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  1. I’m glad you figured it out mate. It’s been a nightmare that’s for sure. You have patience. It’s a 5 year thread.
  2. Hi Mal, I haven’t been on here in a long time and can’t believe you’re still chasing the vibration issue. Is it worth throwing it on a dyno and getting it up to speed and crawling around to see exactly we’re it’s coming from.
  3. My MSD box caused me lots of issues and it was pretty much brand new when i purchased my mustang . I was chasing a no spark intermittent issue. It would run OK on the most part but other times have no spark. Left me stranded once. I changed out the magnetic pickup and leads and the issue persisted. I checked the msd box using the paperclip method and found it was the box. I know most guys run the boxes under the hood but heat will kill them. MSD is not what it used to be . The leads are rubbish . I removed the whole system and replaced it with ICE ignition a couple of years ago and never looked back.
  4. I was thinking about this as well. I’m loving the 1 wire alternator but have just wrapped up the harness and tucked it out of site just in case .
  5. I installed mine and wow what a difference they make. Thanks Gary . Great product. IMG_6234.MOV IMG_6234.MOV
  6. Thanks for the info midlife .
  7. Can anyone tell me when the motor is sitting at 190 deg where the gauge needle should be sitting on my 69 mach1. TIA
  8. I didn’t even know that pedders sold shocks for our mustangs Mal. That’s good to know. My front springs are pedders and it rides nice. I did the shelby drop many years ago and it made a big difference. I just wish I had have welded the plates into the shock towers . Oh well next time .
  9. I’ve been running my FiTech for years with no issues . In tank pump setup. Both systems have similar issues , just jump on FB and see. The Edelbrock pro flo 4 looks good as well.
  10. Has anyone used a brake booster electric pump to gain more vacuum. I’ve gone through the whole power brake system and replaced or rebuilt everything. Ive got a hard brake pedal and have read that you need a minimum of 18 inches of vacuum to work correctly. My motor only makes about 14.7 at idle. Just curious to know if anyone else has used a vacuum pump with good results before I look into hydroboost . TIA
  11. No I haven’t but have heard good things about them. Might be worth giving them a go.
  12. Yes I wanted to know what size is correct before pulling it apart. I found that I had 13/16 in there . I purchased the 7/8 cylinders and put them in on the weekend. I thought this would have made a big improvement in my brakes but it didn’t make much difference at all. Ive just about replaced all the brake system now including master, vacuum booster front callipers pads and new seals and spring in the valve block and proportional valve. Have about 15 “ vacuum at idle . Still not great braking .
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