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  1. I had my 69 Mach 1 seat reupholstered 10 years ago but never installed the trim on the back because of moving at the time. I went to install them today and I’m confused. Does anyone have a picture of the seat back trim installed? 1st pic I cut the rings as the two holes were covered up, 3rd is the other seat untouched. Any advice on getting these installed/fixed? Thanks
  2. I don’t have the eyelet ground, so I tapped into pin #4 with a short wire and ground it there without the dash cluster plugged in. When I do this, I blow the acc fuse. This fuse runs my seat belt warning light and park brake light. Why would grounding pin #4 blow the fuse, it should be a ground. Thanks
  3. I have a 69 mach1 with am/8 track. Does anyone have the wiring for the 5 wires in attached picture. I’m assuming power, ground, right speaker, left speaker, ??Also, in a car with door speakers, there is not one in the dash, correct? Thanks
  4. Want to know where the other end of wire D goes in attached pic. I can’t find this end, so what to find or make a ground from the other end. Thanks
  5. Does anyone have a cluster pin out that would show where each pin goes. My car has a tach, and the wiring diagrams I have purchased do not show this. Top and bottom pins on each side are not used, pins 1,9 and 10 and 18. The other 14 have wires going to them. I really need to know which numbers are grounds, and where they are grounded. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. My parking brake foot lever is missing some type of retainer. What holds the pin on? Trying to fix it without removing the whole assembly. Thanks
  7. Bought a power steering pump, (no reservoir) from NAPA and it came with two O rings. Looks like a white teflon ring and a smaller O ring. Do I use these?? Nothing in the instructions. Thanks
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