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  1. Hi Paul, can you tell me the color code? I felt in Love with it! Thanks
  2. its roughly 16,5 cm - 6 1/2 inch.
  3. Yes as JET 445 wrote it is what „RSB“ or „Steeroids“ is using, also build in SAAB, and Daewoo, and yes I need to figure out position and length of steering rods. I have read about radius reduction on some forum, but I hope It’s not gonna be so bad ... but now I’m scared :)
  4. So, both door repaired, and checked how lines and gaps fit. Now I need to install my rack / pinion steering that I finally found as suitable for my car. In loving memory the donor (Opel Astra) and long life to king :).
  5. Thanks Aslanefe, you were right, Its working even cold. Its not easy to hammer inside the door, but its possible. Its challenge for me and even for my neighbor (he loves me hammering :) ) To all of you Guys, stay safe and healthy in this terrible times. Good Luck to us all !!!
  6. Hi Guys, I need some advice. I used overlap joint on door repair (in attempt to get some reinforcement in this area ), and anyway I tried to weld cold and I blow single tack cold i got pretty deep valley in my repair joint. Its between appr. 3/8 to 1/4 inch deep and Id like to get at least under 3/8 before some filler work. Is there any trick or simple method to do it? I'm just thinking about preheat it and hammer to stretch in weld joint.... Thanks for any advice.
  7. So the winter is not so cold, but free time is missing.. I had just fabricated some parts needed for Panhard system, repaired door hinge and made back plates (mate them with metric threads), I broke some bolts by removing door.I realized that at this point I must install the door and check my body lines before I repair door skins. So next step - rebuild hinges a mount the door.
  8. Thanks man, you are better than CJ ponny video manual! Exactly what I was looking for, this helped me a lot, even possibility to use booster as well. That engine bay is just lovely.
  9. Guys, I have a question about brake system. Is there some good producer of master cylinders in lower price range? I found many of them but reviews are sometimes terrible (except expensive Wilwood). Is there some "middle way"? Thanks
  10. Hi Victor, That was just a joke – my torque boxes were „missing“ J
  11. After a while I’m back in my garage and starting working on my car. During summer I just replaced rotten Quarter panel with patch from CJ. Took some time to fit on car but is not bad. After I did last missing part – drip rails. I didn’t find them on net to buy so I made them. After primer I sealed them with self-leveling sealer from SEM. Now I’m doing putty and sending exterior. Just for increase of my motivation I installed brake lines to finally see it coming together J
  12. My slooooow progress. Roof to windshield area is done, now I can move to my nightmare - drip rails.
  13. Even the neighborhood is nice :) Mustangville, Stanghood ....
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