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  1. How about a picture of your clutch fork. i have seen several clutch forks that have a hole worn into the center because if the point on the lower linkage. i have seen many times where the nut trick was used to prevent replacing the clutch fork
  2. All depends on what you will be using the car for.... street cruzer drag racing road racing etc
  3. That is a different or newer version of the willwood MC than I have. there is no way that one I got was going to fit
  4. There are two things to look at with a rocker arm. ration and center to center dimensions a rocker arm that is 2” on one side and 1” on the other has the same ration as one with 4” on one side and 2” on the other. But they obviously won’t be interchangeable
  5. Odds are I have one or more of the sleeves
  6. Good point.....try this first
  7. When a car is that far gone, I prefer to get my hands on another car (Coupe) or at least a front clip and graph that whole section on. another front clip will be all jigged up to factory dimensions and greatly shortens the work,to be done. last one I did I used the whole front clip, firewall and the whole floor all the way back to the seam unde the back seat. Not o Loy was it cheaper than buying all the parts but once you have the two sections lined up you can see with high confidence that everything is where it should be.
  8. I have already been there. i have a 69 conv. I upgraded to the willwood MC to find it is longer than the original and will not fit with the stock booster. the booster I used is from TUFF STUFF. Got it from summit racing. it is a non concourse version of the one used or the boss429 originally. it works great, leaves more room in that area and makes the car easier to work on in that area. bolts right on, but.... you will need to modify a spacer or slug that goes in the back of the MC piston for it to work properly with the rod in the booster. there is a tool to measure this with but I just did carefull measuring with my calipers. i also used my lathe to shorted the piece that came with the MC (for this purpose) to make it the right length. overall not too hard to do and overall a good upgrade. let me know if you need more info bob
  9. Look at the options for pads you have. They have pads that are classified as performance. i went to brembo pads for my f150 and love them. stay away from ceramics, just don’t like them. a good semimetalic will be great, several,companies make good ones and give you several options for street, street performance, and track/racing
  10. First we have to ask why you want to swap? if you want more HP then go with a stroker. If you want the look of an FE engine....well there is no replacement
  11. Odds are the 5.0 power steering pump will put too much pressure out for the original system. there are a couple ways to handle that. Take it apart and replace the pressure relief spring or build a bypass into the hose (pressure and return) to bleed off some of the pressure
  12. I had a ranchero that had one of the best bumper stickers. ”the Indians had bad immigration lawsL
  13. Too little information. what do you want to use the car for? what engine? how much HP and torque? what trans? what gears are in there now?
  14. Stay with stock for now. upgrade to more aggressive pads and look at adding drilled and slotted rotors to handle the heat better. there are upgrades that can be made later if you find it is not enough. in my 69 conv, I have factory front disc brakes and added rear disc. if I don’t warn you or you are not buckled, I can put your nose to the windshield operating the brakes with my big toe
  15. Use a small,PLC, a relay controller, or a couple relays and a couple limit switches is all it would take. you could even connect a remote control to it bob
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