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  1. I am sorry, this was sold. But I think I can get another one. Check back in a week or so. I test them, and guarantee them to work perfectly. The junk yard south of town just got another 85 Crown Vic, that these come out of. I just need to stop by on some warm day and see if they still have it. Check back later...
  2. New fastback

    Nice project, that should keep you busy for the next couple years...What option would have included the hood locks and scoop?
  3. December Snow in NC

    great photo of the coupe. Too bad you cleared the snow from the driveway, the impact of white under and all around would have made a real interesting photo. I had one of my red convertible just like yours, but snow on the driveway. great photo op
  4. Your photo above shows the importance of details in the body work. She would take a lot of Bondo, but still nice detail.
  5. Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    By the way, that looks like a tilt column. Is it? Those take special wires that your harness probably does not have. What will you do about that?
  6. Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Hey, nice steering wheel in that! I have been following you all along on this. Good luck on the wires, it looks bad, but maybe it is easier than it looks. I am big on the factory wires. I have offered this to others who put so much work into these cars. If you want an MP3 input on your radio, I will do it for free. I feel it is a small part that I can contribute to your project. If you use the factory radio from the 1970's like I saw in the photos, I can convert it to have a MP3 input, if you want. I can do it now or later. No cost just ship it to me, and i will modify it and ship it back to you. I just want to show my appreciation for all the work you are putting into this. Great job on it. I cannot imagine the effort. One of these years I will have the time to tackle a project like this.
  7. Carpet install.

    I have mentioned this before, but you might consider adding insulating material under the carpet above the hump and where the feet are in front. The engine can transfer a lot of heat into the floor, more so when the car is in slow traffic.
  8. Rack and Pinion Opinions

    I have I have Randall's, and I took out my stock PS to install it. It was not that difficult to install, but it did require taking out the steering wheel and cutting the column shield. That took extra time that others might not need to do.
  9. I think I will be able to get a complete 1968/1969 factory tilt column, including turn signal switch, tilt away mechanism and wire harness. I will see if I can get it, I will know more in January. So if you are interested, check back in early January.
  10. Hey Mach1 Driver, how would I get that excel file? I am just curious, I have been running a lot of heavy loads on a standard Ford 60 amp alternator, and never had any problem. I am running halogen lights, AC, huge audio amps, etc. I do not have electric fans, and I know those are a power hog.
  11. 69 Clock

    My clock is for decor only. Why waist time fixing a clock I cannot see. I installed a digital one from a 1985 Ford on my visor mount about the mirror. The picture does not show it too well, but it fits there perfect.
  12. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    One more thing to consider when buying and installing the new material. The underside of the car, especially above the exhaust and towards the motor, can get very warm in the summer. If you are trying to air condition a car with a hot floor, it makes it difficult. I added extra insulation under the front floor, over the hump, and under the dash. There is no point in making your AC work harder than it needs to. I used the flexible stuff used in homes to wrap around heating ducts. Home Depot probably has it.
  13. Lights Vs Temp Sensor

    Exactly. Suppose if there was a bad connection between the "ground" of the constant voltage module and chassis, with a higher than normal resistance. Now if you turn on the dash lights, you get more current through the ground. More current creates a higher voltage drop between the "ground" of the circuit card and the chassis ground. This would mean less voltage drop on the temp sensor resistor and a lower reading. At least it made sense to me yesterday; maybe not today. But now he says it is an aftermarket gauge. So forget most of what I said, it probably does not apply. With aftermarket it could still be a bad ground, but without knowing a lot more, I cannot say.
  14. Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    This is fun to see what others are doing. I wish I had the time, I would be there doing the same. You gotta be creative! I cant wait to see it. It reminds me of Bigmal in Australia changing his Mach 1 to right hand side drive. What a project that was. But the smaller ones are just as interesting, go for it!.
  15. Lights Vs Temp Sensor

    I thought that another place to check for a poor ground is between the flexible circuit card on the gauges and The chassis. If that is bad, when the dash lights are on the constant voltage module will put out a different voltage than when they are off. So make sure you have good connection between the chassis and the screw by the constant voltage unit.