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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I've just repainted my 69 coupe and discovered the joys of reassembly 2 years later thanks to COVID. I'm trying to attach my rear number plate and I feel like I'm missing a bracket. There is the mounting point on the valance, but the square holes for the top of the plate seem like they want an additional part. I feel a little stupid that this one has stumped me, anyone able to help me on this one? is this the only attachment for the license plate? the problem could be I'm using an Australian plate and it's too wide and won't fit into the recess, it currently sits behind the rear bumper on the left and right. has anyone come across this? it obviously wasn't secured properly by the previous owner. if the above image is all that is required I will potentially have to engineer a bracket or think about new plates with less characters. cheers
  2. Saturday morning came early last weekend. Got the old girl down the beach for a decent sunrise. A few pics for anyone interested. The big old hotel in a couple of the pics is Hotel Galvez' on the seawall. Beach pictures taken down on East Beach. They put too many poles up down there, making donuts a bit dangerous - but you know a few got made. Was a nice quiet morning out with the mistress... Jay
  3. So the back story to this car is that I owned it 17+ years ago, but decided to give it up because my responsibilities changed and it wasn't practical at the time for my family (new father). Up until this point all the cars I owned were old and daily drivers AND I didn't have the money to get them into the shape I wanted. I had gotten into a fender-bender with the Mustang on the passenger's side and didn't have the resources to fix it. So I let it go to a father/son who were going to fix it up and restore it to former glory for the son. Well that didn't happen and it sat outside for 7-8 years and things didn't improve. So I knew the older brother who then bought into it (half) with the intention of fixing it up slowly. He had his father-in-law do some of the work (fender, radiator support), but it everything came to a grinding halt when he suddenly pasted away. So it sat for a few years in the garage gathering dust and scratches. He then wanted to make the push to move forward and hired a custom shop to start work on it with brake, wheels and tires. All this time I kept tabs on it with the offer "let me know if you ever want to sell it." So I get the call at the first of the year. Basically he's not going to finish it and needs to sell it. WOW! The opportunity to "fix" regrets doesn't come by very often, so I talked with the wife and she said go for it. So that's the first part. Now I'm starting the journey for completion. I'll be posting up pictures and I move along and will catch up with the previous work and try to give a detailed list of what I have done and plan to do for those interested.
  4. Am I the only one who really prefers the look of the 69 coupe over the fastback? Fastbacks get all the attention and all the love and all the money... but man... they're ugggggly. Am I literally the only person on the planet who thinks this way?
  5. Greetings, I am needing a 1969 Coupe or Convertible Trunk Lid for my Mustang. The original is too rusted out to be repaired again. I can't find any reproductions that will work and I don't want to add the spoiler and quarter panel extensions. My 302 coupe has been in my family since 1971 and I want it to continue looking stock. I am nearing my wits' end as local fabricators won't even tackle the project of making me one from scratch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Michael
  6. Hi I'm trying to find a rear window mould to suit a 1970 coupe......proving extremely hard to find :) can anyone help me out with this? Cheers, Michelle
  7. Folks, I'm in desparate need of a new deck lid for my Coupe project. Unfortunately, this is one item body-wise I don't believe anyone reproduces (that is, without the duck-tail spoiler, etc). I've seen a few on e-bay and CL, but in no better shape than my original. I did find a shelby fiberglass from ClassicDiscountParts, the only picture is of the bottom- the pattern underneath looks like the coupe, but I can't tell if it has the ducktail spoiler. I'm curious if anyone knows if the two ('69 shelby vs coupe) are interchangeable? Also, if anyone has a '69 coupe deck lid that is in good shape they are willing to part ways with, please let me know- Regards, -Tony
  8. Google fu doesn't turn up much, but hoping someone knows someone who makes a one-piece headliner for the '69 coupes?
  9. Guys, Last year I had some work done to the chassis on my '69 Coupe resto-mod which included installing mini-tubs. I'm at a point now where I am working on the interior, and as you can imagine, the rear seat frames no longer fit between the mini-tubs. I ended up cutting down the seat frames to fit and re-upholstered, I think it looks ok (except for the back, I'm going to re-do the upholstery to line everything up). The challenge I have now is that the rear quarter trim obviously doesn't fit around the tubs (which are squared off). Looking for guidance on how to solve this particular challenge. If anyone else has been through this particular challenge I'd love to hear how you solved it- I'm also not opposed to removing the rear seats altogether and going with a delete install, I'd be happy to hear if anyone did that as well and how you did it. Best, -Tony
  10. I started this project last fall Was a 200ci 6 with a 3 speed now 6.0 built ls1 with a t56 6speed and ford 9.5in rear end has a 12point cage, wilwood 13in drilled and slotted 4 piston brakes all around lift kit from an f100 so about 1.5ft above stock, 20gal fuel cell, converted power steering, massive front and rear sway bars, torsion bars, adjustable everything, custom interior and dash, hid lights, huge oil cooler, and the dixie horn from dukes of hazzard just needs a bit of wiring done, then its off to the shop for exhaust and dyno tuning
  11. looking for a metal trunk lid for a 69 coupe preferably in good shape with no rust or dents and near san diego CA but whiling to pay for shipping if i have to
  12. Hello, I am looking for a roof for a 1969 coupe. Please email me riyaad(at)seecharan.com if you have one to sell. I am located in south florida. Thanks. Riyaad
  13. Hello all i'm new to the forum and i might as well start off with my 69 coupe that's been sitting in my dads shop for over ten years. The story behind this car is pretty simple. my dad bought the car about 13 years ago for my mother to drive but she didn't like how hard it was to turn so instead he let my brother drive it when he was in high school. well one day after my brother checked the oil he didn't latch the hood well enough. about a mile or 2 down the road the hood flue up on him causing him to run off the road into a ditch. the only damage that happened to the car was a bent rim, bent hood and the drivers side hinge tore out of the finder apron. Because my dad didn't have the time or the money to fix the stang its just been sitting there all this time collecting dust. now that hes letting me take over the car i hope to make it back into the head turner it once was. p.s pics coming soon
  14. (the pictures below, click on them when they open for it to zoom in. I dont know why they uploaded so small) anyway, For sale, I have a 69 stang...original motor...original body which hasn't been wrecked AT ALL. It has a 302 2v in it which hasn't been turned over in about a year in a half. dead battery. The interior has been gutted out as i was in the process of restoring. The dash, Steering wheel and shifter are in though. The floor pan is a 8/10 considering that most floor pans you see on projects are rusted like crazy. This only has minor surface rust. I have the original seat frames, front and back....no headrests though. The trunk is in great shape as well. The body is a midnight blue...(kind of like the presidential blue) However the original color was winter blue, according to the data plate and floor pan. The previous owner painted it. The car was made on 0ctober 2nd, 1968 according to the data plate. Has an automatic transmission. I have a brand new rear windshield still in the shipping box, a brand new grille in the shipping box, and brand new black upholstery ready to put on the seats. You just need the front seat foam. I also have brand new repro soundproofing still in the shipping box. I have all the interior parts as well that i took out during the cleaning. Kick panels etc. The tires are practically new as they only have about 12 total miles on it. Never drove this car except for when i purchased it and brought it home. I have no time for this which is sad as i;ve always dreamed about owning a classic mustang since i was a child. Who hasnt right? Anyway, The car is located here in El Paso, Texas. This southwest heat is great from preventing rust and i can say that this car is in great condition considering its a project car practically complete. My number is 915 867 8275. Anybody that is willing to help me out and take this off my hands, please shoot me some reasonable offers as i want this to go to a good owner. 915 867 8275 text me, or email me if you want pictures as they're too large to upload on here.
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