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  1. Where are you located? If you happen to be close to Fort Lewis, WA., I have a known good Holley 1850 600 cfm carb that I use for engine break ins. It was last used in to a 302 a couple years ago, and seemed pretty dialed in to a mild 302 build. Plugs were that nice light brown color when pulled after break in. If your close, we can try that carb on your engine.
  2. Not being mean or insulting. This is a 69-70 Mustang forum, and you would get much better responses from a Camaro and/or Chevy forum. While I had a 69 SS 396 Camaro for a while, I sold it to get another Mustang. I never worked on it or researched stuff on it enough to gain much knowledge on them. Others on here may have Camaro knowledge, but it is probably the exception rather than the rule. Best of luck to you on getting the car you want.
  3. I like the Remflex gaskets. 2 years now and no leaks. Those headers look similar to the old Super Stock headers used on the 68 Mustangs when they made the debut of the 428 Cobra Jet into drag racing, and caused many MOPAR and GM tears and whines!
  4. What's the gas like there in Italy Paul? Do you have the problems with ethanol in the gas like we do here in the U.S.? What carburetor are you using?
  5. When on the highway, does it sound like the engine is running at a really high RPM, or normal range? When idling, does it have a rough idle or smooth idle?
  6. What has been done to the engine besides headers and carburetor change? What rear end gear ratio does it have, and when doing 55 mph, what RPM does your tachometer say? What transmission does your car have? What diameter pipe is your exhaust?
  7. If the plugs aren't all sooty, and your exhaust doesn't smoke or burn your eyes, then I'd say you have a fuel leak somewhere. Any wet spots under the car when you park it?
  8. Definitely should do better than that. What do your spark plugs look like?
  9. Dave, I think you are the only person I've heard of who put a Thumpr cam in a 428. How do you like it? Does it work OK with power brakes? I was looking at the Mutha Thumpr, but went with a custom grind from Oregon Cams similar to a Comp Magnum 280H.
  10. An overdrive or 5 speed will be more forgiving if you have a high gear ratio. I used to have a 66 Mustang with a close ratio top loader 4 speed and a 4:11 rear end. The tachometer would say more than 4000 rpm when doing 60 mph, and you don't want that for a daily driver. If you stay with the FMX, I would go 3:25 or 3:50 gear ratio. An overdrive or 5 speed will be more forgiving if you have a high gear ratio.
  11. Hey Brian, post or PM me how you like those tires if you get them. My tires are close to 10 years old, so about time to replace them. They are Cooper Cobra tires, and do OK on dry pavement, but I got caught in the rain once and they really sucked on wet pavement.
  12. If your fan is hitting the shroud at one location, you could trim the shroud where it hits. The flex fan probably doesn't help either. My car overheated in a parade last year, and I was using a new aluminum radiator, factory reproduction shroud, and a flex fan. Thermostat was a new Robert Shaw 195 degree. I put a reproduction clutch fan on it, and ran it in my garage for about 20 minutes after it warmed up as a test, and it stayed in the 200 degree area. That was idling with the front end of the car in the enclosed end of the garage getting no wind, so I'd say the new fan fixed my problem. It did hit the shroud at the bottom, so I trimmed the shroud until it didn't rub anymore. Does it rob power? Probably. But a overheated car with the hood up and steam rolling out makes zero power.
  13. For those looking for tires for the 1969 stock 14 inch rims, I just found these on the Les Schwab web page: https://www.lesschwab.com/tires/products/grand-prix-gt?size=215-70-14&li=96&sr=t&pn=133396
  14. Put an FE big block in it and don't look back. If you can reach all 8 spark plugs with your hands, your engine isn't big enough lol!
  15. I have the Cooper Cobra tires on my car also. As others have said, they suck on wet pavement, but will last a long time as long as you don't roast them all the time (I have a hard time keeping my foot out of the carbs!). Your tire choices are somewhat limited if you use original size style steel wheels if you want raised white letter radials.