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  1. MAC390


    It's a runner, give it a work out on the weekend.
  2. MAC390


    Well, it's back together and i have fired it up. Got another flex plate same brand and part no but it was different, after truing up the converter mounts and fitting it, it works. This aftermarket flex plate is a pos compared to the original' Going for a run later in the week, fingers crossed.
  3. MAC390


    Going to do that also, over this crap , just wanna drive it.
  4. MAC390


    Ok trans is out, i am getting quick at this. Found one of the converter mounting tabs was fouling on the balance weight which distorted the flex plate and caused rubbing on the block spacer plate. When i compare the factory flex plate against the aftermarket one sure is a difference.No holes for the drain plugs. Get a new flex plate and start again
  5. MAC390


    Will check tonight but very difficult to see the drain plugs .
  6. MAC390


    I think the flex plate has no drain holes , and the plate being externally balanced would it be possible to drill 2 drain holes and not effect the balance of the plate.
  7. MAC390


    Thanks guys for the help, just got out from under the car and i think i have seen the problem. I have a stall converter on the C6 , don' t know who made it, any way i can see the converter mounting studs are not standing perpendicular , they look like the stud is coming through the plate at an angle. They are probably distorting the flex plate. So out comes the trans again but this time i will remove the rhs header after i jack the engine up and remove the rh engine mount and brackets and drop the drag link and idler arm. Then unbolt the trans on a jack and twist trans to the right and let it down. Sounds easy, but a right PITA. so over all this shit. If the experts at the trans shop did not screw up the front pump seal i would not have to deal with this. I did my apprenticeship in a Ford dealership and i used to do all of the auto trans. Sorry about the rant but i am really pissed at the moment and ford power train headers are looking good and i am old cranky man lol
  8. MAC390


    Changed my factory 428 cobra jet flex plate to a new pioneer 224 flex plate, now i have a noise from the trans and the flex plate has run out. Really shitted off now , what is the best brand to use as the pioneer one is the only one i can get down here easily.
  9. MAC390

    Reversing Sensors

    Like your plate.
  10. MAC390

    Aquarius is on the way!

    Raven Black, i like it.
  11. MAC390

    Bought another Classic Car

    Mal ,totally different to the Stang but it sure does go and great on the freeway. This is my first Mopar and i love it. Got the best of both worlds.
  12. MAC390

    Bought another Classic Car

    Nothing wrong with a Mopar, i have one also 70 Dodge Charger R/T 440 4 speed.
  13. MAC390

    Summer (of 69) Project

  14. MAC390

    New face book page for us Ford guys

    Ridge, i joined that group and i like it, lots of good stuff on there.
  15. MAC390

    I can't beleive it hasn't been stolen yet

    Nice pic, your car looks great. The styling on these cars were just fantastic , streets ahead of the opposition.