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  1. I would replace it and do a full quarter just the skin. It’s a little more expensive but looks way better when it’s done.
  2. I’m sure he’s talking about doing this. What color is your car?
  3. Yep, a little at a time. Today I got the whole front end prepped and painted it painted black. Also installed a full set of classic tube stainless parking brake cables and put the rear shocks on.
  4. Mustang one in sapulpa. I have purchased a few small parts from then quite a while back. I’ve met quite a few people in the area over the last few yrs that had work done there and have been told by everyone that they are a bunch of crooks. Charging for work that wasn’t done or even completed and parts that were never installed or received. One guy told me when he dropped his car off he left them will all new high end coil over front and rear suspensions and they installed used stuff that wasn’t even the same brand he had left them. When he went to pick his 2 cars up because they weren’t doing anything with them they could even find half of his original parts because they just pile everything from all their customers up and his stuff had apparently been used on other people’s cars. He had to take them to court and had prepaid a large deposit to have his cars built. After I learned of their very poor business practices I avoid them like the plague. I’m in industrial maintenance by trade so I’ve done everything on my car by myself since trustworthy shops are hard to find.
  5. Over the last 2 weekends I have rebuilt the differential and reassembled the whole axle. I also drilled my shock towers for the Shelby drop. Today I reinstalled the axle and started putting some of the other small pieces on. I plan on installing all the brake lines and e-brake cables tomorrow and hope to put the front suspension back on by next weekend.
  6. Thanks for the info. I got it done today. I’ll probably leave the holes if it won’t cause any issues.
  7. I have an original set of 4 lap belts that I’m not going to use. They are black and are in very good condition. The cloth tags are missing but everything else is there and in nice condition. I’d take $150 shipped in the US.
  8. I’m drilling my shock towers today for the Shelby/Arning drop. Do I need to weld up the old holes or just leave them? Also, the new holes are pretty close to the end of the support bracket. Will this be an issue?
  9. That’s actually very reasonable. There is a shop not to far from me that only does mustangs and they charge $150 an hr. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about them from multiple people. If you guys were closer to me I would have had you do work on my car. Nice to know there are honest companies out there doing this kind of work and not charging two arms and two legs for their rate. Especially for the quality of work you are doing. A+
  10. They look like the brackets that weld to the rear seat pan that the rear seat uses.
  11. I have the passenger side piece you need. I cut the center vent part out to repair my original and still have the rest of it left. It was expensive for what it was so I kept it around cause I knew other people would probably need some of what I didn’t use. Here’s a picture of the part. I also have the unused pillar patch that comes with it but it’s not in the picture.
  12. Got the under side of the car all cleaned and finished then put the car back down on jack stands. I media blasted the whole bottom then seam sealed everything, coated with POR15, lightly sanded per directions then primed and under coated. I also blasted my lower dash and axle. Converted my non AC dash to AC and repainted. Disassembled the entire rear end, cleaned throughly and repainted the exterior. I blasted multiple small parts and pieces and powder coated them for durability. I’m converting my rear end to limited slip with 3.55 gears. Now that the rear end is cleaned and ready to reassemble I hope to be done with it next weekend and put it back on the car. I am waiting on a few small parts to come in though that may not be here in time for that.
  13. Jim how has this held up for you? I have built basically the exact same thing and fixing to install it. Just wanting to see how yours has held up and if you have had any issues. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone have a picture of where the trunk divider in a 69 convertible goes? I know my car originally had one and was thrown in the trunk floor when I got the car. I found a place that has them but I’m not exactly sure where it goes on the car. Does it go inside the trunk or behind the back seat against the metal back rest? The one I found is like the photo attached.
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