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  1. Shep69

    1969 gauge cluster question

    I’m not sure Aslanefe. As it’s an auto once the motor starts it never dies until I shut it down. I will check it out .
  2. Shep69

    1969 gauge cluster question

    My brake warning light goes out once the car starts.
  3. Shep69

    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    Mike I wanted the 3 point belts as I didn’t like the way the original belt cuts into your neck all the time. Also the fact that the originals have seperate buckles for lap and shoulder. Keeps it simple . I also added a drop link .
  4. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    The hood tach I purchased from eBay. I just pulled it apart, stripped it down and painted it the same as the hood as they only come in white. It works great and I’m very happy with it. They are still available .
  5. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    Cheers Neil. It’s a factory A/C car so they come with the tinted green colour glass. I also had a local mobile tint guy here in Perth put some darker stuff on.
  6. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    Like RPM said they started building them in late 68 . I'm not sure what month the production run started but someone may chime in on this. My build date was 15 Nov 68.
  7. Shep69

    Happy 50th

    Celebrating the 50th birthday of my mustang today. I purchased it over 10 years ago from Oregon and shipped it to Australia where it’s had a well deserved restoration. I hope I look this good when I turn 50 in a couple of years lol.
  8. Shep69

    She’s A Keeper

    You know you married the right one when it’s your 24th anniversary and instead of going out for a romantic dinner she’s in the shed giving me a hand doing a compression test on my 302 .
  9. Shep69


    Your not wrong there Bigmal. The cost of getting anything down here from the US is crazy .
  10. Shep69

    Radiator Overflow Tank

    I found a 1 litre overflow that fits just right and mounted it just behind the grill. Works great.
  11. Shep69

    It's a going

    What 17 yr old wouldn’t love driving a cool red 69 Mach 1 around. Unfortunately my 18 and 20 yr old sons will never know lol.
  12. Shep69

    Shorty Headers

    Do they have any type of gasket or is it just steel on steel on the joint.
  13. Shep69

    Shorty Headers

    Im looking at getting some shorty headers for my 302 in my 56 F-100 project. Currently running block huggers but with the new power rack and the new mustang 2 IFS they won’t fit. I’m looking around and most of the shorty headers have a ball and a socket flange arrangement. Are these any good or am I better of trying to find some with the standard 3 bolt flange. I’m worried that the ball and socket with only two bolts will leak. Thanks Mark.
  14. Shep69

    Radiator Overflow Tank

    Thanks mate . Yeah looks like its gonna have to be in that spot.
  15. Shep69

    Radiator Overflow Tank

    Thanks Bigmal, Thats exactly were I have my MSD box mounted lol. Im thinking about the passenger side but in front of the radiator support between the grill.