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  1. Big thanks to Mal for the snorkel. I didn’t even need to paint it .
  2. Good to see you had a go yourself. I hope it works out for you.
  3. 69 Mach 1 Stripe Application

    I’m not sure what NPD sells but I know to stay away from the mustang market ones. I couldn’t even use their rubbish. I purchased another set direct from Graphics Express. They are great stripes . Plenty of length to fold around the guards unlike the MM ones. The white lettering is laid over the top just like the originals. I did have a few tiny air bubbles but the instructions says leave them alone and don’t be impatient to remove them. The bubbles in my stripes disappeared after a few days . I payed a pin striper guy to install mine . He didn’t use any detergent, just fitted them dry. He made it look easy. Great stripe Kit .
  4. Lifters

    I know my motor has a crane cam but I don’t know what lifters were used. I’m going to put a flush through the motor as Barny advised next week and see what happens.
  5. Lifters

    I wish it was an exhaust leak Midlife. Definitely sounds like a rocker noise.
  6. Lifters

    Thanks for the info Barny. I don’t know that much about the motor as it was in the mustang when I purchased it . It looks to be pretty stock build with a mild cam. Stock heads with roller tipped rockers. I will try a flush first. Failing that I will have to pull the cover and determine what lifter it is. Would I just replace the noisy lifter Barnett or replace the lot? cheers
  7. Lifters

    My motor has started to make some ticking and rocker noises from the drivers side. I’m suspecting a lifter may be the issue. Any recommendations on what replacements brands I should go for. Cheers Mark.
  8. Fmx kickdown cable

    I used that cable . It’s made by Locar for Summit. You will have to make up a bracket to attach to the trans as it doesn’t come with one. It works well but just make sure you lube the cable before installing it.
  9. Good to know these are reproduced now. Wish I new 6 months ago before fitting my beat up set.
  10. Hi Doug. What are you sealing the vent fitting with.
  11. Phil, I just used a small zip tie and attached the top of the spring to the brake line next to the retaining clip. It works well and when you apply the brakes the spring just moves to suit and then when you let the park brake off it lifts it up to clear the exhaust. Stops it resting on the exhaust.
  12. 69 Mach 1 Stripe Application

    Makes all the difference with that stripe Mac. Looks great.
  13. Mustang Music

    I wish I could drop in a new motor that quick. lol
  14. Hood Hinge

    aaagghhh the old long to do list. That list is ongoing forever lol. Theres always that one thing .
  15. Hood Hinge

    Who makes a decent hood hinge for the 69? My LHS hood is about a quarter to high and its been adjusted all the way down. I don't want to have to push the rear hood down all the time. Are 67 hinges the same as Ive seen a lot of places advertise the hinges are made for 67-70. Just sick of buying repco rubbish. Thanks Mark