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  1. I replaced the whole front suspension. Some Klutz had put in 2 different height spindles and then spaced the arms to make it fit. It started out as a squeaking ball joint that needed greasing, ended up being a total rebuild. Lucky for us Down Here we have Falcons for donor cars that are plentiful. So I took the front out of a 1991 model with rubber bushes on the top arms and disc stub axles. Sand blasted them, painted chassis black, put in new ball joints, lowered front springs and a 1 1/8" sway bar. Used polyurethane bushes throughout (only because they were cheaper than OEM rubber). At the same time I put 1/8" spacers in the front of the top arm bolts to give it castor and used local KMAC camber bolts to give it camber. Replaced some ordinary wheel bearings too. Drove it first time yesterday. Seems to steer slightly better - I think the PS box is a bit wobbly - and turns nicer. Sure has some camber on it, it needs a wheel alignment. Sits about 1" above the 15" wheel which is disappointing. I had hoped to get the tyre at least level with the guard but that may still happen once the springs settle. At least it's a job that is done and I don't need to worry about it.
  2. I am using MSD 6AL and it has a ground wire. I'm hoping to wire it to the cigarette lighter, so you pull it out to run. Hoping the Mustang boosters won't notice a cigarette lighter pushed in when they come calling.
  3. jmlay my thoughts too so I have just reinstalled and moved on.
  4. Well I just reused the sleeves that were there. The photo one was the worst wear so good enough. This is just a road car and as Australia doesn't allow fuck all modifications to cars all I have done is replace everything with new bits.
  5. So this is the sleeve in position This is the sleeve on the ground And this is the poly bush fitted with and without the sleeve. There's not a huge difference in size but having spent $1,000 rebuilding the whole front end, introducing slack doesn't seem right.
  6. My 70 has round 'sleeves' that are fitted inside the bracket where the lower control arm strut rod bolts to the chassis. Looks like they are on both sides and reduce the ID of the mount hole where the bushes go in. They are not the sleeves that go over the actual strut rod and are fitted into the round hole of the chassis bracket. They are pretty thin. One has worn through and fallen out so the bushes are a bit loose although I've not tightened the bushes up yet. I can't find a reference to them anywhere. Is this an original part or have I again been sucked in by some previous 'restorer'? I'll post pics if needed.
  7. If you can, don't bring in an investor. You will lose your personal touch and satisfaction. And you'll have to start paying the money they want.
  8. Welcome to Down Under. If it was in Australia none of the fabricated suspension would even get past the front door. I have a Borgeson steering box that I will probably have to get xrayed before the Engineer(!) will issue a certificate approving it before it even goes to a registration inspection. The stuff we are not allowed to do - the dual driveshaft loop is an example - is a pain. Be glad in the Land of the Free you can bolt in stuff with welds and rose joints and no one cares.
  9. I would look at the fuel pump modules Holley has or other vendors where the pump and sender use the original tank. I bought a Sniper EFI tank which is just a Tanks Inc product and having the fuel fittings dead centre of the tank is a pain in the rear. If I were to convert mine again today I would stick with the stock tank and a fuel module inside the tank as per this thread.
  10. Your dog picked the 'Stang....
  11. I had the same problem but upped 1 by also smearing a bit of electric grease stuff from an electronics shop to make contact. Seems to be OK.
  12. You are certainly the man. I forgot about CJ... With the grille, I have the metal supports but looks like something goes from back of the plastic grille to this https://www.cjponyparts.com/grille-support-1970/p/G6S/
  13. I need the plugs/nuts that go under the stone tray at the bottom of the grille as per the attached shot. Also the clip or bracket that hold the middle of the grille to the centre support that holds the bonnet lock. A real curly one is the 'speed nut' that the headlight bucket screws into, to allow for adjustment of the beam. Looks like it is a part. I've looked at a few parts catalogs but I can't find numbers. Anyone have a link to a supplier or the part numbers for all 3?
  14. Go just as big wire size on the body ground. I think I have 02GA for both and no power issues at all.
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