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  1. Hoping to catch a couple of stops, Probably Rockingham and Charlotte. Don't have any advice for Long Haulers, but there are some groups on FB that talk about this very thing, if you are on FB.
  2. I have Fitech on my set up. I had an external pump initially and it kept getting too hot and would vapor lock, so I switched to an intank pump Stealth setup from Aeromotive. I did the drip in style and used a stock tank. Have had no issues since. There can be issues with either holley or Fitech, just make sure its installed as directed. The main issue I had with mine was RPM noise. But that is resolved now and it runs really good. Forums and Facebook groups have been very helpful and a lot of good info (if you can get past all the bitching). There are a lot of good options out there so good luck. Just sharing my experience.
  3. I would check your grounds too to make they have good connection.
  4. I have Street or Track Coil over set up as well. Also have the Unisteer Power steering set up and very happy with all of it. Either way, I would suggest call Shaun at Street or Track and talk to him. Great guy and knows his stuff and will not pressure you at all to buy his stuff, only provide you the info to make your decision. Good luck.
  5. Glad you are still making progress. Always look forward to your updates. I absolutely love the color you painted the car!!! Keep the updates coming.
  6. Congrats!!!! Looks great. Got to love the big block!
  7. I honestly think you would be ok. You would need a pretty sticky tire and stick it pretty good to break. It will find the weakest link for sure, but that could be anything from tranny, driveshaft, u-joints, etc. I would honestly call Shaun at Street or track and talk to him about this and your brake situation. He does this stuff all the time and has a lot of up to date and first hand knowledge of this stuff and deals with it daily. I bought my suspension from him and talked to him a few times before deciding what to do. He is no pressure and will give you some great info.
  8. Do you plan on drag racing? I would still be willing to bet you are going to break traction before you break parts, unless you just get crazy and get a lot of wheel hop or something. The wheels won't fall off just based on the 9in design as the axles are bolted in at the end vs a c clip design in the diff. I would get some strong 31 splines and the strongest 3rd member you can and go from there.
  9. I run a similar set up on my car. I have the 13 in rotor with Bullitt/Cobra caliper. Running the stock booster and master cylinder and just put a proportioning valve in the rear as I am running disc in the rear as well. I know Street or Track has hardware to bolt that up to your spindle if you needed.
  10. Hey Noah, welcome to the site. Sounds like you are building a beast. What are you going to be doing with the car, cruising, drag racing, auto cross? That might be helpful to know. Also, any time anyone asks about suspension I recommend they call and talk to Shaun at Street or Track. He is great to talk to, very knowledgeable and no pressure to buy his stuff. He will just give you the info you need for you to decide. Plus his product are top notch. I am running his front set up and disc spindles on my car. Have no complaints. Keep the updates coming and progress pics are always welcome!
  11. Brakes from the company Street or Track. https://streetortrack.com/
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