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  1. Anything you place in front of the radiator can restrict airflow. That has been my experience with customer cars. I'm not saying you can't do it, just be mindful. The data numbers are best left to the smart folk. Steve
  2. Those dramatically limit the airflow through the radiator. Keep an eye on your temps. Steve
  3. Took the radio out of a 84 Grand Marquis the wife had many years ago. Fit my 69 Mach 1 really well. Steve
  4. Listen to Mach 1 Driver. He absolutely knows what he is talking about. You do not want a 1 wire alternator, period. If they were that great the OE would be using them. If you're absolutely dead set on electronic ignition consider the Ford Duraspark. You can get replacement parts anywhere. Steve
  5. Is the ground strap between the engine and firewall in place and clean? Steve
  6. Does the valve have a viton/rubber tip? Supposed to be steel. Steve
  7. If you're gonna buy an aftermarket shifter the only one worth owning is the Turbo Action Cheetah. The rest are just an adapted TH350 shifter. You're welcome, Steve
  8. Tee it into the heater hose fitting on the manifold. Steve
  9. Wire around the connector would be the simplest. Looks to me you have a pin that has gotten plenty hot and melted. You will have to wire around this as well. The one in the second picture below and to the left of the screw. Those terminals are junk once they have been hot. That's probably your headlight issue. Halogen bulbs pull more current than the stock ones. Hope this helps, Steve
  10. You might want to read the article on the www.madelectrical.com website. It gives some good information about 1-wire alternators. Steve
  11. Check the fluid level after it sits for a while. If it's way over full the converter could be draining back. Bad check ball. Steve
  12. Turbo Action Cheetah is the only shifter to own. Most all the others are just adapted TH 350/400 ones. The quadrants on the Cheetah are designed for Ford transmissions. You won't regret this shifter. Hope this helps, Steve
  13. If you are buying a "correct" one from one of the suppliers like Marti beware. You better have a battery disconnect you can access quickly. They are very prone to sticking. The car will either not shut off or the starter will not disengage. Get one from Motorcraft. Hope this helps.
  14. Fuel should not be dripping from the boosters at idle. All idle fuel should going in under the plates from the holes behind the mixture screws. Pull the booster assembly out of the carb. and clean the small brass idle fuel tubes. If you have a high float level running, check fuel pressure. 5 lbs. max. is about all they will tolerate. Steve
  15. The Turbo Action Cheetah is the only one I would consider. Steve
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