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  1. If the only rust on the quarter is the area seen on the picture, I would only patch that area extending a little bit outside the rusted out area. Then hammer and dolly the other damages. If the only rust is at the bottom of the cut outs for the taillights, I would make small patches for those areas. I made a forming tool from 1/4 inch thick plate to bend patches to fit the shape/flange of those cut outs. Like some other folks, I like the original spot welds and date codes and keep as much of the original metal (eventhough it sometimes takes longer) instead of replacing a big piece with a repro part just for a minor damage (in my opinion) like in your pictures.
  2. Welcome Charles, that really is a retirement project. Have fun.
  3. By the way, one of the holes on the last car I drilled, the brace was welded a little shifted; so the hole came out the edge of the brace. If you drill a pilot hole first, you can spot this issue before you drill the final size hole.
  4. You can leave the old holes, or weld them up if you like. Before drilling the full size hole, after drilling a pilot hole, I welded a piece of steel as thick as the support brace to the edge of the brace where the holes are close to. This way the bolts sit on flat surfaces.
  5. Good job Ridge, Looks like you did not fold the rear edge, right? It is a little late but, you can modify the fold molds to fold the back; make a step on the mold where the cowl induction looking area is so when you fold the high area it is an inch or so longer and angled to meet the under brace. This way top of the induction area will be longer and from side it will be slanted going down to meet the under brace. You need to put some relief cuts to the edges of the induction area so you can fold it without bunching in those areas and weld the cut edges later. Just a thought.
  6. The bracket he is asking about is couple imches above the window stop.
  7. Looking at stangs-R-me's pictures, 1970 filler neck will work for you.
  8. My 69 Grande has brackets similar to the one you have (but not exactly same as your's).The panels sit on them, guess they align the top of the panels to glass.
  9. Looks like the bracket on top of inside of the quarter panel holds the inside panel on a coupe.
  10. May be the brackets were not glued to correct spots thus limiting the adjustment.
  11. RPM's post on this thread describes how to install a relay for the horn, but don't know if 69 and 70 are the same.
  12. Is that glued on door glass?
  13. As far as I remember, 69 and 70 filler tubes are NOT the same; 70 has the bigger tank so the filler matches to bigger tank.
  14. One of my cars with chambered mufflers, I wrapped fiberglass insulation around the muffler which reduced the drone and interior noise.
  15. According to my conversation with MU sales folks a few minutes ago, the hood ship truck freight. It shows 0 dollars when you order online but they call you and tell you how much truck freight shipping is going to be depending on your location after you submit the order. Sales guy said truck freight to GA is $195 per shipment (fixed amount, does not matter how many items are in the same shipment).
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