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Found 28 results

  1. In the picture, there is a brace between the radiator support and inner headlight bucket. Does anyone know what this brace is called and if a reproduction is available? Mine is severely damaged and rusty. I would like to replace them.
  2. So the back story to this car is that I owned it 17+ years ago, but decided to give it up because my responsibilities changed and it wasn't practical at the time for my family (new father). Up until this point all the cars I owned were old and daily drivers AND I didn't have the money to get them into the shape I wanted. I had gotten into a fender-bender with the Mustang on the passenger's side and didn't have the resources to fix it. So I let it go to a father/son who were going to fix it up and restore it to former glory for the son. Well that didn't happen and it sat outside for 7-8 years and things didn't improve. So I knew the older brother who then bought into it (half) with the intention of fixing it up slowly. He had his father-in-law do some of the work (fender, radiator support), but it everything came to a grinding halt when he suddenly pasted away. So it sat for a few years in the garage gathering dust and scratches. He then wanted to make the push to move forward and hired a custom shop to start work on it with brake, wheels and tires. All this time I kept tabs on it with the offer "let me know if you ever want to sell it." So I get the call at the first of the year. Basically he's not going to finish it and needs to sell it. WOW! The opportunity to "fix" regrets doesn't come by very often, so I talked with the wife and she said go for it. So that's the first part. Now I'm starting the journey for completion. I'll be posting up pictures and I move along and will catch up with the previous work and try to give a detailed list of what I have done and plan to do for those interested.
  3. From now on, I am posting the progress of my 428cj project with many photos as possible.
  4. I'm looking for a used hood for 1969 Mach 1 (original equipment only). This car does not have a shaker hood. It has a bolt-on scoop. I'm also looking for a driver's-side door.
  5. Hello, this is the project I'm working on. its a 1969 Mach 1 Cobra Jet R Code. The factory color is #45 Silver Jade Paint, Ford #3230-A.. According to Marti report its one of 2 option this way. ( 428 Auto Trans) as I add more and more info I will list everything. The Photo's your seeing are the way I purchased the car in 1991, spent a few weekends with my friends drag racing it (14.01 to 13.99) that was back in the late 80's and the rumor was if you wanted a good time slip race in Spokane because the clocks were fast. ( I have no idea if that is true or not and really don't care I have a 1969 mustang 120,000 miles and a 13.99 time slip. I'm doing all the work myself, (a few friends stop by now and then and I sucker them in holding a door or helping out) I'd doing a full rotisserie restoration. since I don't have a rotisserie i just moved my hoist outside to sandblast the undercarriage and paint it.. I started this project 3 months ago, so I have some photo's to catch up on, but I just found this web site and wanted to share my restoration project and I'm very willing to take any advice !!! I don't do this for a living so if someone has a great idea I would appreciate you passing it on. More photos and more of the story to come.. The photos your seeing now are just before I started the project Thanks for looking Tracy Popham Clarkston Washington
  6. Well, here's the car and here's the story: 1969 Mustang Grande, 351w, FMX, ~7 colors After combing through Craigslist for over a year, and saving my pennies for 2 more, I was able to buy this car off a freind of my dad's back in October of 2014. It came from a storage unit where it sat after being given up on for a short while, with another storage unit of random parts, the original 351w, a ligtly built 351w in the car, a rod knock, and another 351w long block ready to swap in. It was driving as is and, after a tune up and fresh fluids, survived another 3-ish months of high school junior hot rodding with that engine knocking away until we swapped it out. The windows rattled loudly, the 1-3/4" exhaust was louder, and it was awesome.
  7. For sale 1969 Mustang rear valance panel, reproduction, from National Parts Depot. Panel has some surface rust on one end but is new otherwise. See pictures for more details. Asking $50. Prefer local pickup in San Luis Obispo, SF Bay Area(South Bay), Sacramento, or LA with prior arrangements. Will ship if buyer covers shipping/packing fees. PM me if interested.
