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  1. Door window adjustment help

    There are a large amount of different adjustments in these windows. I seem to remember it possible to put a spacer in the top between the thing that slides on the guide and the metal bracket that the window sits in. This assumes you have 69 glass with the metal brackets that the glass is glued into. Otherwise wait another 4 weeks, for the snow to melt and the salt to wash off the streets, and I will stop by.
  2. 69-70 Parts in ky

    you should contact Midlife , he will probably buy your wire harnesses.
  3. Door window adjustment help

    I know getting the windows to work can be difficult. If you want to wait until April, I can stop by and we can compare to my car. It has Cougar factory power windows. You can see how it works.
  4. I did not see the location of your trunk release button, now I see it. That certainly looks fine, but that probably means you need the key in the switch to use it. One way around that is put the trunk release switch in series with the horn pushbutton. That way, without the key needed, you push in the trunk release button and hold it, then tap the horn, and the trunk opens. It is secret enough nobody would ever guess how to do it.
  5. Thanks, now I understand your build is looking great, keep up the good work!
  6. somebody had a long description of a mod of an junkyard electric mirror to work in our cars many years ago. Maybe search for electric mirror? Another option is that later Fords used a right hand side adjustable mirror that would work in a Mustang.
  7. I assume you got to verify those intermittent wipers? I hope they worked perfect!
  8. Mal, I am glad you got it to fit. I installed mine fine and other installations require some "fitting" What did you have to do to get it to fit? Take some metal off the edge? 69Shelby, I understand. I put a secret pushbutton switch on mine under the overhang lip of the trunk lid. Keyless entry is a perfect addition, some year I might add it. My winter car has that and remote start, so I know how great a feature it is.
  9. If it is up for a vote, I agree with Brian.
  10. brake distribution block help

    This post is giving me ideas. I do not want to hijack it with my problems, so I will start my on subject ( if I still need it ) in May when I start driving my car again. But this is giving me ideas and filling in details. Thanks
  11. brake distribution block help

    I tried jamming on the brakes years ago on wet asphalt. The rear brakes locked up, I could not get the front to do it. Again, my system is all factory except for a new master cylinder. I am the 3rd owner of the car since new, I bought it in 1982 with 60,000 miles on it, so I am pretty sure it is all factory stuff. I have tried at least 3 masters, even a brand new one from Ford. I did put a new kit in the proportioning valve a year ago, but the results seem to be the same, although I have not tried locking them up again. I still wonder. Maybe it is time to put a pressure gauge on the wheels, as suggested?
  12. brake distribution block help

    I have factory power disc setup. I have never been able to lock the front tires. Tried new master and disti block in a 69. How easy is it to lock the front brakes on a 69 with actory disc brakes and drum rear?
  13. Aluminum and pot metal repair

    How hot do you need to get it? Does it require the temperature of solder or braze? I assume propane will not get it hot enough.
  14. I have not verified, but in general, if a DC voltage motor has something tuning it other than itself, it will act like a generator and push power out rather than consume power ( if you know what I mean?). What this means is that if the fan normally has maybe 10 cubic feet per minute of airflow when operated by the car with the car not moving. It might take 30 amps at 12 volts to do this. If you are driving maybe 50 miles per hour, the airflow from the car moving could be 10 cubic feet per second. So the fan takes no power from the car to operate. if you were to go 100 mph, the fan could act as a generator and actually supply power to your car. It would be an interesting thing to test, but I would bet the current required to operate the fan goes down as the speed of the car increases. So there should be no need to shut it off when the car is moving. MN69Grande, I can put a current meter on your car next summer and see what happens. We could also get a realistic idea of how much actual current is needed, if you are interested. I still have the factory fan.
  15. Heater core

    One more suggestion about those spring clips. I am not sure if it is possible, but it might be better to put an extremely long hose clamp around the thing to hold it together. It would save the risk of damage with those stupid spring clips. You can buy fairly long hose clamps, and tie several together to go around the whole thing. It will make it easier to replace the next time. When I do mine again, I am going to try this. Those spring clips are not easy to use and damage the enclosure. Just another idea.