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  1. Ford's power steering units were poor from the start and got worse with wear. That is my opinion based mostly on the 66 version. That said a couple of ' tighteners ' I have used are the adjustment screw at the outboard end of the unit. The 69 shop manual will have instructions pg.03-07-03/06. The other is the ' post ' that the pitman arm attach's to. The tensioning springs at either side of the ball end of the post need to be replaced. Brian
  2. Re-set you timing. Shop Manual says 6 degrees. Brian
  3. Looking around for a pair or four American Racing TT D's. These should be the older version that have the very shallow lug nut holes and use the longer shaft lug nut w/washer. Dirty and faded OK just not dinged up or egged out. 15x7, 3.75 BS and 4.5 lug pattern. Happy to pay for shipping. I am In San Diego 92109. BrianJConwayB@aol.com
  4. It's the 21st century with the convenience of the inter-net and on line shopping. Amazon, Rock Auto, PayPal or credit cards and any number of auto parts supplier will have your plug wires delivered to your door.
  5. It seems time and distance are not on your side. So probably make the best of the circumstance's. As long as the front end doesn't go bouncing around you'll be OK. A word of caution; be careful of those BFG's in the rain. My experience is they have a traction problem and let go when least convenient. Brian
  6. If the Master Cylinder piston leaked into the Booster then you may have a puddle of brake fluid in the booster? With the MC removed I would use paper or cloth towels and dab or wick the leaked brake fluid out of the bladder/diaphragm area. Nothing further needs to be done. If you are not confidant/experienced enough to remove and replace the booster then go no further. Clean the area, booster and firewall, with cleaner and towels and turn your attention to the MC. Brian
  7. Under and when I replaced my original carpet I noticed... The carper was slit enough to allow the washer to pass thru. Brian
  8. The stock 69, one year only, 4 speed shifter does have a troublesome reverse détente assembly. First indication of a problem is the 3-2 downshift. Brian
  9. I have used both of these with no problem. I run a stock RUG-AE2 4 speed and the stock OE 4 speed shifter. Brian
  10. So why didn't Ford do it that way ? Must of had a reason ? Brian
  11. The 69 Shop Manual only refers to this light once and it is in the Continental Mark lV section. Calls it a screw on assembly with no other info ? The 69 Wiring Diagram Manual does reference the ign swith illumination several times. The black w/yellow stripe appears to plug into the headlight harness. Brian
  12. Any help. Original weatherstrip. Never been replaced. Brian
  13. The picture of the Grande helps. This picture is from another car. Not mine. Brian
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