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  1. Brian Conway

    Front brake pad recommendations

    Take a look at; Bendix SBC34 or Raybestos PGD14. I run the SBC11's on my 65 and think they are just fine. Brian
  2. Brian Conway

    Ground straps

    The back of the right/passenger side head to the firewall is another stock ground location. Brian
  3. Brian Conway

    Burning oil

    One of the clues to a leaking intake manifold is ' you can smell oil in the exhaust '. Depending on how much the ' 1 qt. per 150 miles ' bothers you... You may not want to start down this road ? If the oil is not on the ground ? Then it is going through the engine somehow and will show up on the plugs or in the exhaust. If the car runs fine and you don't do a lot of regular commuting I would wait until one of the clues becomes more definite. Not for everyone. Brian
  4. Brian Conway

    Top loader tail shaft length?

    Driveshaft end to end. Includes the U joint mounts. Does not include the U joints or yoke. Brian
  5. Norman the 69 Shop Manual has several diagrams of the info you are asking about. These diagrams deal with 68-69 FORD parts and are sometimes less than helpful with after market installations. Brian
  6. Brian Conway

    All Drive all the time

    I like that. I finished my career in construction with all the parts I started with. Not so much patience or care as just dumb luck. Brian
  7. Brian Conway

    All Drive all the time

    Take it to a shop. Let the pro's repair and warranty it. Brian
  8. Brian Conway

    Starting problems

    Snapping Blue spark will tell you a lot about the coil and is easy to check. Brian
  9. Brian Conway

    1970 Cougar turn signals

    FWIW... On a 69 Mustang the turn signals won't work if they are not installed. So if yours are just hanging loose the installation screws provide the needed ground. Brian
  10. Brian Conway

    Starting problems

    So take the air cleaner housing off and see what happens. Brian
  11. Brian Conway

    Starting problems

    Good questions and suggestions. For me a quick and eazy check of gas flow at carburetor, coil connections, snapping blue spark, a check on the distributor rotor rotation and a check of the timing mark with a gun would be a starting point. Brian
  12. Brian Conway

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    … and all of this for the rear disc brakes ? Brian
  13. Brian Conway

    Motor Mounts

    From the MPC may be hard to see...
  14. Brian Conway

    Clutch pedal not returning all the way to top

    Kind of a funny topic and seems to be some variation. My car for example is more like 2 inch's with the clutch pedal being higher. Stock OE 69 parts, pedal support, 11.5 clutch assembly, Bendix booster and stock PDB's. Correct pedals and stops. Master cylinder NAPA M1929 w/1" bore could provide some variation from stock ? Regardless the clutch pedal in most cases is higher at rest than the brake pedal. Brian
  15. Brian Conway

    Clutch pedal not returning all the way to top

    Thanks for the post. I like to hear of a problem solved. Brian