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  1. Thanks. I can't like a post for some reason...
  2. I like this one. Any chance you can post a picture with the door open?
  3. When that guy told me it's completely original, he's got the title and it runs I juts told him "ok, thanks"
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1345676976284968/?mibextid=dXMIcH All original and it's a bargain at $30k! @RPM
  5. Wow! Wasn't expecting to hear that
  6. The kern river going through Bakersfield actually has water in it now.
  7. You know I'm going to bug you to help me dial in my carb right? Hahaha
  8. Better late than never..... RPM gave me the idea for the U nuts. Drill holes in the shroud to mount them with washers.
  9. Any chance you can post a picture of how you mounted the fans? I plan to do this now and would love some ideas I couldn't decide on how to run my wiring but since I figured that out, I want to mount the fans and wire them up. Thanks man
  10. Only 1 day late this time for me to reply..... I'm getting better! I would consider the voltage drop normal because at idle the alternator puts out little amperage. I have a 140 amp alt from CVF that I bought with my pulley system. Do you have the same one? Glad to hear that the fans could control the temps that low. Side story.....I had a custom 300 amp hairpin alternator for some car audio set up I had and the car I had it on would idle low while in drive if it was in drive. Well, the alternator needed another 100 rpm's to "turn on" and while idling at red lights my voltage would drop to mid to low 12's. I wasn't happy with that $700 alternator
  11. I'm definitely still learning but aren't those temps too low? What's the thermostat temp you have? I forgot to check back sooner...
  12. I'm glad you started this thread, I have been wondering the same thing on how to mount the same fans to my ACP radiator. Also, since we have the same guages/fan controller this info is gold to me!
  13. I'm looking for one in great condition. No cracks or broken tabs. Thanks guys
  14. When I got into my shock towers I saw no cracks. After I made my kit that Rsanter doesn't like and welded the plates in a few cracks appeared. I'm doing a hot rod so I V grinded them and welded them in. I haven't driven my car yet but I'm sure they'll be fine
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