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  1. Kris

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    I had a shop do the same to be on body work. When I moved from Texas to Oklahoma I took my car to a shop and they we're going to finish the remainder of the body work on my convertible and then paint it. I gave them all new panels that were needing to be replaced. I called and checked in about a month after I dropped it off and they told me they had started cutting out the panels and were getting setup to replace them. My new house wasn't ready to move into yet so I didn't have anywhere to store it so I wasn't in any hurry. The shop was about 1-1/2 hrs away from my new house. Well about 4 months went by of them telling me they were mocking up the new panels. I went by there to check on their progress and hey hadn't done anything. No only that, they had left my convertible without a top on it sitting outside. Along with all my new parts so they could rust. I went and picked up my trailer and brought it to my new house and just did it myself.
  2. Kris

    ~ 1969 Brake caliper question

    The bracket you have is for drum brakes and isn't needed if your going to disc. The disc brake bracket is attached to the hose. If your brake line is for drum brakes it has a different size fitting than the disc brake hose. You will either need to replace the hard line or fitting; or get an adapter.
  3. Kris

    Various Parts for sale

    How much for the battery tray stiffener?
  4. Kris

    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Where did you get your floor pan exhaust reinforcement pieces? I've looked online and all I can find are ones that are for a 66.
  5. Kris

    Lower dash 69 Mustang

    What are the non stand holes? I'm not seeing them.
  6. Kris

    ~ 1969 Cowl Cover Supports

    They are available from muscle car research. I got mine from them. They make quite a few parts that no one else has too. I've ordered quite a few things from them. https://www.musclecarresearch.com/69-70-mustang-cowl-pad
  7. Kris

    Lower Control Arm Bushing Size

    If it was me I would just replace the whole lower control arm. You can get a new one from oreillys or $27.99 with lifetime warranty. Just the bushing alone is close to that not counting the ball joint if you need to do that too. Plus your time spent on it.
  8. I have a nice set of lower ac vents. They will need new felt but the chrome on the vents is still really nice.
  9. The rubber stop is available. I can't remember where I got it from but I'm pretty sure it was cj pony. As for the spring, I just went to the hardware store and found a spring that was the correct diameter and cut it to size.
  10. Cool, thanks for taking the time to do this. I'm going to try get time to modify my dash this weekend. One question though. I noticed on the actual ac lower dash that the edge of the metal around where the vent sits is rolled in a little and is flat. Does the vent actually sit on that bent part and is recessed a little, or does it sit on the outside edge of that on the regular curved part?
  11. I could use this too or would even consider replacing my lower dash with a 69 ac dash. I already have two pairs of factory lower vents.
  12. Kris

    Non Toxic Rust Remover

    The 911rust site has it in a gel form that you can brush on parts you can't soak.
  13. Kris

    Non Toxic Rust Remover

    This stuff works great, I've used it before. Metal rescue works really well too and is available at Home Depot for $25 a gallon. These liquids get expensive to use unless you buy it in concentrate form. I got some this way from rust911.com. It was relatively cheap in comparison at $59.50 for a gallon of concentrate that makes 16 gallons of the solution.
  14. Kris

    1970 Vert whole or parts

    If you decide to part it I'm interested in the top frame, or at least a piece of it.
  15. Are these the same little white pieces used for the long thin rocker molding?