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  1. Hey Mal, nice work there but in my car i think the radio would be only good at idle at the lights.lol
  2. That's what i call a nice drive.
  3. MAC390

    Huge loss for the family

    Thanks guys for all the nice words.
  4. MAC390

    Huge loss for the family

    Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts, the house feels empty.
  5. MAC390

    Huge loss for the family

    Took the car to the car show early this morning Sunday, gave the keys to one of my buddies at the show and waited for my wife to pick me up. We then went down to the Animal hospital were our 7 yo German Shepherd was fighting for his life after acute kidney failure. The previous night i spent a couple of hours with him but he was in extreme pain but still wagged his tail when he saw me. Anyway this morning we had to make that horrendous decision to put him down, so after spending time with him he passed away. I feel like SHIT and have lost my best friend and garage dog, always with me in there. Huge hole in my heart, miss him dearly. Sorry about the ramble but i am in tears as i write this. His name is Cody.
  6. MAC390

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Thanks Dave R. The chrome 12 slot gt wheels are 15/7 front and 15/8 rear. Tyres are Mastercraft Front 235/60 /15. Rear 245/60 15.
  7. MAC390

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    All cleaned, ready for the show tomorrow and the weather is great.
  8. MAC390

    I'm getting good at this

    All bolted up, ready to fire up.The car is filthy, will get a good detail Saturday morning. Here is a couple of pics of the garage mate 70 R/T Dodge Charger 440 4 speed , i am the 4th owner and 94,568 miles. I restored the car about 3 years ago but i have owned the car for about 10 years. 631/2 Galaxy fastback next.
  9. MAC390

    Mach 1 resto in Australia

    Engine is in and hooked up , going to start it up tomorrow.
  10. MAC390

    I'm getting good at this

    Car will be running on Saturday and off to a show on Sunday, fingers crossed no gremlins.
  11. MAC390

    Wife got a new toy

    Keen to see the pics, wife absolutely loves this car and she don't muck around when other cars try to blow her off at the lights.
  12. MAC390

    I'm getting good at this

    Vicfreg , you are absolutely 100% correct . life is good in the garage at the moment. On vinyl , Neil Young, CSN and Young, Eagles, Led ZEP , Creedence and a heap of Blues guitarist's and the volume is loud. Also Stevie Ray Vaughn. The engine is back in it's home , just hooking everything up.
  13. MAC390

    Wife got a new toy

    Would like to do that upgrade later down the track, my lead foot wife has enough power under the pedal at the moment.
  14. MAC390

    Looking for hood latch bracket

    It's a front grille support.
  15. MAC390

    I'm getting good at this

    Well got my Remflex gaskets yesterday , so here we go again, got a new bottle of JD for spiritual guidance