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  1. Billet Specialities separators with Ford Performance valve cover bolts.
  2. May 16, 1969 - Raven Black with Black interior with 302, 3 speed, now Red on Black with 302, 5 speed in Australia
  3. A slightly different approach, autometer gauges in original cluster. The outside gauges have an extra globe added for turn signals and high beam is also a seperate globe. Not for everyone, but it works well
  4. Hi, I've modified my 69 dash cluster to take autometer gauges, 3-3/8 for speedo and tach and 2-5/8 fuel and temp. I added an extra globe in the back of the temp and fuel to have both indicator and dash lights. I've also got a couple of gauges in the console where I removed the ashtray and put a plate in to mount the gauge holders on so they sat below the aircon controls. Cheers Mike
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