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Found 6 results

  1. We had a brief chat on one of the project forums about a trunk picture, and one of the members mentioned the "trunk monkey" So, for those of you who have not ever checked this out, probably the funniest set of car commercials ever. Rated "G". Enjoy
  2. I am going to be resurrecting my 1970 top frame from scratch (pieces). I am looking for pictures of the bare frame, how the frame hooks to the body, and what the top looks like when it is down from the trunk area without the well cover installed. I am routing power cables through that area, and also installing some gadgets (power amp, etc) in the area where the top assembly might come down. Since my top is no where close to being done, figured I would see if anyone had some pictures from their restoration. Thanks!!!
  3. Hi Guys, Does anyone have his coupe trunk modified in this way? I'm interested in pictures and tips. gladly drawings and dimensional data .. BR Tom
  4. Folks, I'm in desparate need of a new deck lid for my Coupe project. Unfortunately, this is one item body-wise I don't believe anyone reproduces (that is, without the duck-tail spoiler, etc). I've seen a few on e-bay and CL, but in no better shape than my original. I did find a shelby fiberglass from ClassicDiscountParts, the only picture is of the bottom- the pattern underneath looks like the coupe, but I can't tell if it has the ducktail spoiler. I'm curious if anyone knows if the two ('69 shelby vs coupe) are interchangeable? Also, if anyone has a '69 coupe deck lid that is in good shape they are willing to part ways with, please let me know- Regards, -Tony
  5. My trunk lid isn't centered horizontally and I can't seem to figure out how to align it. It pulls half an inch towards the left panel side. What do I adjust to get it centered? It doesn't seem like I can adjust anyting inside the trunk around the hinges and when I adjust the latch and lock I only seem to be adjusting it vertically. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. looking for a metal trunk lid for a 69 coupe preferably in good shape with no rust or dents and near san diego CA but whiling to pay for shipping if i have to
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