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  1. Yes the 70 tie rods are larger at the tapered part that goes into the spindle. They do make tapered sleeves you can put on 69 tie rods to use them. I think mustang Steve sells them.
  2. Capemustang I purchased the reproduction firewall insulation pad. It has a pad material on one side and a thick rubber backing on the other. I can’t remember where I got it from as it was a few years ago when I was gathering parts. I looked and CJ’s has one for $58 that looks like what I have. It’s precut so you just pop out the holes you need for stuff going through the firewall. The only problem I had was I was missing a couple of the holes where the push in plugs go. Also the push in plugs that hold it in place are very hard to get in. I ended up having to lightly lube the rubber so it would slide through.
  3. Tried to send you a message but it says you can’t receive any.
  4. It’s the vents and the mounting brackets. I went with original vents as I like the look better.
  5. Still have lots of parts if anyone is needing any of these.
  6. I’m located just outside of Tulsa, OK. I’m hoping to have it done in the first of the summer. My progress has slowed a little with the holidays and the cold weather.
  7. I haven’t installed the soft top yet just rebuilt the frame. I’ll top the soft top on this next spring or summer when it warms up.
  8. The convertible top is a lot of work to redo. I did mine at the end of the summer and like Vicfrev said it’s full of specialty bolts. Almost all of the parts are impossible to find too. I got luck and found a 69 cougar convertible at a salvage yard near me. Got the parts I needed along with some spare parts if mine ever breaks.
  9. I think you have to change the top shift plate of the console. It just unbolts.
  10. I removed the ball from the socket. I drilled out the stud and tapped it to a very small flat head screw. You should only have to do 2 of the studs as the third it will just slide out of. I also had to take the Velcro and use a pair of shears to trim down the thickness so the ball wasn’t so tight to turn when reassembled. Not sure of anyone else had to do that but without doing it I’m sure the ball would have broke if I tried to turn it as it was very tight.
  11. I cleaned mine up and am painting them black. I know they were originally chrome. To me the inner pillar post trim is black and I think it will look better matching all the way around the inner window.
  12. Over the last few days I’ve got the radiator installed and hooked up, finished installing and wiring the ac system, hooked up the transmission cooling lines, cleaned and repainted my seat frames, disassembled the convertible frame and completely rebuilt and painted it, and installed the carpet. I also got all the electrical issues sorted out and everything works properly now.
  13. I found a salvage yard near me that happened to have a 69 cougar convertible with the part air needed. It was a pretty well equipped cougar with lots of hard to find parts so I got most of them.
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