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  1. C9OE-G Radiator Fan, 18.25", 6 Blades, No Clutch. Brian
  2. C9OE-G Radiator Fan, 18.25", 6 Blades, No Clutch. Brian
  3. My 69 bracket. Two holes for mounting to the carb. base. One square opening for the speedo cable and the remaining hole for the return spring. Brian
  4. Spec's for my car. 225-70-14 tires and stock wheels. Stock suspension, Shelby-Arning drop and manual steering. Clarence Brown, Google them, Best shop in San Diego. Small difference in Caster nubers from RPM's spec's ? Brian
  5. So looks like another story without an ending ?
  6. OK went back and reviewed the VMF posts. Been a long fruitless journey for you. Seems that one professional's opinion is that you are not dealing with any serious body damage. Another seems to think that some welding repairs were needed for the shock tower. That has been done and still may require more attention. You have replaced the left side UCA, LCA, upper and lower ball joints and strut rod. All of these replacement parts are not original in nature but instead are ' custom ' . Installation and adjustments were done by a professional ? Unclear. Alignment ' specs ' suggested by the VMF members and by the parts supplier are all in excess of what I would consider normal. Calling for more caster than the wheel well can provide ? Regardless the alignment shop adjusted the ' caster ' to within one inch of the forward fender ? Spec's not posted. This location results in ' tire rub ' when turning. A bit surprised the Alignment shop has not been able to provide a solution. Seems you have replaced everything in the assembly and the only part not replaced would be the spindle. The stock spindle on my car is; Left side C8OA-3108-C. Brian
  7. All possible area's that need a good look... Early on in the VMF discussion Hemikiller pointed out that the UCA was not correct. In that same discussion Bishop posted this picture of the in correct UCA. Obviously, to me, the spindle and ball joint are out of alignment. Seem that way to anyone else ? As of today has the UCA been replaced ? Speculation; if the UCA and ball joint are collapsing forward the LCA would need to be pulled forward just to line up with the UCA ? Brian
  8. A picture of the forward portion of the strut rod showing the adj. would be good. The question is aimed at forum members and as owners of 69 Mustangs they share a common knowledge around these cars and maybe able to shed some light in this area. Unlike other model years the strut rod actually adjusts caster by moving the lower control arm. A 69 Strut rod is 26 & 5/8's " long. How long is yours ? Brian
  9. See comment #5 by Brian Conway from the VMF post. Additional comments regarding a strut rod adj. approach should be explored ? Brian
  10. If I understand your question ? Picture's of the bolts in their recessed niche's two each door. What's different about your door bottoms and bolts ? Brian
  11. Check your trans crossmember for a little bit of wiggle room. Lowering the tail shaft a bit may give you the slack your looking for ? Having said that; I am running a stock set up on my stock 428/shaker car. Stock radiator, 18.25: fan w clutch and stock shroud. 3/4" clear at the shroud top and 1/4" clear at the bottom. Roughly centered side to side and still had to fiddle/adj. the shroud to get the 1/4" clear at the bottom. All radiator mount rubber pads in place. Brian
  12. Some info that may be of some help. I run the Blue Thunder intake on my 428 shaker car. Brian
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