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  1. Hi all, installing newly reconditioned instrument cluster(with new circuit board) and reconditioned underdash harness by midlife. I plugged the connector in the back and all I get is a left turn signal indicator and ALT light. Is this something I just have to play with?
  2. Raven R code

    ~ 1969 electical issue

    Thanks Randy!
  3. Raven R code

    ~ 1969 electical issue

    Does anyone know if the instrument cluster needs to be installed in order to get power to the ignition switch? l get under dash courtesy lights, deluxe seatbelt light and wipers. No power to the horn or ignition switch. Thanks
  4. Raven R code

    Aquarius is on the way!

    Hi, They painted all the rings so it was ready for me to pop the gauges back in.
  5. Raven R code

    Aquarius is on the way!

    After a major delay callled life.....I’m back in the saddle again.....
  6. Hey all, anyone know the correct way to route the negative battery cable and starter csble?’ thanks in advance, Dave
  7. Raven R code

    Ram Air trim ring installation

    My trim ring had sone sort of gray strip body caulk that I had to clean out before repainting.
  8. Raven R code

    ~ 1969 Building the mighty 428CJ : Tips and Tricks

    Getting back into the swing of things.... does anyone know what type of socket or fitting to fit on the oil pump shaft so I can put a drill on it to prime the oil system? Dave
  9. Raven R code

    New Headlights Setup?

    .....and the other reason for considering LEDis for the white halo ring ....but not sure about the look of the halo.
  10. Raven R code

    New Headlights Setup?

    It looks like halogens with the relays that midlife recommended might be the way to go. I’ll still post any info I get from my contact at Cree.
  11. Raven R code

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    Great work and progress!
  12. Raven R code

    New Headlights Setup?

    Hi All......reviving this thread as it had a lot of good info. Before I decide to buy the relay setup for Halogens, has anyone come across anything new for LED headlight? I did send an email to a friends son who works for Cree LED in NC. See what comes out of that...he is an engineer there.
  13. Raven R code

    Interior Dark Charcoal Metallic - again...

    Lower dash and steering column are dark charcoal metallic and the dash and the lower dash “corners” trims are black.
  14. Raven R code

    Came across a sad picture....

    Never.....ever like seeing these types of pictures (especially a beautiful ‘69). Just really hope the occupants were miraculously ok (hopefully since it wasn’t mentioned as a fatal crash).