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  1. New steering wheel opinions

    I cannot view the link, it is blocked for me. One thing to keep in mind is to insure it fits that center bolt and will the horn rings work with yours. So many use different diameters on the horn rings. You might need to so something like what I did?
  2. Coupe/Vert qtr window reg.

    I had the same issue, ended up using 14 gauge single strand house wire ( without the insulation). I have been using it for 20 years, but my windows only go up and down about 4 times a year. But it is great that you found this out.
  3. Ok, so it was great to me, I am sure the rest of you know it. I was trying to find a way to put tranny fluid into my convert top pump, and I had just finished a bottle of ivory soap. So I thought of putting the tranny fluid into the empty bottle so I could squirt it into my pump. It turns out the bottle top from Ivory dish soap fits perfectly on a bottle of tranny fluid or oil!!!! This is a huge discovery to me. Now I just put the new top on a plastic bottle of oil, and I can slow or direct it's flow; squirt it where you want it to be! I am sure you all wanted to know this! Save the top of your dish soap for a more useful purpose. This of course assumes you know what dish soap is. I use it to clean my greasy hands, what else would you use it for?
  4. New steering wheel opinions

    You can see the complication I had to put the horn rings from a Mustang onto the new wheel. I had to make an adapter, which was not too difficult. By the way, in case anyone is interested, I did get the cruise control working. Took all the right parts off of newer Fords, and they fit perfect in my 69 with a 302. Again, it was a challenge, but the whole car is a challenge. If you are interested, I can tell you how to do it.
  5. New steering wheel opinions

    I got your PM and replied. I might have been wrong about the exact year, but this wheel was used on a lot of late 1980s to early 1990s Fords, Mercurys, Lincolns, and Ford Trucks. The wheel looks like it is wrapped in black leather, but that is just made to look like it. So because the leather wrapping is simulated, putting a red stitching on it would not be possible. That is a great idea, though. I have a leather wheel in my other car, and I actually prefer the soft feel and good grip of this wheel over the leather.
  6. C4 is probably shot - HELP.

    Tim42, that is an interesting story. I work on electronic aircraft sensors, and we get them returned to us all the time because of a problem. We test them and they work perfectly. It is impossible to fix something that is working perfectly when we examine it. Maybe Mark thought the same? I would think, though, that for a transmission a complete teardown would reveal the problem. Maybe the expense of a complete teardown was not something Mark considered? He wants the problem to point in one direction first.
  7. C4 is probably shot - HELP.

    I stopped by the shop tonight, they have a 65 vette and a 32 coupe in in now that they are working on. Mark is on vacation, but the other guy was there, and is probably as reasonable as Mark. I asked about upgrade kits, and he is aware of them, but said most times you are better off going to an all out better tranny, like a C6. Stop by and talk to them, and mention Danno with his 69 that they worked on last year.
  8. C4 is probably shot - HELP.

    I will stop by an talk to him. I am not sure if he can do a performance kit, but I would guess it is possible. I also am not sure if he would be a better price than Prove Force, but he was reasonable with me. It has been a couple years, for all I know he is gone. Any mechanic who knows these trannys is old, as he is. Paul Brand used to recommend him, if you remember his talk show.
  9. C4 is probably shot - HELP.

    If you decide not to tackle this, there is a guy at kennedy Transmission on east lake street in Minneapolis who has worked on my car. Nice, honest guy who appreciates old cars. I think his name was Mark, I can get it if you want someone else to do it. You might talk to him at least, he will give you some ideas.
  10. Temp Gauge Help

    Another way to do it is to put the temp sensor in some boiling water, and then you know it is 212 degrees. Adjust the voltage so the needle is way at the high end of the "acceptable " range. Or as midlife suggested, make sure you have exactly 4 gallons of gs in the tank and adjust it for "E" on the gas gauge.

    Both were supposed to be 69, you must not have searched for the right items. Do you know if you put your search items in (), it will search for anything in them. Like (1969, 1979, 69,70) will search for any of the text in the box. The 69 tilt system with breakaway sold for $600, which was reasonable. I have seen them sell for $1000. The other one for parts sold for $190, which could also have been a good price, depending on exactly what it was.

    Well here is your chance to get it back. make a bid for it?

    I looked at the lower priced one, and it is not from a Mustang or Cougar. It has pieces that could be used in one, but it is not. As this seller specialized in Broncos and trucks, I would guess it is from one of those. If the guts are there, it could be made to work. I bid on it just our of curiosity, I am sure i will be outbid by someone else more willing to take a chance. I have spare parts and could make it workable.

    I noticed 2 tilt- tilt away columns in ebay today. I know nothing or have any connection to either seller. One is at $160, the other about $550 . I have seen these sell for about $900. Who knows, make a bid. As we all know, these are extremely rare; and to see two at once in the fleabay . Mine has this already, or I would have been bidding. I will be watching to see what it sells for.
  15. ~ 1969 mystery hardware

    Yes, but it happened to so many of us. I have never had a GM car within 40 feet of my garage. I am thinking these were used when the holes did not automatically line up, and the installers needed a guide to get them in. Maybe in a hidden place where they could not see if they holes lined up, and the bolt helped the pieces line up... like the fender extensions?