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  1. When I got into my shock towers I saw no cracks. After I made my kit that Rsanter doesn't like and welded the plates in a few cracks appeared. I'm doing a hot rod so I V grinded them and welded them in. I haven't driven my car yet but I'm sure they'll be fine
  2. Not mine.... it's a PTC 10" and it only has threaded holes on it. I looked it up before and it's a decent brand. It came with the 4r70w I bought used. I guess the guy either removed the studs or it had bolts. I was measuring for the bolts last night and my converter has 3/4" max available depth so I'm looking for 7/16" 3/4"-20 with some thick locking washers or studs with the nuts I guess. My flexplate has 1" max available depth with it mounted and it has the same thread pitch as the converter so 7/16" 1"-20 with thick locking washers. For the bellhousing, I need 2.25" length bolts and don't see packs of 6..... whatever. Always something
  3. Oh crap, thats some bad luck. luckily you have the knowledge.
  4. Fantastic news! I'll add the bolts to my order. Thanks Bob
  5. I bolted up my flexplate with the block plate and I inserted my torque converter all the way into the trans (3 steps). I bolted up my 4r70w to my 351w and I can slide the torque converter roughly 3/16" (0.1975) from its seated position against the trans to the flexplate. Is that enough space or do I need to space it out more? Super stoked I'm finally at this step! I'm going to order some bellhousing bolts, flexplate bolts and bolts for the torque converter to flexplate then I can give the final assembly. I know arp bolts are nice and strong but do I really need all of these in arp? Just curious
  6. Why did you rebuild it? I thought you sorted out the problems? Did you bore it out more or just hit it with the dingleberry tool on the walls? Makes me wonder if I should look into a explorer driveshaft too..... What year, model, and other stuff should I look for? Pick a part here has never really been any good to me but I've never looked for ford parts either
  7. Damn that's a big shaft...... hahaha My goal on this car was to have a almost bullet proof drivetrain so I'll look into the 3.5"
  8. Hey Bob how are you doing? I was exhausted from my job yesterday and had company when I got home so i didn't check. I should be able to today though. Where did you say you got your driveshaft made? Somewhere up north right? I went with some Falken Azenis 615K+ tires so I should have decent grip but yeah, I know what you mean about the slicks
  9. Do you guys think a 3" aluminum driveshaft is strong enough or should I look for a 3.5"? My engine dynoed at 514lb-ft I haven't checked the yolk size on my trans yet. If it's not a 1350 I wanted to switch to one. It should be already..... It's supposed to be built but I have no way to verify. 4r70w bought used a few years back. Big gamble but I wasn't thinking straight at the moment
  10. I was thinking I might get a response like that.... I just didn't know if some oem driveshafts can withstand enough and more. I see a lot of people mention they used a explorer driveshaft with success. But yeah, I guess a custom driveshaft it is. I was looking at one from "street or track" for $350 plus shipping He told me he hasn't had one fail and they have been on more powerful engines than mine. I was looking at one from Dennys driveshaft but they are more than double. I haven't looked around locally
  11. Hey guys, I'm about to get my engine back and then I can measure for my required driveshaft finally. Are there any oem driveshafts that can handle a 408w or do I need to go custom? My engine guy didn't tell me the power it made since I'm supposed to go tomorrow or the next day to pick it up and then he'll run it and show me what it makes but he did say its over 550hp I have a strange 9" with a 1350 end and I haven't measured my 4r70w. I don't know if the end has been upgraded or if it can be. I'll measure that later today when I leave my job if I can remember. The driveshaft I was looking at now would cost me close to 500 after shipping and it's custom so it will already have the proper ends but if I can save a little then I'll try. I wish it was just a simple, ok with this trans and rear end you need a driveshaft x in length instead of having to measure.... Thanks guys.
  12. I have always used welding cables, heat shrink with the glue inside and a hydraulic crimper. Kits are nice but much better wires with welding cables
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