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  1. Looks great, the engine looks neat.
  2. Sounds like the booster is leaking.Rebuild time.
  3. Well done, light at the end of the tunnel. How soon before the dash goes in?
  4. Here is the headliner , fitted last night
  5. Bob, just checked photo bucket and i am not using them anymore. Goofy didn't tell me .
  6. Next couple of weeks glass in.
  7. Installed the headliner tonight, looks great.
  8. I am in the garage tonight and it's bloody cold. Bring on summer.
  9. Yep guys, summer at my place keep the browns and red belly blacks out of the yard . Have a diamond python family that come in once a year, the are neat , no rats and even the dogs don't go them. Btw put the headliner in tonight , looks great.
  10. I had the same problem, the aftermarket panel was crap so i repaired the beat up original. Not a 5 minute job., looking pretty good.
  11. I reckon you do great work mate.The car is coming along well . Just think about the finished result and what you have achieved.
  12. A lot of good work done there.
  13. Thanks for the info , i will go with the FMX safety switch and i will check my lever.