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  1. I can send you mine, they are not "new" (broken tab on the bottom, etc) however. First rule of restoration, don't throw anything away :).
  2. Looking good, cant wait to see the final product. I noticed on the test car the raised speaker pods... how close are they to the rear window?
  3. Would love to see progress pics if available?
  4. I'm in if you do offer a group deal- consider me on of the first five :) .
  5. At any rate, please let me know when one is available or put me on the list etc... I'll take one ASAP :). Thanks, -Tony
  6. CoGs isn't always just a matter of gas + distance for shipping... sometimes it's also increases in SGandA (employee pay/amenities/bonuses etc, facilities, maintenance, other overhead etc); any one of these can marginally increase the shipping costs (Cost of Goods sold)....
  7. Hey Mach 1 whst disappointed you re: Martz? Best, -Tony
  8. Pics of my (almost) completed engine bay. Haven't decided on the intake hood seal or plain and let the air cleaner just poke up into the hood scoop...
  9. Thanks for the tip to Ansen... I just took a gander at their products, and they don't seem to have anything specific to the 351w / tall. Can you point me to what you think would fit? Thanks!!!
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys... Definitely need tall covers- I'll take a look around.
  11. Hey guys, Nearing completion of my build and I'm reconsidering my choice in valve covers. I've a 351w with Edelbrock Victor Jr Heads, and I'm not completely satisfied with the valve cover fit. I like the old school look, but the way these fit it does'nt seem the bolts line up right (note the long bolts on the back two positions) and have to be adjusted with additional washers, etc. I'm curious what others have done with a similar setup- Ford Racing covers, etc? Thanks for the feedback- -Tony
  12. Check out Martz Chassis out of Bedford PA (http://www.martzchassis.com). I sent my '69 Coupe there for a complete chassis redo, including a 4 link installation- Gary (owner) was a pleasure to work with and the shop produced a top quality product. A bit pricey, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for :).
  13. Anyone? Surely someone has installed something to fill the space / keep bugs out of the radiator, etc... if so pics and details on attachment etc much appreciated! Thanks, -Tony
  14. Folks, Has anyone installed a screen behind their front grill? If so, any pics and details on materials used, etc? Thanks in advance, -Tony
  15. Same here MTF- I've still got my '69 interior ripped out (mostly, though it's going in slowly). If you need anything (pics, measurements, etc) please let me know-
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