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  1. Not camber, you have to increase "CASTER" for better return to center after a turn and keep the car straight while going straight.
  2. Below are pictures of a paint booth I came up with. You can adjust the length and width. You can take it apart and store it when you do not need it. Used 1/2" and 3/4" conduit for the metal parts. Cover it with thin plastic, tape it up. When you are done remove and discard the thin plastic (keep the thick plastic on the doors and back structure. Pictures should give you an idea on the construction.
  3. Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    Use a mask while you are stripping off and strip and weld in a ventilated area, lead and galvanize is not good to breath.
  4. Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    Just looked at 2 original filler necks, 1 1969, 1 1970. I can scrape a layer off outside close to where the rubber attached with my finger nail and get a shinny surface; just like how you can scrape off the battery terminals. I don't think you can scrape a shaving off (not pealing) with your finger nail if it was galvanized.
  5. Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    I think the original filler neck is lead/solder coated to prevent spark and corrosion. You have to clean it good before welding. An other option is to solder the filler neck insert.
  6. parking brake light

    Single wire from the parking brake switch is attached to the warning light. But make sure that the contact of your switch is not broken, look at the switch picture Mach1 Driver posted. The contact on my 70 Grande was broken, the light did not work. Made a new contact from beryllium copper and ilight works now.
  7. Low Back Seats

    Where are you located?
  8. Fastback rear windscreen rubber

    He is not talking about rope sealer. The rope that is put in the weather strip channel and pulled from inside the car to pull the lip of weatherstrip over the pinch weld. The rope is removed during the process. 3M strip caulk would work, it not as messy as glass sealer, and does not run unless it is very hot during installation.
  9. Interior panel fit

    Does the quarter window pivot rubber have a groove on it that the panel slides into or does the panel sit on that rubber like Brian's picture? Looks like it has a groove on Shep's picture. Can't look at my fastback as it is up on top of the storage lift with a non-operable convertible under it.
  10. Fastback rear windscreen rubber

    You could install the glass with rope, install the trim clips and squeeze sealer around the weather strip and pinch weld.
  11. Son of a... holes in my headliner

    Pictures below are from my unmolested 69 Grande. Had to remove the left front of the headliner to gain access to fix a small dent on the roof last weekend. My 70 Grande was the same, headliner ended under the trim and did not fold around the lip on the front. Think about it, if you fold the headliner over the lip and now you have to glue the windshield on top of the headliner, the rear is a different story, the gasket holds the glass. Why do we have the metal headliner trim on the front only? I would not wrap it over the lip on the front even though those several beg to differ. It is better to glue the glass to metal instead of putting glued vinyl in between.
  12. Son of a... holes in my headliner

    Headliner does not go under the windshield on coupe, just under the back glass weatherstrip. I believe it is same for the fastback,. Headliner is glued to the roof under the metal header in front of the sunvisor. So, if you are going to remove and replace the weatherstrip for back glass to stop the leak, it is the perfect time to replace the headliner.
  13. 69 sports mirror question

    I used a straight one on 70 with round hole on door panel without an issue. I don't think the 90 degree one will work with panel with rectangle hole as I think it will put a real tight bend on the cable due to how the joystick is mounted on the bezel.
  14. Mirror cables

    No I have not attached the mirror to one of my cars yet. Don't know how it is mounted on 70s full size Fords, but was thinking of using the holes that the door light and speaker wires go through.