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  1. This is the one we're talking about. My car had seat belt warning that was plugged into this.
  2. PO is "Prove Out" which is a systems test. It's when the key is turned to the left from center. I don't know if that connector is live when ignition is on. @Midlife would know. Edit: I don't see why you cant use the yellow connector under the dash. I said light just as an example. It can be used for anything. I's just a 12v source.
  3. Here are two links you can read. If your car didn't come with a tach, you don't have an tach output, and need to make it: http://www.boss302.com/tach.htm This was done to my old harness, which is out of the car now, so let me know if you need any pictures. Also if you get an MSD or FAST ignition box or equalent, they will have tach outputs. Sun Tach discussion on Stangnet: https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/tach-wiring-questions.512040/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_IM8ZpAXhSH3qaefKE7xy48PrEtLEgEmBK0rYRBu2QVM-1632508608-0-gqNtZGzNAlCjcnBszQjl
  4. There should be a 3-way female bullet connector under there with a yellow jacket. It can be used for auxillary equipment. But I doubt a tach can get a reading from it, but it can power the lights in the instrument.
  5. Do not cut it flush! Keep it long, and trim it next year if you can. Use a steamer to form the carpet.
  6. Those looks like Hedman longtubes, but the collector seems to short, comparing to my Hedmans. I've only seen the loose collector ring on Hedman, which is a feature I like a lot. I got mine recoated with thermal coating. So yours looks savable to me.
  7. Good to see they got 14" rotors now for the Mustang spindle. They only had the 12.88" before. At least with the Superlite caliper.
  8. I have the Total Control Products front coil overs, rear coilovers with watts link and a torque arm and their power rack and pinion. I also have their subframe connectors and motor mounts. Pros: Installs easily, not much modification needed, but the subframe connectors needs to be welded in. Same goes for the rear suspension mounting. Rack is very high quality, Woodward internals. No issiues with clearing headers etc. Front suspension uses stock mounting locations. Cons: Still uses the '69 or '70 spindles, so you're limited on your brake choice. Only Baer has a big brake kit for those spindles. I've had problems with the shock absorbers, as they do not have dust boots. Sand and road dirt ruins the seal after a while. Norway weather is not California weather.
  9. What the F... Progress?? First time powering up the AAW harness. Got head lights, tail lights, horn, heater fan, radio, interior lights and voltmeter working. Hazards only work with parking lights, so there is some gremlins yet. I have a lot of grounds to go over. But it's huge for me to finally be able to power up stuff. It's been over a year since the last update, and I have been doing stuff, but I never did feel it was enough to make a post about. Still there is work to be done on the harness, but a big step was made today.
  10. Ey! Check yo inbox Mid!
  11. I have it. Can you post a picture of your problem? I remember the shocks hitting my sway bar, not the UCAs when I installed them.
  12. Go for the TCP Rack and Pinon. Woodward internals, clears long tube headers. It's a truly bolt-in deal. You need not modify a single part on the car, but you'll not get a great result with a factory Ford PS pump. The KRC pump that they sell is excellent The flow valves i n the pump can be swapped out for tuning.. Going for their manual rack and an electric assist steering column might also be a option.
  13. Awesome story Caseyrhe! The car turned out great!
  14. Welcome! Looks like a solid project.
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