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  1. SM69Mach

    Bought another Classic Car

    That is awesome. Nice ride.
  2. SM69Mach

    aldan coilovers

    Never heard of them before this thread. Looks like a decent website. Before you buy any suspension parts I would encourage you to call Shaun at Street or Track. He is very helpful and no pressure to buy his stuff. But he knows mustangs and that is what his business is based on. I talked to him several times before buying anything. He can provide some info on what you are trying to do with your car and offer some options for you. Good luck.
  3. SM69Mach

    Finally completed I think

    Looks Great. Awesome job!
  4. SM69Mach

    Car gender?

    Same here!
  5. Would be a nice option if they did.
  6. Totally agree. That is why I went with their Phantom set up as well. Pump kept overheating and vapor locking. Drove it recently to the Hot Rod Power Tour Ssop here near me and had no issues, pump ran great and as quiet as can be. I do like have the access under the car as I did have a couple of holes to drill for the lines. Not a bad deal, just have to put something over top of it so I don't have to worry about anything riding on top of the pump set up.
  7. Would figure they do this AFTER I upgrade mine. But a nice option and glad they are listening to potential customers.
  8. SM69Mach

    66 Aussie Falcon

    WOW that is sweet looking.
  9. SM69Mach

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    That was the same issues I was having with the NC summer heat. Would eventually vapor lock on me. Would have to wait for everything to cool down, then would run again. I upgraded to an Aeromotive In-Tank set up over the winter and so far running good. Haven't tested it it super hot weather yet, but so far done good in the 80's.
  10. SM69Mach

    Replacement gauge options? Stock dash

    I ended up with the Dakota Digital VHX. With the 4 pods being used, It has 6 gauges, for Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Gas and Voltage. The back light is great and no issues with visibility and they have worked great. I will see if I can get a pic soon, one thing I realized I don't have a good picture of.
  11. SM69Mach

    Project Mayhem (aka Serenity)

    Welcome to the site and nice progress on the 69. Coupe looks badass too. That is my second favorite body style, next to the 69.
  12. SM69Mach

    Suspension for the every day driver

    I have heard good things about opentracker and lot of guys are very happy with their product. For any suspension questions I ALWAYS recommend people call Shaun and Street or Track. He is very knowledgeable about anything mustang suspension related and will answer all your questions. I bought my set up from him and talked with him a few times before spending any money and he was always very helpful. He gave me several options for what I wanted out of the car and for what fit my budget. I did go all out on the front setup, but absolutely love and wouldn't change a thing. My car was SCARY to drive before and would beat the crap out of me when I drove it. Much improved over what I had and car drives great. I run 17" and 18" staggered set up, and while it is not pillow soft, it rides great and doesn't beat me up any more. Good luck, there are a lot of options out there.
  13. SM69Mach

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    One show I need to make it to one of these years.
  14. SM69Mach

    Huge loss for the family

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Beautiful Pup. We lost our huskey a couple of years ago, so I know the feeling. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  15. SM69Mach

    Upgrading to EFI

    I did a FiTech before the Holley was available. The user groups for FiTech have some great info and are very helpful. I have had zero issues with the unit and it runs and drives really good and even continues to get better the more I drive it. I will say, don't skimp on the fuel pump and lines. I used the FiTech external pump kit and had issues in the NC summer heat with vapor lock. I just upgraded over the winter with an in-tank Aeromotive Phantom kit and it is a much better set up. I also went to the the PTFE lines which are more expensive, but long term for the car a much better option, but not needed. I ran the lines away from all heat sources to keep the fuel as cool as possible. I put the regulator in passenger fender well and deadhead the feed line to the Throttle body and so far it is running great, and can't even hear pump after the car is running. I absolutely love the the FI set up. One of my favorite upgrades and makes driving the car so much fun. Great cold starts, no issues with AC, electric fan control, great throttle response. I know a couple of people with the Holley set up that have similar experiences. I think the support for FiTech has gotten better, but certainly lacking compared to Holley. I have also seen the display for Holley and it looks much better than the FiTech unit, but both very functional. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Good luck