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  1. I have bought Repops brand outside beltlines for a coupe and for a fastback. When I installed the coupe one, I noticed that it is not as thick as the originals and this leaves a gap between the glass and the beltline. Looked at the one for the fastback and saw that it is thicker than the coupe one. Would have thought coupe and fastback would use the same beltline on the door. Does anyone know of a supplier that has the coupe beltline as thick as the originals?
  2. aslanefe

    Passenger door glass issue

    Looks like no one encountered this issue. I pushed the top mounting points of the glass run outboard a little. But glass still does not touch the aftermarket belt line which is an other topic.
  3. aslanefe

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    As I remember, 1970 uses the bullet type bulb while the 1969 uses regular twist type bulb.
  4. aslanefe

    69 Vert project

    I believe 4 Piston K/H style disc set up used on earlier Mustangs will fit to 69 spindle; not the original 69 style single piston kind which requires a disc brake spindle.
  5. Do not need the glasses, just the brackets that are glued to the door glasses, both sides.
  6. aslanefe

    I'm OK

    Welcome to mid GA. Glad you made it okay.
  7. aslanefe

    1970 Quarter Windows Trim?

    Didn't know you were in Switzerland .I know what you mean, I have restored a 1970 Grande in Europe in the mid 90's before the internet and eBay. I bought a used quarter glass for that car on eBay a few years ago for about $30,
  8. aslanefe

    1970 Quarter Windows Trim?

    As far as I know, for coupe and vert 70 door glass is wider than 69 glass. They moved the w/s trim to back in 70, shortened the quarter glass and widened the front same amount.
  9. aslanefe

    1970 Quarter Windows Trim?

    Never mind my post above, I looked at the picture you posted and thought you had a 70 coupe. On a side note, used quarter glass is kind of cheap,
  10. aslanefe

    1970 Quarter Windows Trim?

    That bolt in glass kit you bought from cjpony should work on a 1970 coupe or vert without any extra parts needed. All you need to reuse is the 4 uhaped guides (2 on each door). 69 coupe or vert will need the 70 quarter glasses to work with that kit. If your windows work now, all you are missing is the trim that holds the weatherstrip on the front of the quarter and the weather strip for it which is reproduced (I think they even have the original ford tooling ones available). That weatherstrip is not the same or 69 and 70 copue/vert, 70 strip is wider.
  11. aslanefe

    1970 Fastback

    You may want to put gasket around the rear side markers too; even though they may not damage the paint, the gasket will eliminate water coming in around the bezel into your trunk drop off.
  12. Working on a 69 Grande, original door, original glass runs (correct RHS runs), original glass that has been previously re-glued to the brackets (the bracket placements in regards to glass front or back seems to be fine but the rear bracket does not follow the curvature of the glass perfectly). When you roll the window up, the glass does not touch the felt on the outside; there is about 1/4 inches gap. When you roll the window down, the glass touches the felt. The top bracket of the glass run at the rear of the door stands about 1/4 inches inward when tightened compared to the driver's side door which has the original door that has been re-skinned before. I do not think that aligning the curvature of the glass and glued bracket will fix the issue of not contacting the felt when window is rolled up. No glass alignment will help. One option is to cut the top bracket of the glass run and weld it back 1/4 inches outboard. Other option is to move the mounting point on the top of the door frame 1/4 inches outboard somehow. Anybody encountered this issue, if so how did you fix it?
  13. aslanefe

    1970 Fastback

    Go to hobby lobby or an other craft store and get the "silly Winks" or other brand craft closed cell foam pads; they are 12" by 18", you can get 2mm and 5mm thick for about $1 a sheet. You can get black, gray etc. You can use them to make the gaskets for the rear bumper, front bumper side bracket, gas filler neck, side marker etc. Way cheaper than buying pre-made gaskets and you do not need to wait for shipping when ever you need a gasket. I used side wall of an old tire to make the pads for the rear bumper which does not compress as much as the craft foam.
  14. aslanefe

    1970 Quarter Windows Trim?

    As far as I know, the 70 coupe quarter window trim that holds the weather strip is not reproduced and you have to find a used glass with the trim. There is a good video at west coast cougars web site that explains the differences in windows between 69 and 70, glued and not glued glass. The video is about 42 minutes long and explains how to do a lot of stuff related to the door glass and at the end of the video he explains the differences between door glass between 69 and 70 Cougar (including the Mustang glass).
  15. aslanefe

    make an adjustable and portable paint booth

    I am currently painting a 69 Grande using that booth, will post some pictures when I can. It works fine, creates decent positive pressure with 4 box fans.