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  1. Just a guess but I’m thinking that the car seller is behind on payments and that the car will “disappear “ or get recovered in its incomplete state
  2. That bracket is a centering spring
  3. I mounted the fenders. then I mounted the headlamp extensions . My dad help them and I bolted them on after they were assembled the repo trim is crap, you need to have them off the car to even have a chance of getting them to line up
  4. This is what I recall. They are just the black plastic. if yours have been painted you may want to soalkmthem in brake fluid to eat the paint off
  5. Can you imagine someone trying to “restore “ a Mach E when it’s 50 years old, much less even keeping it driving??
  6. I have the cloth top from robins or Robinson’s and it’s great. i will not go back to the standard top color is a personal thing. only go a white top is you have some kind of white on the inside. if you do an all tan interior then tan top, black maybe. if you have tan inside and some black then black or tan will be fine. you need to look at added details of color like trim, calipers, and such
  7. As far as I know Speedmaster is made in China and machined in China. i have heard good and bad on them. most people that say they are good say they need a fair amount of clean up and prep work. the people that say they were bad said about everything bad including the box it was in
  8. My all original car was opposite what you have there
  9. They bolt on or they don’t. I would want to know why they won’t work if they bolt on
  10. The smaller carb will limit your top end performance and perhaps a little bit of off the line. so how will you be driving the car?
  11. I used the adapter from OEM on mine $100 and all I had to do was remove my control valve and thread the adapter on mine has been there since 2014 with no issues
  12. I swear I saw one made for mustangs at one time but that’s been a while may not have sold well enough
  13. Is this power or manual drag link? im fairly sure I have a couple good used power steering ones
  14. The copper gaskets are the best you can get
  15. They are the same for 65 to 70 and someone told me that they fit 71-73 as well i swear smeone makes a concourse repo, or,so,I have heard
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