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  1. Great looking car, tough but with style all its own.
  2. Great looking car, tough but with style all its own.
  3. Still progress Mal, good to see the rack has clearance , well done.
  4. excellent work
  5. Mal. Great work there, cutting up that heater box took me back to the days when i did rhd conversions for a living. Worked for Bill Buckle auto conversions Brookvale.
  6. I agree every bit of $8000., i seen absolute junk for more that.
  7. Are you going the resto mod way on this one or just upgrades, be a nice car in the colour your going to paint it and white trim.
  8. Down here we have a limited range in 15 inch but i am using Master Craft street avenger tires. 245 /60/15 On the 68 vert they worked very well but i did not use the raised white wall side as it looks crap. Check em out.
  9. Looking real nice , great work and i am really impressed with your engineering and welding skills.
  10. Mal, that's a lot of progress and glad the RRS fits well and when i found more rust i just cut it out and moved on. Wally.
  11. That's the gaskets i used.
  12. My mounting plate for the drop bracket is welded to the frame rail , no captured bolts .everything is reinforced.
  13. Wow, nice to have something fitting well.
  14. Certainly getting into it , firewall looks good ,is a rrs piece.. When my American friends come out here i make em drive, most of them crap themselves till they get used to driving on the other side.
  15. Got super comps on my 390 with C6. I have the bracket to drop the steering