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  1. Try eBay or West Coast Classic Cougar for a used one.
  2. It has been a long time since I rebuilt one, but as far as I remember, you install that self locking nut and start the car with front wheels up in the air; slowly tighten the nut (quarter turn at a time) till the steering turns itself, then back the nut off till the steering stops turning by itself. Then put the car down, turn the steering to right and left and feel how it feels, is it quick to provide assist and easier to turn one side or is it even both sides? If it is even for both left and right turn, you are done and can install the cap/cover. Hopefully someone with a better memory can confirm or correct this. Watch for your arm and hands as the wheels can turn suddenly during adjustment.
  3. Does anybody have a 69 rim blow switch they messed up during installation creating it to short? Looking for some shorted switches for a project, let me know if you have one. Thanks
  4. The carb on my 1970 Cougar XR7 with 351C is mounted directly on the intake manifold; no egr plate.
  5. Trunk light harness connects to the under dash harness just behind the gauge cluster (close to where the tail light harness connects to dash harness). You might want to plug the dash end of the trunk light harness while the dash is out so you will have power ready in the trunk for when you put a trunk light.
  6. Looks like it has accident damage at rear. May be $2000?
  7. Just looked at the lower brackets and bolts I have in a bag for one of my 69s, I was wrong. They are 5/16 NC18 bolts with captive washers (like fender bolts). Total length (including the head) is 1 inch.They may be the same bolts that attach the front fender extensions to radiator support. The top support had 2 screws that attached the support to top of radiator support (besides the 2 bolts that go from front to radiator support). Don't know if the 2 screws that go from top are original or if someone added them.
  8. I think they are sheet metal screws, not bolts.
  9. Below is how you can contact Midlife. http://midlifeharness.com/welcome.html
  10. Never mind, looks like 70 switch is riveted instead of bent tabs. You can always drill out the rivet and install new ones or bolt and but.
  11. You have to straighten the metal tabs to disassemble the switch.
  12. They are not as wide as they used to be. The manufacturer of the material is making them narrower for the last few years, because of that it does not touch the glass on some cars no matter how you adjust the glass or the runs without bending, cutting rewelding etc of the run and or top of the door frame where the run is mounted to. I think the more expensive ones (can't remember the brand) use the same manufacturer as their felts are the same dimension as Repops.
  13. Have you installed the door outside window felts yet?.Are you going to use Repops brand felt?
  14. They drive on the wrong side in New Zealand. If the car is going to be registered and driven there, you may want to look for UK spec headlights.
  15. Pedal is firm and does not go in all the way (except while bleeding); so I do not think there is air in the system. It stops good. Rears don't lock up under normal pedal pressure. It locks up when I brake real hard. Adjustable valve in the rear line will reduce the pressure to rear so they lock up later but in my case looks like I need more pressure to fronts as my problem is fronts not locking up at all. The reason why I was asking for pressure values for rear and front was to see if my pressures are comparable or not. If they are, then I would suspect that the pads I have are the source for not being able to lock the fronts.
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