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  1. Brian Conway

    WTB TT D's

    Looking around for a pair ( 2 ) AE TT D's 15x7, Ford 4.5 lug pattern and the usual 3.75" back space. What's unusual is the lug nut required for the older version wheel. A shallower lug nut opening a longer, straight domed lug nut and not the acorn variety lug nut is used. I am in San Diego 92019. BrianJConwayB@aol.com
  2. Brian Conway

    Found two build sheets. Leave or Remove?

    The second option. Brian
  3. Brian Conway

    McCleod clutch = Luk ?

    Last time at Southland Clutch San Diego Kim was telling me about the $3000 Kevlar clutch in his fox body. Of course I just listened as this stuff is out of my league. He went on to explain about some of the other expensive stuff they sell. I gathered the costs were mostly material driven. Helping me to understand these numbers he went on about the horse power some of the cars are making. So 700 + HP street/strip cars require extortionary material applications and more creative engineering ways to apply them. Then, of course, a specially trained technician to install adjust and warrantee. All adds up to the big bucks. Brian
  4. Brian Conway

    McCleod clutch = Luk ?

    I just bought and installed a 10" diaphragm clutch for my 65. Second one and only because I had the trans out and rebuilt. Stamped ' LUK ' on the pressure plate assembly I would consider this pressure plate a commercial grade assembly with no special claims on performance. If I bought a high performance type of clutch set up and discovered the LUK stamp on the PP assembly I would would feel as though someone was being less than up front with me. I would be asking some questions ? Brian
  5. It is stainless steel so you maybe able to fish it out of the door with a magnet ? Brian
  6. Brian Conway

    Stalls while driving

    Thanks for posting the results. Nice to hear a happy ending to one of these stories. Brian
  7. Brian Conway

    VIN Border For 69?

    The one on my car. Brian
  8. Brian Conway

    Unbearable squeaking coming from the front

    For me it was the strut rod at the forward bushings. Everytime the arm moved the rod would Rub/squeak. Brian
  9. Brian Conway

    Rear wheel spacing

    Mine measures 14.75"/15" forward fender edge to center of axle shaft. Both sides. Brian
  10. Brian Conway

    69 Fuel Sender

    OK. Spectra Premium FG86B. Thank you for the information. The part number is a great help. Now to order, install and hopefully get the same out come. Brian
  11. Brian Conway

    69 Fuel Sender

    Just the info I am looking for. Could you be a bit more specific ? Spectra makes several models so the model number you purchased would be great. Thanks, Brian
  12. Brian Conway

    69 Fuel Sender

    Anyone purchased a fuel sending unit that you are satisfied with ? I am in need of a new unit and would like to hear about a fuel sender w/part number and vendor ? Sender for a 1969 20 gallon tank without warning light. Thanks, Brian
  13. Brian Conway

    K&N oil filter issue

  14. Brian Conway

    Front brake pad recommendations

    Take a look at; Bendix SBC34 or Raybestos PGD14. I run the SBC11's on my 65 and think they are just fine. Brian
  15. Brian Conway

    Ground straps

    The back of the right/passenger side head to the firewall is another stock ground location. Brian