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  1. Does anyone know if there is a durable rattle can paint (with correct sheen) for the shaker scoop and trim ring?
  2. Disgusting!
  3. I have the original door handles.......I think I'll send them out for plating if they fit better.
  4. Jay.....first....your car is sweet looking(love that color!). Second, your stance looks perfect to me. I took my measurements from the front and rear of the rocker panel when the did mine.
  5. Got dynacorn doors for my build. After fitting and painting I find that the push button hardware ( the piece that is hinged for the lock mechanism) is too tight of a fit to mount the handle. It appears the door skin may have been crimped to close to the big opening for the door handle and that hinged piece hits the door shell. Now I'm not sure what to do now that everything is painted. I may see if the original door hardware is somehow narrower and might fit better. Ugh!
  6. Great picture!
  7. That's what I thought based on seam leak and drainage. thanks!
  8. Sounds good. I don't have the fenders on yet( and headlight buckets/grille). I just never thought about tire size when I bought the tires almost 2 yrs ago.
  9. Does the weatherstripping seam go center on the lock side or the hinge side? thanks
  10. So I got 4 15x7" rims and 235R15 tires......should the car sit level with all 4 rims and tires all the same? Right now it sits higher in the front. A little irritated at the moment .
  11. Hoping for more info on this. I need a headlight solution soon.the only thing I'm concerned about is the heat sink poking out the back of the headlight bucket (anyone have pictures of this aspect?).
  12. To clarify.....the undercoating is strictly sound deadening on the inside of the door skins. For the very bottom of the doors, I would like to saturate with some sort of paint/ coating to protect the lower corners from the typical garbage/corrosion issues.
  13. Lmao! I know what you mean! My headliner is going in when I get back.....then windshield and rear backlite. Right now I'm still cruising on my beach bike jamming Lynryd Skynyrd ( prounounced leh-nerd skin-nerd) here in gator country!
  14. Dang on the bows! I just looked up cruise nights down here and the only seem to run from sept thru may! Just the opposite of New York cruise nights. I guess it's just too hot.