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  1. I finished up the cowl yesterday but ran out of primer so I got it primed today. I also removed the rear end tonight so I can get the car on my rotisserie this weekend.
  2. Took the upper cowl off yesterday. Spent today making repairs and getting it all cleaned up and ready to go back together tomorrow.
  3. I have a 302 with a mild build on it. Victor intake and Holley 750 currently but will be going with a Holley efi unit.
  4. Today I made door braces to use with my rotisserie.
  5. I talked to a performance shop today and they recommended 3.0 gears due to the higher rpm’s at highway with 3.55’s.
  6. That’s what I was think but wanted to know from people that have used that setup. Thanks
  7. What would be the best gears to put in the rear end with a c4? I’m fixing to have my rear axle rebuilt and I’m going to change from an open diff to limited slip. Currently I have 2.79 gears in it but want to know if it would be better to change that or keep it. As for the driving type it will mainly be city and hwy. I don’t plan on taking this car to the track at all but it will be driven spiritedly. I would like good acceleration and performance like my 2019 has if possible.
  8. Vicfreg, who besides opentracker has those.
  9. Got the passenger side fresh air vent panel replaced this evening. Here’s before and after pics.
  10. Finished the passenger side quarter panel this weekend. Also patched the rear seat pan and installed the dual exhaust reinforcement panels. Tonight I finished patching a section of the firewall where the clutch rod damaged it. The. Cleaned the toe boards and got it primed. I’m about 85% done with metal work now. Still have to replace the passenger side fresh air vent panel, finish welding in the new floor pans from under the car and patch a small rust section on the trunk lid.
  11. My convertible was originally Champagne gold with nugget gold interior. I’m painting mine a different color since that color to me is ugly.
  12. If you have glue in glass the weatherstrip goes on the door glass. If you have bolt in glass it goes on the quarter window.
  13. Thanks detonpkins, I picked one up from another member on here and got it today so I don’t need one now. Newstang may still be in the market.
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