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  1. I'm having some trouble choosing rim and tyre size, let me see if I can explain this without confusing you all.. I love the look of the trans am Mustangs, the tyre bulge looks great and from what I understand they ran 8" rims front and back. I am running 275/60/15 drag radials on the back and I think running them on an 8" rim will give the same look. The problem I have is I'm running an 8" rim on the front but from the looks of the pics I can find they must have run about a 245 tyre on the front and I don't know if this is doable on a street car. What is the widest tyre I could practically run on the front on an 8" rim? The guards will be rolled and the car will be lowered and has Opentracker upper and lower arms. If I have to run a 235 or smaller on the 8" rim on the front then the front and back tyre "bulges" won't match. I may be better off running a 10" rim in the rear with the drag radials to lessen the bulge to match the front. Any opinions or experience guys?
  2. It will be close... I have a set of C3 Nascar headers which I'm hoping we can use with some modification, if not they will have to be made from scratch.
  3. We got some more done this week - tailshaft loop integrated into crossmember Filled the hole where the T56 hit the tunnel and sorted the hole for the shifter Started filling holes in the engine bay and finished up and welded in the engine mounts
  4. A bit of a break over Christmas and back into it, gearbox crossmember done and master cylinders mounted up. We are going to need to make new pedals to move them to the right to allow heel toe gear changes. Until I get down to the shop to sit in the car and measure them up that's as far as we can go there. There's still plenty to do - Fuel tank, dry sump mounting, make new dry sump pan for the engine and sorting total engine height and bonnet clearance (or lack thereof).
  5. Ordered from WCCC. Thanks guys much cheaper then new mirrors
  6. Unfortunately I can't get the Burco ones in Aus, I'm not sure if WCCC sends to Aus but I've sent them a message so hopefully I hear back. I'm surprised our Mustang guys here don't stock them...
  7. I have researched as much as I can so I think it's a bit of a dead end but I'm after replacement glass for the sports mirrors. I just find it hard to imagine with every other part being available that I'm struggling to find these for both left and right side - non convex if possible. If anyone knows of a supplier it would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks, that's a good thought I'll run it past the shop for sure.
  9. Thanks, good to hear your thoughts. I have just received upper and lower arms from Opentracker and will use their template to do the drop. One of the reasons for the anti roll bar was to stop that body twist upon launching. Being a manual I don't think super hard launches are going to be as spectacular as with a high stall auto but it should help keep things tracking straight. Interesting to hear others experiences... I will find it hard to give an accurate report as to the difference the roll bar makes because the car didn't handle that fantastic to start with and having made a few changes at once will be hard to say what causes what. Either way I'm looking forward to being able to drive it again!
  10. Thank you, yes the mounts look nice, I'm very happy with the work. With the dry sump I wanted this type of engine from the start so was prepared to go the whole hog. I was hoping to be able to lower the engine a little more with the shallow dry sump pan but the gearbox is already at a point where we don't want it any lower. The dry sump will definitely hold more oil but that's an advantage I reckon, I will have the bottom of the tank hanging out the bottom of the trunk floor to enable oil draining and to let the motor breath from there. Oil changes will be expensive compared to a stock system but oil is in the same basket as fuel - still the cheapest thing I put into it. However mine won't be a daily driver, sounds like an external pump on your wet sump could be a happy medium?
  11. It took me a bit to get it to the shop but the fellas have been getting some big bits done: Tubs widened to the rail Chassis plated, anti roll bar tacked in. Springs moved inside the rails, rear crossmember and front crossmember with exhaust cutouts (tailshaft cutout to be done once we're back on the ground). Chassis connectors started as well. Engine and box fitted, angles set, mid and box mounts to be done. Next on the list is making the fuel tank, and mounting the dry sump tank and battery in the trunk.
  12. Awesome! I remember this thread from years ago, great to see you still have it. One of my favorite Mustangs
  13. I had the axles machined to accept the new press ins and had to get the disks machined as well to fit over the 5/8 studs. To get it rolling I had some BA Falcon rims with 2nd hand tyres. I had to put the rims on backwards with spacers because of the Falcon offset and shortened housing. Worked out ok and this week coming we're off to the body shop!
  14. Ha ha, yes that's definitely something to keep in mind, however the brakes need to fit under 15" wheels. I have 4 pot Willwoods for the back and will run the same for the front. Painted black they shouldn't stand out at all. Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting some more work done. I would really like to have it finished within a year but these things always blow out so we'll see how we go.
  15. Yes it will require a bit of reinforcement, I'll definitely look at doing the drop as well. I aim to keep it mostly to the period, will be keeping the leaf springs and shock towers etc, no huge brakes or coil overs and will be running 15" wheels. Good advice Midlife!
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