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  1. CRAP! Power top convertible. I was putting the top down yesterday, and there was a weird sound, and the top had trouble dropping the rest of the way. It finally went down. Today I went to raise it, and the passenger side wouldn't raise. I manually raised it, and noticed that the bracket connected to the lift cylinder had broken! Does anyone know if I can just get a new pillar and replace it, or do I need to replace the entire frame (please don't let it be the entire frame).
  2. A black wire leading from the harness into the solenoid. I thought it was a feed from the alternator, so had removed it. Apparently not!
  3. SOLVED! Because I may or may not be ignorant.... There was a wire that was in the harness that I assumed was from the old alternator to the solenoid, so I had disconnected it. I saw it there looking at me as I was swearing at everything else and thought "What the heck. Let's plug it in and see what happens." And the rest is history. Now I am less ignorant.
  4. Thanks, but I don’t have the 3G. I have the Powermaster 100 amp 1-wire.
  5. Thanks! i used a jumper wire from the battery to the ignition post and got the engine to crank, and switched to the other post quickly to keep it running (key is in on position). Lights and everything works. Disconnected jumper and it died. Still won’t start with key. I also noticed that the pulley on the alternator was hot to the touch, but not the rest of the alternator. Belt too tight?
  6. So following several threads on this board, I upgraded my old alternator to a Powermaster one wire setup. I ran a connector from the Alternator to the positive side of the solenoid. I disconnected the voltage regulator plug from the side of the regulator. Went to start and have no power. Battery tests great, but no headlights and the car won’t start. Ideas? I changed the solenoid after experiencing issues just to eliminate that.
  7. Putting a new electric fan in. Current wiring harness is set for a 2speed fan. New fan is single speed. Can I still use the current harness? Just wire the fan to the Fan #1 relay?
  8. So I was able to adjust the frame mount (I loosened the three bolts on the side with the new cylinder, and shook the frame side to side) so that now the top is even left/right with the front windshield when up (not latched). I'm still having trouble getting it to come forward enough. My door glass is aligned, and their is a gap between the quarter and the weatherstripping, and I have to pull down and forward HARD at the Number 2 bow joint just to get the hooks to engage. When I say hard, it's like doing a pull-up, and I'm a big guy... Since working on this last night, I'm going to see if the weatherstripping needs trimmed or adjusted. The body shop installed it back in August, so they nay not have gotten it just right, especially now that the windows are adjusted.
  9. Got my vert back from the shop a couple of months ago. They replaced one of the cylinders, and now the top doesn't seem to want to come forward enough to latch. I had to adjust out the hooks a LONG way to latch it, and it seems crooked now. It appears to me that the side with the new cylinder needs to extend forward just a bit more. Is there an adjustment to the cylinder mount that can be made? I haven't taken the back seat out yet to look. Thanks for this post, OP!
  10. New plugs and wires, and straightened up the cabling a little. Looking better!
  11. Solved the leak issue with the low/reverse servo! I had trapped a random wire in the cover when I tightened it (up top, where I couldn't see), so when I removed the wire and retightened the cover, it held fluid and pressure! Took it for a 5 mile test drive, and love the car again!! IMG_2043.MOV
  12. I have a feeling that's what I'll end up doing, but I really like these red ones.... :)
  13. The title pretty much says it all! I have a 302 with the Autolite distributor. Got some fancy new plug wires to spruce up the engine a bit. I bought them at Summit here in Atlanta. The problem is the plug wires are for a male post-type distributor. I did not realize this until I got home. There is no. way. I am going to drive back through the city to return them! Traffic is a nightmare! So is there a replacement cap I can order with possibly an adapter to convert my female cap to a male cap? I do not have the money to straight out purchase a new distributor. Anyone done this? Thanks!
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