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  1. I had to twist a 66 few years ago, and a 69 last year. Both original undamaged doors where the bottom rear sticked out like yours while other 3 corners fit right.
  2. Warning I forgot to include; on the bottom, don't hold at very aft, hold about 5 inches forward where the door cross section is thicker. If you push from the very aft, you may fold the edge.
  3. Open the door, hold the top aft with one hand and bottom aft with other hand and twist the door (bottom in, top out). That's how I lined up my original undamaged door which was exactly like yours.
  4. That is just the steering wheel from a later truck right; not the whole column.
  5. I use female bullet connectors to replace 90 degree slip-on connectors. The parking brake switch is not reproduced (well besides the ones I made), you can find used ones on fleabay or west coast cougars some times. Here are links to ones I made a few for sale if you are interested. http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58653-fs-parking-brake-switch/ http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58451-make-parking-brake-switch/
  6. Looks good. How is the fit and function of the switch and where did you get it?
  7. I have seen used trim for 69 Grande listed on fleabay a few times before. I have even seen the trim on 70 Grande with half vinyl top listed on fleabay, but just once; they are a lot harder to come by. Good luck.
  8. Nice color, looks like Champagne Gold, same color as my daily driver 69 Grande. My interior is Nugget Gold.
  9. Are the cross section of 69 and 70 wheel opening moldings same? Thought there was a difference (besides the rear molding for coupe/vert is different than fastback rear length wise).
  10. Don't know about the stock ps pump on reverse rotation, but who ever put a hole like that on shock tower for access to grease fitting must have been very mad at the time.
  11. You are asking about the "outside moulding" not the "header seal retainer" on that diagram; right? My 70 front bow/header has holes with broken screws for the header seal retainer, but I do not remember holes on top for an outside moulding. The car did not have the top when I bought it, just the frame.
  12. Barnett, when you adjust those cans to increase the hg needed to pull, does the max amount of advance it provides drop? Do you know the part number of a can which you can adjust the hg needed to pull and the max advance it pulls separately? Don't know the part number of my can but when I increase the hg needed, with allen wrench, max advance it pulls goes down. I remember bending the stop tab on a can to adjust the max amount of advance it provides but can't remember what can it was, on what car.
  13. Materials can be bought cheap; I paid about $300 for a gallon of paint, clear and hardeners etc (Nason, champagne gold base, Acme clear) at the local paint supply without any discount when I painted my daily driver 69 Grande last September.
  14. Good luck, hope he will do it right this time.
  15. My D1 dizzy has a hole on the base plate (at about middle of the ground strap). I just remote crank the engine while watching through the hole till the spring tab comes under the hole (if it passes or stops a little short, I loosen the dizzy clamp and turn the dizzy to align the tab). Then bend the tab with a screw driver through the hole. I know it is too late for you, but this will eliminate you from removing the plate 20 times just to bend the tab next time if your dizzy also has the hole on the plate.
  16. Danno, it is my understanding that when spec says "distributor RPM=1000, advance ( dist or camshaft degrees) is 2 1/2- 4 3/4";it means when crank rpm is 2000, crank advance is 5 -9 1/2 degrees. So you have to double both the dizzy rpm and degrees to get crank rpm and degrees. On a side note, do you have the table for advance for a 69 302 advance curve handy? If so, can you post it as I am trying to tune my dizzy also?
  17. Is the Cougar wheelbase a little longer than Mustang? Looks like they used the same cables and different connectors to make up for the wheelbase difference. If you have a welder, you can cut and extend your Mustang cable connector.
  18. The pedal is attached to car, and cable attached to pedal right? Gravity pulls the pedal down when the other end of the cable is not hooked up to the rest of the cables. Then the cable does not reach on the other end. Pull the release handle of the parking brake and pull the pedal up till it hits the rubber stop on top of the pedal, tie the pedal in up position with a bungee chord or something so it won't drop down again, then pull the other end of the cable and see if it is long enough to go through 2A602. If it is not, either your front cable (2A651) or the rear cable (2A635) is short.
  19. Q1; is the parking brake released? Make sure it is fully released and the pedal is hitting the rubber stop. When there is no tension from cable, pedal drops down making cable short.
  20. Q1; sounds like the cable is short, did you buy an aftermarket cable? Q2; if you keep the PS valve with no hydraulic pressure going into it, you are going to have play in it at the ball stud that attaches to pitman arm. If you use PS steering box as a MS, the steering takes more effort at slow speeds. I used PS box when I converted to MS by changing the drag link etc and couldn't live with the effort it required. So I installed Prius EPAS to the column of my 69 Grande. Q3, did you check to see if the shaft part of the lever is bent and causing the door to jam at the end of travel?
  21. My 70 Grandes vin is 0T04T, engine code is T which is 200 cuin 6 cyl and 5 lug.
  22. Did you remove the metal/seal which is attached to firewall with I think 4 bolts from inside? The column goes through it and a clamp attaches the column to that piece. Remove the 4 screws and that pieces comes out with the column. This is for a 69 Grande but as far as I remember it is same for all 69 and 70s. Don't know headers but I removed the stock steering box from BELOW on my 69 Grande without removing anything else last weekend; 302 with stock manifolds, auto with power brakes. Had to maneuver it around the manifold but taking it out was real easy. Had difficult time putting it back in though; loosened the engine mount on that side and lifted the engine a little bit to get it in.
  23. I thought all 69 and 70 had 5 lugs. My 70 6 cyl coupe has 5 lugs. And it has the front torque boxes.
  24. Looks like pallets and pallet jacks.
  25. My 69 Grande has Nugget Gold interior, seat belts (webbing and plastic/rubber parts) are gold/beige color.
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