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  1. Yes. Long story cut short I think I managed to put the wrong thickness reaction pad on the booster pushrod so it was too short. This happened as I put the OEM master cylinder in along with a local master cylinder which used different pushrods. Changed it, budda bing great brakes. Not impressed with the shop - I told them to start from the beginning but they just made assumptions and wasted my money. Just another reason to do things yourself.
  2. Look at Mustangtech.com.au there is info there on using a Falcon Bosch 1.4Kw starter which are about $170 on ebay
  3. Fitted a small overflow tank to the radiator, so now can finally get the car registered. This coming Friday it should pass a roadworthy inspection all going well.
  4. So i'm going to hijack this thread :) I have a 70 fitted with a 69 booster and power brake pedal. The car is auto and was originally drum brake as far as I can tell. The brake pedal has no real feel - it travels a long way (relative to a modern) and seems to bottom out. The retardation is not real flash and seems to be only working at the very end of the travel. The brake shop I got to check it all reckoned the booster pedal point would be better off higher. The brake pedal is up on the top bolt. Is changing to a manual brake pedal hanging off the lower pivot hole going to work? I'll be changing this to a 5 speed over the next months using a Modern Driveline cable clutch kit so will that change things? I have spent months on this thing eradicating a rear lock up issue and now I have no pedal feel.
  5. +1 for this tool. I bought a version of this same tool and it makes single and double flares consistently, every time. One of the better tools I‘ve bought
  6. We stopped putting Windsors in Falcons in 1969. So heaps of Cleveland gear, not so much Windsor.
  7. Thanks. I looked at one of those and it was a copy of a poor page. If yours is clear and crisp like an original piece of paper I'll take your recommendation and order one.
  8. I'm thinking to buy a parts CD for my 70 so I can try to identify things that are different. Some of them look like they are copies of copies of the one your dad had and not readable. I have the parts books already like that (the orange one). Any one recommend a version that is clear and easy to read and digital?
  9. Hah. look on ebay Australia and see what we get charged. 150 bucks is a deal compared to the money being asked for some importers. I bought a Boss 302 sump from Summit for decent money - slightly more capacity, baffled and a pick up included. But I guess you have a Cleveland....
  10. Yeah maybe 30 years ago the foam mattress would appeal but these days the tired old bones complain.
  11. Me and my wife are planning a road trip from New Orleans across to Charlotte/Atlanta/? next fall. We like country rock music - Jason Aldean sorta stuff - and a bit of history along with vehicles. Are there any places we gotta visit? We'll have 3 weeks so a bit of time but then again not so much time. Whats the deal with owning cars there? To rent a car is probably about $3,000US so would it be cheaper to buy a clunker (that is reliable) and then leave it or sell it? Probably a rookie question but when you are paying 25c more for every dollar spent every little bit helps.
  12. I'll have a blonde in XL please. Now I'm wondering if my ass crack is worthy....
  13. Another forum I haunt uses https://postimages.org/ seems to be the same as photobucket but without the hassle. No idea how/what/why/if as I don't do a lot of pictures
  14. I wonder if my repro master cylinder has that. From memory it is a Dorman (I think the box was green). The fluid in the rear cylinders I found may be because this cylinder does not have one. Might have to try a pressure gauge to see what pressure they have to the rear. I suppose a 2Lb aftermarket valve would be correct?
  15. Doc, yep short shoe to the front. I'll rip this thing to pieces this weekend and make sure it is all right. As for experience I've played with cars for years but this is first Mustang so feeling my way a little bit on the nuances.
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