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  1. I upgraded to a Unisteer PS R&P. Picked it up from Shawn at Street or Track when I did the front suspension. So far it has been great and I have no complaints at all!
  2. That looks great!!! Nice work on all the upgrades. Great looking ride.
  3. Very interesting for sure. I certainly don't NEED this for what I do with my car, but still would be sweet. Watching this one for sure.
  4. I installed a ididit column on mine when I upgraded my steering. Happy with it and have no issues, with it. Would buy it again.
  5. Nice collection of cars. Glad to see you are enjoying them all.
  6. As mentioned previously, I upgraded to the Unisteer PS set up for a couple of reasons. My manual box was wore out and was not fun to drive. I also wanted to switch to a PS setup as I have a bigblock, with wide front ties and was converting to a 5 speed, and honestly didn't feel safe doing that with the manual set up. I never liked the stock style PS set up so opted for the Unisteer set up. I have no complaints and it has worked great for me and was very easy to install.
  7. Agree 100% with this. I personally talked to Shaun multiple times before deciding to buy from him, and have heard the same about John and Sherri. Shaun talked through all of the options, multiple times and I never once felt I was being sold or pushed to anything I didn't want. I ended up with his full coilover setup with Street valving and Unisteer PS and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. Can't go wrong with either option and for sure they will have something to fit whatever budget you have!
  8. Yeah I guess it could be. I just bought mine earlier this year. That is one of the reasons I liked this kit as I didn't want sequential for the brake lights.
  9. If I remember correctly there is a dip switch that you can flip or a dial you can turn that will be full on for brake and not sequential, unless you tap the brakes quickly. That is how mine are, as I did not want sequential on the brake lights, only on the turn signal. I added the instructions from Gary below. Installation Instructions for 1969.pdf
  10. Didn't mean to give you more work, HAHA. Good thing is, its not a hard job! I am very happy and actually feel safer on the road, as I have heard many stories of people not being able to see the brake lights on our older cars.
  11. I too installed the Vintage LED set up recently. You can see it is pixelated some compared the stock bulb with just the lights on. But as bright as they are, I should have done it much sooner and VERY HAPPY with the quality and ease of install of the Vintage LED product. I did the front turn signals and back up lights as well. Here is a quick video as well of the, it does flare the camera a little as bright as they are, but I love the setup. I also like that when you hit the brakes it can do just solid and on sequential. 20200523_112043.mp4
  12. That is a good looking motor right there! Nice job!
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