is how I do it along with adding the front torque boxes. for a race car we just stitch weld in rectangular box steel tubing and you can either use the front torque boxes or you can triangulate the area the torque box would go with steel tubing also stitch weld the unibody seams per the Boss302 chassis mod guide
  10. Rsanter

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    What an idiot how about all the street rods and hot rods out there with fabed up frames and such they guy is just an ambulance chaser
  11. Rsanter

    1969 convertible header install.

    I put stainless tri-y s on my 69 with a 302 bolt right in no issues i then made my own exhaust system all the way back and made an X pipe for it
  12. I would buy new and then just save the original one
  13. First off I would look at the option of having a frame shop pull the rear rail if it is not that bad. you can then work out any cosmetic kinks or do patching if you so desire.. do you really need to replace the whole front rail? i like to keep as much original metal as I can. If there is rust from battery acid you may only need to replace the front part of that rail. if you replace the whole front rail. I would remove the engine and trans and get the car up on stands. remove the tower as you were planning to get rid of it anyway but cut away the bottom of the tower only and leave the top 3/4 of it in place, and then trim out the old rail. with the inner aprons in place you can get the new rail alighted with the pan, front cross member and the inner apron and it will be properly located. once the rail is welded in I would remove the remainder of the tower for the Mll front kit. i would also add front torque boxes while you are at it
  14. Rsanter

    Insurance companies are crooks!

    I had a similar problem with USAA when someone hit my trailer. they totaled the trailer to the DMV before we even discussed how much I would get for it. the little bastard set a price for the trailer that was too low and when I would not agree he said they don’t negotiate prices. i made him send me all the information for how he came about the value for the trailer. When he sent me compaired the values of all kinds of trailer including the little harbor freight ones and mine is a full car trailer. little bastard told me that’s how it’s done i ended up going around him and talking to his supervisor and explaining the issue. supervisor made it right and applogized for the little bastards actions the supervisor paid me what I had in the trailer (bought it used, damage was not that bad. Mostly bent the fender) and then set th salvage value at zero and told me to keep the trailer. imfoxed the trailer and am still using it
  15. Rsanter

    Factory a/c without tinted glass?

    I have always heard and rear that tinted glass automatically came on the 65-6 cars. I had assumed it was all of them but it appears that it some point ford made it optional