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  1. aslanefe

    1970 Cougar turn signals

    On his post above, Midlife said on one of orange lines near the turn signal connector.
  2. aslanefe

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Take all the LEDs out and measure the "voltage" not resistance on the pads with headlights on and switch turned to make the lights bright (you can turn off or brighten the cluster lights by turning the switch). Make sure you are getting power to the pads. If there is power to the pads, the problem is either the bulb carrier (the black pieces) contacts are not touching the pads (bend them a little to make contact), or LEDs are bad or reverse polarity.
  3. aslanefe

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Did you check the voltage on the pads that the dash light bulbs contact?
  4. aslanefe

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Are the polarity of LED lights correct?
  5. aslanefe

    Caster Issue ?

    Looking at your after specs, I would increase the caster.
  6. aslanefe

    New Headlights Setup?

    I know this is an old thread but I found some headlights in Europe that look like the Cibie but cheaper. H1 high and H4 high low in 5 3/4” and H4 in 7”. Also found Narva 100w H1 and 90/100w H4. Will be buying them and taking pictures of the light pattern on a wall to post on the forum. Might be able to bring some extras if there is interest.
  7. aslanefe

    AC vent rebuild

    Can you use the loop part of velcro? I think the advesive backed type is available.
  8. aslanefe

    70 Conv wiring issues

    Sounds like bad ground connection to me.
  9. aslanefe

    Idler arm silly question

    I see at least one zerk on open tracker's site on 1969 idler arm picture where the heim joint is. The photo shows only one view so there may be a zerk on the other end not visible on the picture.
  10. aslanefe

    Idler arm silly question

    I believe Open tracker roller idler has 2 zerks as you have to lube the roller and the heim joint. But I think there are idlers with 2 zerks without rollers two. If you look at regular mustang part supplier's web catalogs, you see one idler with 2 rubber bushings on ends (without zerk fitting) and another idler with helm joint on one end and 2 zerks (one at each end) and they do not specify those idlers as roller. So I assume and per what barnett468 says above, those have rubber bushing on the other end.
  11. Says, ships in 27 days. I guess it takes the boat from China 27 days to get here.
  12. aslanefe

    Idler arm silly question

    So, there is the original style idler arm with replaceable bushings on both ends. Then there is the one printdad bought shown above with helm joint on one end and rubber bushing on the other; is the rubber bushing replaceable on this kind? Then the opentracker roller idler which has helm joint on one end and roller bearing on the other end. Am I correct?
  13. aslanefe

    Idler arm silly question

    Then, what are the zerk fittings for?
  14. aslanefe

    Idler arm silly question

    If it has 2 zerk fittings, I would think that is has bearing instead of rubber bushing.
  15. aslanefe

    Mystery Part?

    Pot metal.