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  1. My slooooow progress. Roof to windshield area is done, now I can move to my nightmare - drip rails.
  2. Even the neighborhood is nice :) Mustangville, Stanghood ....
  3. Hi A well, summer is almost here and I’m getting short with my time for work on my stang. My second passion – MTB is calling me in woods J. Anyway, I am still waiting for left quarter panel to arrive from US. Meanwhile I was at least able to repair all other small corners I did not like...
  4. Meanwhile in my garage.... I was considering repairing my old seat platforms, but there was no even one usable edge so I decided to build them. I am still not sure what seats I’m using so I went with standard mounting system. After I took some time to design panhard bar mounts. It wasn’t easy without axle in the car, but I double checked everything (already with planned 1 inch drop) and have still some adjusting possibilities on design of the leaf bracket. That is all I had to do on underbody, now I’m moving onto body panels, and until my quarterpanel patch arrives I’m sealing and coating underbody and engine bay.
  5. Milimeters first and Inch in angle brackets. Deawing is for drivers side inly, you have to mirror it for passenger. If you miss some measurement, or detail, just let me know.
  6. Here is a .pdf file. I added dual units into drawing for easier conversion. Also modified rip at rear-end – 2 holes (I have only one) for optional x-member. I need to install exhaust and shaft to be able take good measurements. I hope it helps someone… S-FRAME 69 Coupe DS.pdf
  7. Sure Mike, I will correct the drawing “as build” tonight.
  8. Thanks, someone interested?.... just joking :), if someone is, I can share my drawing.
  9. Yes, even though I modified my drawing design during building it. The plate for the rear part of frame was twice so long as used at the end. I decide to cut it and save some weight :)
  10. Short weekend summary – finished my sub frame connectors. Now to repair the last damage at rear frame – some nasty holes after woodscrews used to attach exhaust rubber bent by previous owner. And then hooray on body panels…
  11. :) I'm the lucky owner of pre-production model
  12. No I'm not (but working as Welding Engineer), I'm learning from you guys, but Thanks I appreciate that a lot.
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