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  1. 69 70 convertible top piece needed

    I might have one, I will need to look. I have a convertible, and I grabbed spare parts for it 30 years ago, just in case they could be needed in the future. Most parts are now available as aftermarket new, and so my parts are not needed as much. This one is not an aftermarket part. I will look and see what I have.
  2. Wideband sensor and gauge

    What is this?
  3. New MSD Distributor Help

    For #1, yes. Bypass the resistance wire from the coil to the battery directly and see if the problem goes away. Just stick a piece of wire in there temporarily to see if it solves the problem. If it does, then we work on the solution.
  4. 70 Mach1 tilt problem

    I am not sure about 1970, but 69 does not have the collar. I also think it was the same lever for tilt and no tilt. I would guess others will have opinions as worthless as mine, so give it some time.
  5. New MSD Distributor Help

    I would guess you have done this, but are all the plug wires going to the correct location on the disti? Are you absolutely sure it was TDC on the compression stroke? What if it was TDC on the exhaust stroke? 2 plug wires out of order would certainly give you these symptoms. Did you get new cap and rotor also? If not, are you sure the ones you had are compatible with the new one? Did you set the timing with a timing light? Where is it at?
  6. Steel Wheels - Center Hole to big?

    I am surprised they are that difficult to find used. I would bet that most on this forum have spares just laying around, like me. I would guess my spare tire has the correct one, if you want one that has been in the trunk for 45 years. I certainly do not care if my spare is period correct, I could part with it. I would guess others might also.
  7. New Headlights Setup?

    I used halogen for years before switching to the relay system. I did not have any problem with it, but the lights were never that bright. I never burned any wires or popped the circuit breaker. But I do not drive much a night during the summer months in Minnesota. So it can be done, but there is risk in doing it. The circuit breaker in the light switch only protects the wires between the light switch and the lights. The wire that could be burning is the fusable link in the main wire from the battery to the switch. I thought there was a section of that wire that is supposed to burn up in the event of an overload. They used to use a small piece of wire as a fuse..
  8. I cleared some of my old emails to make room in my inbox. Send your PM again.
  9. Cooling Fan Options

    Barnett and MaxPower I appreciate discussions from both of you. This is all valuable interesting facts that someone like me needs to consider for my own difficulties. Everyone needs to consider the comments of others with a lot of leeway; they certainly do with me. I have made my share of misunderstood comments here. MaxPower, consider any comments as they are appropriate to you. I realized the overbore by 0.060 is not a part of the issue, and what is done is done. We work with it and move on. The issue is solving your heat issue with what you have. That is the challenge we all want because (like me) your solution can help us. I have several fans from U-pull over the years of collection. If you want to try one, or measure what I have, I can stop by.
  10. Hi Danno,

    It appears you message box is full as I can't PM you.

    Thanks, Mal.

  11. Cooling Fan Options

    I just cannot imagine how your entire drive train could be 2 inches low? Are the motor mounts low? If they are, maybe spacers would bring the engine up? I could bring my car over some night and we could do chassis to chassis measurements to see where the differences are.
  12. Cooling Fan Options

    I have several fans and clutches I can bring over some night. These are ones that I got at u-pull as spares. If one works as a replacement, you can have it. I have a 6 blade and a 7 blade fan, both with a clutch. I can bring them over some night maybe next week and you can see if one will work. Maybe try them out and see what you think. No cost.
  13. The $50 includes shipping! So $41 plus $9 shipping Sorry about the mistake.
  14. I am so sorry, I forgot to put the price for the switch. I put the price for the knob and shipping, and not for the switch and control. How much is it worth to you? I was hoping to get $50. I need to pay for my work in the junkyard, fighting off the junkyard dogs biting my ankle as i was removing it. I think they had another one I can get if you each want one for $50. I have sold them on ebay for a lot more ( when I can get them) but ebay charges 15% now by the time all expenses are added.
  15. parking light issues

    As with others, I wish I could help. If it was a factory wire system, we could figure it out easily. But with AAW, you need a AAW specialist. It is a shame they will not help you out. Can you get schematics of the AAW system? Maybe we can point you in the right direction if you have them?