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  1. Rsanter

    Needing 1966 Mustang convertable body

    If they are rust free and solid bodies I may be interested
  2. Rsanter

    Needing 1966 Mustang convertable body

    I have a couple coupes and have considered the conversion. i would really like to find a real conv to build using the donar conv I have. It’s a question of time verses money
  3. I was wondering the same thing as well. perhaps if we are asking for 3-5 sets they might think about it
  4. That is a great setup. It’s about time. i can’t stand the ones that put the fuel lines in the trunk. some of us that do fabrication could easily copy that design
  5. Rsanter

    Needing 1966 Mustang convertable body

    Meaning...if it unbolts from the body...such as fenders, doors, etc i need a good body tub or what you are referring to as the unibody
  6. Yes I know it’s earlier than the range of this forum...... i need a 1966 conv body. I need the body tub to be good. As good as I can get. if it unbolts from the body I don’t care about it that much. Engine ant trans don’t matter why you ask, well I bought a badly wrecked donar car that I want to use to build a convertable
  7. Rsanter

    Which brake booster is right for me?

    I have an automatic, however I think it will work fine with the manual linkage. if you need I can further investigate and take pictures
  8. Rsanter

    Convertible Exhaust

    302, mild build stainless tri-y
  9. Rsanter

    Suspension for the every day driver

    You never mentioned the springs you are using.... yes the 18s with the low profile,tires will have an effect on the ride. You said the 64 has 15s on it, but what tires? If they have moreover sidewall then swap them on for a quick test of feel. i use the eibach variable rate springs in my 66 and my 69. Love them
  10. Rsanter

    Convertible Exhaust

    I have 2 1/4 system that I made with an Xpipe and over the plate
  11. Rsanter

    Rear Axle Question

    The explorer will come with the 373 and the 411 gears. Make,sure which you find before you buy
  12. Rsanter

    Workbench top, anyone need?

    I can get my hands on some 1” thick 4ft x 8ft panels of hard plastic. This is tough stuff. I think it’s acrylic. im thinking of using some for a toolbox top and as a workbench top. if anyone is interested I can get some extras, they are $25-$35 each
  13. Rsanter

    Which brake booster is right for me?

    I wanted a willwood MC on my car but found out it is a bit longer and could not be made to fit with the stock booster. i went with the TuffStuff booster for the mustang. Turns out it is a boss429 booster just not a concourse version. fits perfect, works great. Was less expensive than a stock rebuild. And gives more room in that area to work around. overall very happy
  14. Rsanter

    Softer ride

    Going from stiff lowering springs to Eibach variable rate springs and keeping the same white KYB shocks made the ride much nicer on a different car I swapped the white KYB to the grey KYB and used the same springs and the ride got a little better
  15. You can buy a piece from a used qtr or how big of a piece do you need? Can you make it