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  1. People that have a used it said they like it. I haven't ran my engine yet but I'm close. It definitely has its benefits over a normal distributor. I really like that you can adjust the timing on your phone, the security feature , selecting different maps and no ignition box required It's a Victor jr intake
  2. I did this on Friday when I was feeling better but fit the radiator and bracket Saturday morning. I was out of town all day yesterday
  3. Painted my upper radiator support and installed my victor jr intake. Lots of acetone used, many rags and time. I tried my best. I'll see how good I did when I finally fire it up. I couldn't open my fancy distributor because of my temp sensor port so I filed it down a bit
  4. This reminds me of my first time experiencing brake fade on public streets..... great idea on the canister
  5. Thanks. I can't like a post for some reason...
  6. I like this one. Any chance you can post a picture with the door open?
  7. It was about $120 in parts and materials but I doubt you can find a better made MC bar A living legend that goes by the name "revolutions per minute" on forums.... oh yeah... it was you!
  8. Thank you for sharing. I'll need one when I change over to a tkx
  9. I have a Ron Morris controller I planned to use then one I got the Dakota rtx I saw it was available and the phone programming like you said sold me!
  10. It's been a long while since I've posted a update but a good friend made my MC bar recently and I finished my plug wires just now. The msd ones I had on were rubbing against the shock towers. Next I run my starter solenoid and power line then wire up the contour fans. Just a single 10ga power wire to each from my relays inside controlled by my Dakota controller and I'll ground them to the frame or something. Then I'll start hiding all the wires with my flame retardant wire loom and make it look nicer. Almost.....
  11. When that guy told me it's completely original, he's got the title and it runs I juts told him "ok, thanks"
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1345676976284968/?mibextid=dXMIcH All original and it's a bargain at $30k! @RPM
  13. Wow! Wasn't expecting to hear that
  14. The kern river going through Bakersfield actually has water in it now.
  15. You know I'm going to bug you to help me dial in my carb right? Hahaha
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