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  1. Hi Mal, mustang monthly did an article on how to strip down and repair clocks. It’s a 67/68 but the same principles. Just google it. I ended up doing mine a few years back with a new quartz movement.
  2. I used Graphics Express and couldn’t be happier . I did purchase some on eBay and they were complete rubbish the first time.
  3. I used a paper clip to check the msd box . That takes the magnetic pickup out of the equation. I replaced the pickup just to make sure. The box definitely has intermittent spark issues. Coil checks out fine . Maybe it’s time to upgrade.
  4. So my msd took a dump today and left we stranded. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these new progression ignition distributor setups good or bad . TIA
  5. Mal I’ve had my FiTech on my mustang for a few years now. Very happy with it but if you have any intake or exhaust leaks it will cause issues unlike a carb. Even after a month without running it starts first turn of the key. I found it runs better than a carb but my mustang is just a cruiser . Like others have said if you have a well tuned carb you probably won’t see any performance advantage.
  6. Nice install Bart. I did a similar install a few years back with a Fitech setup. It hides nicely under the shaker . I used a pod style pump from one of our Aussie falcons and EFI hardware in Melbourne sell the tank conversion kit.
  7. Glad it worked for you mikey. It did my head in when I had the same issue years ago . I was lucky enough that someone on this forum helped me out as well.
  8. I had the same issue . Move the striker out Not in . I know this sound crazy but it’s like Aslanefe said above it’s a double acting latch and your probably only got the first bit started.
  9. Say What !!!! Maybe in Queensland Mal but over in the West we can run the standard lights just like they came from the factory with the blinking brake lights. Im just spewing i didn't buy the sequential ones from Vintage LEDs . Love the wing tail light by the way.
  10. Thanks for the info MN69Grande . The motor already has an edelbrock intake and i have no plans to upgrade the cam or heads . Its currently got a edelbrock 650 cfm carb on it. Im thinking this is a bit overkill so just wanted to get some advise before I folk out more coin .
  11. Looking for a carb for a stock 302 with an auto . What would be the best option. The 570 cfm Holley street avenger or the Edelbrock AVS 2 500 cfm.
  12. Im just wanting some advice on a carb for my 302w . Its going in my 56 F100 build. Its a bone stock 85 model 302 with a edelbrock intake running a c4 auto. I was looking at the edelbrock AVS2 1901. Its only 500 cfm . Has anyone used a AVS2 carb and would the 1901 be a good choice. TIA
  13. I went LEDs years ago . One of the best upgrades in my opinion. Vintage LEDs look the goods . I like the way you can switch from standard or sequential with the flick of a switch. http://www.vintageleds.com/
  14. I routed my fuel line on the passenger side as well. From tank clipped it over the rear frame rail and onto the inner rocker floor pan panel through the torque box . I used the black braided fuel hose with -6 AN fittings. You could mount a stock style filter to the floor pan using a bracket as well if you don’t won’t it in the engine bay. I used the original steel fuel line on the drivers side as the return line.
  15. Is there any way you can test the magnetic pickup with a multi meter?
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