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  1. Easy preliminary check it to unplug your fans and see if anything changes. Relays are always a good idea, even on a bone stock car, but they won't make up for an undersized alternator.
  2. Stay safe and keep the Mach I ready to bug out :)
  3. Charleton Heston - The Omega Man - makes a get away in a Mary Tyler Moore look-alike Mustang.
  4. Great looking Honda! I've been seeing a lot of those lately - passed one on the road the other day and there's one in a Ford pickup commercial on TV.
  5. I always assumed Ford routed the heater hose this way to better gauge/utilize engine temperature at the choke. Imagine driving 55 mph down the road in Minneapolis in January and how long it would take to open a non-electric choke without the hose.
  6. I've got the same exhaust on my 302 vert except inexpensive turbo mufflers. The drone around 2500 RPM is bad, even in a topless car. Do you have any drone issues? I might be interested in your muffler setup.
  7. I want to say the OEM filter was located at the input to the carburetor. It was a metal (brass?) fitting with a screen-type filter element inside. Maybe an inch or two long that threaded between the hard fuel line and the carb body - badically part of the carb like Redstang said (welcome to the site!). But it's been years since I looked my original 2100 and my memory is getting old. I inserted an aftermarket filter between the pump and my Holley carb years ago.
  8. This is a very cool mod and I'm constantly amazed at the ingenuity out there. My vert has the cable control on the driver's mirror and when the passenger side is off, I simply ask the wife to move it a little this way...a little more...oops, too much, back a little...that's good...down a little...no back up...
  9. Those vinyl top parts can be very hard to find, Ford didn't make a lot. good luck and welcome to the site!
  10. I've got a folder full of old receipts going back many years, too. Lots of places no longer around. I guess it's inevitable.
  11. No offense taken - it took me a while to find a place with the space where I could work on it. General restoration rule-of-thumb - make your best time and money estimates. Then triple them. :)
  12. That's a cool pic Brian. Ya know, I've read your very knowledgeable posts for years and still never pictured you on a drag strip. (Head-slap) dude's got a 428!
  13. That's very close to mine. Back when I started out a long time ago, I thought I'd keep it all original. Even bought some bias ply tires. Then I figured a plain-jane F-code was boring, so I went with some period correct mods - stuff you could have done back in the early 70's. I had a set of vintage Ansen Sprints, an Edelbrock F4-B intake, and even a vintage Holley 600. Then I added some invisible modern stuff - Pertronix and headlight relays, LEDs for all the interior and dash lights. Mini-starter. Used a retro roller cam just to up the cost of the engine rebuild :) Now that I've driven it for a few years, disk brakes and a T5 on are on the list to make it more fun on the road. Never used the bias ply tires. They're dry rotting away in my shop with, like, 100 miles wear on them :)
  14. Welcome to the forum G-dub. I've owned my convertible since 1974 so I can relate to your story. I started fixing mine up around 1985 and finished around 2011, LOL!
  15. It is a bit of an honor system. You say "I have a classic that I take really good care of and don't drive a lot, so I should get a price break" and they say "Do you have a daily driver that you take to work in rush hour and during blizzards while your classic is safe in the garage?". That's kind of the unspoken agreement which seems fair to me.
  16. I bought a bag of cerium oxide windshield polish a while ago but have not tried it. Most comments on the web say it doesn't work very well but I may give it a try before I go to the work of removing the windshield.
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys, sounds like NPD is the way to go. Curious about the setting blocks, too - that's a generous offer MTF but is it something I could buy or make easily without using up your stock? I vaguely recall some sort of spacers at the base of the windshield when I put it in years ago but I could be mistaken. Reusable? Did you guys use the butyl strip or urethane? I did the old school butyl back in the day, which I'm inclined to do again but I could be talked into urethane if it makes sense.
  18. My original windshield was broken, so back during the Reagan administration I grabbed one out of a parts car, I think it was a 1970. It's served me well enough but it suffers from the psychedelic starburst effect when I drive into the sun. So I guess I need a new one. I don't need concours correct but "more-or-less" correct - Carlite logo, etc. Been eyeballing the NPD offering, it seems like a good price for a Carlite logo but I hear they are thinner than OEM which worries me a little. Any thoughts or experience with windshields lately? Does the thinner glass pose any fitment problems? Anyone know what ECS in Missouri is charging these days?
  19. Generally, no. The one "gotcha" I'm aware of is they don't offer roadside if you have a flat with no spare.
  20. I use Hagerty and pay and extra $40 a year for roadside and towing. Happy with their communication and service but I've never filed a claim, so there's that.
  21. Oh, I know, just saying I'd love to find a similar project.
  22. Somebody got a sweet project. I've got a 5.0L roller motor just looking for a truck like that,
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