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  1. The carpet I purchased already has the padding installed on it.
  2. Over this last weekend I installed the Eastwood version of dynamat. Also installed the firewall insulation, and rebuilt my steering column.
  3. It isn’t the factory MC as i’m going manual disc/drum. It’s a Raybestos 36440 as recommended by Chockostang and is supposed to be a direct fit from what I’m told.
  4. I’m installing my new master cylinder and the hole is slightly bigger than the MC body where it bolts to the car. Should there be a gasket that covers this? I have the rubber boot on there for the push rod but it doesn’t cover the hole. The new MC didn’t come with a gasket and I can’t find where it should or shouldn’t have one but I know there shouldn’t be a gap once it’s tightened down. Manual brakes also and the hole is stock unmodified.
  5. Has anyone put a 70 chin spoiler on a 69? I was wanting to know if it would work and how it would look. My driveway is pretty steep and the 70 mounts up higher so I was thinking it would be less likely to scrape. Thanks
  6. Exactly what I needed. Thanks
  7. I seem to have lost the hardware to attach the accelerator pedal assembly to the firewall. Does anyone have a picture that shows if it’s bolt and nuts or screws? I looked in my assembly manual and it looks like bolts with no nuts. Searched everyone online and can’t find where anyone list it to see what it looks like. Thanks
  8. I knew about the screws. There are rubber studs that go through the firewall. My car didn’t have them when I got it and the manual is zero help.
  9. I’ve looked through my manuals and can’t fine a diagram that shows how to attach the firewall insulation. This is the thick rubber piece with the mat foam. I have the 7 push in rubber clips but can’t figure out how it goes on.
  10. Ok thank. I looked in my assembly manual and it didn’t show one but wanted to verify because every mustang parts supplier shows a 65-70 seal which is what I bought. Guess it will go in the pile of parts not needed. Lol
  11. I’m trying to install my wiper linkage and I got new seals but they are way to small. You can tell where I have it set on top of the cowl next to the holes it’s not the right size. They are the rubber ones and are labeled for 65-70 but they won’t fit. What seals did you guys use? I can’t remember if it had any when I took it off but I’m sure it did. I will make some if I have to but thought I’d ask here first. Thanks
  12. How well do they work? That what I have been planning for the build I’m doing but haven’t found anyone that uses them or can tell me how well they stop with manual disc. Also do you put the residual valves in line or are they even needed? I have one I got for the rear but haven’t installed it yet but kind of thought it wasn’t needed since it was a factory manual brake car and it never had one.
  13. Does that green car have Non power disc brakes? I don’t see a booster.
  14. Got the clear all done and unmasked it. Here’s the finished interior paint.
  15. Got all the interior color done. Still have clear to do This afternoon but it looks good. The color is F8 green. It’s a 2019 dodge color. The first picture doesn’t do it justice due to being in the shade and no clear on it. You can see the metal flake and more of the actual color in the last picture.
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