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  1. Randy, the key buzzer switch is attached to the column, not to the turn signal switch. As far as I remember, that switch and switches on the A pillars for the interior light to come on when the door is open is in the circuit to activate the key on ignition and engine not running buzzer. The door ajar light is activated by the switches that are on the door latches, if the latch is not on second catch and door is not fully closed, the light comes on. I have a dissassembled 70 XR7 with door ajar light and key buzzer if you need more info.
  2. Phil, I am not sure if you can find those clips separate, you may have to buy the whole vent to get the clip from. Those clip only hold the shield of the cable in place, you can mount a piece a 2x3 cm sheet metal on top of the cable using a sheet metal screw.
  3. Can't remember for sure but weren't there retainers on the pins holding the chrome? I filled around the pins with 2 part epoxy on a 69 that was missing some retainers.
  4. Lol; I am out bid, I guess Bob got himself a fuel sender now. :)
  5. Mike, Sounds good to me; pm me your new address and I'll mail you a check. You should have my address in one of our pms.
  6. Yes that non adjustable pulley. Yes flopped when AC was running (clutch engaged); did not flop when AC was not running (clutch disengaged).
  7. Yes, without that idler pulley the belt flaped around with the original York style compressor before I changed to Sanden. With Sanden, I do not need that pully.
  8. Mike, How much do you want for it? Tried to pm you but looks like your inbox is full.
  9. @Mike65 Mike, as you are getting ohm reading, it may be a quick fix. Do you want me to see if I can fix it for you if resistance wire is not damaged?
  10. Rear plate mounts to square holes with plastic pieces like you have above without an additional part. Don't know the license plate size for Australia but USA plate holes and size fit to the opening and the plastic pieces. If the size of your plate fits the opening, may be you can drill new holes on the plate to match the plastic pieces on the valance but if you are not allowed to drill holes on the plate, you have to engineer a bracket. There is a separate bracket that is installed on the front valance for the front plate. Valance has holes for the bracket. This is the front plate bracket. May be our Aussie members can give you advice on how to install Aussie plates.
  11. That is weird, if the resistance wire was broken, it should show open, not any ohms.
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