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  1. danno


    As with the above comments, that seems like a high price. Add maybe $500 to ship down under, and it gets costly. As with det0226, I did mine for about $250 for everything I needed. You should be able to find a used AOD for maybe $100-$200, and then buy the correct parts for your application.
  2. danno

    70 Conv wiring issues

    1) it seems like it is the turn signal or emergency flasher switch. disconnect the turn signal switch at the half moon connector under the steering column. Short the green wire ( it comes from the brake switch) to the orange &blue wire. Then press the brake, and you should get the right rear brake light to turn on. If this works, then something is wrong with the connections in the turn signal switch. If this does not work, then check back on more ideas 2) there is a ground that is not connected. It is a bunch of black wires that are under a screw somewhere under the radiator. I have a 69, and it is a different location on a 70. Look for the bunch of black wires with tied together. 3) same thing as 2) above. No ground on the headlights will cause this exact thing. I know why, but it is difficult to explain. 4) dash lights go through a fuse, and that is probably the issue. Turn the dash light dimmer all the way up and measure the voltage on the little short fuse in the fuse block. You should have 12 volts on both sides of the fuse when the lights are supposed to be on 5) again, probably a bad ground for the bulbs. not sure where the ground connection is, but that is probably it. If you take the bulb out and measure the voltage, it will probably be 12 volts. With the bulb in, it would be less. 6) More than likely low voltage. Make sure the voltage on the battery is at least 12.5 volts with the engine off, 14 volts with the engine running. If you have these voltages, again, a bad ground could do it. Verify you have a good connection between the battery minus and the engine, and you MUST also have a ground wire between the engine and the chassis. If you are missing this separate single ground wire, that explains a lot. In a 1969 it bolts to the passenger side cylinder head to the firewall. report on these and get back to us.
  3. danno

    Rear Courtesy lights

    There is a smart ass in every crowd, we have our share here!
  4. danno

    Rear Courtesy lights

    Darkness is good. The woman I am with looks better in dim light.
  5. danno


    The wealth of knowledge on this site continues to amaze me. Bob and others, your assistance makes it easier for grumpies like me who know so little by comparison.
  6. it is my understanding what you are attempting will not work. You cannot put disc hubs on drum spindles. I do not know if I would want to trust the forces in a custom caliper bracket in a hard stop. There can be a lot of force, in the caliper, you better be sure of your welding. With the Granada hubs, you get it all. Even if you do the whole hub, be careful with the year of Granada. Some had larger openings for the upper ball joint and steering arm where it attaches to the tie rod. Some Granada front hubs just bolt right on, others require some additional work.
  7. danno

    Wiring harness question

    It is no fun competing against a know it all. I was going to try a wild ass guess, but why bother? I had my hand raised, but I was in the back row and not noticed. Can you identify the motor? a 5.0?
  8. danno

    Sound System Help...

    If you want a CD player, you will never keep things retro looking unless you put a cd player in the trunk. I can do a simple mod to an existing radio to allow it to have an external audio input. your radio would have a standard 3.5mm audio ( headphone style) connector on it. Then you just click a switch, and the radio becomes an amplifier for whatever you have the audio plugged into. It could be a Walkman style portable CD player, or a MP3 player. I have done this for several others in this forum. Cost is under $100, including AMFM radio, or go it on yours for less. I can tell you more if you are interested.
  9. as these are electrical, I would bet midlife would have exactly what you need. Send him an message
  10. danno

    Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    I am trying to imagine how the 2 issues could be connected. Issue 1 is revving high, and issue 2 is running with the key off. The only possibility is the wire from the starter solenoid to the ignition coil. In the system there is a separate wire to supply 12 volts to the coil when the key is in the start position. When the key is in the RUN position, the coil gets about 9 volts because of the resistor wire. If this wire is shorted to 12 volts (maybe in the starter solenoid), it would supply 12 volts to the coil if the ignition is off or on. Giving the coil 12 volts instead of 9 volts could provide a larger spark, and if the carb mixture is rich, it could run faster with a stronger spark. If this is not it, you must coincidently have 2 separate issues occurring at the same time.
  11. danno

    Door window adjustment help

    There are a large amount of different adjustments in these windows. I seem to remember it possible to put a spacer in the top between the thing that slides on the guide and the metal bracket that the window sits in. This assumes you have 69 glass with the metal brackets that the glass is glued into. Otherwise wait another 4 weeks, for the snow to melt and the salt to wash off the streets, and I will stop by.
  12. danno

    69-70 Parts in ky

    you should contact Midlife , he will probably buy your wire harnesses.
  13. danno

    Door window adjustment help

    I know getting the windows to work can be difficult. If you want to wait until April, I can stop by and we can compare to my car. It has Cougar factory power windows. You can see how it works.
  14. I did not see the location of your trunk release button, now I see it. That certainly looks fine, but that probably means you need the key in the switch to use it. One way around that is put the trunk release switch in series with the horn pushbutton. That way, without the key needed, you push in the trunk release button and hold it, then tap the horn, and the trunk opens. It is secret enough nobody would ever guess how to do it.
  15. Thanks, now I understand your build is looking great, keep up the good work!