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  1. Did you try removing the switch and moving the valve with a piece of copper wire?
  2. Is your car a 69 or 70? Parking brake light on the instrument cluster of my 70 Grande (with tach) does not flash, just lights up when parking brake is engaged.
  3. I have 3D printed those kind of stuff and used on my windows. Last part I made and installed on glass was the bushing/rollers that are on the rear side windows of the coupes (3 bushings/rollers mounted on the window bracket the glass is glued on that slide inside the window guide).
  4. Depending on how deep the scratches are, you can use cerium oxide to remove them.
  5. You can drill with 1/2 inch drill bit and file a little instead of buying the odd size drill bit for the dropped UCA.
  6. Commercial sellers and some private sellers ask for the license or want you to sign a statement saying you are buying for resale. For example, someone in Atlanta craigslist is selling 1 lbs cans for $10 each (as far as I remember) and asking for license.
  7. When I bought this car over 10 years ago, the ac belt was missing. I just got it back on the road. Was expecting the ac to be empty, recently I opened one of the valves a little and realized there is pressure in the system. I have a gauge that threads into R12 fitting, so I hooked that up, open the valve and turned the ac on (with ac belt installed) and the gauge moved a little; I got the red fluid when I removed the gauge. I have manifold gauge set (for R134 fittings), dye and UV light, vacuum pump etc. Have not looked for leak yet, must be a very small leak as it still has pressure in the system after atleast 10 years sitting. You can find R12 on swap meets, craigslist, ebay etc, and the prices are coming down as the demand for it is going down.
  8. I have the original AC system in my 69 Grande that is very low on R12 (I assume R12 as lines still has the old style fittings for the gauge). While removing the pressure gauge, some red oil came out of the compressor (smelt and looked like ATF). Is the oil used on compressor with R12 red in color?
  9. Lowering the upper control arms 1" and modifying them to move ball joint back to increase the caster improved the handling on my cars.
  10. A member asked me to make him a couple of parking brake switches. See this topic for more info on how I made the switches. While making him a couple, I made a few extra contacts and heat treated them. Let me know if anybody else wants a switch; I will 3D print the other parts and put together switches for you. They are $30 each plus shipping.
  11. If I understood it right, if you use the washer button you have to have both hands on right side of the wheel; one hand to press the bottom and keep it pressed while you are cranking, other hand to turn the ignition. At least I will have a hard time doing that.
  12. Here is how you reproduce the not yet reproduced 69-70 parking brake switch. Make the ABS body and the end by 3D printing. Make a bending jig to bend the beryllium copper contact to right shape and bend the contact strips. Heat treat the contact. Assemble and secure the parts. You are done. Changed the original design a little bit so the contact does not break due to fatigue like the originals did. Cycled the black switch 2500 times on the 70 Cougar pedal I have off the car; it did not brake and did not stop working so installed it on my 69 Grande. Left to right on the pictures below are; broken original switch, 3D printed ABS parts, contact, final product.
  13. Also, I would recommend the 1" Shelby drop before going for an alignment.
  14. For street -0.5 camber, max + caster you can get (I am running +8.8 caster at the moment with my modified upper control arms, but with stock control arms and strut rods you can get about +3.5 caster) and 1/16 to 1/8 toe in. No more than 0.25 degrees difference between right side and left side on camber and caster.
  15. Try eBay or West Coast Classic Cougar for a used one.
  16. It has been a long time since I rebuilt one, but as far as I remember, you install that self locking nut and start the car with front wheels up in the air; slowly tighten the nut (quarter turn at a time) till the steering turns itself, then back the nut off till the steering stops turning by itself. Then put the car down, turn the steering to right and left and feel how it feels, is it quick to provide assist and easier to turn one side or is it even both sides? If it is even for both left and right turn, you are done and can install the cap/cover. Hopefully someone with a better memory can confirm or correct this. Watch for your arm and hands as the wheels can turn suddenly during adjustment.
  17. Does anybody have a 69 rim blow switch they messed up during installation creating it to short? Looking for some shorted switches for a project, let me know if you have one. Thanks
  18. The carb on my 1970 Cougar XR7 with 351C is mounted directly on the intake manifold; no egr plate.
  19. Trunk light harness connects to the under dash harness just behind the gauge cluster (close to where the tail light harness connects to dash harness). You might want to plug the dash end of the trunk light harness while the dash is out so you will have power ready in the trunk for when you put a trunk light.
  20. Looks like it has accident damage at rear. May be $2000?
  21. Just looked at the lower brackets and bolts I have in a bag for one of my 69s, I was wrong. They are 5/16 NC18 bolts with captive washers (like fender bolts). Total length (including the head) is 1 inch.They may be the same bolts that attach the front fender extensions to radiator support. The top support had 2 screws that attached the support to top of radiator support (besides the 2 bolts that go from front to radiator support). Don't know if the 2 screws that go from top are original or if someone added them.
  22. I think they are sheet metal screws, not bolts.
  23. Below is how you can contact Midlife. http://midlifeharness.com/welcome.html
  24. Never mind, looks like 70 switch is riveted instead of bent tabs. You can always drill out the rivet and install new ones or bolt and but.
  25. You have to straighten the metal tabs to disassemble the switch.
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