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  1. I used just the tiniest bit of AGS Brake Lube. I didn't want them to flop around, but they seem to stay in position. Time will tell if it was a poor decision.
  2. NPD and all the others sell them. If your car has the holes still, I'd put them in to keep the dirt out. That's why I'm doing it. If you replaced the panels and the holes aren't there, personally, I wouldn't bother. I don't think any of us are doing the heavy, everyday driving or letting them sit outside where we'd have to worry about the trunk needing to drain. But that's one person's opinion.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking RTV. I think they do a better job of keeping dirt out than draining water. Thanks.
  4. Any secret to installing these guys? I place the tabs in the square hole, but they sure don't fit tight to the body, and they pull out pretty easily. I remember pinching the tabs together from inside the trunk to get them out, so I thought pinching those two squares would expand the tabs in the back and pull it tight, but that wasn't working. I'm prepared to feel dumb.
  5. Repeating some of the same here. The booster shouldn't affect the switch, but maybe you got a manual switch for an auto (or vice versa)? The price difference between the two is pretty significant if I remember right. Even though it works, the booster you have will likely fail sooner than later. How soon will likely depend on how much you drive your car. Definitely watch that WCCC video to understand why, or just for all around knowledge. Brakes will still work, so no worries. And if you do decide on a rebuild of one, thumbs up for Booster Dewey.
  6. The car looks awesome. And that blackout trim makes it look angry.
  7. Those are the stock wheels off my son's '04 Mach I. 17x8, 215 55R17 tires. Just temporary till I figure out what I want.
  8. Brought the Mach home from paint yesterday and started assembly. It has medallions!
  9. Are the bolts that attach the front of the fender to the radiator support mounted correctly in this photo? It looks to match the assembly manual, and given the recesses on the fenders, makes sense. But nearly every 69 I look at has the j-nuts on the radiator support with the head visible on the front - which is easier for sure. Thanks.
  10. Getting ready to repair the hole for the sending unit in the trunk of my coupe and wondering if the holes on either side were factory or put there by the previous owner. They just seemed too well placed and even. Pic below. Thanks.
  11. Pardon the crude drawing. Took all measurements from the center of the pie cuts. Meaning that 22 1/4 is from the center of the pie cut on the cuts closest to the front of the hood. It was just getting messy. Mirrored measurements are all the same. All the pie cuts are the same size, the lengths of the two sides shown are if the lines continued straight instead of curving. The shapes of the forward two cuts are different on the radius, which you can see on the photo Ridge sent. If you have to cut the underside of the hood for the turn signals, those rear two oval measurement will be different from the top of the hood shown here.
  12. I have the measurements if y'all can wait till later tonight or in the morning so I can make them readable.
  13. When do you start taking orders? Smile emoji.
  14. Thanks, Rich. Good info. It looks now like they've moved away from the CDs and are all flash drives or ebooks, which I figure are PDFs. My computer doesn't even have a CD/DVD drive.
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