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  1. The picture of the middle one is scary; looks like only 2 tack welds attaching the support. Also, I would think that the tab of the support should fit in to the slot on roof side support.
  2. They look like early Mustang FORD lettering on the hood etc, I have not seen them on 69 and 70 Mustangs (from factory).
  3. I would install weather strip (door and window), door bumpers and door window felt before adjusting the doors and windows. also trunk weather strip and bumpers before adjusting trunk latch/catch.
  4. How does the kits like Spal that RPM posted above fit on the rear windows of coupe and vert? Anybody used them on the rears?
  5. That is a weird one, one side of the bracket says LH, other side says R, so is it a driver or passange side?
  6. You use that tool to keep the valve on center and install it before you start bleeding the brakes. I do not think it re-centers a lit brake warning light.
  7. Did you try removing the switch and moving the valve with a piece of copper wire?
  8. Is your car a 69 or 70? Parking brake light on the instrument cluster of my 70 Grande (with tach) does not flash, just lights up when parking brake is engaged.
  9. I have 3D printed those kind of stuff and used on my windows. Last part I made and installed on glass was the bushing/rollers that are on the rear side windows of the coupes (3 bushings/rollers mounted on the window bracket the glass is glued on that slide inside the window guide).
  10. Depending on how deep the scratches are, you can use cerium oxide to remove them.
  11. You can drill with 1/2 inch drill bit and file a little instead of buying the odd size drill bit for the dropped UCA.
  12. Commercial sellers and some private sellers ask for the license or want you to sign a statement saying you are buying for resale. For example, someone in Atlanta craigslist is selling 1 lbs cans for $10 each (as far as I remember) and asking for license.
  13. When I bought this car over 10 years ago, the ac belt was missing. I just got it back on the road. Was expecting the ac to be empty, recently I opened one of the valves a little and realized there is pressure in the system. I have a gauge that threads into R12 fitting, so I hooked that up, open the valve and turned the ac on (with ac belt installed) and the gauge moved a little; I got the red fluid when I removed the gauge. I have manifold gauge set (for R134 fittings), dye and UV light, vacuum pump etc. Have not looked for leak yet, must be a very small leak as it still has pressure in the system after atleast 10 years sitting. You can find R12 on swap meets, craigslist, ebay etc, and the prices are coming down as the demand for it is going down.
  14. I have the original AC system in my 69 Grande that is very low on R12 (I assume R12 as lines still has the old style fittings for the gauge). While removing the pressure gauge, some red oil came out of the compressor (smelt and looked like ATF). Is the oil used on compressor with R12 red in color?
  15. Lowering the upper control arms 1" and modifying them to move ball joint back to increase the caster improved the handling on my cars.
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