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  1. Thanks for the follow up and sharing your experience. Brian
  2. Thanks for the offer. Yes having a correct 69 w/tach replacement gas gauge handy would move the project along. Post or PM the particulars / I am in San Diego 92109. Brian
  3. May want to retard the timing a degree ? Brian
  4. Dave I know you have a C9WF-A rebuilt sender for sale. Pretty sure the sender is not my problem. All indications are it is the actual dash gauge. Brian
  5. Mike I'd certainly welcome a 69 gas gauge. At the very least I could see how it works and do some bench testing. Gas gauge for a mach I w/tack is different than the standard dash ? Let me know what I can do to help this along ? Thanks, Brian
  6. Installed the Spectra FG86B in my 20 gallon, non warning light, 69 Mach 1 on Oct. 10, 2019. Been keeping track of gas gauge and ohm readings. Seems my dash gauge is the problem ? Not the result I was looking for. Anyway some numbers: dash gauge reads Full and both sending units are sending between 9 and 11 ohms. Dash gauge reads 1/2 and both sending units are sending about 22 ohms. Dash gauge reads 1/4 and the Spectra is sending 31 ohms and the C9WF-A is sending 26-38 ohms. Dash gauge reads Empty and the Spectra is sending 46 ohms. The OE sender C9WF-A is sending between 52 and 59 ohms. The expected ohm range should be Full=10 and Empty=73 pg. 15-03-03 Shop Manual. FWIW the 46 ohm= 4.5 gals in the tank and the 53-59 ohm readings had 3.5 gals in the tank. Brian
  7. If no takers for the shocks ? I am interested in the Koni fronts only. Got a price in mind shipped to 92109 ? Brian
  8. Really... How long you gotta be retired before you start doing this sort of stuff ?
  9. A mix and match approach to replacement parts can lead to a confusion of performance and service. A stock 302, 3 speed, probably won't need a dual friction set up. Maybe an upgrade to a diaphragm clutch will be good enough and still remain basically stock ? Just my opinion. Brian
  10. Rough roads ? Don't come anywhere near San Diego. Not only are the roads crap but gas is $4.45 a gallon. Left alone these car will develop squeaks and other thump-bump noises. I try to get after the noises as soon as I hear them. Your upper arms may just want some spray lube ? I installed zerk fittings in my upper control arms. You may be able to do the same ? Check to see if there is a pre-drilled hole at each end. Lube the ball joints with grease. In fact I would try the spray lube, not WD 40, on all the squeaks before replacing parts. Anti rattle wrap or tubing for the door noises. Will require removing the door panels. Brian
  11. What don't you like with the stock set-up ? Power steering equipped ? Brian
  12. Some info would be good ? Motor/carb ? OE or after market ? Brian
  13. I think you only have two options; 1. keep fiddling with it and hope to get it straightened out or 2. drop the pan and manually reinstall it into the pump. My vote is for the long odds #1. Brian
  14. Might want to check to see it the cable is all the way in or partially out ? Pictured is the set up for a speedo reducer (drag pack). The white end of the speedo cable goes into the dash speedometer. Same for all cars. With enough practice it can actually be accessed from under the dash. Give it a firm/gentle push and it just might snap into place. Lucky you ? Brian
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