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  1. The Retro Sound "San Diego" model has DAB radio. Here in Norway, it is the only choice, since the FM radio net has been shut off.
  2. The speaker cannot be deeper than the seam in the bottom of the door. I just can't remember that measurement.
  3. Nice car, love the color! 1970 came with a tan deluxe interior color. The only difference in the panel is the mirror control hole. https://mustangmarket.net/Mustang/1964-1973 Mustang/1970 Mustang/1970 Mustang Door Panels/1970 Mustang Deluxe Mach 1 Door Panels.htm
  4. I think it stops where it is if stopped on the way up. And goes to park if stopped on the way down.
  5. 351W RPM top end kit, Air-Gap, running a flat base and a 2" K/N filter. Also TCP engine mounts.
  6. Bingo! I do have a fairly complete history of the car, as I came in contact with a PO and got a lot of info. There are a few holes, but the car had an interesting life, like most of these cars had. They was meant to be driven, and they were driven!
  7. I know the car had an accident crashing in a highway off-ramp divider in the early '90s, so who knows. But it doesn't look like it had a hard life. The car is mint underneath. The cracks was in the sheet metal, not the actual shock mounts. I think this is just the softness of the SportsRoof chassis. The air shock theory is interesting to me. These cracks were in the car when I got it (2004), and they looked like scissor cuts more than anything. Looked to me like something that has been made over time. I think a sudden impact would have left a more drastic clues, or at least other damages to the area around it. In this picture, I had scraped the under coating, and pressure washed it. It was clean as can be. Can even see the assembly line dolly mounting marks at the rear. I added the subframe connectors in 2005, so the cracks was there before I did that.
  8. The Map light / glove box light and the clock has it's own wire harness. All you need to do is power that harness and connect the glove box door switch. It then all should function as stock. The Map light will light when the glove box door is opened.
  9. It's a color called Rojo Delhi Effect. It is from SEAT, a spanish car manufacturer in the Volkswagen Group.
  10. The hooks are fastened on the embossment at front. There are also rear coat hangers just behind the shoulder belt bolt. Click on the picture to get fullsize.
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