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  1. I used an iDidIt column to get tilt function in my '69. I connected it to a joint and got rid of the rag joint. No road time yet but it went together fine with a half shell bushing that adapted from the slightly narrower tilt column to the stock firewall bracket. I would imagine they would have a similar column for your '70. Nate
  2. What about using a stand-alone aftermarket transmission controller al la https://www.usshift.com/usq6.shtml?
  3. What if I don't have AC and want speakers in the vent holes? What's the problem, beyond general lack of ventilation? I could just crack the windows and solve any problems, right? I am worried a bit about defrost function without AC to dry the air... Nate
  4. I too went with a StreetOrTrack front setup. Tubular control arms, coil-over shocks, strut rods. I did the Shelby arm drop too. I'm running a stock-style steering system with a Flaming River box, stock power steering and stock pump. I might modify the stock PS setup with an adjustable valve to lessen the assist and may replace the pump with a serpentine style to fit the Foxbody bracket setup I'm wanting to run. I'll second the commendations on Shaun's customer service. Stock style larger sway bar, urethane bushings. I'm running MustangSteve Cobra brackets on 70+ drum spindles and 94-04 stock Cobra calipers and rotors front and rear. Rear brackets are from Currie and are "clockable" IIRC. Manual disc/disc master cylinder that Shaun hooked me up with. I might end up switching to a boosted master cylinder but want to try manual first. Braided universal flex lines, new stainless prebent lines for the hardlines. You were specifically asking about front suspension but for the rear I'll be running a Fays2 Watts link, shocks from Shaun to match the fronts and Flex-A-Form composite leafs with rubber eye bushings. Goal is firm but not harsh. If it's harsh, I'll get over it. :-) Someone mentioned John at Opentrackerracing. John is good people too. I've recently used his shock tower bracing kit and several other weld-on bracing pieces. My frame guy hacked the install job so I have some cleanup welding to do to make it as pretty as I'd like but the parts themselves were great and service was good too. I should hasten to add that I don't have any road time with my front setup so my arrangement is untested. Given the positive feedback on the SoT parts I've heard, I'm fairly confident I'l like that I've got.
  5. Ah, pictures are a beautiful think, Vic. I scored an AAW harness a couple weeks ago on eBay for about $300 cheaper so I'm itching to get cracking on the install. Want to sell me that used up ol' Dakota cluster so you can get the shiny new RTX version? :) /nate
  6. Meh, I think I like the VHX and HDX better. I think you guys that installed the VHX cluster should upgrade. I'll buy your old, out-dated VHX cluster from you. :)
  7. I thought I'd sold this thing a long time ago but I found it when we unpacked from the move. Good condition. Removed to install a tunnel mounted lever.
  8. Looks good. What size are the gauges relative to the originals? Diameter of speedo face new vs. old? Inching closer. Shopping an AAW harness at the moment but gauges won't be far behind. Leaning pretty strongly towards the VHX in black and white like yours. Hoping to drop a bunch of money here shortly and finish getting the big parts - composite leafs, wiring harness, gauges, headlight and tail light upgrades, hydraulic clutch system, mufflers, etc. Been too long since I made any significant progress and the wife wants it driving by next October.
  9. Really? Gonna brag about the install and not post any pictures? Photos, Nick, or it never happened. ;)
  10. I want to see it starring in some of those awesome drifting videos you guys put out on YouTube.
  11. Researching my own eventual installation of a PCV valve...probably going to use the adjustable one. The Fox Mustangs had it mounted at the back of the intake with a line running out to a valve cover. I planned to put an adjustable valve in that spot, and run the intake line to either (or even both) valve covers with a catch can in between possibly if oil pickup seems like a problem.
  12. Over the years...very slow progress. Lots of life lived between infrequent time spent on the Mustang.
  13. I realized I didn't have a project page and I wanted to share my most recent updates. I'll backfill detail on this 21 year saga later on. Car started at a 302, 2 barrel, C4 automatic, Grande package coupe and has morphed into a resto-mod. Car was on the road for a couple months back in late 1998 before I wrecked it power sliding in some gravel (yeah, I know...stupid. I was 18 at the time, gimme a break.). I had put long tube headers, turbo mufflers, MSD ignition and a crappy cast iron 4 barrel intake with a rebuilt and probably poorly-tuned Holley on it. It was fun though. May 2019: Every decade or so I spend a pile of money on this project. This time it's about $2K in shop time and welding to have the MustangsToFear front lower crossmember, TCP subframe system, Opentracker shock tower reinforcement kit and Opentracker export brace reinforcement piece installed. Shop says it'll be ready today sometime so I'll be hauling it home Saturday morning first thing. Plan is to get it home, start fitting the serpentine belt system to the motor, finish mounting the radiator, decide on body-side wiring harness, etc. Once the drivetrain gets dropped back in, I'll need to order new leaf springs and then measure for a driveshaft once ride height is set. Budget is hosed for a bit so the wiring harness, Modern Driveline hydraulic clutch kit, Flex-a-Form composite leafs, new driveshaft, etc. will all have to wait. Current list of parts I've accumulated over the years: Miere 1 piece export brace TCP subframe connector system Opentracker engine cross member, shock tower bracing, export brace reinforcement plate MustangsToFear lower crossmember StreetOrTrack tubular coilover front suspension Flaming River PS box Fays2 watts link Painless EFI standalone engine harness A9L EEC-IV Aftermarket universal aluminum radiator 331 stroker - low mile used. Fordstroker-built Tremec 3550 2003 Mach1 17x8 wheels Planned: Moates Quarterhorse chip, laptop tuned. Flex-a-Form composite single-leaf rear springs with rubber bushings Driveshaft - probably aluminum (Explorer, Crown Vic, Fox, SN95...?) New body wiring harness - researching options now. Leaning AAW. Modern Driveline hydraulic clutch system Possible HCI upgrade on 331...leaning TFS 11R 190 heads, Ed Curtis cam Replacement heater-only heaterbox and electronic controls - keep it simple but revised and updated. Probably VintageAir. New gauges - leaning Dakota Digital VHX. I'm forgetting something I'm sure. Nate Apex, NC
  14. https://www.good-guys.com/ncn-2019 Who is going and what day(s)? I’m not on the road yet but I’d love to link up with y’all locals and chew the fat. I’ll probably have my 6yo son and a couple nephews tagging along and it’s looking like Saturday after noon is when I’ll be there. Nate
  15. I'm running Ford OEM '03 Mach1 wheels myself. Looks like loads of room left. Front suspension is SorT coilovers, rear (will be) dropped composite leafs with a Fays2 watts link. Goal will be about 2" of drop, even front and rear. Not on the road yet...
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