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  1. Got this one aso. Click on it for high-res.
  2. I got this picture, but it is without measurements. But you can at least feel for the embossment that they are on.
  3. Same handle as here on 69stang. So flickr.com/fvike. I have a SportsRoof tho..
  4. I'm a bit embarrassed that it's been 16 months since my last post. A lot have happened since then, but not so much with the Mustang. But there is some progress. In October last year I became a father for the second time, so now I got two boys that keeps me away from the garage. It's how it goes. With the Mustang, I've been chipping away at the ole' block that is the wireing harness. It's just that when I'm away from it a while, I kinda gotta start from scratch the next time to get the overview. Anyway, here's some pictures. Programmed the instrument panel contact Placed the Autocoolguy fan controller behind the drivers headlight splash shield. Mounted the fenders and headlight buckets to get the placement of them for the headlight wireing. Also did the blackout on the part of the headlight buckets which is behind the grille. I've done some more minor stuff too, bet not everything is photographed. I hope to move forward at a steadier pace than what I have been.
  5. I use Flickr. I think the first 1000 pics are free. After that you gotta pay a annual fee, but it isn't much.
  6. The impact was on the passenger side. But I can't remember what side had the bigger crease.
  7. My car had those, and I suppose they are from my crash. I never had the fenders off prior to the crash, so I cannot know for sure. But the right frame rail was bent. Anyway, I decided to add Boss 429 reinforcements to strengthen it.
  8. I used Dynamat, with the 1/4" Dynaliner on top. Same for the roof. On the floors I'm using the 1/8" Dynaliner ontop the Dynamat. Not driven the car yet, but No doubt it's going to be a lot quieter inside.
  9. Great find, seems solid. Welcome to the site!
  10. They have them at NPD too.. https://www.npdlink.com/1965-1973-mustang/body-exterior/body-parts-and-sheet-metal/radiator-support/custom-details?year=1969
  11. Drain the oil and see. You'll need to do that anyway when breaking in a cam.
  12. I've posted this before, yes. So best case, Corvex is hit-and-miss quality ?
  13. These POS are Corvex. Threw them away, and got original ones from e-bay. They need a little polish work, but they fit perfectly.
  14. Mike65, I'd use the tach gray wire from the Pertronix box., and connect to the AAW white #121. The Pertronix manual you linked states: This is also how I wired my tach to the Crane HI6 iginition box I have. But I haven't run it yet, so I can't verify, but I don't see how it could be wrong.
  15. Just as jmlay and cavboy78 is saying, they are only used on '70. There's a difference in the firewall between the year models.
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