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  1. OK great. So I did some reading and your panels seem to be a much better product than what is currently available. You are recommending insulation? Will you supply the amount needed? My panel lights are originals and have a metal trim ring. 69 and Black pair. Cost/method of payment and time frame? Tanks Brian
  2. Also interested in your sail panels? Going to make another run? Will they have the light holes? Brian
  3. Your car is a 70, 351 w/ manual drum brakes? Does your brake pedal pivot look like this one? Could have ordered/installed the wrong master cylinder? https://mustangsteve.com/product-category/master-cylinders-for-classic-fords
  4. so what magic did you work on the key and switch. wiggle right wiggle left or a little of both?
  5. My clue was yellow spark. Blue is good yellow is not.
  6. Sorry for the befuddle speech. I was running compression tests and was the reason for the email to Pertronix. Got a quick reply but no offer to replace. Brian
  7. FWIW... I had a Flame Thrower coil fail and mailed Pertronix about it. I was told when not used, the coil. to start the car it needs to be disconnected. Otherwise it will build a load and without discharging, will fail. Weak spark/bad coil could be the problem. Brian
  8. 69 Metuchen. LP represents; AM/8 Track Stereo Radio
  9. Got a cast part number? Unfamiliar looking spindle. Looks to me like the threaded portion outside of the flat washer and under the adjusting nut is the gouged/affected area. The rest of the spindle looks OK? Will the spindle end snap off? Probably not but worth the gamble? Me? I would look around for a quality FORD replacement. Left C8OA--3108-C Right C8OA-3107-C would be correct for my car. Brian
  10. Thank you for sharing that thought. Something to be always aware of. Great tip on that alternator bulb. Brian
  11. Thinking that a bit more light might help out with my instrument cluster visibility. The stock dash bulb is a # 194 14V and 2 candle power. I think that info is correct. A # 168 bulb is 14V and 3 candle power. One candle power may just be enough. I am thinking just some bulbs will be replaced. The dash/gauge/speedometer illumination bulbs. My real concern is will the bulb change have any adverse effects? Added heat , an imbalance or a possible current draw? Probably not so smart questions but gotta ask. Other solutions are not the topic at the moment. Thanks, Brian
  12. If using a non-stock 1 1/8" sway bar are the stock sway bar brackets re-useable? What size bushing would best fit using these parts?
  13. " if it ain't broke...don't fix it. This is a project (wiring) that could keep your car in the garage for some time. Drive the car for a bit . You will find more rewarding projects to take your time and money. Brian
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