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  1. What front suspension setup???

    Factory PDB's and Factory manual steering. I prefer manual steering as it provides a real feel for the road and I have never appreciated FORD's power steering units.
  2. What front suspension setup???

    Arning/Shelby 1" drop and KYB's on my stock suspension. Manual steering on 215/70/14 tires. Steering and handling is just fine and didn't cost a fortune
  3. Clutch pilot bushing

    The pilot and throw out bearings should slide easily right into place. The pilot will require a bit of light tapping as it is a snug fit. On the trans snout they should move without effort. Brian
  4. Cleaning black adhesive and tar from trim

    For the trim try a little gas.
  5. Hood Hinge

    You could try to tighten/repair your hinges yourself ? Then check the 69 Shop Manual for the hood adjustment procedure ?
  6. Tips for tightening Alternator belt?

    Yes I have a selection that I keep in the specialty tool section of the workshop. Brian
  7. Tips for tightening Alternator belt?

    Not the professional look but works for me. Find a spot where a wood wedge will fit and drive it in. I find uses for these wedge's in many situations. They won't break anything and usually don't leave any marks behind. Brian
  8. 428 CJ Fuel Pump issue

    Recently got around to installing the Holley Fuel filters. Have abandoned the inline filter before the pump and like the new look. Brian
  9. 69-70 Hood Scoop on a Shaker Hood?

    Well Summit gives you the dimensions of the scoop. So find out what the dimensions of the cut out are in the hood ? On my 69 the hole is 17" long and 13.75" wide. Brian
  10. Quarter Panel Extension Doesn't fit

    FWIW ? The Right/Pass. side ext on my car measures 6.75 " on the diagonal installed. The tape also rides right atop the car's sheet metal taking this measurement. The picture is showing the method I used. Brian
  11. Engine bolt hole identification help

    Well it' not an FE 428 or 390 block.
  12. trick question ? pedals, support, steering wheel. Brian
  13. 1970 Mustang fuel tank sender unit

    Phil the senders are always a problem. Have you investigated a rebuild of your , if original, unit ? If already aftermarket no help here. Brian
  14. Struggle Town

    My experience with "mustang Market' is limited to their door panels which I have found to be the best available. As to the parts market; I suggest you check around and ask for reference's and personal experience's. The after market vendors often state 'Ford licensed' a favorite is 'original Ford tooling" or 'best reproduction available' mostly marketing babble. Plenty of us have been stuck with poor imitations, vendors that refuse to acknowledge bad parts, honor warranties or just plain ignorance and insist theirs is the best. I hope you experience with MM turns out for the best. A couple picture of my cars stripes. Brian
  15. 302 Distributor position

    Texas Ed. Bite the bullet and do it the right way. Pull the dizzy, TDC and make sure the Vac Adv is clocked where you want it. To the right? Your going to want more than 7 degrees of AD anyway. Brian