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  1. @aslanefe that was my thoughts, my car was build in late 68 so im of the mind that they just used what was around. thanks for the input about what your car has. @rwcstang thats where my problem is as well, all of the parts sites are focused on the fastback which is a complete different set up. the fastback has a lot more clips and is a stainless moulding similar to the windscreen, whereas the coupes are thicker pressed metal molding. I believe there are probably variation in the clips that were used at different build dates and different assembly plants. I've bought a 68 kit with both sized clips so I'm covered either way. ultimately i think they will both work fine.
  2. @Hertz65 I'm up in brissy @TexasEd we can blame the lack of sleep for not being descriptive enough. its the ornamental scoop on the coupe infront of the rear wheel. @aslanefe the reproductions have a little fastener to hold it in place but the originals or my car at least, I literally don't know how to describe it, it's like the metal has been flattened to secure it in place so we had to cut it to disassemble the parts for painting. I've had some suggestions on the Aus forum to use silicon or 3m tape because it is not as permanent as epoxy if I need to take it apart again which I probably leaning towards.
  3. Hi all I'm reinstalling my rear glass after the big paint job on my 69 coupe. I've got all of the molding retaining clips from when I dismantled the car but they are in rough shape. the workshop manual and all of the parts sites sell the same clips for the front and rear glass (42413). however the clips that came off my car have different sized clips for front and rear glass. they appear to be the clips from the 68 rear window. has anyone else come across this? any member know what size retaining clip is on their 69 coupe. photo with three clips: top/large came from my rear window, middle/small replacement for front windscreen, bottom/small came from my front windscreen. cheers
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution to reattaching the original chrome to the quarter scoop after pulling it apart for repainting. I had to cut the chrome pieces flush with the back of the black panel to separate the three parts. I've seen a video where someone uses JB weld. I'd like to use the original instead of buying the reproduction. has anyone done it any differently? cheers
  5. @aslanefe thanks for your helpful response in confirming the photo is correct and my suspicion that the problem was the size of the Aus plates. I have posted on the Australian owners club forum as well and they have given me a solution. Much appreciated
  6. Hi all, I've just repainted my 69 coupe and discovered the joys of reassembly 2 years later thanks to COVID. I'm trying to attach my rear number plate and I feel like I'm missing a bracket. There is the mounting point on the valance, but the square holes for the top of the plate seem like they want an additional part. I feel a little stupid that this one has stumped me, anyone able to help me on this one? is this the only attachment for the license plate? the problem could be I'm using an Australian plate and it's too wide and won't fit into the recess, it currently sits behind the rear bumper on the left and right. has anyone come across this? it obviously wasn't secured properly by the previous owner. if the above image is all that is required I will potentially have to engineer a bracket or think about new plates with less characters. cheers
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for all the input. It seems that there is a lot of variability out there. I'm pretty comfortable now with the charcoal black painted on the door panel. As I really love the all black interior. @jmlay I really appreciate your photos for reference thank you. This is what my doors looked like pre spray. @Caseyrhe thanks for your photo, it was ideal to see what my doors could look like with fixtures back on.
  8. Hi all, I've seen a few posts on this subject but I just wanted to clarify before I commit to a paint code. I've resprayed my 69 coupe stock lime gold. But had a miscommunication with my sprayer about the colour for the interior of the door. He painted them lime gold instead of black. I only just caught it in the video as I'm not able to see the car in person My question is ... Firstly is there a moulding for below the door card, or is the paint sprayed directly on the door panel (this was the case when I bought the car)? Is the paint code for the interior door panel lower and upper 'charcoal black poly' Ditzler#32586? I'm having trouble decoding the 69 paint chart. My interior is completely black, 2A black kiwi vinyl. Note: the door in the image is a '70 but I believe they are quite similar and it's the only clear photo I could find. Any photos of members Mustangs would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Paige received_3005779119507851.mp4
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