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  1. That looks great. Nice work!
  2. That is a good looking motor right there! Nice job!
  3. I am assuming he doesn't have a shaker set up? I am running box stock Edlebrock heads and Performer RPM intake with no shaker set up and have no hood clearance issues.
  4. Nice looking car. Love the color!
  5. Understood. You could possibly do the same set up just use the Carb Regulator. If you ever switch to EFI, just swap out the regulator. And yes the right PTFE is not cheap and I did get the good stuff as I read the same things about the pin holes. Certainly didn't want that issue.
  6. When I first converted to EFI, I had an external pump and had issues with vapor locking with heat. Converted to the Aeromotive Drop in pump and never looked back. I ran PTFE lines up the passenger side, just on the outside of Subframe connectors. Put the regulator in the passenger fender well and deadhead the feed to the FiTech unit, which it is capable of handling. That way I am not sending fuel into the engine bay to get heated and sending it back to the tank. Just trying to keep as much heat out of the fuel as possible. Seems to be working so far in NC summer heat. Can't even hear the pump with the car on.
  7. Check the grounds. They could be corroded or you might need more. I had the same issue, and changed out all of the ground wires and made sure the connections were good and that helped out.
  8. Sorry to hear this. Wishing you and your family all the best with this fight!
  9. Call Shaun at Street or Track and talk to him as well. Great guy and very knowledgeable and great product. I am running it front coilover set up and could not be happier. He never tried to sell me anything, just talked about the advantages of what he offers. Lots of options out there and good people to talk to., Get as much info as you can and decide what is best for you. Can't go wrong with either of them.
  10. Good looking motor. Good luck with the sale. That will be a strong engine for someone.
  11. Would love to do this upgrade one day. Keep us updated once you get it installed and on the road.
  12. Its pretty "basic". I am running Street Or Track coil over setup up front and adjusted to the height I liked and needed for clearance (Damn long tubes). The rear is mid eye spring with 2 in lower blocks. Fenders were all rolled at body shop when it was in for paint to make as much room for the larger tires as possible.
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