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  1. Two thumbs up and many thanks Aslanefe. Got the bushings and repaired both windows in one of my convertibles this weekend.
  2. Look great! I also replied to your PM. Thanks again! Joe
  3. Perfect. I saw your PM and have replied there as well. Sorry to hear of your troubles with the Sniper. I have one on a '47 Ford pickup with a 351C. It's been trouble free and truck runs great with it.
  4. Good Morning and certainly fair points! I like to think I'm a pretty fair mechanic though it's not my profession. I'm in the middle of two fairly substantial projects, a mild restoration of my wife's 69 302 (it's getting an intake and Holley Sniper upgrade today) then Vintage Air and some new gears over the coming weeks. The worst window is out and has two broken tabs - so it's definitely in need. Others are in unknown shape but I prefer to have parts, just in case. (Other project is a Boss 429 convertible, 6 speed with IFS and IRS - but that's a whole other topic!) It's still winter here in CO so I'm not in any particular rush. If you can do these, that would be great and I'd be most appreciative (and pay, as I mentioned). If you'd prefer not, that's ok too. Learning they are not available commercially was important and if I have to go with new quarter window assemblies, I will. Thanks for your comments and advice, I do appreciate them.
  5. Exactly on point, thanks! Aslanefe - I have two convertibles and could use 12 and would be happy to cover costs+
  6. Hello, My quarter windows need a little help. The glass is fine and the regulators work. The problem is, it is easy to "rock" the window forward and back - perhaps an inch or two at the top of the window. Makes closing the doors a challenge! I can easily find quarter window assemblies at ~$200 each but that seems expensive to replace a couple (3 per window) plastic bushings (or maybe they are called "rollers") Anyone know of a source or part number? Thank you.
  7. He mentioned $1500 per unit for is last batch. Said prices could go up if his fiberglass guy increases his price. I'm 99% certain the unit in the e-bay ad you linked to is a Tommy White piece though they certainly won't tell you that.
  8. Maybe we can team up! I am looking for the same - a functional Boss 429 hood scoop - for my Boss 429 Convertible project. I've had an e-mail exchange on e-bay with the sellers. Just my opinion, but I would not do business with them under any circumstance. Rude, arrogant and crude in their replies. That said, I have learned of a fellow who has made reproduction units (and I suspect the one on e-bay IS one of those units) from a fellow named Tommy White. I've contacted him and he does not have any in stock but might be willing to commission another batch if there was sufficient interest.
  9. Looking for a Boss 429 Hood Scoop for a project car (69 Conv with Boss 544). Factory would be great if reasonably priced. I've heard less than complementary stories about NPD and CYPony parts repro's.. Someone have a Tommy White piece?
  10. For the Mrs. Prefer blue with white deluxe interior, white top. PS, PB and air. 302 or 351 auto. Other exterior colors considered for the right car. Need not be perfect but does need to be a good / very good condition driver car. Have cash and ready to purchase now. Thanks!
  11. If you ever change your mind, this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!!!
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