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  1. aslanefe

    Dynacorn Rant

    Do they have a few different part numbers for different years? I thought they only made the early pan and say fits other years with modification and or the ribbing etc is different.
  2. aslanefe

    1969 gauge cluster question

    Looked at the 1969 wiring schematics Mach1driver created; the brake light should not come on if the engine dies if no brake fault; it will come on only during start and go out in run.
  3. aslanefe

    1969 gauge cluster question

    If the engine dies itself (without turning the ignition off) does the brake warning light come on?
  4. aslanefe

    1969 gauge cluster question

    I know the ammeter versus the alt light, I was wondering of there is any light in the cluster that comes on when the key is at run position and goes out after the engine starts. Seat belt light (if you have it) which is not in the cluster comes on for a few seconds and goes out, anything in the cluster that comes on?
  5. I think the Alt warning light on clusters with tach comes on when the key is turned to run, and goes out after the car is started (provided the alt is charging). Is there a light on non-tach cluster that comes on when the key is turned to on position and goes out when the engine starts?
  6. aslanefe

    1969 Dash Grounding

    +1 for option 3.
  7. aslanefe

    Door Prep

    I think that's why they punched the holes on the door through the panel instead of drilling.
  8. I have encountered seals that are not the exact right size in the seal kits that are in the market that leaked. If the shaft linkage is not damaged and if you use the right size seal, it shouldn't leak. Make sure the shaft where seal sits is smooth and find the right o-ring, may have to source the right o-ring instead of using the one in a kit.
  9. Heater core is not for cooling the fluid but it is for getting the heat out of the fluid to heat the cabin. If there is air in the heater core, then less heat will be extracted. This may not be an issue for you in Cali but people who live in colder areas may like to get the most heat from their heater.
  10. Yes, pull them out. You can pull the end with the small hole at the bottom. Or cut the rubber pieces out with a razor. There is a steel spine that goes the whole length. The hole at the bottom is at the end of that steel piece. I had a very hard time installing those on my 70 Grande years ago. Hopefully yours will go on easier.
  11. aslanefe

    Power steering

    You can use a +3 aftermarket upper control arm or modify your upper control arm yourself and move the ball joint back about 20 millimeters.
  12. aslanefe

    New welder

    In that case, how about getting a good MiG like Miller and a seperate cheaper TIG stick combination. I use my Miller MIG most of the time; have an Everlast AC/DC TIG and stick and it does the job when I need a TIG.
  13. aslanefe

    trouble starting when hot

    When it is hot and it turns slow, remove the wire from the coil to distributer, then see if starter turns faster.
  14. aslanefe

    New welder

    I have MIG, TIG, stick, oxy, spot welder etc. You can do almost everything you need with just MIG (using Al gun for Al) if you are only going to use the welder around the home and on your car projects. My question is, do you really need a TIG?
  15. aslanefe

    Steering wheel alignment

    Just looked at my spare 70 steering column and steering wheel; no flat spots or missing teeth on the shaft or steering wheel. I could mount the steering wheel any orientation I want on the shaft.