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  1. After a while some parts arrived to my eshop, so I was able to start put the car together. I bought Scott Drake lowering kit for rear end, installed tank and sending unit and modified tail lights with LED modules.
  2. Thanks aslanefe ! Yes, I was wondering what are this brackets for. What kind of clip are they attached with?
  3. Man, thanks a lot, that helped me a lot. I will put there same foam I used under door jamb stainless trim. It's harder than I thought its gonna be to put the car together, even with assembly manuals :) On top of all, the quality of some aftermarket parts is so poor that I'm struggling with primitive things - now its the hood. The seal between hood and cowl is so hard that is unusable.
  4. Perfect, thanks aslannefe!
  5. First back seat side panel restored, under old upholstery I found some surface rust , but after some rust neutralizer, coat of epoxy and fresh vinyl its like new. I found 3 mounting spots for screws, but can't figure out purpose of the one on panel - red arrow, because place where is this one aligned to - has no hole at all. Im I missing some mounting clip, oi its hole for rubber insert? Did someone recently instal this panels on coupe (has someone pics)? My assembly manual has poor details on this part of vehicle so I'm just guessing how should it be ... Thanks
  6. Thanks aslanefe, that's great suggestion, I'm gonna definitely do your hack :)
  7. Fuel line installed, as well as the second layer of sound damping mats. I could finally open and roll out carpet, to get some shape from the box.
  8. Windows done, all of aluminium brackets have been loose or off some way, so I had to dig out all of old glue and blue them in properly. Since I wasn't able to get the glu I saw on youtube - perfect video from WCCC, i used same as on the windshield. Seem to work perfect, time will prove it. only issue I had was how to glue then in the middle of bracket grove and in the right angle - but simple solution: 3D printed spacers with snug fit :)
  9. And again outside temperatures are below 0 °C, so I'm trying to do at least some clean work inside the house.
  10. Some progres pics. I glued in the windshield last night. Was my first, so I took some knowledge from mustangstofear youtube video. After measuring, and measuring I set the glue V-shape ledge to 16mm - approx. 5/8 Inch. I ordered two 310ml tubes and I was really generous, but I used just one, otherwise as was told in video. Now I have concerns, if it is gonna seal properly. How much do you use guys to glue the windshield in?
  11. I know your car, I got inspired by your color choice :)
  12. Thanks for responds guys, for now I had to remove them then installing the door back on car. The weather strip is rubbing on rocker and Im scared that it might scratch it, while the paint is still fresh. Anyway, I think I will wrap lower door jamb in to clear foil.
  13. Hi Guys, Im installing "the very bottom door weatherstrip". It came in a plastic bag, so it had heavy deformation anyway, but after install it doesn't look to me like it was meant to be like this :). Is it meant to be glued too, or do I miss some metal reinforcement to hold it better in place? Thanks
  14. Wow, that one is lovely too. I would go with something more silver, but all that chrome trim and parts fading away on it...
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