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  1. Tips for tightening Alternator belt?

    +1 on using an open end or adjustable wrench on the square ear where the bolt threads on to.
  2. One more thing, as far as I remember, the cables from the mirror go towards the front of the door and pass through a cable holder screwed somewhere by the top hinge of the door and come back to the door panel. This way the cables do not interfere with window movement when it is rolled up or down.
  3. Tom, attached are some pictures of the 70 Cougar door and panel. Panel is oriented the way it is installed on the door.
  4. I think I know where the door panels are, give me day or two to get them down and snap a picture.
  5. I think I have an original 70 Cougar door panel with remote mirror hole. Cougar door panel resembles the Mustang standard door panel. Do you want a picture of that door panel with measurement of the hole from the front edge of the panel?
  6. Upgrading old 8 track player

    Danno is a member here. http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/profile/13130-danno/ He is not the one Mach1 driver linked.
  7. Tom, as far as know, 69 control is a little different from 70. 69 has the rectangular bezel with a nut and knob is straight, 70 is nut is round without a bezel and the knob is 90 degrees. If you do not have the mirror with right knob and bezel, the cables may bend making control stiff and may hit your window.
  8. Upgrading old 8 track player

    I think member Danno adds iPod input capability to stock radio.
  9. 69 mach mach1

    Design on the cloth is called Houndtooth. Link to what it should look like. https://www.cjponyparts.com/tmi-premium-upholstery-grande-interior-coupe-1970/p/U74-V/
  10. 69 mach mach1

    Cloth material on front seats is the same used on black Grande interior, but the stich pattern is not. Looks like a custom made upholstery.
  11. Is it glue or double sided tape under the weatherstrip channel?
  12. Door Alignment Issues

    Even if yours don't have the bolt, roll the window down a little and twist by holding bottom and top of the door at the back. It may take some muscle but it works.
  13. Fitting a Brake Light to the Spoiler

    That looks cool.
  14. Phil, I don't think you need 7 anti-rattle spacers like you need 7 metal retaining clips. Plastic spacers are to keep the moulding from rubbing on the cowl panel and scraping the paint off and also prevent the rattle. Distribute 4 plastic clips you are getting evenly and they would do the job. My 70 Grande does not have the plastic spacers, so I stuck self adhesives rubber sponge material under the moulding that compressed when moulding is installed which does the job.
  15. Is this dimension correct?

    I will be using my porta power and get it to dimension if needed, then put the dog bone on this car too. But before I weld the dog bone, I mark the out side of the shock tower(the thin metal) where the dog bone will be tied to and cut a slot on it till I hit the inside brace. Then weld the slot to join outside to inside, grind it smooth and then weld the dog bone. This way the dog bone is welded to the thicker material inside instead of the thinner material which is attached to thick one with spot welds.