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  1. I have to say I am not sure but I do believe it is. It could be that I have that routed wrong, and it should go where you say - I'll have to check and let you know. There aren't a lot of instructions on this stuff - I could have gotten it wrong.
  2. From up over the left wheel: left tail light: gas gauge routing: note I have spliced in a gas gauge calibration device here. It’s in the 3d printed box I made for it there. It’s held down by one of the tank bolts. The wood is there to kind of even up the floor for the vinyl this is the running of the tail light harness from the left side headed over to the right side. Hope these help some!!
  3. Looking good there Mike. I coated the interior of mine with black rattle can truckbed liner. Stuff is as hard as nails and has a nice mottled finish to hide a lot of the metal unevenness. YMMV…
  4. Had a surprising weekend with my stang 'Penny' guys. I had signed up for the Keels & Wheels "Concourse de' Elegance" show in Seabrook, TX. Ive been twice before (last before covid), but this show is full of amazing vehicles, and I have been happy they let me even show. Well, I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to "up my game" in a short amount of time, and I noticed that the trunk was 10pts of the score. I've never liked the stock treatment and said I wouldn't do it, but I never seem to get around to "doing it right" like I said I would. So, to try to improve my score I bought the stock trunk liner, jack bag, and spare-tire cover. Spent a little bit of time laying it in there, and trying to make it look decent. Came out like this: All I had to say was: "Well, it certainly looks better than nothing/what I had". So I went with it. The surprise came when I checked the judges sheet Sunday afternoon: "Best in Class"!! Unbelievable! I've only put the car in maybe a half-dozen shows, and I've never done better than second place anywhere. But the real surprise is that the show in Seabrook is one of the more prestigious shows (at least around here). It rained on Saturday, but didn't take any sunshine out of the day for me. Aaron Shelby was here, and gave me a big "congrats" when I left the show - certainly an amazing day for me:
  5. There is one other component in the system that you can check. It's the brake proportioning valve for the rears. It is something to check, but if no leaks and pedal goes to floor, I think Mike65's suggestion makes most sense. You may need to pull the booster and see it if has fluid in it. If you put the pedal to the floor fluid is leaking past some seal somewhere. if you do that several times does the fluid level go down, or stay same? If it stays same, I think it would have to mean master has a seal that is not working. If fluid level is going down, it must be going into the booster.
  6. Mine was cracked and it wasn't all obvious it was until I tried to pull it out of the booster, and it broke. Make sure you get the right size hoses to go with it. It should go from the booster into the main vac port on the back/top of the engine. This hose is very important to overall vacuum, as it is a larger size, and leaks have a big effect. It won't cost you but a little more to get the hose replaced.
  7. 1 1/8in sway bar upgrade on the front is absolutely the best handling/safety upgrade I have made tot he car. very little body roll for normal driving, much better handling
  8. If I were you, I’d pull the harnesses and send em to midlife. They come back completely like original and you get a custom wire list. Highly recommended service!
  9. Yes, agree, I think my point was a fuel neck is not.a great place for a printed part. I understand the stuff your talking about and would just use simple original parts because they are likely safer.
  10. There was a separate thread for window roller solutions that concluded with a 3D print solution. http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/146028-69-conv-quarter-window-frame-bushing-roller/ That thread was what made me think to start this one. If folks have parts they think would be good to print, post it here. I’m happy to see if i can help. I also have a printer and if someone has a model and wants parts printed I’d be happy to give it a try.
  11. I love the 3D print solution here. Reading this made me start a thread on 3D printing. If these models are shareable and not proprietary, I’m looking for a place we can upload them together. Also, if others need these parts, I have a printer and would be happy to print them for folks that might want them.
  12. One disadvantage of doing tank parts in plastic is danger of breakage in case of collision. I think ductile steel with rubber connections is going to behave much better in that case.
  13. Love the idea, but I’ve never printed anything that I would want to show on the outside of the car.
  14. Do you mean the neck inside the trunk? Would that actually line up with the gas tank opening?
  15. Did you create this badge in CAD and then have it manufactured?
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