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  1. Shep69

    Rim Blow horns and tilt columns

    Unfortunatly a lot of the aftermarket goodies are made for the Chev market and us Ford guys have to modify and adapt it to suit. Im going through this now on my 56 F100 project. Pretty poor form from Flaming River if they can't even measure the slip ring for you.
  2. Shep69

    302 Rear Main Seal

    Just wanting to know if the Felpro PTFE (Teflon) rear main seals are the way to go or should I just stick with the standard rubber style.
  3. Shep69

    Balancer Question

    Cheers Barnett. I will remove the balancer and have a better look. If the cracks don’t appear to bad I will just give it a clean up and replace the front seal while it’s off.
  4. Shep69

    Balancer Question

    The 302 that I have in my 56 F100 came out of a 85 Lincoln . The balancer has marking on it E4TE-A3A . It has a few cracks on the rubber ring so I was thinking about changing it out. Im just wondering if it is a 28oz or 50oz balancer. It has 4 bolt holes for the serpentine pulley. Cheers
  5. Shep69

    Radiator Level Question

    About 1/4 below Barnett. It ends up venting out so it about 1/2 inch above the cores. Maybe this is normal as BuckeyeDemon says.
  6. Im just wondering if its normal that my radiator fluid level is always low . I decided to purchased a new 13 pound cap just to see but when the motor starts to reach running temp around 170-180 it starts venting fluid . The motor runs fine and never overheats . If I go to top the radiator up it takes about 1 litre or so. Motor is a 351W with the larger A/C radiator . Currently running a type "B" non glycol based coolant. Anyone have any ideas.
  7. Shep69

    One wire alternator question

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah I thought it would be best to put a fuse or circuit breaker.
  8. Shep69

    One wire alternator question

    I purchased a 100 amp 1 wire alternator for my 302 that’s in my 56 F100. The instructions just say to connect the alternator straight to the battery or solinoid. Nothing is mentioned about a inline fuse or circuit breaker so I’m just asking for any advice. Should I put one in or not. Thanks Mark
  9. Shep69

    Mach 1 decals. Any other options?

    Might pay to get in contact with a graphics company. They may be able to make you some custom ones using the 3m vinyl. The vinyl has glass impregnated into it so you get that reflection at night. Ive seen guys paint the stripes on also but you won't get that reflection at night like the vinyl stripes. Give Graphics Express a call. They were awesome to deal with when i had some stripe issues.
  10. I also went for a Sanden compressor as most of my under hood A/C parts were missing when I purchased my mustang. Very happy with it.
  11. Shep69

    I can't beleive it hasn't been stolen yet

    I will take the cordless grinder with me just in case. Lol
  12. Shep69

    I can't beleive it hasn't been stolen yet

    I live about 3 minutes away from Jandakot Airport bigmal. I better go and have a look .
  13. Shep69

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    Well you can't even follow a build on here anymore as most of the pics are gone!!! There must be a better way . Im not saying FB is any good but people who post build threads normally want to put photos in.
  14. Shep69

    Good quality grill moldings?

    Agree with you Jet on the hood moulding. Its rubbish. I did however use the Corvex moulding on my mach 1 drip rail and that are OK. I think carpenter makes the best mouldings .