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  1. Looks good, but why do you have a factory manifold flange on pass side and a V-band clamp on driver side way back close to X-pipe?
  2. As far as I remember, hazards also cancel like turn signals when you turn the wheel. So it is working as intended.
  3. I have rectangular ones on lower opening on my 70 Grande like you did on the second photo. Works good and very difficult to notice them unless they are on.
  4. Rich, you sent the right parts to right people. It's all good on my side and I believe on Bob's side too.
  5. Bob, that would be a short term fix and start to leak again eventually. He might as well spend a few more hours and do a permenant fix when he already has the top section removed. The damage on the pictures is nothing compared to the cowl damages I have seen/repaired.
  6. If it was me, I would patch it and save my $ for other stuff. It is not an area that is seen when top of cowl is nstalled so it will be practice on metal work/welding for a newbie restorer.
  7. Terry, if you buy the sprayer I linked, Iet me know after you are done with it; I may stop by when I am in Atlanta and buy it from you.
  8. How about this sprayer? I bet you can remove the tips and use them with a longer tube.
  9. Bob, thanks for the offer. I need 70 mirrors for my 70 vert as it has cheesy plastic aftermarket mirrors on it. Driver's side of the one you bought is not correct for my 70 due to the knob differences (even though 69 fits to 70 door panel, it puts a lot of stress on control cables); but passenger sides are the same.
  10. That looks like 70 knob that is 90 degrees to the cables; are you selling this pair too, if so how much are you asking for them?
  11. The knob is straight, so it is correct for 69.
  12. I put masking tape on bracket (sometimes a few layers of it) and install the original guides over the tape to get a tight fit if still loose after swapping them.
  13. Thanks, if it is 70 style and Bob does not want them for his 69, I'll take them for my 70 vert.
  14. Is the adjustment knob on driver side a 69 or 70 style? Looks like 70 style on the pictures but not very clear.
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