  8. For sale 1969 Mustang Grande deluxe door panels light blue. Panels are complete with all trim and door cups. They are off my 1969 Mustang Grande that was totaled after I had removed the door panels in preparation for restoration. Some minor moisture damage on one panel. Wires on passenger side courtesy light have been repaired. See pictures for more details. Asking $200 for the pair. Prefer local pickup in San Luis Obispo, SF Bay Area(South Bay), Sacramento, or LA with prior arrangements. Will ship if buyer covers shipping/packing fees. PM me if interested.
  9. Hello. I have a 1969 Candy Red convertible I bought last week. The heater control seems to be stuck on defrost. So much so that a p.o. bent the heck out of the control lever. I have done a lot of searching but can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I have taken the dash apart and have straightened out the heater control arm. After removing the defrost and floor heating conduits I have exposed the heater box with the door that moves to change from defrost to floor heater. When the door is in the full defrost position it is very difficult to move back from there. It is not the cable as I have disconnected that and the door is still extremely difficult to move from the full defrost position. However, once is has started to move from there it seems to move ok. I have tried to clean the inside of the box as best I can but to no avail. Does anyone know of an easy fix for this? Do I have to replace the unit? (I am not really excited about that). Thanks for any info. Steve
  10. Hello everyone, Sorry to be a newb here but I have a scenario I never thought would happen that I need some help. My brother inherited my fathers 1969 Mach 1 390 S code which last ran in 1996. It has spent most of its life in a garage but it did spend about 10 years in the elements. It is pretty straight and all intact. He recently got engaged and his fiance approached me and said she would like to fix up his vehicle as a wedding present to ride away in on their wedding day. She has a budget of $10,000. I completely understand that this is no something that can be fully explained or represented without pictures or seeing the car in person I would just like to know what items I should replace to strictly make it safe and street-able(not a resto-mod project). I have a person who is going to do some trade work for the labor so I should be able to save money there I just wanted to know what are some ideas of items to replace assuming the engine is not beyond repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be documenting the rebuild with lots of pictures. If this belongs in another section I apologize this is my first attempt at a forum.
  11. I have just finished restoring a 1969 GT 428CJ and took it out for its first big road trip this past weekend. I had ran it up and down the highway before the trip a few times the and had over 100 miles on it and everything seemed fine, I put over 200 miles on it on this trip and I started to notice a bog right during acceleration in any gear. Most noticeably from a stop, it almost dies going through an intersection but then picks up and runs fine. Even at 70mph and in 4th gear if I let off the gas and get back on it quickly the bog is there but not so much if I roll through the acceleration. I did not notice this when first running it in the days prior but after getting on it and really running it for a day it showed up. I have checked the vacuum lines and all seems well. I have read some information that it could be the accelerator pump or even the squirters? Any thoughts or information would be great.
  12. I started this project last fall Was a 200ci 6 with a 3 speed now 6.0 built ls1 with a t56 6speed and ford 9.5in rear end has a 12point cage, wilwood 13in drilled and slotted 4 piston brakes all around lift kit from an f100 so about 1.5ft above stock, 20gal fuel cell, converted power steering, massive front and rear sway bars, torsion bars, adjustable everything, custom interior and dash, hid lights, huge oil cooler, and the dixie horn from dukes of hazzard just needs a bit of wiring done, then its off to the shop for exhaust and dyno tuning
  13. Hi, this is my first post, I been reading some of the great info, thanks to everyone who provides the technical know how. If you have restored a convertible how did you deal with the drip pans, that are under the rear deck filler panel? Here is a picture of one side of my car. I managed to repair this side since it had holes in the center, but the outside edge was good. If you are interested you read about the repair here: http://www.theracg.com/2013/07/removing-the-deck-filler-panel/'>http://www.theracg.com/2013/07/removing-the-deck-filler-panel/ The problem I have is that the other side is like Swiss cheese and really needs to be replaced. No one sells, that I know of, a replacement. So what did any of the readers here do? I got to believe that they all rust out. But the strange thing is I cannot find much on this site, nor through google. Any thoughts, recommendations, or other ideas? Oh I did check around for a donor, but no luck, pretty much all I looked at were as bad, or worse than mine.. Thanks for your help, Rod. You can read my resto-mod journey from purchase to current state at: http://www.theracg.com
  14. I'm a mechanic in the marine corps and have been working on cars since I was 14 and I'm working on a 1969 mustang coupe right now, and I installed a new mechanical fuel pump, like I have done a number of times before but for some reason I can not get this one to work, I double and triple checked the hoses, and I'm just getting no fuel to the carb... Any ideas on what's up?
