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  1. Say What !!!! Maybe in Queensland Mal but over in the West we can run the standard lights just like they came from the factory with the blinking brake lights. Im just spewing i didn't buy the sequential ones from Vintage LEDs . Love the wing tail light by the way.
  2. Thanks for the info MN69Grande . The motor already has an edelbrock intake and i have no plans to upgrade the cam or heads . Its currently got a edelbrock 650 cfm carb on it. Im thinking this is a bit overkill so just wanted to get some advise before I folk out more coin .
  3. Looking for a carb for a stock 302 with an auto . What would be the best option. The 570 cfm Holley street avenger or the Edelbrock AVS 2 500 cfm.
  4. Im just wanting some advice on a carb for my 302w . Its going in my 56 F100 build. Its a bone stock 85 model 302 with a edelbrock intake running a c4 auto. I was looking at the edelbrock AVS2 1901. Its only 500 cfm . Has anyone used a AVS2 carb and would the 1901 be a good choice. TIA
  5. I went LEDs years ago . One of the best upgrades in my opinion. Vintage LEDs look the goods . I like the way you can switch from standard or sequential with the flick of a switch. http://www.vintageleds.com/
  6. I routed my fuel line on the passenger side as well. From tank clipped it over the rear frame rail and onto the inner rocker floor pan panel through the torque box . I used the black braided fuel hose with -6 AN fittings. You could mount a stock style filter to the floor pan using a bracket as well if you don’t won’t it in the engine bay. I used the original steel fuel line on the drivers side as the return line.
  7. Is there any way you can test the magnetic pickup with a multi meter?
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. I can definitely rule out the coil as the new one still didn’t have spark when fault finding. Both coils also test ok using a multimeter. I pulled the dizzy cap and double checked the magnetic pickup gap and it’s all good. Rotor to cap gap it good. Funny thing is I started the motor on the weekend about 6 times and it fired up first crank so the saga continues. If it does it again I’m just going to start replacing parts starting with the magnetic pickup .
  9. So I went to start the motor today and it wouldn't start. Checked for fuel and it was all good. Checked spark and nothing. Im running a MSD pro billet dizzy with a MSD 6A box. I changed out the magnetic pickup in the dizzy about 6 months back when I found it a bit rusty . So I changed the coil and no go. The funny thing is if i do the paperclip test on the trigger plug i have spark. As soon as i plug the coil lead and trigger wire back in the motor starts first turn. This is an intermittent fault and has just started . Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't. Anyone have any other ideas . Could the 6A box be on its way out . Its probably about 12 years old but hasn't had much use from new. TIA .
  10. I’m going to give the AC a good go next week when I get home but it’s definitely looking good so far. I was chasing a miss and turned out the near new msd leads were arcing . That’s 2 sets of msd leads I’ve gone through. I ended up using some Eagle leads and they seem to be quite good and awesome service .
  11. Hi Mal, I have just fitted two 12 inch Maradyne fans just like Vic and man they suck some serious air . Those other fans I was running are rubbish. No more high motor temps and the condenser seems to be pretty good now. They fit perfect side by side on the shroud that I made up . I’m running a 190 deg thermostat and it sits just above that now even on the 43 deg C day we had in Perth the other day. If you thinking about going electric fans again I highly recommend these . I purchased them for about $180 each from a place in Adelaide. Its always good to have a spare compressor .
  12. Just make sure you’re running the latest update Vic . I have it so if you need it just let me know and I can email it to you with the instructions. I have the update for the handheld without the white arrows. If your handheld has the white arrows around the joystick you need to contact FiTech. If you know how much vacuum your motor makes at idle this will help choose the cam and fuel table.
  13. Thanks for the info Vic. I will look into the fan controller. Are you running that FiTech command centre. Ive heard nothing but bad things about them. FiTech have since updated this unit. I went in tank pump and love it.
  14. Thanks Vic. My fans are hooked up to my FiTech unit . Unfortunately my FiTech only has one fan controller and not duel fan setup like some. Ive also made it so when the AC gets turned on both fans come on as well. It seems to work well though. I put the new higher cfm fans in yesterday. They are the 12 inch Maradyne fans. Its hot over here , well over 100 deg and its made a huge difference.
  15. Yes my system has a pressure switch. You can see it in the pic that i posted. Its never cut in though. I have just replaced the two thermo fans with higher cfm units. I think this has made a huge difference.
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