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  1. Well, the question about budget needs to be asked. I was interested until I saw the price. About $2800, not including labor. Is that about correct?
  2. Yes, I call it a flextape, that is commonly used in teh electronics industry as a circuit board that is flexible. The insulator I am referring to is between the circuit board and the gauges. You must have this on each gauge or you will fry things. However, it will not cause the LED's to not work. I would start by checking for voltage to the circuit board. I think it is the blue/red wire, the second from the end. Make sure you have 12 volts on this when the lights are on and everything else is off. Do The gauges work? If they do, that tells me you have a ground connection. If they do not, then that could be the problem. To rule out the LED as a potential problem , but you old light bulbs back in and try them.
  3. Did you blow the headlight switch when you were trying the foil idea? Disconnect teh instruments and see if the light on the heater controls works.
  4. I am wondering if the ground is good? Are you checking it with the panel screwed in and connected to chassis ground? Make sure the ground screw is in on the voltage regulator plate and also in the
  5. There must be insulating pieces between the flextape and the gauges. If you do not have these, it will short the guages. I do not know if that could effect the lights. With it removed from the car, hook up 12 volts to the light connector pin and see if that allows it to work.
  6. You only had it for eight years? Yes, that 3 pin connector is attached to a ribbon cable to the potentiometer. I need to find someone who sees the value of something so unique. Maybe it is worth 10 cents (if I include the dime in the photo).
  7. The 3 pin connector shown on top of the ruler is about 0.5 inches wide. Much narrower than the standard 3 in a row connectors. Very unique. Have you ever seen anything like this?
  8. I came across an original 18A900 radio fader control wiring harness. I was at a scrap yard and noticed this on a 68 tbird, the same harness is in a 69 Mustang. It has the potentiometer for adjusting front to rear speaker volume. It includes 2 very unique connectors that I did not know were used in 1968 or 1969. The only person who might need this is someone doing a concours restoration. Does anyone think one of these would be of value to anyone on this forum? I know, everyone wants photos... I am working on getting them.
  9. If nobody else wants this, I might pick it up, just as an investment. If I could buy it for under $1000, and sell for more, it might be worth it.
  10. Yes, they have gone up and will probably continue. When I see Mach 1's selling for the $50,000 to $100,000 range, it does not surprise me. How can you have a Mach without a tach? It should have been standard equipment on them.
  11. You need a new underdash harness and under hood harness to make this work. Existing harnesses can be converted, but it is some work to do it. I also understand they make an adapter kit to convert from regular to tach harness. That would not be too difficult. What do you think of the price?
  12. TRY THIS https://eauclaire.craigslist.org/pts/d/chippewa-falls-1969-mustang-gauge/7231510622.html
  13. It is a good thing my typo was not Craigslut, I would attract the wrong crowds to our forum.
  14. Not Craigslit, I meant Craigslist.... but you know that.
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