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  1. Where did you connect that yellow battery cable? I don't want to run it through the firewall if I don't have to....
  2. Hey, folks! I find myself with a little extra bonus cash that is being earmarked for the car, so I'm curious as to what you all would choose to attack first: I want to do the window conversion from 69 to 70 (new glass, chrome, weatherstripping, mounts). Glue-In glass will be the death of me. I would like to change out the dual exhaust mufflers to get rid of the drone (and rattle) of the old worn out ones. Those are the two big things. I have the car running nicely, and would like to do both things. What would you do first?
  3. I'm looking at doing the same thing. PO cut the wires instead of disconnecting them from the AM radio. I want the original AM in the dash, and am not worried about it working. What I need to know is how to rewire the light to come on the radio when the headlights are on. I would like that to work! Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I didn't think there would be a huge difference, but wanted to make sure.
  5. I'm adjusting my Motorcraft 2100 that I just rebuilt. Looking at the specs page of the shop manual, it says that the carb I should have (302 auto) is a C9AF-A. I assume that sometime in the past 50 years the carb has been replaced, as the ID tag reads "D4PE-EC." Is there a big difference between these carbs? Can I use the settings for the float that are given in the shop manual for this carb?
  6. Looks familiar! That should be Acapulco Blue!
  7. Thanks! I wondered if there was some type of foam up there. So removing the interior trim first is the key?
  8. I have a leak under the chrome trim pieces that run along the top of the window on my convertible. It's not leaking at the window, it's coming under the trim and dripping through the screw holes of the sunvisor clip and at the sunvisor mounts. I feel that the pieces were not reinstalled correctly by the PO and want to take them off, seal up what I can, and replace them without destroying them. All of the instructions I have found say "carefully remove the trim." OK, so how? Pictures would be helpful! Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately not! It’s for the main window, the roller on the end of the regulator that slides in the drive channel.
  10. Hey, folks! Gluing the window in (again) and noticed that the plastic roller that slides in the channel on the rear window mount has broken. I’ve tried searching NPD for a replacement, but I think I’m using the wrong words. Anyone know what it is called? Can I get a replacement? Thanks!
  11. Interesting! I need to inspect my wire harness....
  12. Thanks, everyone! This wasn't an option that came with my car, so I'm not going to worry about it.
  13. Was there a trunk light in convertibles for 1969? If so, where was it located?
  14. I'm still holding out hope for a Hot Wheels of a 69 convertible that ISN'T a Shelby.
  15. I thought this was an old post.... Mine releases fine, but I have found I have to push the release handle back in by hand so I can set the brake again.
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