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  1. Now that's serious. Is that the 2nd gear scratch/wiggle out there in the distance ?
  2. Probably not someone you'll want to buy a car from. Just my opinion. Brian
  3. Sorry no buying experience or recommendations. Still running with the originals. Please excuse the slight discoloration at the rear wheel. I'm sure you understand. Brian
  4. I was trying to suggest where to look, screw holes, for the original locations where you might try to attach your new pad.
  5. On my car there is only one rubber brake hose. Every other brake line is metal. So if the DOZA line pictured is your original then the hard line set you bought is incorrect ? Brian
  6. Picture, phillips and large washer, is from my car. Might get you started or is this not the issue ? Brian
  7. Try using a file or sandpaper on the " too thick " letter pin ?
  8. Is the lower attachment at the valance holding it out ? Just a guess but I would look around some more before any cut and weld. Brian
  9. Where does the booster get it's vacuum from ? Should be the intake manifold and not the carb. Brian
  10. Suggestions ? Shelby/Arning drop and tire/wheel size are two variables that affect length. A field measurement from your car would give you a better approximation ? Upper control arm mounting saddle and the distance to the frame rail mounting area would give you a better idea of over all length. Brian
  11. Most of the time under the strut rod bracket/brace. On occasion under the torque box. Brian
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