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  1. Barnett468, if you read this, I want that radiator you talked about. Check your private messages.
  2. I did it also. The horns would start with a normal sound, and a tenth second later would be a sick buzz like an alarm clock. They were not getting enough current through the horn switch and wires. I added a relay at the horns, like the headlight relay.
  3. I am still definitely interested in buying  one of the radiators you have .   I want the 4 row one, but I am not sure it will fit.  I need to do a good job of measuring.   I also know that the fan is closer to the radiator at the bottom than at the top,  so I need to measure the bottom.  I will do that and get back to you.

  4. If you want to keep the original look like Mike65 has shown above, I have another option. I can install a separate auxillary audo input on these. I have it on mine and have done it for several on this forum. With this mod, you click a switch and it converts to the aux input. Then if you want Bluetooth, you put a Bluetooth receiver on the aux input. The Bluetooth receivers are about $25 on Amazon. I can do the work on a AM/FM radio ( like Mike's) for under $100. I also have a radio like Mike's that I could sell to you. You could get the radio with MP3 and Bluetooth for about $150. I can explain more about it if you are interested.
  5. Yes, I have one. Send me your email and I will email you photos.
  6. I was looking at those coolcraft and other 4 row models, and I see 2 issues. First is I do not know if I can fit the extra 5/8 inch thickness it requires. Second, is it worth the cost ( as in do I really need it?) I will need to look at my fan blade spacer and see if it can be cut by that amount. How much do you want for them? $300 is no problem, because that is what I would pay if I bought from CJ. I am happy to pay a fair price.
  7. Yes, I might be interested in them. I assume they are 24 inch wide, standard type? What is the high efficiency core all about?
  8. I mentioned my car runs hot because if one has more cooling capability than the other, I want that one. I was considering a 4 row, but one is not available that looks stock. They also cost considerably more. If I fix the reason it runs hot, the 4 row should not be necessary.
  9. My 69 convertible has a radiator issue, time for a new one. It is a stock 302 with air. It runs hot, I have been trying to find out why for years ( that is a different subject). I am looking at the stock 24 inch 3 row or a ALUMINUM "looks like stock" 24 inch 3 row. So they are very similar, including price (both $299 @ CJ's). What are the pros and cons of standard stock copper/brass or aluminum. Does aluminum offer better heat transfer and thermal conductivity?
  10. The ones from certain 1980s era Crown Vics and other Fords fit perfect in a 69/70 Mustang/Cougar I have one in mine, and I know a lot of the others here have them. I might have an extra at home if you are interested in it.
  11. I had mine fail recently and went with the AAW one from ( I think) Mustangs Unlimited. The gas gauge is at 3/4 when the tank is full, I have no idea what it is when the tank is empty. I do not want to get the gauge down to 1/8 full and run out of gas because the gauge is also off on the low end. So if someone wants a gauge they can install and can have high confidence it will read correctly, your rebuilt one would be the way to go. I will need to remove my aftermarket gauge again and adjust the position of the float.
  12. Sold on ebay for $1140. Anyone watching will now realize the value of these. I have watched them for years on ebay, and I knew it would sell for about this price. So if you still looking, now you know how much to expect to pay
  13. I understand. Good luck, let us know how it goes. You will get it done someday.
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