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  1. ...also depending on the column you may need to change the ignition/key switch ?
  2. Great numbers and of course I am jealous. To run in the 10's consistently is quite an achievement Brian
  3. not a rag joint bolt https://www.musclecarresearch.com/brake-valve-tool
  4. I don't recognize the caliper but can share that the stock , disc brake, spindle is; Left C8OA-3108-C, Right 3107-C. Casting ID is on the vertical inward. Brian
  5. Pictured is the stock valve body on my stock power disc brake car. Included is the kit I used when rebuilding. Aside from the usual no room to work situation a relatively simple affair. Been a few years but no problems and do have reliable brakes. Brian https://www.musclecarresearch.com/valve-kit-wagner
  6. Sorry the 1st picture isn't that great but tough to see the hole for the red bumper and tougher to get a good picture. Brian
  7. Nope not had any problem with the brake pedal returning in my stock power disc/drum brakes. As mentioned the master cylinder may require some attention. The spring responsible for returning the piston and pedal rod is in the MC. Checked the brake fluid level ? Is this a stock system with original parts ?
  8. From My Car. All stock stuff. Brian
  9. I consider my self fortunate that a local shop rebuilds these two items. My last NAPA starter was a fiasco. Just my experience. Brian
  10. Well to answer my own question. Yes. In my case a 235/60/15 tire on a 15x7 wheel w/3.75" back spacing. Stock suspension w/KYB shocks. Add the Shelby-Arning drop and to my surprise no fitment problem at all. Brian
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