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  1. Have been working on making a new accelerator pedal assembly. I didn't see an easy way to clean and modify the oem piece to work with the replacement generic cable so I went down that rabbit hole and set about creating a custom pedal. I still need to put a jog in the pedal arm and trim the cable end before welding things together. Also want to add a couple of gussets to the clevis.
  2. That's where I'm at with the QFT carb. However, I'm fabricating a bracket utilizing the 2 threaded holes on the left rear of the intake for an AT feedback cable bracket. I don't have any pics yet, just recently made some templates from cardboard and cut a couple of pieces of steel. Will be mocking it up sometime soon.
  3. This one should fit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/262013579591?hash=item3d0139f147:g:-0cAAOSwjVVV1hy7 I have one I modified for an aftermarket cable but have since figured out it won't work with a QFT with mechanical secondaries. All it needs is to have the round hole opened up back to square for a OEM cable.
  4. Don't know if its been mentioned yet or not but that diagram is from the shop manual so you can trust those numbers.
  5. No, it is for a side/quarter panel mounting but it wouldn't take much to modify to work on the taillight panel.
  6. plastic receptacle with fuel cap & flange.
  7. A shipping container for a gas turbine engine for electric power generation. That one is actually just for the core engine. size is approx 10' H x 9' W x 16' L give or take. Back to the OT, more parts that could be 3D printed. Fuel cap & flange.
  8. Thanks for the compliments. Sometimes you have to just play with the model to get the geometry you're looking for. I've started modeling the 62 mustang concept car and have walked away from it for now. Figuring out how to get the correct geometry can be a challenge. One thing I wished existed is some kind of translator between graphics software and cad software. They work so differently. I've tried a pseudo converter, it didn't work very well.
  9. The seat is based on an existing design I found some basic dimensions for then created a model. The badge I created in SWX from scratch. The Ford emblem is created using an available text font I had previously downloaded then doing an extruded cut like the 351 & cleveland. I have not had any made as of yet. This is the type of things I design at work. I created this image for the manual for this container. This is a model.
  10. I use NX12 at work but have an old version of Solidworks at home. Some Solidworks stuff
  11. I had a 68 hardtop that was originally pink with a white vinyl top. It had gone through a couple of color changes by the time I got it.
  12. The reason I'm modifying my coupe is its a "nothing special" base coupe as far as being a collectable is concerned, low optioned. If it was a boss or Shelby that would be a different story. Even a Mach 1 would get some performance mods for sure. I agree with Casgar above, build a Shelby tribute with all the mods you'd like to do to your original Shelby.
  13. Is the harness coming through this hole in the radiator support? It should be if it ain't. I can't really tell.
  14. Can you provide more detail of your light bucket repair? Your repair looks great. I have a crack in the lower pan tab on one and a broke-out lower grill panel bolt hole on the other and looking for a good way to repair them.
  15. If the CVR uses the same connector as a 9V battery, maybe try https://www.parts-express.com/. I have some 9V battery connectors that have about 3 inches of wire attached. I think I got them at Parts Express some time ago. Just need butt connectors to attach.
  16. The intake was previously painted with standard engine enamel. I took it to a machine shop to have it stripped, cleaned and inspected so it was down to bare aluminum when I painted it. Flaking over time would be a concern. What is normally used by those who've painted the lifter valley? Is that even still done?
  17. I have an Offenhauser intake for my 351C. I painted the top side with ford blue ceramic engine paint from Eastwood a while back. I was moving some of my parts around and got to thinking. What I was wondering, is there any benefit to coating or painting the bottom side to possibly insulate or otherwise help keep heat transfer to the intake charge minimized? Stock 351C had a sheet metal pan intake gasket but that won't be used in this case and the heat transfer ports are welded shut. Not a big deal, just curious if anyone else has thought about this.
  18. part number under "engine component" in the link above. Cleveland are probably different lengths.
  19. Ridge makes a 69/70 shelby style hood to fit regular 69s & 70s. At least I think he still makes them.
  20. https://arp-bolts.com/kits/make.php?_Make=400&_EngModelID=* Check on ebay or amazon, that's where I got all mine for my cleveland.
  21. Wilwood has brake kits of various sizes for 69 & 70 oem disk spindles. https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1969&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Disc+Brake+Spindle&axle=Front+Kit https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1970&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Disc+Brake+Front+Except+GT350+%26+500&axle=Front+Kit For oem drum spindles https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1969&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Drum+Brake+Front+Spindle&axle=Front+Kit https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitSearch?year=1970&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Drum+Brake+Front+Spindle&axle=Front+Kit
  22. Pics of what you're talking about? I don't know of any brackets welded on. There is a flange on each end at the wheel well where it attaches to the fender. There is also a small bracket that bolts to the pan and bumper.
  23. Wet sanded with 320 grit & primed. Will wet sand this with 400 grit. If its smooth and flawless I'll shoot it with POR15 or KBS rust seal to give the fiberglass some additional protection from chips then final prime.
  24. Thanks but not back surgery, it was actually bladder & prostate. My urologist said if I let it go I would be stuck with a catheter the rest of my life. You don't realize what muscles help with bladder control and what happens when you strain too much and don't have the control you once had. It's a slow road to get that control back but its coming back a little at a time. Sorry if that's TMI for any of you.
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