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  1. I was just debating if I should get one for my 69 block 408w. I read some stuff on cap walking and got worried. I won't go past 6500 I was told it will be close to 600 with all my parts but I'll see. I even considered selling my brand new shortblock and getting a 408w with a dart shp block from Fordstrokers but I'll rather use it and see how long it lasts instead of taking a loss. I have a decent block, decent neutral rotating assembly and a decent builder. I just worry too much I saw some people get lucky and some don't with or without girdles
  2. Yeah that would be great! A few of us call making a cash offer at full asking price around it but only for that specific mustang. Then when the say its gone we hang up
  3. I used something like that to determine what ratio I wanted for my for my 3rd member. I don't remember what the rpm's were exactly but I was happy with them. Thanks for sharing that Vicfreg
  4. I have so much to learn......thanks for that Rollercoaster of emotions ha ha ha
  5. I have the flexplate sitting in a box. Haven't gotten to it yet.
  6. Ah what? I guess I'll need a different converter. The one I have is a 3500 I believe....I need to verify now. No way in hell I'll be cruising at 3500rpm If I need a new converter and still need to buy a baumann controller...... I might just buy a manual trans. A converter is like 500+ right? The baumann is about 1k. Damn I'm supposed to finally install my coilover system/3-link today or tomorrow since I'm off and the next step was to remove the coilover/3-link then apply the undercoating then reinstall and install/plumb my brakes. I'm not ready to install the engine trans anytime soon so I have some time to decide and figure out the trans now. Only reason I was doing the 4r70w is so my dad and wife can drive it for a bit then later I was converting to manual for my pleasure
  7. A 1" bore master. I asked if he can give me advice on how to set the bias and he basically told me every car is different and gave me a list of the master cylinders he sells..... Yeah... Well I ordered a wilwood tandem but the dual remote reservoir and adj porpotional valve kit. I like it because it has the pushrod already and lines from the master to the porpotional valve. I just learned that the tandem feature makes it two independent systems. I didn't know that. That sold me I just didn't care for the oem style that needs to be opened to view how much fluid you have.
  8. I need to order a 1" master cylinder. I was planning on getting the ranger and explorer master cylinders like @Vicfregbut then I realized he chose those because of his booster. I would rather buy one with a clear reservoir instead of the original type that you remove the whole top. But what's better? As for the porpotional valve, is the wilwood the best option? I would rather order this stuff now instead of when I need it. Thanks guys
  9. I don't know for sure but i believe the only dot approved would be sealed beam lights.
  10. Hey man are your headlights 6k? I was looking for some 4300k but only see 6000k
  11. I plan to purchase the same lights as rwcstang. The lenses are clear because if they were frosted the glare would be much worse to on coming drivers and reduce light output.
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