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  1. Well...no big news here. I have taken apart the tach..And I saw nothing special. Cleanned everything. Put it back in the car. Started again and same story. The needle do not go higher than 400/500 RPM. What could be the problem? :-/ Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for your replies. I will first check by myself if I see something weird... K.
  3. It is an original tachometer
  4. Hello everyone, Here is my issue. I left the car sited for almost 1 year and half (I built my house). When the times came to move the car to my garage, no problem to ignite it. I moved it here, the car worked well, but i found out the tachometer needle moved only to 500rpm position. Good repsonse with the car throttle, it ran great on the road. What could be the problem? or what kind of troobleshoot i can do to investigate? thks for your help :)
  5. Hi there!! Done some photo shooting with my friend close to my place... I am still waiting the ones with the girls. I managed to catch only one with the iphone...No worries, the trunk is OK :) :)
  6. A friend of mine installed this on his mach1 70 i agree, not the best picture.
  7. So far so good.. :) There was a meeting few days ago: Mustang Day 2018. This meeting is planned every year, on a different track. The event took place at the circuit Ledenon, close to Nîmes (Fr): http://www.ledenon.com/ The handling was perfect!! And I really enjoyed to ride on it! Looking already for the next open track day!! Somes pictures. You just need to click on "autres albums" to see the others. 15 in total. https://www.jingoo.com/liste_photos.php?id_album=2508905#content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt4T4eIpR4Q&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDn31UOHCzA
  8. I talked with the technical support of TCP, and he said that depending on the car itself, that can happen on occasion. So I checked if i would need to purchase the bump steer kit, and when I look how my tie rod and LCA are parallel, I think it is not necessary to install a such kit the only solution would be to modify the spindle stop of the steering to prevent the tie rod hitting the rack
  9. So, engine mount replaced by the ones from Ron Morris, new Crossmenber installed and no issues. All good. Recently, I swapped my old power steering setup by a rack and pinion from TCP. Installation is very easy. After few Km, I checked the installation and I realized that the right tie rod is touching the rack. Has somebody ever had this issue before? Thanks for your help
  10. Hi everyone! Next week, I will do a road trip from SF to LA and finish line will be Las Vegas. Could you give some address for mustang parts shop? I am looking for TCP engine mount specially...and some others stuff that could go in my luggage for my return to france :) Thanks K.
  11. Some pictures...As you can see, the crossmember that I have received is not the good one..We made something temporary for the time being And the last but not least, I found the engine mount bolt L/H bent. I don't know how that can happen
  12. I will collect all the infos about the conversion and post it. The good thing is that we kept the original driveshaft, and we replaced only the pinion yoke of the rear end by a shorter one. Not easy to find a shop over here who knows how to cut and balance a driveshaft.... The only probleme that we found was the crossmember who was not aligned with the T5. We had to make a kind of plate to be able to attached the T5 to the crossmenber. I don't know if youu can visualized the problem, When i will have time, I will post a picture.
  13. U111 rims installed And tremec as well. Wow! what a big différence compare with the toploader! But i have a doubt regarding the clutch free play. I have kept the original Bell housing, and Zbar system. Does someone know what is the adjustment of the clutch fork?
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