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  1. Just had a look at mine Vic and it appears to be the same as the pic but I’ve got a 2 1/2 inch gap between the radiator on condenser. I purchased it through classic auto air and it came with all the brackets attached and bolted straight in.
  2. Thanks for the info bud. When I get home on the weekend I’m going to compare to see what the difference is on mine . I will let you know how I go . I’ve got a feeling my condenser is mounted in front and not like the pic .
  3. My 69 came with factory AC. I’ve replaced all the under hood components as they were long gone when I purchased the car. As my radiator it mounted behind the support and the condenser is mounted in front of the rad support it creates a large gap . I’ve read that the condensor should be as close as possible to the radiator so it eliminates high pressure issues in the AC compressor and also stop turbulence between the two thus cooling the radiator more effectively. What have others done to overcome these issues?
  4. I put a powermaster in my mustang and are happy with it. Uses the same brackets so no mods . It says you don’t need a fuse but I put one in just to be safe.
  5. I’m ok as I live on the West Coast. Most of the fires are on the East Coast. It’s bad real bad. Millions of animals are dead . Some species will become extinct that say. Over 2000 homes destroyed and lots of people have perished.
  6. I ended up doing some filling on all four corners . The light buckets were out a few mm as well . But that was normal back in the day . I had to buy a second hand rear extension also as one of the tabs were the thread goes in had snapped. Shipping is what’s a killer plus tax.
  7. I had to do mine as well . Not as bad though. I just keyed up the pot metal and used fibre fill to get the rough shape. Then used rage gold filler or dolphin glaze before epoxy priming . Still looks good after few years in our Aussie climate.
  8. I noticed my lower radiator spring was pretty ordinary and you could squeeze the hose easily. The springs that get supplied with the hose are pretty light weight so I decided to find a replacement. I ventured out to the shed to see what I could find and found that the springs that are in the gear sprinklers are a perfect fit . You need two but what a difference. I was lucky enough to have a couple of old broken sprinklers in my spare box . I can’t even squeeze the hose at all now. Thought I would just share this as it may help out others.
  9. Caseyrhe is correct. The one screw goes to the rear. The amount of trim that gets placed on the wrong way is amazing. Including mine. John its time to buy some good used units or find some nice repco ones. I purchased some repco trim many many years ago . Like so many after market bits there not great but work. They may have improved now days.
  10. Im not sure on the specs on runout but you won't minimum on both radially and axially. I had some minor axial runout on my flex plate on my c4 and the torque converter spout was worn that much it needed replacing. This also damages the seal.
  11. Oh man I didn’t want to hear that but thanks Bigmal. And they fit perfectly as well. I should have bought two Spal 12 inch fans and fabbed up a shroud. Damn . My motor was getting hot with the standard fan and cowl also in traffic so that why I wanted to try these fans out.
  12. Can’t wait to see one painted up and on a 69 to get the full effect of what it’s gonna look like . Nice work Jim.
  13. Yeah Neil it came with both . I’ve checked it and it’s pretty clean with just a few bits stuck to the magnet. I’m pretty sure my instructions said use the coarse one first and then change to the fine filter .
  14. Ok cheers for the advice Barney. I did start playing with the timing to see if that would have any affect. I’m running an msd pro billit non vac advance distributor. Also running 98 octane fuel . I can’t get the motor to ping if I advance it . Even had it at 18 deg and still no ping. Any advice on what’s a good baseline to start. I with thinking 12/14 deg.
  15. Hi Barney, Ive only really noticed it since installing the new AC components. It was factory AC but the previous owner removed all the under hood parts. Its pretty much stock as far as I can tell. i will try and get a photo next break of the radiator tubes when I install a new thermostat.
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