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  1. Good looking motor. Good luck with the sale. That will be a strong engine for someone.
  2. Would love to do this upgrade one day. Keep us updated once you get it installed and on the road.
  3. Its pretty "basic". I am running Street Or Track coil over setup up front and adjusted to the height I liked and needed for clearance (Damn long tubes). The rear is mid eye spring with 2 in lower blocks. Fenders were all rolled at body shop when it was in for paint to make as much room for the larger tires as possible.
  4. I have seen that car in person, its a very nice car. They put up a build thread on the car here
  5. Those are some great pictures. Thanks for sharing 2 things: 1. that CUDA is bad ASS!! 2. WTF ?? HAHA - The track is located 19 miles south of the Arctic Circle - that is a bit crazy to think about. Hope to get to see yours back on the track soon.
  6. I will see if I can go back and dig up what we put in there. I originally had a flat tappet cam and it flattened some lifters, the shop changed it up to roller lifters. The Flat tappet was a 280H and used the stock no adjustable rockers. When I moved to the roller set up is when I moved to the adj rockers. I will try to dig up more specifics on each setup, but I have had no issues since changing over a few years ago.
  7. It is basically a stock FE adjustable rocker arm. That was an option on the FE motors, but they had a known issue of non locking adjustment so, they would tend to back out. Precision Oil, upgrades that to a fully locking adjustable nut set up, so it gets rid of the stock adjustment issue. He also put in new bushings where the shafts go. Again, this was a few years ago and I am not sure he still does this, but it was a good comprise on function and cost.
  8. When I got mine, I called Precision Oil Pumps about some options. He had stock style adjustable, not roller, that he refurbished and upgraded, with locking adj stoppers and new inserts where they install on the shaft. Was trying to remember more details about them, but they were solid units. I changed over to Roller Lifters and needed adjustable but was had similar concerns that you did about the aftermarket ones. This was a few years ago, so not sure if he still has those available or not.
  9. Hey TexasEd, I like your overall vision statement as mine is very similar with a bit of a lean towards the Pro-touring/Restomod vehicle. I wanted more modern drive and conveniences of a modern car, but had to keep the original body with some slight changes that don't stand out drastically, but to make it slightly different. A quick list of modern conveniences: Vintage Air AC Unisteer Power Steering Cobra Disc Brake upgrade FiTech FI TKO600 Transmission with Hydraulic Clutch Setup Upgraded Radio with Kicker Components Street or Track Upgrades Suspension TMI Covered Foxbodies in Mach 1 Upholstery 3 Point Front Seat belts LED tail lights and Halogen Headlights Body Changes: Removed 1/4 Panel Emblems Removed Trunk Letters Removed Rear Wing/Still need to add Front Spoiler Paint Whole Hood and Cowl Flat Black Paint Tail Panel Flat Black Painted on Side Stripe with Body Color Showing through for striping and MACH 1 lettering 17/18in Bullitt Wheel Combo
  10. I will be honest I am not sure on either of those. I think you can do some more research on Vintage Mustang Forum as I think more people have used them over there. I have a generic Radiator that has side tanks so it wouldn't fit on my radiator, but with the stock tanks for the radiator I think it could fit.
  11. Have you looked at maybe using Contour fans? I have seen those used before and may be an option. Something like these: https://lmr.com/item/LRS-8607F/mustang-contour-electric-fan-assembly-79-93
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