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  1. Summer (of 69) Project

    went over there today to give some more money. The progress train is starting to move...
  2. Summer (of 69) Project

    Initial bodywork is complete and first coat of primer before blocking
  3. Summer (of 69) Project

    a couple of pics of the doors before they start the primer process.
  4. Summer (of 69) Project

    Still in paint shop purgatory, BUT there has been progress. Cutting out some cancer (some of it old repair work) basic body shaping and primer.
  5. Frame Alignment before Paint

    I had to have the front of mine straightened because of an accident not the front passenger side which caused it to sit 3/4 of an inch lower. I got it towed, straightened and aligned for 550.00, so to me I would agreed 1000.00 sounds like too much.
  6. Engine bay chrome trim

    First of all its your car - do whatever you want to it. If you want to make your engine bay with everything chrome, go ahead and do it. I think the problem with THIS engine bay is that it that what is chrome on all the top surfaces takes away from what most people are looking for when they open the hood - the engine. In my opinion if you want to show off your engine bay – make the engine the star of the show and everything else complement it.
  7. Summer (of 69) Project

    Since the outside of the car is moving at the pace of molasses in a freezer, I had a little time this weekend to work on working on sound deadening the rear panels. Used some rust remover to get the surface rust off, then cleaned it with alcohol. I could already tell a difference in the way the metal sounded when I placed it on the floor. I will be adding lightweight insulation next to block heat and noise. I'm not planning on covering every interior surface with this, but "strategic strips" where needed.
  8. Summer (of 69) Project

    I appreciate your candor. That's what I thought too, but I'm not the paint expert. I just seems like he's making it harder than it needs to be, or maybe more work in the long run. The problem for me is to find a good painter. 85% of them only do insurance work. The other 15% is made up of small shop painters, 1 year paint jobs businesses (which includes painting anything still connected to the car), frame-off restorers (mine isn't a low number, big block, fastback) or Gas Monkey Garage wannabes. I want to be driving the car (and show the wife were all the money is going) this year - soon. I have to rely on the fact that he comes recommended, I've seen his work (even cars painted years ago that still look great), and the price is reasonable for the work so far.
  9. Summer (of 69) Project

    I know, it just appears like in the last 3 weeks he's done about 2 days worth of work.
  10. Summer (of 69) Project

    A little more progress. Smoothing out the body panels. The glass still has to come out on the front and back and those areas sanded down. I asked about when would it be going into primer stage - "I'll get back with you on that..."
  11. Ride Quality, Tires, shocks and leafs

    I have 18s on my car now (previous owner put them on) and it looks great, but it can be rough when the roads are not new and smooth. Also my wife's car is a Kia Soul with 18s (factory upgrade) and its the same ride with much newer suspension technology. I believe there's not enough tire to absorb the bumps in the road. When these tires wear out, I plan on going to a 17 inch wheel. I know its not going to be a world of difference, but it will help. Also you get what you pay for in the shocks you purchase. Just my 2 cents...
  12. Late model Mustang seat swap

    Has anyone tried to refit the rear seats?
  13. Summer (of 69) Project

    Ya no... At this point I am trying to patiently wait knowing that it''ll look great and done professionally and I'm getting a lot more than I am paying for it. I don't want to rush it, plus I'm gathering all I need to get for the interior. Then there's what I have planned for the lighting. Its coming in slowly after each paycheck. I have to cash flow the rest of the items and work needed.
  14. Summer (of 69) Project

    With the flu running rampant, the progress of the Mustang has come to a crawl on the bodywork. But I did get some progress pics this weekend. Hoping it picks up this week.
  15. Late model Mustang seat swap

    I am getting close to needing to have all the items I need or want to replace for the interior of the car. So I found on Craigslist a complete set of 05-09 Mustang seats. Has anyone made this sort of swap before? I have searched but haven't come up with someone doing this exact swap. The driver has power options and I saw someone remove those pieces. Also my car is a coupe and so I'm not sure how to modify the rear seats to work. So should I just pass this great deal and go with some aftermarket option?