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  1. Here is the needy car. haha I actually found the parts local for 50 bucks! Thanks if you need anything let me know Gary 1.pdf 2.pdf 4.pdf 5.pdf
  2. thanks so much I have some extra parts maybe something you need? or will be happy to pay cash thanks Gary yes those are the part I need. let me know what you want for them. thanks
  3. I am converting my mach 1 to fold down seats, I purchased all original parts for 69. installed new sail panels and all fiberglass panels and fits and looks nice. no matter how I adjust the fold down seat panels they just barley scrape the fiberglass panels on both sides when raising and lowering the seat scratching off the paint, any tricks to solve this?
  4. I see in my original post I said hell I meant to say hello.
  5. thanks so much I have some extra parts maybe something you need? or will be happy to pay cash thanks Gary
  6. Hello, as I bought my car in pieces, I am missing and now need the metal plates that mount to the bottom section of the seat that catches the lock mechanism to fold the seat. I need both for driver and passenger. thanks
  7. Thanks very much raven that helps alot
  8. does anyone have a pic or diagram showing what amp fuse goes where on a non ac car? thanks
  9. I did get the cooling lines installed, the hard part was getting them up past the cross member and sway bay. I have ordered the vacuum line to the manifold. Thanks for your reply
  10. I am installing new c6 transmission cooling lines, I am not sure of the routing or if I have the right lines. Does anybody have a pic of their installed lines? it would be much appreciated
  11. If you are willing to sell a driver side thin eyebrow molding I am interested, I just got another repo that does not fit just like the rest.  Thanks  Gary

  12. I have ordered a good mark, I am hoping it fits. It's suppose to be here in a few days. If not I am looking for a driver side in good condition if you have one. Thanks
  13. I have purchased two different after market thin moldings on my headlight buckets, Danacorn and corvex neither one fits correctly and appear to be cheap and of low quality. My bucket are installed on the car, and all I have left is the molding to install, now I see I should have installed the molding while the buckets were off. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks... Gary 69 s code c6
  14. sorry to hear that gt 390, hope you get your money back..hang in there,
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