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  1. I have USAA also, but they sent me to American Collectors Insurance for my classic cars, not Hagerty. Did USAA switch to Hagerty?
  2. Combine all three previous responses, and you should be good. I like the Robert Shaw thermostats. They have the hole already that 1969_Mach1 mentioned.
  3. Probably for the best. It rained the whole time, and only 15 cars showed up. Five of those were from my Mustang club. A 68 coupe was the only classic Mustang.
  4. Flyer attached. Show is April 28th at Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma, WA. Proceeds go towards the JROTC, Band Boosters, and Auto Shop Club programs. MTHS 2018 Car Show.pdf
  5. I had a Comp Extreme Energy 274H in a 302 a few years ago. Nice choppy idle, and pulled strong from idle to 5500 RPM. Really came on strong at about 1500 RPM.
  6. You want the 1969 or 1970 (maybe later 1970s heads also) heads with the larger valves. Later 351W heads are the same as 302 heads. You will also want to use the Felpro #1250 intake manifold gasket as the coolant passage on the heads and intake manifold are different, but this gasket will work. Racers used to port the heads and use bigger valves in these heads before aluminum heads became available. Last time I used these heads (1970 heads) they had 1.94 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves. Many would also "shave" them to bring compression up.
  7. Our dogs get car sick, so they aren't allowed to ride in the Mach 1.
  8. jholmes217


    What size tire are you looking for?
  9. Many Mustang owners have also used a parts car to restore theirs, or have collected parts "just in case." I'm guilty of the latter. If you post the parts you are looking for in the classifieds section of this forum, you will probably gets some some responses. Welcome to the forum by the way!
  10. There are all kinds of places for original and reproduction Mustang parts. CJ Pony Parts, Mustangs Unlimited, National Parts Depot, Mustang Depot, and Virginia Classic Mustangs I think are the most popular. Make sure you read product reviews. Some of the reproduction parts aren't of the best quality.
  11. Took a 4 day vacation to Dublin about 10 years ago. Go to the Guinness Brewery. They have a "Hop on-Hop Off tour bus that makes seeing the sites very easy. I did 26 years in the army, and I have to say Dublin is the friendliest city I've been to.
  12. If I'm looking to add extra details such as spark plug wires and hoses, or photo-etched detail kits, I go to this web site: https://www.squadron.com/category-s/3448.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIquD-oJLB2AIVCKvsCh0V9wVBEAAYASAAEgLiHfD_BwE#?filters=filter.Brand=SQUADRON TOOLS÷SQUADRON PRODUCTS|page=1
  13. Love it! I'm a model builder also, even at 50 years old!
  14. I mainly like the sportsroof for 1969 and 1970, but the Mexican Shelby Mustangs are pretty sharp looking. http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/1708-a-1969-mexican-shelby-thats-one-of-306/
  15. Be careful if you use an aftermarket letter kit. I bought one, and one letter was crooked due to a pin not being in the correct location on the letter. I believe it was ordered from CJ Pony Parts.
  16. Pull out #1 spark plug, and put your thumb over the hole. Turn the engine over until you feel a push of air on your thumb so you know that is compression stroke with the piston coming up. Continue to turn the engine over until it goes to TDC on the balancer, then continue to 10 degrees past TDC. Then lift the distributor out, and sink it back in with the rotor pointed at #1. You shouldn't have to take off the fan and shroud for this.
  17. Try this. Put it back at top dead center on the balancer, then continue to turn the crank until 10 degrees advance is at the pointer. Now drop in your distributor with the rotor pointed at number 1, then set your timing as normal. You shouldn't have to advance it near as much.
  18. Santa brought me a set of Mach 1 floor mats, and a trunk dress up kit (tire cover and hold down, jack bag, trunk mat,) a set of blank keys, and a CJ Pony Parts gift car! What Mustang stuff did you guys and gals get?
  19. The original color is Black Jade. Once my three boys are old enough to stop scratching the paint with their bikes and toys, I plan to repaint it the original color.
  20. Well, it's not that original when you pop the hood. My intention was to get it on the road and have fun with it while stocking up on original parts for a restoration in the future when I bought it in 2010. Since 2010, I've picked up exhaust and intake manifolds, carburetor, distributor, and some smaller items. Still looking for a stock air cleaner assembly, and fuel pump. But right now, it has Hooker Super Comp headers, Mallory Unilite Distributor, 280H Oregon Cam, port matched Edelbrock Streetmaster intake manifold, 1 inch Super Sucker spacer, Edelbrock water pump, oval air cleaner with K&N air filter, Precision Oil Pumps roller rockers and spacers, and an improvised ram air system using an early 1969 hood with the "pie cut-outs" and some other easily reversed mods. I've really noticed a difference since adding the ram air in hot weather. Having the carn sealed off from the hot under-hood temperatures, and letting it breathe cooler outside air really helps with drivability on hot days, especially in heavy stop and go traffic. In present form, it moves out very nicely when I let out the clutch and hit the happy pedal! My boys love it when I roast the tires!
  21. For the 428's, a bulletin came out changing it to 6 due to fear of oil starvation at high RPM. 7 for the Super Cobra Jets with the oil cooler. If you are running a high volume pump, I'd add one extra quart.
  22. Anything particular part of the car you want pictures of?
  23. I won the "Mean Machine" award at the Christmas Car Show at Griot's Garage in Tacoma last Saturday!
  24. Yep. He was my favorite drag racer. Always gave the Chevy guys fits! I liked his 429 Boss Thunderbirds.
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