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  1. Drain the oil and see. You'll need to do that anyway when breaking in a cam.
  2. I've posted this before, yes. So best case, Corvex is hit-and-miss quality ?
  3. These POS are Corvex. Threw them away, and got original ones from e-bay. They need a little polish work, but they fit perfectly.
  4. Mike65, I'd use the tach gray wire from the Pertronix box., and connect to the AAW white #121. The Pertronix manual you linked states: This is also how I wired my tach to the Crane HI6 iginition box I have. But I haven't run it yet, so I can't verify, but I don't see how it could be wrong.
  5. Just as jmlay and cavboy78 is saying, they are only used on '70. There's a difference in the firewall between the year models.
  6. NPD sells a T-56 spec crossmember. https://www.npdlink.com/product/crossmember-transmission-custom-tall-version-is-made-to/199428/202467 I used it in my conversion, it builds quita a bit, but I managed to use the concole. Got some pictures in my buildtread.
  7. It's pretty straight forward, the Wilwood kits come with all you need, except the brake lines. You'll have to order them also. I also got me some safety wire when I did mine. https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/mor-62280/overview/ You'll have to assemble everything, pack the bearings and such. Baer cost a little bit more, but come assembled, with the brake lines.
  8. I think they're painted. The correct paint for 1970 is PPG DDL 9381. https://www.npdlink.com/product/stencil-kit-hood-stripe-mach-1/102576/209626
  9. Great find, looks like a solid car. I look forward to follow you here and on insta! Greetings from across the border.
  10. The silver is a '69, the other one is hard to identify by the pictures. Refrence: https://www.mustangsteve.com/msfaqbrakepedals.html
  11. The Flow through ventilation has one more upside. At high speeds, air is forced into the cabin. This makes the car unstable, because all that air can't get out of the cabin. This is why the early Shelbys, have the lowered top rear window. It ha a vent in it to let that air flow thru, and keep the car stable. The Flow through ventilation does the same job. on a '69 you'd have to open the rear vent windows to get the same effect.
  12. The Retro Sound "San Diego" model has DAB radio. Here in Norway, it is the only choice, since the FM radio net has been shut off.
  13. The speaker cannot be deeper than the seam in the bottom of the door. I just can't remember that measurement.
  14. Nice car, love the color! 1970 came with a tan deluxe interior color. The only difference in the panel is the mirror control hole. https://mustangmarket.net/Mustang/1964-1973 Mustang/1970 Mustang/1970 Mustang Door Panels/1970 Mustang Deluxe Mach 1 Door Panels.htm
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