  15. Has anyone done an HID conversion on the four light setup for a 69? I was thinking of the following kid: http://www.prostreetlighting.com/product/50015006EURO/5001-5006-EURO-XENON-CONVERSION-KIT-5-34-4pc.html using the single beam 5k bulbs also with this relay kit: http://www.prostreetlighting.com/product/4PLUGH4WIREHARNESS/H4-Relay-wire-harness-for-4-Headlight-vehicles.html Everywhere I look there are no 1969 application specific setups. Plenty for the 7 inch lenses used on the 1965-1968/1970+. Anyone have any good/bad experiences doing this?
  16. Hi, I bought a 1969 mustang 302 coupe project to work on in my spare time. I am located in Arizona and am having trouble finding the seat belt laws. From what I found on the internet 1969 has to have shoulder belts in the front seats, but when I looked on the ADOT website I found that the car does not even need seat belts if it is built prior to 1973. Also, I can not find a bolt or hole for the shoulder belt, which leads me to believe it did not come standard with shoulder belts. I want to know if I need shoulder belts or if it is legal in Arizona to only have lap belts in the front. I plan on upgrading to retractable shoulder belts eventually but for now I just want something so I can drive it around a little. Any suggestions on brands would be nice too. Thank you for the help!
  17. Hey guys! I am new to this forum and have a question about some parts on a 73 Ranchero GT working on my 69 Mach which I'm building into a driver Boss 429 tribute. I just bought the Ranchero for the 429 4V and the auto trans but I'm wondering if I can use anything else from it? PS setup, PB parts, AC system, pedals, steering column, etc? My car is a rolling shell of all new metal so anything I can use from this Ranchero is a big help to me. The Ranchero is a complete running and driving car that is just rotting and the interior is shot. Being a 73 its not worth saving but the engine and trans can be built and are worth something to me! :laugh: Thanks in advance for any input guys! Brad..
  18. looking for a metal trunk lid for a 69 coupe preferably in good shape with no rust or dents and near san diego CA but whiling to pay for shipping if i have to
  19. I plan on doing a lot of body/performance work this winter. I have already have a good list of parts I deemed important. 650cfm carb, performance intake, new radiator/fan, pertronix ignition, headers, etc. However, I haven't decided on any mods I want to do to the motor itself. I can't go out and buy a crate racing motor, like we all wish we could. I have heard some things about affordable mods, but I've heard too many variations. I've heard 289 heads will help, but I've also heard newer mustang or explorer heads are better. Any other suggestions about new cams, cranks, heads, or any other fairly affordable mods that will help the 302? I appreciate any feedback!
  20. I have found all sorts of fiberglass hoods, but I want to keep the body steel. I just don't trust fiberglass not to crack right after i get a paint job.
