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  1. stangman69

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    Vic - Any issues with the offset differential? Nate
  2. stangman69

    Completed some oil pans

    Nice work!
  3. stangman69

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    Just seems like a lot of work to save a couple bucks going Explorer vs. Mustang. I'd like to swap out the 8" open 2.79 in my car right now and started pricing out upgraded axles and gears and a locker and came to serious money...cheaper to go with a Fox 8.8.
  4. stangman69

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    Don’t hate on me for reviving an older thread. I can’t quite find what I’m after as I research swapping my worn, open 2.79 8” for a modern 8.8. Why use the Explorer in the first place given the other options for 8.8? Fox Mustang, Ranger, etc... I see a built 8.8 from a 93 Fox for sale nearby for $650. 3.73, post of some sort, 5 lug swap, girdle, etc. Comes with a spare set of 3.55 gears to boot. Add leaf perches and I figure it’ll be a bolt in on a ‘69. I’ll be buying a new driveshaft anyway. Axles from Currie alone are about $400. Plus gears and a locker and bearings/seals, etc.
  5. stangman69

    Major Forum Technical Issues (Pictures)

    Per bswor on Feb 2: “Due to bandwidth issues the gallery has been disabled. Please find other hosting options for your images. If you need to get your images from the gallery let me know and I can re-enable it for a few days so you can download them and move them elsewhere.” Vic and others - Are you able to download the images and move them elsewhere? Nate
  6. stangman69

    Funny, but not really...

    Even better...acorns are flammable. Pour gas on the hood, burn the acorn out and reinstall the hood. I know, I'm a genius. Seriously though, that sounds super annoying and would drive me up a wall.
  7. stangman69

    PCV Valve Plumbing Questions

    Wouldn't you want to pipe it from valve cover to PCV valve to air / oil separator to intake vacuum? That Wagner adjustable PCV valve looks like a slick little gizmo. Anybody ever use one? I was planning to duplicate the factory Fox Mustang setup except add in an adjustable PCV valve and an oil / air separator to keep the intake and incoming air as clean as possible.
  8. stangman69

    Mustangs to Fear Gauge Bezel Question

    Here's the Speedhut gauge I'd like to use...3 3/8" dual...I modified by scratching out using MS Paint to delete some of the numbers in between ( I left the hash mark, just blacked out the number) and I'd probably see if Speedhut could accomplish this. I like the way the information fills out the gauge a little better than other versions I've seen. Here's a set of New Vintage gauges that the guy set into a flat panel temporarily. I ran into him at a "cars and coffee" show a year or two back in Apex, NC. Dark red '69 coupe. Guy was also into VWs. Think his name was Mike...anybody know him?
  9. stangman69

    Mustangs to Fear Gauge Bezel Question

    Rich - I see your point about the dual gauges being potentially harder to see. I like the Speedhut dual gauge version (The "GR- series iircc) better than the Dakota Digital. Speedhuts version fills the face of the gauge in better, Dakota's has too much empty space, imho. Autometer makes a dual gauge that isn't bad but I still like the Speedhut version better. Cavboy78 - Sharp looking setup. What size are those gauges again? 4.5" and 2 1/16"?
  10. stangman69

    Sub-frame connectors

    I've got the TCP system - subframe connectors and the bolt-in X brace - waiting to go into my '69 coupe. I like the design a lot. I'm saving pennies to take it to the frame shop for squaring up and installation of the subframe connector system, plus I'm going to order the MTF front subframe assembly and Opentracker Racing shock tower bracing kit and the below engine cross member too and get them all installed while it's on the frame rack.
  11. stangman69

    Mustangs to Fear Gauge Bezel Question

    Just thinking out loud here... For those of you that have the MTF or similar 6 gauge clusters, do you find it easy to read? It strikes me as a bit busy but that's just my opinion. I like the look of the 4 gauge clusters but with custom gauges. Maybe 5" speedo/tach and 3 3/8" dual purpose gauges like the Dakota Digital setup. One thing I don't like so much about the Dakota setup is it seems like in pictures that the gauges are a little small. I'm leaning toward using the factory housing and putting custom Speedhut gauges into it. 4.5 - 5" speedo/tach and 3 3/8" - 4" dual purpose gauges (volts / fuel and oil pressure / water temp) in it. Pricepoint is $800+ though which puts me back to the Dakota Digital option... Something else I'm uncertain about is how far the gauge sits back inside the housing. I think I'd prefer the gauge face be closer to the front and not buried like the stock set up is. Thoughts?
  12. stangman69

    FS - E-Brake pedal assembly - $75 OBO

    BTTT Stumbled across it still sitting on my shelf...
  13. Got a bunch of other EFI stuff if anyone is interested: Explorer intake in excellent condition 24# Ford injectors that look new 75mm Accufab throttle body PCM harness from Fox
  14. Vic - These are standard eye springs. I'll include the 1" billet lowering blocks if you're interested. PM me a number if you'd like to discuss. Nate