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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, My uncle's 1970 Mach 1 was recently rewired with an American Autowire harness. Right now everything works (gauges, lights etc), but the Warning/Idiot lights stopped working. The car has been in restoration for so long that we can't remember which lights should light up. Even then, with the new AAW harness, we don't know which lights should come on (Alt, Oil, Voltage?). Can someone tell us which warning lights light up during ignition? Also, any tips to start trouble shooting would be appreciated! Thanks!American Autowire Harness Thanks!
  2. So my upholstery is (was) all original... and in some ways it showed. The driver seat was split in the middle like so many seem to do. There are "cargo" tears in the rear seat where I carried something too heavy for the vinyl. So I am going about reupholstering. I started with the driver seat. I have the vinyl and foam off (I bet there was a pound of hog rings in there), but the burlap looks to be in pretty good condition - no tears at all. Is this one of those "replace it while its apart even though it doesn't appear to need it" situations, or should I just use what I have? And are there any modern equivalents? If I need to replace it, I just don't see why I wouldn't use something better than burlap.
  3. I put my cluster in today, but I couldn't remember what the "correct" screw looked like (after nearly 8 years apart). I only care because I want to be sure the screws I use aren't needed somewhere else. th one si used were Phillips head. They worked just fine, and I only had 4 of them, so they seem to fit, but if anyone has or can get pics of the right ones, that would be great. Gratuitous installed picture included.
  4. Hi I'm trying to find a rear window mould to suit a 1970 coupe......proving extremely hard to find :) can anyone help me out with this? Cheers, Michelle
  5. Found a 1970 Mustang today that I really like. Been looking for 6 months in Los Angeles to find a vintage mustang. Learned a lot but still learning. Not a mechanic and need this to be a daily driver, although I do not drive long distances and work for myself. Can't understand buying a new car if I can have a vintage Mustang! Here are the details of the car. Need your feedback THANK YOU!! -Dana I was originally planning on spending around $10,000 for a reliable car that's been restored a good bit. This car needs some work, but the foundation seems to be there. I drove it today. Starts up first crank. Great pick up. Power breaks do make a strange fan like noise that I would like to get fixed. any idea how much? Steering was pretty loose. Cost? I think I might be able to get it for @ $4,000. Worth it?!?! and make the upgrades/restore on my own? details: 1970 mustang coupe v-8. Motivated seller - girlfriend is making him asking $4500 - reduced from $5500 Good -strong 302 v-8 with fresh oil change -brand new tires with less than 100 miles on them -brand new stereo sytem with great rear speakers -interior is complete with carpet and seats all complete (100 percent complete) -heater works great with defroster Bad -no ac -steerings a bit loose -rear bumbper is bent and new one is 70 dollars on craigslist. -paint is chipped here and there and is about 6/10 -car might need new linkage for the tranny, but works fine and will last -right blinker doesn't work -power breaks make fan like noise
  6. Hello, I've been a long time reader and thought it was time to post a pic of my project. This is when I brought it home two years ago. You could throw a cat through it about anywhere it is so rusty. I've made some headway since this photo but I have a long way to go. Ken
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