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  1. Mountaineerfan

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Had the day off yesterday, so my son and I spent the day getting the car on the road! This is the vert that we just received back from the paint shop, and so have been putting it back together. Today we installed 4 new KYB Gas-A-Just shocks. Got them from Rock Auto. As we were installing the first front shock, one of the mounting studs on the bottom snapped off!! So we called around to three different shops in our area and found Pep Boys had one in stock. It was more than twice what I paid for one on Rock Auto, but we had to get it. Expensive lesson. We then installed the seats, center console, and steering wheel. We haven't put the interior quarter panels in yet or the door panels, as we are still working on those. Once all of that was finished, we hit the road! Man, did it feel good to drive her again after a year of being painted! The shocks did AMAZING! The car has a lot more pickup (I barked the tires several times, which it was unable to do before!), and is SMOOOOTH! No more holding on for dear life when turning or going over bumps! I'm attaching a few pics my son took. We still have work to do, but yesterday was a great day!
  2. Mountaineerfan

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Dash is installed, and started installing sound deadener/insulation. Ran out of adhesive, so the backseat areA will wait until another day.
  3. Mountaineerfan

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    How did you get the vents out? I currently am replacing the dash pad, and figured I should do this while the pad is off.
  4. Mountaineerfan

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Thanks to everyone’s help on here, I have the instrument cluster installed. I hope to goodness the speedo cable is hooked properly. That is much harder to install than it should be. The dash is a repro, and it is just sitting there because I was checking fit. Still have things to finish in there before closing her up. But I’m happy!
  5. Mountaineerfan

    AC vent rebuild

    How do you remove the vents from the dash?
  6. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    So I bought a new headlamp switch and that fixed the dash light problems. Still no turn signal lights, but I think that may be an issue with the flasher relay. Thanks for everyone's help! I'm excited to get the interior back together. I'll keep you all informed! Love this site!
  7. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Interestingly, I get no continuity across any of the bulbs when I test (see pic). Even on the two that are confirmed to be working. I removed the headlight switch, and had continuity from the switch to the circuit board, so the fuse and wiring seem good in the dash. I was unable to get continuity in the switch itself for instrument lights, but everything else seemed good, so I’ll try a new switch. I tried turn signal, and still no lights. I turned the light sockets 180 def and still no light. I’m getting frustrated, but hopefully the new switch will help!
  8. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Success! -ish. Gauges are working, high beam lamp comes on, and parking brake light comes on. Still no dash lights or turn signals. I put in LEDs, but what are the chances I have ALL of them installed backwards?
  9. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    I took it apart. As I replaced nuts on gauges, I tested each post with a wire on the chassis, and a wire on the post. Never moved the needle. As I placed each bulb, I would recheck the posts. Nothing. I bolt the car on. Still no reading. I snap the board to the CVR, and all of a sudden I get readings of about 4.15 on each post. I’ve included some pics. The CVR bolts directly to the chassis with the circuit board under it. Thanks again for any help!
  10. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Should there be a cardboard insulator under the light bulbs?
  11. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Are you talking about the bolt holding the regulator on? There is no cardboard there between the board and the chassis. Should there be? None of the gauges are working What readings should I get when using the multimeter. Sorry if I sound foolish, I really thought the board swap/LED install would be easy.... Unfortunately I cannot get my interior reinstalled until the cluster works!
  12. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Insulators are there, so that’s good! I’m still chasing the gremlins. Fuses are good, switch is new, voltage regulator is new, board is new. Thanks for all the advice! I’ll keep asking questions as I eliminate problems!
  13. Mountaineerfan

    Odd Parking Light Behavior

    Probably a wise guess (the pinched wire. Possession still possible). When the shop reconnected the lights, they had not connected one of the low beams at all, and had not connected the ground wires from the harness at all. I'll chase the wires for that parking light and see what I find. I haven't pulled the driver's bulb yet to see if it is blown or disconnected.
  14. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Do the insulators go under the board, or between the board and the nut? What do they look like?
  15. Mountaineerfan

    Yet another circuit board question....

    Not sure about the cardboard insulators. I'll check when I get home. I've switched to LED bulbs, and the switch is new.