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  1. aslanefe

    Heater bypass help

    You do not have to cap off the heater core. Just run a hose from the water pump to intake.
  2. aslanefe

    69 coupe from SVK

    Way to go, good job.
  3. aslanefe

    Car Mounted on Rotisserie. Questions?

    If the car is stripped (no engine, trans, rear end etc). I don't think there will be a measurable amount of flex (unless the car is a rust bucket).
  4. aslanefe

    Brake warning switch trivia

    Yes that is an other option. Or you can use the 71-73 switch, both requires you to remove the pedal assy and drill holes at the right spot for the switch. The pedal assy already has the holes for the 69-70 switch and I have a few 69-70 cars with a broken switch or without switch.
  5. aslanefe

    Rust Repair, Lower Rear QTR Panel?

    One more thing, most probably there is rust damage to outer wheel well also. When you cut the quarter out, fix the wheel well first as you will have easier access to wheel well through the hole on quarter.
  6. aslanefe

    Rust Repair, Lower Rear QTR Panel?

    I would cut the rusted area out till I get to good metal first. Then see how much of the patch panel I need. Those patch panels do not have the edges/lines as sharp as the original panels. I found that the complete skins have sharper edges/lines and match to original better even though they are a tad thinner. You can make the edges sharper on the patch panels if you spend some time with hammer and dolly (and some other equipment) or pay a little more and get the bigger quarter panel and cut what you need from that. You will spend a little more $ on a quarter skin but save time and frustration on fixing the edges/lines on that lower patch panel. One other advantage of the quarter skin, you will end up with a bigger left over with a lot of different curves which comes handy to use while fixing other areas like door corners etc.
  7. aslanefe

    Brake warning switch trivia

    Yes I learned the hard way that the switch sends ground when there is pressure differential (which I thought was the only function of it) AND also joins the two wires to send proof out to pin 6. Now I know how to wire the new switch; keep the old switch attached to the harness, attach the wire from the one wire switch to the pin on the end of the old switch and you are done; no cutting of the original connector needed. Yes making a copy of the original 69-70 style switch is on my to do list. I had succesfully made the metal part to fix a broken contact on original switch for my 70 Grande about 25 years ago which still works. I have to make the plastic part that fits to the original mounting holes on the brake pedal assembly to create a switch from scratch. I have a broken switch on my 70 Cougar to use for creating the 3D model; all I need is to find a few hours to create the part, get beryllium copper with right thickness, make the contact part, heat treat, assemble, and test it. I will post it when I make one. Making a properly functioning turn signal cancelling cam replacement is also on my to do list; I know, I have a long to do list. On a side note, I also learned that you do not have to tap into pin 6 behind the cluster like I did to get the brake warning light to come on when parking brake is engaged, you can tap into the purple wire going to pin 6 at the firewall connection.
  8. aslanefe

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    I also use those v-clamps on the exhaust. Makes it easy to get the transmission out when needed.
  9. aslanefe

    Craig from New Zealand

    Have you tought about getting a packed muffler ( not chambered) and shortening it? A little work to cut, modify and weld.
  10. Looking for outside window felts for 69 coupe, 70 coupe will also work. Need both door and quarter outside felts. Looking for Repops or other brand "manufactured before 2013". I know it is a long shot but may be someone has some on a shelf or in the addic they bought for a car they do not have any more. The felt producer changed the extrusion dimensions so the bulb is not as thick anymore; was told that before 2013 should be the original thickness.
  11. Wasted some time today and learned something. May be it will help someone later on. 69, non-tach dash, converted to early 4 piston disc with a kit using original spindles. The brake warning switch that came with the kit is one wire, original switch on original drum/drum manual distribution block was 2 wire switch. Did not hook up the switch because I was going to figure out which one of the original wires I had to hook up to the new switch and turned the key to start and the brake warning light did not come on. During start the ignition sends a proof out to brake warning light and lights it up (light goes out when the car starts if no brake fluid leak on one of the lines to wheels). I had added a wire to pin 6 of instrument cluster and ran it towards the parking brake as I was planning to make a parking brake switch (using 3D print and berillium copper) and have my brake warning light come on when the parking brake is engaged. Grounded that wire as if parking brake is engaged and the light came on. Chased the proof out wire from the ignition switch (purple wire) to find out where it connects to the purple wire that goes to pin 6. Could not find the joint. The wire goes all the way to firewall connector, then to brake warning switch. The other wire from the switch goes to pin 6. I had checked continuity of the switch a few weeks ago and the switch was closed. As my brake fluids had leaked I thought the switch froze on closed position. When a switch has 2 wires going to it, usually it is a normally open or normally closed switch. The proof out wire had to be connected to pin 6 somewhere and I had followed the wire except about a foot of the harness. Then I realized that the pins of the brake warning switch must be connected inside the switch and it is not a normally open switch; it just contacts to the valve in the distribution block when there is fluid leak and valve moves to one side which grounds the wires sending ground to warning light to light it up. In short, the brake warning switch on a 69 with non-tach dash (don't know others) is not a normally open switch; if you measure between the terminals and see that it is closed, it does not mean it is bad switch. Now I have to wrap the parts of the harness and put everything back together.
  12. aslanefe

    New Roof Skin

    I used a hose clamp and 3 strips cut from a copper pipe and made a castle on a spare nozzle (like splinting a bone with sticks in the wilderness) for my MIG welder. Use it some times and it does what the nozzle on your photo does, keep the tip at a constant distance from the weld area.
  13. aslanefe

    Rocker Panel Molding And Clips

    Went through this a few months ago. I just drilled the head of the rivet and pushed the shank inside. hopefully the shanks will find their way out through the drains on the bottom of the rockers eventually. I do not think you can hear them rattling as they are aluminum and small. I had a few missing clips and missing one side molding, so I used the clips and rivets that came with the repro molding kit. The repro clips worked okay on repro moldings; you have to make sure that the clips are horizontal, if not perfectly horizontal (and parallel to the molding) they do not grab good. Had to turn couple of them a little after I put the molding on. The clip on your photo looks a little worn out, so it may not grab the molding good. On a side note, had to relocate the hole at the back of the molding on one side as it did not align good. Also had to reshape the forward ends of the moldings to match the curvature of the fender and used big washers cut and shaped to fit and hold the front stud on the molding, the studs that came with the molding did not work right.
  14. aslanefe

    Green with yellow stripe wires

    I might as well run a cable to the trunk for a trunk light while everything is accessible, can you tell me what gauge wire I should run from that connector to trunk?
  15. aslanefe

    Green with yellow stripe wires

    And I think that red flat connector next to it is the taillight harness.