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  1. Brian Conway

    Hood Hinge Mounting Nuts

    So why didn't Ford do it that way ? Must of had a reason ? Brian
  2. Brian Conway

    Ignition key light bulb

    The 69 Shop Manual only refers to this light once and it is in the Continental Mark lV section. Calls it a screw on assembly with no other info ? The 69 Wiring Diagram Manual does reference the ign swith illumination several times. The black w/yellow stripe appears to plug into the headlight harness. Brian
  3. Any help. Original weatherstrip. Never been replaced. Brian
  4. Brian Conway

    Wiring Harness Questions

    The picture of the Grande helps. This picture is from another car. Not mine. Brian
  5. Brian Conway

    Wiring Harness Questions

    Couple of pictures of wire harness's either side of the steering column. Not clear what your after but the pics may provide some direction ? Don't have a extra retainer nor do I know where to locate one ? I believe the assembly does screw directly to the floor/sheetmetal. Seems the switch can be mounted two ways ? One is the way shown and the other with the plug approaching from the kick panel area. Yes the parking brake cable is above the dimmer in the picture. Some of the other guys have dealt with the switch location and may have the measurements. Brian
  6. Brian Conway

    Wiring Harness Questions

    About the dimmer switch; a black plastic bracket goes down on the sheet metal floor first. Without it the harness plug has nowhere to go. Got one ? Brian
  7. Brian Conway

    69 Stang Cowl Clean Up

    I would not pour a gallon of water in there. Sort of like shooting your self in the foot to see if it hurts ?
  8. Brian Conway

    Windlace Caps - Were they used on 69 Mach1's

    They were/are on my early Metuchen Mach 1. Brian
  9. Brian Conway

    '69 Clutch pedal misalignment distance

    Mine is closer to 3" difference in pedal heights. Stock configuration. Not noticeable when driving. Brian
  10. Brian Conway

    Gas Tank Pressure

    Great low-tech solution and better than drilling a hole in the fill pipe. Brian
  11. Brian Conway

    Gas Tank Pressure

    Picture of my OE gas cap. The sealing surface is more like stiff paper and pretty thin. If your ' cork ' gasket is sealing at the notched vent you could drill a SMALL hole below it in the side of the fill pipe. Brian
  12. Brian Conway

    Photo needed of installed 69 Fender Extension

    Actually pretty hard to see in there. With a flashlight and with my head even with the grill I can see slight body color over spray at the perimeter. Mostly the rest of the inside is a grey/primer color. Don't think a picture will tell you even that much ? Brian
  13. Brian Conway

    Should I recore my original radiator?

    Re-coring your original is a good move. I have been recording my originals for decades with never a regret. The re-install always goes smoothly and I have never noted any negative difference in cooling performance. The radiators for my 65 and 66 200 and 289 cars get the three row up grade. The 69/428 is stock with the three row and this last time I up graded the core replacement from the stock 123 tubes 8 fins per inch to the modern 159 tubes 13 fins per inch. The tube and fin count is what I was told. The shop I have been using for the last 45 years orders the core replacement and does the installation re-using my top , bottom tanks and the original side straps. The shops that will or can provide this service are becoming scarce. You are fortunate that you found one. I prefer to refurbish and reuse my original parts rather than piling them up in the garage where they are only one step away from the trash. Brian
  14. FWIW; my car, pretty much stock, measures 8.25" to the bottom of the floor 'pinch' or 9" to the bottom of the rockers. Measured at about the middle of the car. Brian
  15. Brian Conway

    I Fried the Alternator Wiring Harness

    That goes a long way in solving the mystery. Thanks for the post. Brian