  21. Hello all i'm new to the forum and i might as well start off with my 69 coupe that's been sitting in my dads shop for over ten years. The story behind this car is pretty simple. my dad bought the car about 13 years ago for my mother to drive but she didn't like how hard it was to turn so instead he let my brother drive it when he was in high school. well one day after my brother checked the oil he didn't latch the hood well enough. about a mile or 2 down the road the hood flue up on him causing him to run off the road into a ditch. the only damage that happened to the car was a bent rim, bent hood and the drivers side hinge tore out of the finder apron. Because my dad didn't have the time or the money to fix the stang its just been sitting there all this time collecting dust. now that hes letting me take over the car i hope to make it back into the head turner it once was. p.s pics coming soon
  22. Any one interested in a 69 R code royal maronn Mach? Project car small block and c4 incar needs major rust repair. I can't afford 2 projects at once Clean title Pics on request 4500 OBO
  23. Found a 1970 Mustang today that I really like. Been looking for 6 months in Los Angeles to find a vintage mustang. Learned a lot but still learning. Not a mechanic and need this to be a daily driver, although I do not drive long distances and work for myself. Can't understand buying a new car if I can have a vintage Mustang! Here are the details of the car. Need your feedback THANK YOU!! -Dana I was originally planning on spending around $10,000 for a reliable car that's been restored a good bit. This car needs some work, but the foundation seems to be there. I drove it today. Starts up first crank. Great pick up. Power breaks do make a strange fan like noise that I would like to get fixed. any idea how much? Steering was pretty loose. Cost? I think I might be able to get it for @ $4,000. Worth it?!?! and make the upgrades/restore on my own? details: 1970 mustang coupe v-8. Motivated seller - girlfriend is making him asking $4500 - reduced from $5500 Good -strong 302 v-8 with fresh oil change -brand new tires with less than 100 miles on them -brand new stereo sytem with great rear speakers -interior is complete with carpet and seats all complete (100 percent complete) -heater works great with defroster Bad -no ac -steerings a bit loose -rear bumbper is bent and new one is 70 dollars on craigslist. -paint is chipped here and there and is about 6/10 -car might need new linkage for the tranny, but works fine and will last -right blinker doesn't work -power breaks make fan like noise
  24. Hello, first post here. It sounds simple maybe but not so obvious to me about the oil fliter placement. I have a FMX C9Z and when I took of the oil pan the filter came with and dropped in the pan. After cleaning the filter trying to put it back but something is strange about the clip at the end. It could be that the clip is just bend. the c shaped part looks like it should go all the way over the edge from the filter but another pin next to it is preventing that. That pin should it be against the filter outside or under the edge? That pin is taller than the c part. I will include a picture. Thanks regards Ron
  25. (the pictures below, click on them when they open for it to zoom in. I dont know why they uploaded so small) anyway, For sale, I have a 69 stang...original motor...original body which hasn't been wrecked AT ALL. It has a 302 2v in it which hasn't been turned over in about a year in a half. dead battery. The interior has been gutted out as i was in the process of restoring. The dash, Steering wheel and shifter are in though. The floor pan is a 8/10 considering that most floor pans you see on projects are rusted like crazy. This only has minor surface rust. I have the original seat frames, front and back....no headrests though. The trunk is in great shape as well. The body is a midnight blue...(kind of like the presidential blue) However the original color was winter blue, according to the data plate and floor pan. The previous owner painted it. The car was made on 0ctober 2nd, 1968 according to the data plate. Has an automatic transmission. I have a brand new rear windshield still in the shipping box, a brand new grille in the shipping box, and brand new black upholstery ready to put on the seats. You just need the front seat foam. I also have brand new repro soundproofing still in the shipping box. I have all the interior parts as well that i took out during the cleaning. Kick panels etc. The tires are practically new as they only have about 12 total miles on it. Never drove this car except for when i purchased it and brought it home. I have no time for this which is sad as i;ve always dreamed about owning a classic mustang since i was a child. Who hasnt right? Anyway, The car is located here in El Paso, Texas. This southwest heat is great from preventing rust and i can say that this car is in great condition considering its a project car practically complete. My number is 915 867 8275. Anybody that is willing to help me out and take this off my hands, please shoot me some reasonable offers as i want this to go to a good owner. 915 867 8275 text me, or email me if you want pictures as they're too large to upload on here.
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