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  1. That is good information that I had not thought of. My battery is trunk mounted as well. Will be looking into the buck-boost. Thank you.
  2. Cool, thanks for the information. Appreciate your help.
  3. That sounds great. If you don't mind me asking, what engine do you have it on? What was the most difficult part of the installation? Is there anything (02 sensor) I should look out for or expect to upgrade? By any chance are you using the sump? Thank you for your reply.
  4. Thanks, a larger tank is attractive too. Believe its 22 gallons.
  5. Thanks, I was planning on using the Edelbrock sump. Basically, I believe, the existing mechanical fuel pump fills a resivor in the sump where a high pressure electric fuel pump is located. Keeps me from having to replace or modify the existing fuel tank. YouTube https://m.youtube.com · Edelbrock ... Edelbrock Universal Fuel Sump Kit - YouTube
  6. Hello I have come seeking information. I have a 69 Ford Mustang that I have rebuilt the 351cid engine, punched out .20 over. I currently have the Eldelbrock performer RPM heads part 60259. I am using the Edelbrock performer RPM camshaft kit 7182. My question is the Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 XT EFI Kit the correct kit for my engine? I would also like to use the Edelbrock 36032 fuel sump for delivery. Have any of you got the same basic set up using these parts? Do you have any advice or warnings that I should know or anything else I will need to buy to complete this installation? Thanks
  7. Hello and welcome to me, I am a proud owner of a 1969 Mustang Sports roof that has been modified from stock. I had a 69 Mustang while I was in high school and kept and worked on it for 10 yrs (was a decent car). However, the new wife and new kids coming along, plus the stoppage of selling leaded premium 110 octane fuel in California (where I was stationed at the time) caused me to sell my baby. Now years later with my last child leaving the nest I have another 69 in the Garage! I spent more money on this one but most of the heavy lifting was already completed when I bought it. Some of the things I have done to the car in the last 12 mo are. Complete engine rebuild of the 351W. Boar was punched out .20 over, new pistons, polished crank, Balanced, Edelbrock RPM top end kit complete with Cam, heads, rockers, etc... Uni Steer power rack and pinion steering system installed 15" stock magnum looking rims (wider in the rear) with the ole BF Goodrich TA's. Going for the Mach 1 look a like so added stripes painted hood and put window louvers, gas cap, etc. Wilwood power disc brakes front and rear. Aftermarket gauges and gauge package. Aftermarket Air Conditioning I have done more but you get the idea. Here are the future mods I am currently gathering parts for. Switching the FMX for a beefed up T5z from Ford Racing. Interior front seats upgrade with new aftermarket seats, my car did not have the fold down seat I plan on correcting that. Killer stereo system/ alarm Here are some pics of the car, I hesitate to show the "before" pics as the car looks very good and I am sure I will get some grief for messing with it, but please consider that my upgrades are still under construction and when I am done and post side by side pics the criticism will be better appreciated. lol
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