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  1. Some progres pics. I glued in the windshield last night. Was my first, so I took some knowledge from mustangstofear youtube video. After measuring, and measuring I set the glue V-shape ledge to 16mm - approx. 5/8 Inch. I ordered two 310ml tubes and I was really generous, but I used just one, otherwise as was told in video. Now I have concerns, if it is gonna seal properly. How much do you use guys to glue the windshield in?
  2. I know your car, I got inspired by your color choice :)
  3. Thanks for responds guys, for now I had to remove them then installing the door back on car. The weather strip is rubbing on rocker and Im scared that it might scratch it, while the paint is still fresh. Anyway, I think I will wrap lower door jamb in to clear foil.
  4. Hi Guys, Im installing "the very bottom door weatherstrip". It came in a plastic bag, so it had heavy deformation anyway, but after install it doesn't look to me like it was meant to be like this :). Is it meant to be glued too, or do I miss some metal reinforcement to hold it better in place? Thanks
  5. Wow, that one is lovely too. I would go with something more silver, but all that chrome trim and parts fading away on it...
  6. Thanks, well, when I spoke to the painter first time at the phone, I wasn't sure if he is gonna be able to make it before christmas. After he saw the car in person, the attitude changed. He said he didn't count that the car is really "so ready" (as everybody says) just for spray acryl, wet sand to 800 and shoot the paint.
  7. Thanks Mike, yes, I have 2005 Escape and the color is really close. Fords gray has in some point of view "greenish" look I didn't like, I went with VW
  8. Painted! Finally, thats been long time to get here, but was worth every minute and cent :). Winner of my dilemma "titanium silver" vs "pepper grey" is obvious.
  9. And some "fun facts", or if someone is planning how to spend some quality time during winter :). My labour hours up to blocked spray filler and already done some parts restoration: Total labour hours (h) 938,5 Disassembly (h) 44 Body 20 Drivetrain 7 Interior 6 Miscl 11 Paint stripping (h) 77 Fenders 9 Sandblasting 4 Body 37 Prep for primer 10 Trunk lid 2 Headlights buckets, cowl grille, valances 7 Hood 5 Outside painted trim 1 Mirrors 2 Bodywork (h) 342 Underbody 22 Torque boxes replacement 24 Antena delete 2 R door - skin fabrication and repair 22 Fender 3 Shock tower repair and reinforcement 9,5 Rear frame reinforcement 3 Battery holder and window rim 8 Right floor pan 20 Roof 2 Left floor pan 23,5 Rear frame 8 Subframe Connectors 9 Rear fender L 17 Seat platforms 10 Rear fender R 17 Quarter panel R 17 Roof / Front glas rim 27 Drip rails 12 Dent pulling 8 Quarter panel L 8 L door 27 Trunk lid 16 Hood 5 Front light buckets 15 Hood Scoop cutouts 4 Valances 3 Prep and Paint (h) 150 Preparation and transport for blasting 2 Setup after blasting 2 Primer after blasting 4 Rear seam sealer and antigravel 5 Engine bay sanding and battery holder 4 Seam sealer 8 Primer repair engine bay 8 Antigravel 4 Acryl engine bay and underbody 5 Repair of primer after bodywork 8 Acryl - rear underbody 4 Trunk area 13 interior blackout acryl 3 Sanding for spray filler 11 Primer repair after Fillers, rockers and Quarters 15 Fenders prep and primer 7,5 Doors and hinges 12 Primer doors and fenders 8 Anti Gravel and acryl fenders 5 Hood 8 Mirrors 1,5 Front and rear valance 12 Body filler (h) 276 Filler roof 16 Filler R quarter panel 15 Filler L quarter panel 10 Filler R rocker panel 7 Filler L rocker panel 5 Body finishing and cleaning 7 Rear extensions 2 Trunk lid 18 Spray filler - body 6 Sanding spray filler 57 R door 12 Back end 6 L door 20 R Fender 10 L Fender 13 Door and fender alignment 16 Spray filler fenders, trunk lid and doors 17 Valances 4 Hood 14 Spray filler hood 5,5 Light buckets 10 Spray filler, valances, light buckets and cowl 5,5 Various restoration (h) 39 Door hinges 7 Miscl 1,5 Derusting bolts and parts 2 Steering column 11 Trunk lid springs 1 Door locks 2 Headlights buckets 5 Passenger side mirror 4 Door mechanism (cleaning, restoring) 4 stainless window moulding 2 driver seat 1,5 Drivetrain restoration(h) 4 Rearend restoration 3 Front end restoration 1 Installation - Assembly (h) 6,5 fuel line install 1 brake line install 3,5 Preassembly front 2 Parts fabrication 27
  10. Hi Roger, Unfortunately I didn't make more pics from the right one - destroyed more, but on both of them I made the the valance mount from 3 pieces of 4mm aluminium plate. Actually only one - with hole should be enough for the valance, but I needed support for cracked part of the bucket. With help of the side ones I was able to clamp the lower lip of the bucket level. After welding corners of all 3 parts I tacked them to body of the bucket. Last I opened the cracks so they have some clearance and not touching, drilled ends with 1/8 bit and under taped them. For fill out I used "Liquid metal", as well as for initial filling of missing surface (pre aluminium filler). I was hard - needed to be filed, but nice to work with.
  11. I got lucky, and found used / broken Boss mirrors! Bit of welding, epoxy, filler and they are ready to go. This are the last pics of my stang, before paint. Since I have not enough time to be able finnish paint before it starts to freeze, I stopped with spray filler with 320. isolator primer, acryl filler, paint and clear will be done by professional :)
  12. Finally last pieces repaired and shot in spray filler. I used aluminium on the hood. On both of my light buckets were lower valance mounts broken, and the right one was damaged from old crash, so I made them heavy duty :)
  13. Hi Stangers, short update of my project. All steel parts are finally patched and repaired and countless hours of polyester filler spraying and sanding behind me!
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