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  1. I know what your talking about. I might try that along with the moving the lower rod in some. Thanks
  2. I know about collapsing the inner shaft, but multiple people have said that the outer lower tube has to be trimmed since the rag joint is moved up.
  3. Ok question for you guys that have installed the borgeson power steering box. I’m installing this on my car (1969 convertible) and I am currently rebuilding my steering column. How much of the lower tube needs to be cut off? After doing research online I found plenty of articles that show how to do it all but never mention the length cut off the tube.
  4. I put a straight edge on it last night and it still looks like they will fit. There is a good 3/4” gap between the straight edge and the fender lips. At worst I’ll have to roll the lips which is no big deal but it all depends on how wide of a tire I go with.
  5. They fit fine from what I can tell without tires. I don’t have tires for them yet but it doesn’t look like there will be any issues.
  6. Got 2 of my wheels in today. The other two will be here tomorrow. My car is still on jack stands so the picture on the rear makes the wheel look small not they are 18x8. I love the look of them.
  7. Thanks guys. Vicfreg, I’m not sure what size tires I’m going to go with yet. Probably a 245-40 of something around that. I don’t want it to look like all tire or all wheel.
  8. Like I said I’ve done all my frame rails, rocker panels, core support, and trunk lid. As for testing it. Most of my body work is complete. My doors are done and under coated. My car hasn’t been driven as I’m still putting it back together. It worked pretty well and I’m pleased with it. I read a lot of reviews from other people online and they had good things to say about it. Obviously cutting it all open and removing the rust is always the best. This to me is a good compromise and time saver if your rockers and rails aren’t completely rusted out and only have surface rust inside like mine had. For me it would have been months more work to disassemble it all to remove the minimal rust. My car won’t be driven in bad weather so I don’t see any reason this shouldn’t last as long as I’m around.
  9. I’m looking at a set of ridler 651 wheels for my 69 convertible. They are 18 x 8 with 0 offset and 4.5” back spacing. My car has an original 8” rear axle with factory height leaf springs and drum brakes on the rear. The front has factory disc brakes and I have done the Shelby drop on the control arms with have factory height coil springs. Will these fit without rubbing or will modifications be required? I have seen the mustang depot chart that shows wheel and tire sizes and it looks like it will fit but it doesn’t show this size with the Shelby drop. https://www.amazon.com/Ridler-Machined-Finish-inches-Offset/dp/B01N6JR4RP/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=ridler+651+black&qid=1575425710&sr=8-6 https://www.mustangdepot.com/graphics/tirefitmentguide69-70.pdf
  10. I opened the rear of my rocker panels as it was easy since it was a small cut to open it up. After that I started at the front of it and blew all the dirt and trash out with compressed air. I ran an inspection camera all the way down it to make sure it was completely cleaned out then welded the end closed. Once that was done I used Eastwood’s internal frame coating and completely coated the inner frame rails. Once it dried I ran my camera back through it from the holes in the top to make sure it was thoroughly coated. I think I used 5-6 cans to do the rockers, frame rails, lower radiator support, and inside my trunk lid frame. The can comes with a hose with a metal tip that blast the coating in every direction. An inspection camera is great for this if you have one.
  11. I would replace it and do a full quarter just the skin. It’s a little more expensive but looks way better when it’s done.
  12. I’m sure he’s talking about doing this. What color is your car?
  13. Yep, a little at a time. Today I got the whole front end prepped and painted it painted black. Also installed a full set of classic tube stainless parking brake cables and put the rear shocks on.
  14. Mustang one in sapulpa. I have purchased a few small parts from then quite a while back. I’ve met quite a few people in the area over the last few yrs that had work done there and have been told by everyone that they are a bunch of crooks. Charging for work that wasn’t done or even completed and parts that were never installed or received. One guy told me when he dropped his car off he left them will all new high end coil over front and rear suspensions and they installed used stuff that wasn’t even the same brand he had left them. When he went to pick his 2 cars up because they weren’t doing anything with them they could even find half of his original parts because they just pile everything from all their customers up and his stuff had apparently been used on other people’s cars. He had to take them to court and had prepaid a large deposit to have his cars built. After I learned of their very poor business practices I avoid them like the plague. I’m in industrial maintenance by trade so I’ve done everything on my car by myself since trustworthy shops are hard to find.
  15. Over the last 2 weekends I have rebuilt the differential and reassembled the whole axle. I also drilled my shock towers for the Shelby drop. Today I reinstalled the axle and started putting some of the other small pieces on. I plan on installing all the brake lines and e-brake cables tomorrow and hope to put the front suspension back on by next weekend.
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