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  1. Just my opinion; might as well buy the ones your going to need now. Quality is probably not going to get any better and they may disappear altogether ? Brian
  2. Don't know anything about caster/camber templates ? The RSS steering rack or right hand drive. So no help here. Brian
  3. Hello Paul; The only handle support is the connection to the rest of the assembly. Nothing additional under the dash Brian
  4. My 69 RUG AE2 trans has a drain plug. In that OE plug are installed a pair of small magnets. Pretty clever of the manufacturer to think of that. Brian
  5. Great. Thank you for the help and for clearing that up for me. Brian
  6. Thank you. Reading the panel at my home is a bunch easier and makes more sense. Got another trivia question ? Two unused/vacant connectors at the firewall ? Auto shifter illumination and the other is AC compressor ? Which is which or something else entirely ? Brian
  7. I'd like to see a picture/diagram of that. 69 Tach car w/oil-alt lights and temp-fuel gauges. Thanks, Brian
  8. No threads or clips visible so swedged/pressed ?
  9. Thanks fellas. It seems the schematic I posted is inaccurate and I will taking it down. Brian
  10. Don't recall where I got this so can't verify the accuracy ? Can anyone verify this schematic ? The schematic has proven inaccurate and has been removed. Brian
  11. Got the vacuum hose connected ? Tried the ' Power Brake Functional Test ?
  12. Well I don' have a ready answer for your problem. My immediate response is if the pedal goes all the way to the floor there is a disconnect in the system. You say the system functioned correctly prior to the MC replacement. Is the car an original factory power disc brake car ? I am guessing you adjusted the booster push rod to come up just short of the MC piston Cup when installed ? Yet the pedal still goes to the floor ? You never did reply to my questions: do you have the correct pedal and do you have the correct booster with the pedal turned down connection ? Honestly without a hands on inspection I don't know what to suggest. Brian
  13. Lesson learned on the core. The way I read your post ; everything was fine until you exchanged the master cylinder ? Making the MC the focus ? Again the way I see it; When your exchanged MC was re-built a shorter, and incorrect ' piston ' was installed. Happens. Thus making the Booster push rod to short. The 69 Shop Manual has a description and instructions for adjusting the Booster push rod. The other guys will help you out with this, I could be all wrong, and the more questions you answer the better. My brakes and booster operate at about 18-19 hg's of vacuum. Do you know what yours is ? Brian
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