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  1. I would clean it up with soap and water or maybe some CLR ? Anyway get rid of the surface oxidation and shoot it with some rust inhibitor. The spray results in turning the area a dark almost black color. I sprayed some on the caliper in the picture. The treated area is much darker. Or you could also try using some gun blue ? You can always paint the color of your choice later. Brian
  2. Ditto what Bob said. Pay attention to your body lines. Couple pictures of what my car looks like. Brian
  3. Comments about the drain and membrane are accurate. Probably why I have left my originals in place. That said my originals, for whatever reason, don't have the membrane . I actually was trying to show an original sheet metal panel. Brian
  4. SWPruett is correct I did cut the membrane out of the new drains pictured. However, the OE drains are untouched by me. The OE drains, in my car, seem to function as designed so I have not replaced them as yet. Brian
  5. The shaker ram air hood scoop was standard for the 428 Mach 1 cars. On other models it would have been an extra cost item and surely would show up on a Marti report. Nice looking ride. Brian
  6. California Car Covers are just fine. Good material and sewn in mirror pockets but fall short of the mark. For the money they want I would want a antenna grommet installed. Unreasonable expectation? Brian
  7. Looking at the pictures and following along it seems your harness has no plugs provided for the headlight harness ? Instead the wiring comes directly off the harness ? Are the horn connections present ? Brian
  8. I am sure others will be of more help. Brian
  9. Left fender apron pictured. From the radiator support it gets a little tough for pictures. But; thru the lower left radiator support, should be a hole for the harness. The left headlight/turn signal connections are below the L headlight and harness rests on the crossmember. The right side harness travels on the radiator cross member , between radiator and hood latch support, over to the right headlight. Another set of connections below the battery. Goes thru the radiator support below the battery tray and then over to the voltage regulator. Can help with pictures of specific areas? Others will have better pictures? Brian
  10. Ditto. According to the 69 Manual anyway. Brian
  11. Yes I am interested in what you might have. Take a look and if you do have a 428 intake ? The cast info; part ID and the date please ? Where is this intake located ? 'Nice original' ? No chips, repairs, heli-coils or pitted surfaces ? Thank You. Brian
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