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  1. I bet he used the two post lift seen on first and second pictures in front of the rotisserie. :)
  2. I use a needle to find the holes, that way the tiny hole won't show up on the headliner if you mis the hole locations.
  3. I made one with two tabs from sheet steel. Cut a piece of thick sheet to fit in 2 opposite slots
  4. Picture of buck tag on my 69 Mustang Grande. Buck tag on my 70 T5 Grande (European export) is located like Casgar's picture, it also has an other tag that has VIN, Koln Germany weight etc on it.
  5. Your drain hose looks too long, it usually sticks out an inch or so like Danno's picture. If you cut yours, it will be away from headers.
  6. Yes, it is still on it today.
  7. I have a 70 Cougar with corroded fuse box due to cowl leak and I am planning to use a fuse box like the one you linked as a replacement.
  8. Last gas cap I bought for my 70 Grande around 1996 has a card board looking material as a gasket too.
  9. Not much effort needed while parking, can steer with one hand and I am not a body builder.
  10. It feels like the original PS.
  11. Here is screw in stud to replace welded stud.
  12. That's what I was afraid of; I purchased 2 of them from Mustangs Unlimited just before they closed down. I would think that there is only one manufacturer and mine will have the same issue. Good thing I got them cheap.
  13. Is the manual steering center link you are using an original one or a repop?
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