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  1. I used tmi, worked fine. but I cannot speak for comparative quality since it's the only one I've used. Might I suggest, if you're looking online at tutorials. While the whole - "cut windlace into 1inch strips and use that to hold the headliner in place" - does work. I went to walmart and got about a hundred medium binder clips. Way easier to work with, adjust and move around for a noob like me. Just google "medium binder clip" you'll see what I'm talking about. Oh yah, I pulled both front and rear glass.
  2. Free to a good home. Just pay shipping. Why free? Cause this forum is as good as gold sometimes; so payin it forward. No hardware (bolts, washers, etc) cause I reused them for my new belts. What you see is what you get.
  3. I cannot guarantee these came from the factory this way. It's just how they were for me. As you can see, mine did not like the method I used. They were marred and stretched from the process. I just assumed they were probably more flexible 50 yrs ago.
  4. Carefully removed, fully intact. Tucked away in a plastic sleeve with the rest of the paperwork for the car. Thanks for the advice. Fyi to anybody else trying to read a tarred up sheet. A strong light from behind shines through the tar, but not the printing. Great way to read the hidden text.
  5. So, old carpet out and what to my wondering eyes should appear? An early Christmas present... Two, count em, two build sheets. So what's the consensus? Leave them here and cover with the new carpet and they stay the way San Jose FOMOCO intended? Or Ultra carefully remove and file away with my records.
  6. The hangers are barbed, so they don't come off easily. But they do come off. Word of advice... The white plastic underneath is old and brittle and barbed, so go slow and try to get things loose with gentle wiggles and some prying.
  7. So... Yah... Heres some pics to help out the next poor schmuck that tries to do this to a 50-year-old coupe. The seat belt covers don't come off. they're held in with the screw on the back. Your only option is to pry the cover back enough to get to screw.
  8. Lol.... Yea, exactly... I can't see the screws! Thanks for the help. I didn't know the plastic came off to get the screw. I guess I'll just keep carefully working off the seatbelt cover. Now to check my laws and see if I can 'accidentally' not reinstall that shoulder belt when I'm done. Thanks all!
  9. Ok, so there's a million posts/youtubes on how to install seat belts, and how to put in headliners - but they all say: "after you've removed your...." My seat belt plastic covers are pretty tight and I don't want to break them taking them off. Is there a trick to removing seat belts? Also - the little hanger hooks. How do they come off? Thanks in advance!
  10. See if you can take a different photo where the area of the gt stripe is better lit. Right now the lower quarter is shaded and dim and any white strip would have to be atificially dimmed to match and would look odd. Upload one where that lower part is better lit and I'll try to get you one. I'll try with what you have, but it won't represent well
  11. Taken from 1969 Coupe. Original. Snapped off at the assembly when it got stepped on instead of the parking brake pedal. It's still screwed onto its lever. I didn't want to damage it trying to take it off. Any offers?
  12. "Used air cleaner and snorkel 351 Windsor motor. Has stainless steel lid." Can you send a pic?
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