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  1. Steering can stay on the left no problems.
  2. Hi all, My Cup engine came with an awesome steel dry sump pan but it's too deep and just too much hacking up to modify. The pick-ups are toward the back whereas if they were toward the front I may have been able to take a section out of it easily enough. I'm after a shallow dry sump pan to suit an R block, being in Australia it's not a hugely common problem. I've found Canton products at 4.5" but the shallower the better - anyone have advice on where to look? Not often our Mustangs are dry sumped so even advice as to another forum would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well a few beers have downed since my last post! No it's not another unfinished project, it's just hit slow mode for a while. I dropped it off to the body shop a year ago and it's still there. Once there it joined the queue and was blasted, a few nasties were found which need fixing. We could have repaired the original 1/4s but decided to replace them. This allows us to get right in there and address any other issues which may arise in years to come as well. It's a bit of a side project with the shop unfortunately but it is getting 2 days per week spent on it. As long as it's moving forward that's ok with me at this stage, as I'm pushed for room in my shed at the moment. I've kept myself busy re-powering the tow rig pictured at the top. 500hp is bare minimum for a daily driver I reckon... I'm looking forward to reading and catching up on some of the old (hopefully completed) projects on here and also checking out the new ones :)
  4. The headers that came with the engine were not even close to fitting even with some tweaks, I was probably a bit optimistic there... They came in handy though, new headers made up following the same step design 1 3/4, 1 7/8 to 2" but the bends configured to fit easily. We able use the collectors too. Headers bolt on and off no problem at all and the rest of the exhaust finished as well.
  5. Thanks, I'll get in touch with them and see if I can order the missing parts
  6. Does anybody recognise this strut brace kit? I believe I have the same kit but am missing the front half. I would really like to purchase the rest of it if possible.
  7. Haha wise words, I never throw anything out :)
  8. That's weird it looks so similar, mine is the only Mustang - they have Chargers, a Camaro and plenty of rods in there. I'm going to take it back next time I'm down as someone is sure to miss it.
  9. Yes it's supposed to be perfectly straight, it has some slight bends but that's from removal. I'll give them a buzz for sure
  10. Thank you everybody, sure had me scratching my head...
  11. Here's a couple more pics showing the profile and length if that helps, I'm wondering if a part from someone else's build ended up in my parts at the body shop...
  12. Sorry guys I should have specified - my car is a 69 Sportsroof. Thanks for your thoughts, it's not off the trunk lid I will take another couple of pics and see if that can help.
  13. I'm getting everything off to trim repair but I'm not sure what this piece is....
  14. I ended up going on the conservative side with a 235/60 on the front. If there's enough room I will change to a 245 later on. Here's how they turned out
  15. Scoop finished We are getting close to finished - minor rust repairs in the doors, hard lines for engine oil to and from the trunk, fit rear bumper a little closer, and a strut brace rod and we're good to start on the exhaust.
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