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  1. Shelby Racing Modifications

    I got that poster at a swap meet. So don't really know the particulars. Sorry. Brian
  2. Which Fan Shroud do I need?

    Put a piece of cardboard between the radiator and water pump before you re-install the fan and bolts. It will save the radiator fins from getting destroyed while you fiddle with getting the fan bolts installed. Brian
  3. Removing the shock tower braces

    If you decide to go with the one piece export brace; the Scott drake reproduction. pictured, is the most accurate part out there. Brian
  4. New fastback

    When you pull the carpet and seats you may get lucky and find a build sheet. So be careful when lifting the carpet the build sheet paper is fragile. Sometimes found stuck in the bottom of the front seat springs or under the carpet it will provide a bunch of info. Brian
  5. Yeah to busy with both louvers and shaker. The screw or rivets are also a bit tacky and amateurish. Now on a plain hood with stamped louvers that would be good. Brian
  6. Shelby Racing Modifications

    Agreed Ford Engineer Arning does not get the credits due. This article, 3rd paragraph. mentions some of his other contributions. A booklet enumerating the Shelby mods for each year along with the spec's would make for an interesting read. Brian
  7. Shelby Racing Modifications

    Then to have the mods explained and detailed in book form would also be nice. I for one have not seen such a booklet. The closest I have come are these graphics that are scattered about. This one is for the 66 GT 350. Check out the ' Shelby Drop ' description. Brian
  8. As mentioned Fuel vaor recovery is a 70's thing only. Suggest you take another look at your carb, fuel lines and throttle cable set ups. Brian
  9. FWIW; There is a car for sale listed on the CJ Registry site that could be a good buy? San Francisco Bay area, that's in California, asking 35K, has potential. Not my car and I don't know the owner. Looks like it could be a great driver/project ? My post and paste doesn't seem to be working so no help there.. Brian
  10. Second that. Your looking at buying a used car. Guaranteed you'll find more warts after the purchase. With that in mind figure out what you think it is really worth to you. Brian
  11. correct label locations

    Battery inspection and valve cover decals. Your VC decal is probably the C9OE-D
  12. correct label locations

    Pictures are from my 9/19/68 Metuchen built 428 Mach 1. Brian
  13. correct label locations

    Post where your car was made, best guess on when, Mach 1 or other and I' am sure someone here can help out. Your right about the ' CAUTION ' sticker.Brian
  14. Wheel Arch Moulds

    Wheel Lip Moldings were an option available with the Exterior Décor Group. Not available for the Mach 1 or Grande. Brian
  15. what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    Are you running 3 deuces on a 428 CJ motor ? Would really like to see some pictures of that ? Brian