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  1. danno

    Ignition kill switch with key

    You are right, nothing can stop a tow truck. Locking the tranny in park is also a great defeat feature. How do you do that? Do you have a 1970 or later? Maybe you have a solenoid on the shifter?
  2. danno

    Ignition kill switch with key

    I am not sure where I bought the gas valve, I have been using it for at least 20 years. Installed where the gas line goes through the frame, so it would be very hard to find. Push the button one way and it turns the gas on. Push it the other way and it shuts the gas off. I also have an override switch to shut the system off if I take the car in to a garage. With my system, it is always armed. I need to push the button every time I start the car, or within about 3 minutes after it is started. It takes about 3 minutes to use the gas in the carb. If I ever get carjacked, I touch the button as I leave the car, and the thief has about 3 minutes to get away, so I am a safe distance away when the car runs out of gas. I can PM you with the details of the system and show photos.
  3. danno

    Alternator questions

    I have had a NAPA rebuilt alt in my car for years with no problems. But I am never more than 20 miles away from a NAPA store if it needs replacement. I would also guess new ones are really cheap, unless you need a high amp alternator or a single wire one. The reasons you might need a high amp alternator is if you have halogen headlights or an electric radiator fan. Both of those are large power hogs. A amplifier for your radio typically does not take that much power. A lot of people think it does, but that is not reality. So a standard 60 amp alternator could work fine, I have used it for 30 years, even with AC, high power amplifiers, and halogen headlights. A solid state regulator is a good idea at the same time. It is also a good idea to insure all the wires and connectors are secure and clean. Send your engine harness to Midlife and have him check it over, that will remove all doubt. Get on the road, summer is coming!
  4. danno

    Ignition kill switch with key

    I have my system that works from a pushbutton on a gas valve. It would also work on the ignition disconnect ideas. Use a relay to carry the current so no big switch is needed. Then every time the car is started, you need to push the hidden button to allow it to run. I can explain more, if needed. There are a lot of great suggestions already.
  5. danno

    Ignition key light bulb

    I also have one, and the bulb socket and wire, if Randy cannot find his.
  6. 12 ohms seems about right. There is a lot of tolerance when making these low resistance measurements. Corrosion on the wire connectors can add a couple ohms.
  7. Ridge, this is a great story. I understand your loss of your nephew, it is terrible to go through such a thing. I lost my brother 10 years ago to a similar situation. You try to do all you can to make their time as valuable as you can. Even if he could not drive it, he could dream. I am sure he still does. Thanks for sharing.
  8. danno

    1969 Mach 1 Air Conditioning Stopped

    You might check to see if the AC compressor clutch turns on. Turn the car on, and put in the AC mode, and fan on about medium speed. The AC clutch should engauge. If it does, that tells you the power is getting to the fan switch. What is common is for wires to break, or contacts in the fuse block to corrode. You need to check to see if you have 12volts on the yellow wire on the fan switch. Also check to see that the connection to the resistors did not get disconnected. It is behind the glove box somewhere. If you haven't been in there dinging around, that is probably not it.
  9. danno

    Funny, but not really...

    From VIc's idea, maybe a monster shop vac? thy with the hood up and flat. Flat will require removing it. Or maybe that expanding foam sealant. Fill all the holes with it? Or go have a beer and be thankful you have such simple problems!
  10. danno

    Wire/harness questions

    The second paragraph above is about your reverse light. Let us know what you find.
  11. I also did not have any trouble with my long tube headers on a 302. I have rack and pinion steering and an AOD tranny, and neither created any complications. Maybe we were both lucky with the ones we chose?
  12. danno

    70 Convertible top replacement

    Mine conv top also has trouble going up. I thougth there was air in the lines, but could not fill it anymore and working it up and down does not seem to improve it much. Is it possible that after 50 years it is worn out? I tell you, they just to not make new things that last that long. That is probably up and down maybe 3000 times at 60 times an average of 60 times a year. I am on my second top. The factory one lasted until 1985, I had the one on it now installed in 1985 that is still on. It is showing weakness, though, so I need to consider doing it also. I am watching this for progress reports and details in case I decide to do it myself.
  13. danno

    Wire/harness questions

    That brown wire provides full voltage to the ignition coil during start. I cannot imagine what would have fried this other than it getting connected to ground when power was on. The wire could be completely burnt open. The car will probably start and run without it, it helps start the car when it is cold or if plugs are old by providing a hotter spark while cranking the engine. It could have shorted to the chassis somewhere along it. That wire goes through the main connector block by the fuseblock and then to the engine harness. You might check for continuity between the end of this wire at the solenoid and the ignition coil. It should be under 10 ohms. Get a piece of wire, and connect one end to the +12 volts on the battery. with the switch to the tranny disconnected, touch the other end to the wire to the connector that goes through the firewall. When you connect 12 volts to one of those wires, you should get the backup lights to work. The turn signals go to the same fuse, do they also work fine?
  14. danno

    Adding Lumbar to '69-70 Mach 1 Seats

    Yes, either the DPDT switch or the diode idea will work. The diode might be easier, because you already have the swtiches. Something like a 6A10T from Diodes Inc. It is available from DigiKey for 47 cents each. it is a 6 amp part, that will work fine for you. The link is below. https://www.digikey.com/products/en/discrete-semiconductor-products/diodes-rectifiers-single/280?k=6a10t&k=&pkeyword=6a10t&sv=0&v=31&sf=0&FV=ffe00118&quantity=2&ColumnSort=0&page=1&pageSize=25
  15. danno

    Adding Lumbar to '69-70 Mach 1 Seats

    I can maybe help you out, but I will need more information. I need to know more about these wires. How many wires does the Rostra system have, and where to the wires connect? It looks like the pump has one harness to the switch, and probably another wire to the +12v, and one last wire to ground? Is this the case? How many wires go to the switch? It would seem to me that the Rostra switch is a On-Off-On momentary contact switch, just like the switch used for convertibles that goes in the same location. You should be able to use any On-Off-On switch and connect the wires the same way the rostra switch is connected.