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  1. Anyone know we’re I can get a hood for a 55-57 thunderbird . I’m just chasing the scoop section for a project . Needs to be steel not fibreglass. TIA
  2. Hi Mike , I’m going to put a EFI pod style pump in my tank. I have a brand new return style regulator similar to the one in your attached message. I’m thinking a EFI pump will flow more flow and pressure that the reg can handle. So if I stay with the carb I may need to add a EFI regulator to reduce the pressure , then that will feed the other carb reg. Aeroflow sell a combo EFI to carb regulator but it’s expensive here in Australia.
  3. You could use the ties that go through the fins . I had a setup similar and used them and they held up fine.
  4. Yeah I’m thinking of going to an in tank pump setup as I’ve done that on the mustang and it works extremely well. The pod style OEM pumps are EFI pumps but I was going to use a regulator to control the flow to the carb. No baffles required with those pod setups. Maybe I’m over thinking it . I will check out the rollover switch. Thanks M1 Driver .
  5. Just wondering if anyone is using a tachometric relay for there electric fuel pumps. I know they are used in EFI setups like sniper and FiTech but anyone used on on a carb setup. TIA
  6. Yeah I’ve got a similar setup on my mustang as well for my FiTech . In tank pod style factory pump. It’s awesome and so quiet you can’t hear it . On this build I’m gonna stay with a carb but want to run a return line just incase I go injected in the future. Just make sure the PTFE fuel line you ran is not the cheap stuff. The fuel running through the line can create a charge and if it does it will arc through the plastic causing pin holes. My mate found out the hard way and the fuel hose has pin holes everywhere.
  7. Thanks guys but both setups are for EFI . Any recommend pumps to suit a carb return style .
  8. I’m looking at doing a return style fuel setup on my other project . It’s only a mild 302 so don’t need anything over the top. A pump that’s not to loud would be nice. Any ideas . TIA
  9. I’m using a power master 1 wire on my mustang . Pretty sure it’s 140 amp . No complaints so far. I also run a tuff stuff 100 amp on my 56 f100 . I’ve had no issues with either.
  10. I’ve never seen a dealer installed A/C unit. Looks pretty cool. I have the factory AC unit that I restored a few years back. Surprisingly the vacuum motors all still work . It doesn’t cool as good as a new car but does a great job for 50 years old. The easy option would be to go with a modern unit but if you want to keep the dealer option I’m sure you can buy the bits to make it work.
  11. I used the same fans Stanger . I’m pretty happy with them and also made a shroud similar although I mounted my fans on the outside. I’m using the BB radiator that is standard on the A/C cars. Keeps it cool in our Aussie summers that go way over 100 .
  12. Hi Mal, mustang monthly did an article on how to strip down and repair clocks. It’s a 67/68 but the same principles. Just google it. I ended up doing mine a few years back with a new quartz movement.
  13. I used Graphics Express and couldn’t be happier . I did purchase some on eBay and they were complete rubbish the first time.
  14. I used a paper clip to check the msd box . That takes the magnetic pickup out of the equation. I replaced the pickup just to make sure. The box definitely has intermittent spark issues. Coil checks out fine . Maybe it’s time to upgrade.
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