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  1. For info on my 69 Hood Scoop please send me an E-Mail to : bobjanhaverland@aol.com   I am trying to delete stuff so I can be messaged...Having no luck

  2. Still looking for a '69 big block convertible.
  3. Looking at complete & project cars. I'm going for a factory original car in either case ... big block would be ideal ... looks like a nice car you have there
  4. I'm in Baytown...want to get it healthy before I sell but if you want to look. I'm ok with that...got 2 others would like to get rid of them first....but...I can build another convertible.......I know I will have the brakes fixed...looking for a condenser to get the ac blowing cold again...don't want to sell crap... If you want to vieu and drink a beer it's fine with me...


    1. 69gtconv


      sounds good ... I'll give you a holler when I'm in the neighborhood ... Thanks. Bill

  5. I'm in Houston. I'm looking at them all. Whatcha got? Thanks
  6. Looking for a '69 big block convertible Thanks
  7. I sold my ’69 GT S-Code Convertible a few years ago as a part of my divorce agreement (my mistake). I’m now looking for another ’69 Convertible. In the process of searching online, I find my old car listed for sale using my old photos…obvious scammers at smcclassiccars.com topclassiccarsforsale.com davidsclassiccars.com waco-tx.americanlisted.com I’m not sure which websites to trust; can y’all advise of other bogus websites? Thanks in advance.
  8. $200 Local Pick-up In Houston 1969 Mustang Hood - Early Version w Pie Cut-outs (see pics) More Info on the early '69 Mustang non-shaker, ram-air hoods can be found at:Hood Scoop, Pie Cut-Outs69 Non-Shaker Hood - Pie Cutouts (PIC)
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