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  1. Still looking the 15x7 but a pair of 15x6 might do the trick . Let me know what you have ? Thanks, BrianJConwayB@aol.com
  2. Looks like you have an original MC. The Dead Nuts On site has a bit of info in their ' Factoids ' section https://www.deadnutson.com/1969-70-factoids-1/
  3. Shouldn't the 69 filler pipe have a dimple ? The all important vent.
  4. No I have not installed the Spectra so can't provide a performance report. I did buy it, FG 86B, but got side tracked with possibly a rebuilder, Bill @ Desert Classics, for my original C9WF-F. Having the trans in my 65 rebuilt and so on. Sorry Brian
  5. This will explain which axle goes where ? Does not explain why the wheels/tires are in or out of the wheel well ? More info needed; do you have bearing and stops, correct axle and so on ? Brian
  6. Yes ' clocking ' the plugs is a bit of time and effort. Usually reserved for the track for that elusive tenth of a tenth. Brian
  7. Earlier today and yesterday lots of spam/hack crap. Thanks for the quick clean up. Brian
  8. Not to the oil pan. For my 428 car the bracket's function was/is to keep the exhaust manifold and the cable separated. I elected to run my cable below the motor mount. I used the existing MM bolts and just added Teflon nuts. FWIW the 69 bracket is longer than the 70. Brian
  9. Debbie let me suggest you don't throw any of your parts away. Ford did use a 3.50 gear set and many seem to be happy with it. Automatics and 4 speeds ' like ' different rear gears and the type of driving are factors to consider. Brian
  10. have about the same clearance as you. About 1/4-3/8" at the 6-7 position and about 1-1/4" at 12. Using all stock stuff and a C8OE-B 18-1/4" clutch fan. My C8ZZ-A shroud is as far left as it will go. Has never been a problem. Check your fan dimension. Most BB OE 428 fans were/ 18-1/2". Brian
  11. Pictures from my 69 4 speed. Picture of the clutch spring the tunnel speedo clamp and the firewall speedo clamp. Brian
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