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  1. 69 Flip style. Lift the tab to open. You may have a twist style? In any event a bit of tinkering may be needed. Wise and mature to ask. FWIW a good time to compare your dash gas gauge reading to the actual amount needed to fill up. Brian
  2. Once the chrome bumper is in place not much left to be seen. Brian
  3. From the Shop Manual. I have found removing 1 or 2 of the 4 plastic push rivet legs makes the install much easier. Others may have some suggestions. Brian
  4. A couple pics from the underside. 1st Above the marker light is the bumper side bracket shiny nut. 2nd connection to the headlight bucket. More? Brian
  5. I put a point on my soldering iron just for this job. Going a bit anal I also put some blue tape on top of the carpet before drilling any holes. Makes it a bit easier to see where the hole is drilled and where to burn thru with the iron. Brian
  6. From the 69 Shop Manual. 'Stabilizer'
  7. My stock Right/Passnger side caliper. Brian
  8. You may take a look at the headlight assembly as well. Some or all of the parts could go on before installing the fender. Brian
  9. If your car had a console originally ? The original mounting screw locations can be viewed from the under the car in the tunnel. Careful to avoid the brake line. Take the seats out. Brian
  10. The 'YouTube' video at 17:00 has a brief blurb about shocks. What I got out of the discussion was that hydraulic shocks are to be preferred over gas shocks. If so, that should limit the selection by quite a bit? Brian
  11. Same problem. On the bright side it's not a bandwidth problem. Brian
  12. Definitely not 9/16's. Smaller and more like 1/2'''. Picture is of the NPD 69 PUI beltline ends. Measured in the vertical position they do measure 9/16" from felt face to rubber backing? Brian
  13. Interesting stuff and disappointing at the same time. I am going to guess the extruder/supplier is the same for all manufacturers/vendors? Thanks for the picture and explanation. Brian
  14. My 69-door window beltline weatherstrips need replacing. I have never done the doors on a 69 so and I am hoping some of you guys, who have, can help out with some recent experiences? Looking at the replacement kits sold by NPD it seems there are 3 kits (4 pieces/2doors) available. One kit is made by Dales and sells for $234. I won't be getting that one. Repop and PUI have kits selling for $93 each. Repop has been around for a while and I have used their product before. Don't know anything about the PUI weatherstrip. The revues for both products are mixed. Any opinions? Thanks, Brian
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