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  1. Yes. I had adjusted the latch a couple of millimeters to rhe right (passenger side) which was the wrong direction. I should have moved it to the left (driver side). This caused the striker to get stuck on the latch mechanism and not allow the latch to fully open. After my contortions to get into the trunk, I was able to unscrew the latch and then reinstall it properly. For a moment, I was stuck. I might be feeling it tomorrow!
  2. Hello, Thank you for your input. It is a convertible so the seat does not fold down--the convertible top hydraulics are in the way and it is a rigid back. I did try as you suggested and it didn't work, although a very good idea. I basically unscrewed the convertible top boot and then somehow slid into the trunk that way-worming my way in. It was a tight fit and I was stuck for half a minute. I was able to use the socket to unscrew the trunk lid screws. Again, thank you for your suggestions. Take care
  3. Feeling stupid right now but hoping someone has a good suggestion. I was installed a new trunk latch (NOS) on my 1969 Convertible. It was working fine, until I adjusted it a hair more so that it would open a little better (the lid wouldn't open easily. Well, it is now stuck. The trunk latch will turn and release (can hear and feel the lick), however, the trunk lid will not open. I have tried gently pushing either to the left or right with the key turned to see if I could release the lid from whatever was holding it. The lid unlocks but appears to be stuck on the latch mechanism. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  4. I am sorry to hear this. I hope that you have a quick recovery and relief from the pain. Take care.
  5. Hello, I am having some issues with my turn signals/directionals. Previously, I had installed a hood scoop light harness. It worked for while but one the bulbs kept going out. I would jiggle it a few itmes and it would go back on. I jiggled it too many times and it shorted out. At that point, none of the directionals would work. I realized that I had killed the flasher can. The LED flasher can shorted (wires on the board melted). I have LED tailights (sequential if a specific flasher is used) and directionals. All headlamps, parking lights, taillights, brake lights, adn hazards work just fine. I put in a new LED flasher (non-sequential just basic LED one) and it would not work. I used a multimeter to check for voltage at the flasher socket by jumpering it. I do get approximately 12 volts. I put in the LED flasher and I get the same voltage. I checked the turn signal switch and found that I did not have power at the switch other than for the hazards. I disconnected the directional signal & hazard switch connector. I checked for incoming voltage—I have power to the hazards, horn, and flasher. I do not have any power for the rear directionals or the front directiaonal lights. I am at a loss as to where to check next. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I may post this on vintage mustang forum as well. Thank you
  6. Can’t wait to see your progress. Very cool.
  7. Thank you. I would like to buy one. Please let me know how you want to go about getting payment to you, shipping address, etc.
  8. Congrats! Looks wonderful!
  9. Oh, I am sure yours wouldn’t cost anywhere near that! I wish I had know about your parking brake switch-I balked at the prices for one. I finally found one from another year and modifying it. Just curious, how much do you charge for the parking brake switch? I may have to swap out my sad modification one!
  10. West Coast Cougar is usually a good source for Cougar and Mustangs. I have great luck with them. I saw your this on their website. They also have some great information on their website. I like the idea of the 3D printer. Nice idea. I found this on their website for the rollers for a 1969 mustang https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/15086-Roller-Quarter-Window-Used-1969-1970-Mercury-Cougar-/-1969-1970-Ford-Mustang.html?sessionthemeid=26
  11. I purchased a console from CustomConsole this year. I like mine but don’t think that is what you are looking for. However, there might be something on their website that you might like or they could work with you on a specific design. It might be worth asking them. https://classicconsoles.com/?s=&ymm_search=1&post_type=product&_make=Ford&_model=Mustang&_year=1969
  12. My 1969 came with the “Visibility Group” option. That optiongave you a parking brake warning light, interior lights, trunk light, glove box lock, ash tray light, lighted ignition switch, and a remote driver side mirror)-see an attached excerpt. My parking brake warning light had a broken switch. I was able to source one from a different year and bend it to work. It’s a simple switch that attaches to a light socket with a red bezel (these are hard to find). I am attaching a photo of the actually switch but not of the light and harness (can’t find it right now). The light is helpful because I keep leaving the parking brake on.
  13. That’s just wrong. I am sorry this happened to you.
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