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  1. The motor has an 180 deg thermostat Neil. It runs around 190-195 most of the time. As long as the fuel level is accurate that all what matters . I get what Barney and Midlife is saying.
  2. Can anyone tell me were the temp needle should sit when the motor temp is 180 deg. I have an electronic constant voltage regulator so its adjustable .
  3. I’ve just done this on my 302. I had to re torque the bolts about 4 times. Going to check them again tomorrow lol
  4. Fantastic work as usual MTF.
  5. Holy shit they are expensive . Why don't you use the old style rat trap starter. Ive always had a good run from them and they are cheap .
  6. Shep69

    Wiring help

    I’m wanting to start my 302 w that is mounted on my 56 F-100 chassis. I’m just going to do some basic wiring like what’s in the pic attached. I’m just wondering what size fuses I should use and were I should put them in the circuit.
  7. If I change out my stock style alternator to a 1 wire unit what needs to happen to the existing wiring harness including the regulator. Thanks Mark
  8. Cheers for the info.
  9. I need a new starter motor for my 302w . I was wondering if the Tuff Stuff Starter motors are any good. Cheers Mark.
  10. Unfortunatley this is only a guide Bernie. You could order what ever stripe colour you wanted back in the day. My gulf stream Aqua has the black interior so the chart indicates black stripes. I found traces of the gold stripes on my original fenders so i went with that. My build sheet doesn't even state what colour was used just that one was ordered.
  11. Yes all my photos from the Project Progress Forum have gone. Maybe it’s time to abandon this section if people’s photos are going to be deleted from time to time. I also understand why this happens and thankful that we have admins that look after the site . Just no point having this section of our forum if there’s no pics .
  12. Reuse them if you can . It will save you some time. I had to change all the parts out due to a previous owners dodgy repairs.
  13. I’m using the Go EFI 4 600hp. I’m not using the timing control function atm as I already had the msd setup. I went in tank pump and used the stock fuel line as the return.
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