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  1. After removing the four nuts from the retaining plate the axle should come out. No mechanical reason for it not to. Brian
  2. San Diego craigslist. NOT MINE. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/pts/d/san-diego-mustang-mach-1-black-seat/6928438997.html
  3. The picture in the 69 owners manual takes away a lot of the mystery. Brian
  4. Picture is of my 69 spring. 428 car and can only assume it is original ? Brian
  5. Before laying down the gaskets and sealants I do a dry fit. If doing by yourself a practice run may be helpful. I also tap all the bolt holes for cleaning purposes. When doing the dry-fit I also run the intake bolts down just to be sure everything is clear and ready to go. Also a good time to check that all the attachments; vac fittings, brackets, carb accessoriesand so on . Point is after you gook everything up you only want to drop the intake on once. Brian
  6. Just a suggestion... Before drilling, grinding cutting or any other alterations to your shock towers or control arms I would gather all the components you intend to install. Just to make sure they will all fit into the conditions you have created. The steering problem could be as simple as crappy tires. Brian
  7. I run the replacement MOTORCRAFT. Easy to find, replace, rebuild. Is cheap and reliable. 428 car with stock four speed and exhaust. Brian
  8. I run the stock power disc brakes on my 428 car. Perfectly happy with the performance. Street or straight line track never a problem. Only locked the brakes up once and it was the rears. The skid/slide was slow easy and predictable. Keeping the cars systems stock/original seems to be the way to go ? Parts, repairs and instructions are much easier to obtain and work with. Brian
  9. Some stuff in the pic I posted that might be useful as a double check ? Fuel pump eccentric, cam dowel, large washer keeping cam & dowel in place, keyway positions, crank sleeve, chain tension and the missing oil slinger. Brian
  10. Could you rotate the engine before you installed the heads ? Just trying to narrow down the possibilities. Brian
  11. I am not going to be of much help here but... I got a carpet for my 69 fastback about 10 years ago. Probably from Mustangs unlimited, can't find the receipt, and not Drake. I selected this carpet because it had the sewn (cloth thread) vinyl foot pads and not glued or molded into place. Carpet also had the heavy jute backing. Brian
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