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  1. Shep69

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    Well you can't even follow a build on here anymore as most of the pics are gone!!! There must be a better way . Im not saying FB is any good but people who post build threads normally want to put photos in.
  2. Shep69

    Good quality grill moldings?

    Agree with you Jet on the hood moulding. Its rubbish. I did however use the Corvex moulding on my mach 1 drip rail and that are OK. I think carpenter makes the best mouldings .
  3. Shep69

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    I’m not sure what you mean by searchable and personable. You just need to type in the search bar on the page and it will bring up all the past pics and responses. It’s pretty personable just like this forum. You can pm people add friends etc . I just thought it would be another good way of meeting people and gain info just for 69/70 guys.
  4. Shep69

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    I’m happy the site back up. Just wondering if it’s worth looking at getting a Facebook page for our group. There’s plenty of mustang FB pages but nothing on 69/70 like this forum.
  5. Shep69

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    I would try and run it with the yoke in even if you have to take the uni joint out so you can eliminate the tail shaft .
  6. Shep69

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Shit that’s a bad vibration Mal the way your steering wheel is moving. That’s got to bloody frustrating. I gather you have eliminated the wheels and tail shaft by removing them and running it up on stands.
  7. Shep69

    Finally completed I think

    Nice work .Is that rear bumper factory, that fits sooo much better than my one . Someone must have put an aftermarket one on my stang as it sticks way out either side.
  8. Shep69

    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    I already had a vacuum gauge. I just borrowed a vac pump from work and put a t- piece in. You can buy the cheap hand pump vac gauges at most automotive stores.
  9. Shep69

    Onto My Next Issue Brakes.

    Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been off the grid for a while. So I replaced the master cylinder after bench bleeding it. Still crap brakes. So I decided to do a vacuum test on the recently installed new booster using a hand vacuum pump and gauge. BOOM . The new booster had an issue. It wouldn’t hold vacuum. I was lucky enough that I had another new spare one . I tested it and it held vacuum overnight. After installing the booster I finally have brakes. So I guess even though the parts were new they still were defective. I’m kicking myself as I didn’t think of it earlier. hope this helps Mark
  10. Shep69

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    Tom the SD belts don’t come with drop links. I purchased them from a hemi shop as they use them on their 2 doors. I carefully cut the upper mount off and just placed the belt through the drop link. No re stitching required. . They cost around 35 Aussie dollars locally so you should be able to get them easy in the US. Like Doug said the buckle will fit in the console if it’s adjusted to it’s limit.
  11. Shep69

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    I put 3 point units in my 69. Yes you do require the retract unit to be further back. I just welded in another plate to take the retract unit and also put a drop link in so it didn’t cut into my neck. Works great. I used the Scott Drake belts.
  12. Shep69

    66 Aussie Falcon

    Sweet Ride.
  13. Shep69

    Lost Spark

    This happened to me about a month ago. Im also using MSD gear on my windsor. Before you do anything open the link that 1969Mach1 posted above and try that . That will eliminate a couple of things. If you have no spark using that method then either your coil is bad or the msd box is faulty. I had spark so i changed the dizzy cap and magnetic pickup. This fixed my problem.
  14. Shep69

    New guy in Town.

    Nice one Mac. Ive owned Rottweilers in the past. They get big !!! you might have to use some of your car budget to feed him lol.
  15. Nice work Mal. I don’t use the radio that much. I prefer the sweet sound of the v8 cruising down the highway lol.