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  1. First we have to ask why you want to swap? if you want more HP then go with a stroker. If you want the look of an FE engine....well there is no replacement
  2. Odds are the 5.0 power steering pump will put too much pressure out for the original system. there are a couple ways to handle that. Take it apart and replace the pressure relief spring or build a bypass into the hose (pressure and return) to bleed off some of the pressure
  3. I had a ranchero that had one of the best bumper stickers. ”the Indians had bad immigration lawsL
  4. Too little information. what do you want to use the car for? what engine? how much HP and torque? what trans? what gears are in there now?
  5. Stay with stock for now. upgrade to more aggressive pads and look at adding drilled and slotted rotors to handle the heat better. there are upgrades that can be made later if you find it is not enough. in my 69 conv, I have factory front disc brakes and added rear disc. if I don’t warn you or you are not buckled, I can put your nose to the windshield operating the brakes with my big toe
  6. Use a small,PLC, a relay controller, or a couple relays and a couple limit switches is all it would take. you could even connect a remote control to it bob
  7. been cleaning the shop to buy a 4 post lift and came across this. those that know me know I love having equipment so I couldn’t pass it up. ranger brake lathe will turn rotors and drums and will also turn flywheels
  8. I didn’t feel the first one either, I was driving back from my shop. the large aftershock in the evening I felt, I was on my couch and couldn’t believe how long it lasted. no damaged nothing even fell over, the blinds were rattling a bit. for a moment I though someone turned the vibrate feature on for the couch, then I remembered I didn’t get that option bob
  9. I don’t see anything wrong with that picture.... the car on the other hand has lots of things wrong with it
  10. If you have a friend in a larger city that will hold the car for you, you can take it there and list it locally there, then setup people to come see it on the weekends (so you can be there)
  11. I installed a 24” wide AC radiator into my no AC car for added cooling. was an easy swap. yes you can go to a 70 setup, you will have to change the timing pointer location and the easy thing would be to add a timing tape to the damper so you don’t have to replace that, however you could replace the damper and all the pulleys to make the 70 setup on your 69 engine
  12. You can also trim the bottom of the seat frame a bit bob
  13. Rubber end seals are great better than the cork. one trick I learned over the years is that the cork squeezes out because it grows as you tighten down the intake. i trim the ends shorter and put a glob of silicone at the end and have never had the cork squeeze out when doing that bob
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