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  1. good picture of the engine, waiting on radiator to show up so she can run, so almost back on the road and I've got a lot of wire organizing to do exhaust finally makes it all the way to the back
  2. It's all just practice and problem solving. Building exactly what I want the way I want it
  3. good to see her with all 4 wheels on exhaust is almost done
  4. there is another kit out there that runs about 4k but should go together much better, i'm just glad the shop could make a chromoly front end using what little fit from the kit I got as a template
  5. not sure, it came as part of the mustang 2 kit, but I wouldnt recomend the kit, it has cost me another 5k over the 2k purchase of the kit to get it installed. Nothing lined up right and all the metal was very cheap. Shop ended up remaking most of it from chromoly. And was sent the wrong brakes about 6 times, and even one machined off center spindle. Ended up having to go directly to wilwood to get the right brakes and spindles. So dodnt order from this guy http://www.fulltiltstreetrods.com/frontsusp.htm the shop still has some wrong brakes he is refusing to take back. these problems tacked on about 6 months of labor and waiting on brake parts
  6. oh nevermind about mustang 2, didnt see the 1st page
  7. been a while since I made an update so there is a lot exhaust is nearly done got new wheels on her big tires and some engine shots
  8. lot better than the 200ci inline 6 it came with. Did you do a mustang 2 front end? I had to cut more than I was comftrable with out of the shock towers to fit exhaust so figured why not take em out all together
  9. glad to see someone else doing what I did, now there are one of each, a coupe and a fast back. Difference is I love the LS, bored her out and built the shit out of it running a t56 6speed, hits the dyno for ecu tuning this week, shop estimates north of 700bhp
  10. beefy cross member and engine mounts
  11. at a shop in santee went with the mustang 2 front end with a steering rack and no more shock towers bunch of delays trying to get the right parts from the east coast keep sending me the wrong brakes but the shop is doing the best they can few more weeks then I can hit the road
  12. as long as its the same fit. I just want to get one that doesn't have a spoiler on it how much you want?
  13. went with the mustang 2 weld in front end so spacing changed drastically, gonna have to order new spacers
  14. looking for a metal trunk lid for a 69 coupe preferably in good shape with no rust or dents and near san diego CA but whiling to pay for shipping if i have to
  15. I have a 69 coupe. I am planing to go with this wheel set because i need at least 17s to fit over my wilwood brakes and enough width to handle the built ls1. http://www.cruizinconceptswholesale.com/proddetail.asp?prod=9404STEALTHBLACK17FR500WHEELANDTIREPACAKGE they are meant for a 94 - 04 so does anyone know what size bolt on spacer i will need? right now running some 20's off an 08 so have 2in bolt ons
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