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  1. Shep69

    Mach 1 stripes

    Unfortunatley this is only a guide Bernie. You could order what ever stripe colour you wanted back in the day. My gulf stream Aqua has the black interior so the chart indicates black stripes. I found traces of the gold stripes on my original fenders so i went with that. My build sheet doesn't even state what colour was used just that one was ordered.
  2. Yes all my photos from the Project Progress Forum have gone. Maybe it’s time to abandon this section if people’s photos are going to be deleted from time to time. I also understand why this happens and thankful that we have admins that look after the site . Just no point having this section of our forum if there’s no pics .
  3. Shep69

    Taillight Panel Question

    Reuse them if you can . It will save you some time. I had to change all the parts out due to a previous owners dodgy repairs.
  4. Shep69

    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    I’m using the Go EFI 4 600hp. I’m not using the timing control function atm as I already had the msd setup. I went in tank pump and used the stock fuel line as the return.
  5. Shep69

    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    I have been running a FiTech setup on my mustang for a while now. Cold starts are awsome even after sitting for weeks. The ability to tune on the fly is good. No issues from me.
  6. Shep69

    Santa Came Early

    Someone’s been a good boy this year. Love it. Congrats.
  7. Shep69

    What filler for quarter panel extensions?

    I had pretty much the same issue on the front light buckets to fender area. Like others have said , use a quality filler and you will be fine. It's pretty rare that they lined up from factory. Even now I'm hearing that the new mustangs imported to Aus are going straight to the panel shops to get the front panels aligned properly.
  8. Shep69

    1969 gauge cluster question

    I’m not sure Aslanefe. As it’s an auto once the motor starts it never dies until I shut it down. I will check it out .
  9. Shep69

    1969 gauge cluster question

    My brake warning light goes out once the car starts.
  10. Shep69

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    Mike I wanted the 3 point belts as I didn’t like the way the original belt cuts into your neck all the time. Also the fact that the originals have seperate buckles for lap and shoulder. Keeps it simple . I also added a drop link .
  11. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    The hood tach I purchased from eBay. I just pulled it apart, stripped it down and painted it the same as the hood as they only come in white. It works great and I’m very happy with it. They are still available .
  12. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    Cheers Neil. It’s a factory A/C car so they come with the tinted green colour glass. I also had a local mobile tint guy here in Perth put some darker stuff on.
  13. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    Like RPM said they started building them in late 68 . I'm not sure what month the production run started but someone may chime in on this. My build date was 15 Nov 68.
  14. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    Celebrating the 50th birthday of my mustang today. I purchased it over 10 years ago from Oregon and shipped it to Australia where it’s had a well deserved restoration. I hope I look this good when I turn 50 in a couple of years lol.
  15. Shep69

    She’s A Keeper

    You know you married the right one when it’s your 24th anniversary and instead of going out for a romantic dinner she’s in the shed giving me a hand doing a compression test on my 302 .