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  1. If you want to keep stock seats you can reduce the height of the lower seat frame and adapt the seat back a little. adapting the seat back a little was a factory ford fix without modifying the car, cutting down the seat frame is something I have done to several cars to help tall people
  2. In my 69 I am using a booster from tuffstuff, it is a non concourse version of the boss429 booster. it gives a bunch more room in that area and gives a stock feel just like the original booster.
  3. If you have Torino style then that is big bearing, you need to measure the inside and outside dimensions
  4. See those holes above (near) the brake line bracket? Well on one side they will be nutserts and on the other you have blank holes. well this is where they exhaust hanger brackets attach to. i bought the set or repo hanger brackets. They bolted on for the one side where it was for the single exhaust and on the other side I made a ‘square U bolt’ that I could slip in the factory holes and then put nuts on to hold the bracket. i didn’t want to modify my conv. if you don’t care about modifying your car you can weld nuts into the holes and bolt your hanger brackets there. i didn’t like how the repo hanger brackets fit the mufflers, I thought they hung down too low and when I compaired to the original single exhaust bracket sure enough the rubber section was longer. so I drilled out the rivets and put a piece of HD rubber belting in that I had and set them where I wanted them
  5. On a true trunk crank 390, the front snout has a shoulder in it that will prevent the sleeve and balancer from going onto the right location. a true 390 truck crank is steel (similar to the 427 crank but not the same) this shoulder can be turned off on the lathe so you can use the car sleeve and balancer
  6. You can also sell them on eBay in lots. Shipping can be usps flat rate. please don’t junk them, someone will want them
  7. Do they have the same seats? how about the seat foam? I put new seat upolstry and foam in my conv and now I don’t like how I sit higher in the car. I’m thinking about trimming my seat frames down a little
  8. You do not need hard seats on a low use engine. not having them will only shorten the life of the valve job by 10-15%
  9. I do a mild port on everything including a stock build. why should you not squeeze a little more out of the thing. smoothing the port and removing the bumps will help. will you see big gains? Perhaps not. will you see a gain, yes you will. i have also ported and smoothed the stock manifolds (mostly the hipo ones) for some gains there as well. if you have them off you Might as well do some work to them
  10. Rsanter

    Mustang Mach E

    I am ok with ford making an electric mustang (as an option) I agree with ford making an electric SUV i am ok with ford using mustang parts (seats, wheels, platform,wheels,etc) in the car. i am ok with ford calling it the MACH-E i am ok with ford saying it is a cousin or relative of the mustang I AM NOT ok with them calling the car a mustang. It’s not a mustang!!! i kind of like the looks and would even consider buying one (depending) as a daily driver i have heard that some people at ford are calling it a mustang as a way to assure the future of the mustang as ford is cutting models that are not selling enough units or making enough margin bob
  11. How about a picture of your clutch fork. i have seen several clutch forks that have a hole worn into the center because if the point on the lower linkage. i have seen many times where the nut trick was used to prevent replacing the clutch fork
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