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  1. MAC390

    I can't beleive it hasn't been stolen yet

    Nice pic, your car looks great. The styling on these cars were just fantastic , streets ahead of the opposition.
  2. Ordered my Powermaster 9606 high torque starter along with a new flex plate and new engine and trans mounts. Don't want to play in that area for a long time, with the Hookers a real PITA job.
  3. That's what i have done, thanks.
  4. Already have the new connectors for the solenoid and i purchased a new starter. Thanks
  5. Large caliber i hope.
  6. Who makes the best high torque mini starters, been down the cheap Chinese crap road. Engine has hooker super comps on so i need variable mounting positions. Thanks.
  7. MAC390

    Summer (of 69) Project

    Light at the end of the long dark tunnel, looks nice and you gotta be happy.
  8. MAC390

    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    I did not know that you can can buy cheap 69 fb mustangs, not down my way. lol
  9. MAC390

    Grandpa's Mustang

    Great progress.
  10. MAC390

    Redo of my Mach1 restomod 4.6

    Nice work there, how are your knuckles lol.
  11. MAC390

    What have you done for your Man Cave today?

    Put security sensors in the garage and a brighter light outside, couple of picks of the garage but it's really untidy and the C6 is out of the Mach 1. The messy bench across to the right of the tool chest is my reloading bench. Big cleanup after i get the Mustang going again.
  12. MAC390

    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    If the car was mine i would keep it in Black jade but if you like a red , Candy apple red looks great but i am partial.
  13. MAC390

    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    So much fun.lol
  14. MAC390

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Great work there.