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  1. (the pictures below, click on them when they open for it to zoom in. I dont know why they uploaded so small) anyway, For sale, I have a 69 stang...original motor...original body which hasn't been wrecked AT ALL. It has a 302 2v in it which hasn't been turned over in about a year in a half. dead battery. The interior has been gutted out as i was in the process of restoring. The dash, Steering wheel and shifter are in though. The floor pan is a 8/10 considering that most floor pans you see on projects are rusted like crazy. This only has minor surface rust. I have the original seat frames, front and back....no headrests though. The trunk is in great shape as well. The body is a midnight blue...(kind of like the presidential blue) However the original color was winter blue, according to the data plate and floor pan. The previous owner painted it. The car was made on 0ctober 2nd, 1968 according to the data plate. Has an automatic transmission. I have a brand new rear windshield still in the shipping box, a brand new grille in the shipping box, and brand new black upholstery ready to put on the seats. You just need the front seat foam. I also have brand new repro soundproofing still in the shipping box. I have all the interior parts as well that i took out during the cleaning. Kick panels etc. The tires are practically new as they only have about 12 total miles on it. Never drove this car except for when i purchased it and brought it home. I have no time for this which is sad as i;ve always dreamed about owning a classic mustang since i was a child. Who hasnt right? Anyway, The car is located here in El Paso, Texas. This southwest heat is great from preventing rust and i can say that this car is in great condition considering its a project car practically complete. My number is 915 867 8275. Anybody that is willing to help me out and take this off my hands, please shoot me some reasonable offers as i want this to go to a good owner. 915 867 8275 text me, or email me if you want pictures as they're too large to upload on here.
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