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  1. Anyone parting out a 69 Coupe?.

    Try West Coast Classic Cougars. http://www.classic-cougar.com/
  2. Trans Fluid Foams after long hot cruise

    Changed the pump tube, filter & gasket everything looked good no gunk in the bottom of pan. Filled it up with B&M Trick Shift Synthetic no more foaming. It appears B&M has discontinued the synthetic nobody has it in stock anymore. Went to a few places AZ, Oreilly & NAPA to pick up some other parts took a look all they had was 1 or 2 qts of the original looked online B&M doesn't show it anymore. Hope it was worth the extra cost.
  3. C4 is probably shot - HELP.

    That must have been fun to get out wobbling around. I have a new one that I haven't gotten around to replacing yet. Anyone know what the difference is between the green, white stripe etc mines green could hardly see the color ring? Did it hit the case trying to remove it?
  4. Dash Gauges or A Pillar Pod Ideas

    Thanks for all the ideas & pics this winter I'll post whichever setup I go with. Too many choices walking into a dealership is much easier just sell me that car.
  5. Don't forget to number all rockers, push rods & lifters when you remove them or you'll be replacing your cam in a short time they already have a wear pattern, I do it with roller or flat tappet. I'd also use a good cam lube on them when you assemble it, it's not required but cheap insurance.
  6. My apologies for hi jacking your thread. My vote is to pull the engine clean it up & repaint everything. Good time to wrap any wiring, change hoses and new firewall grommets that are a pain to get to. Clean repainted heads will make everything else stand out. It should save you time in the long run with less chance of damaging anything like fenders. You should get going as quick as you can on the Challenger or sell it to me. Wish I would have kept the 70 Cuba or 71 Challenger, at the time I didn't see any reason they weren't street legal or titled had no vin number built for factory drag racing only without titles back then they were almost had no value. There's nothing like the rumble of a hemi firing up. We bought our engines from Keith Black 426 Hemi Crate engine with shipping by rail $1,400.00 just add magneto & injectors. We ran an injected 426 in the 66 funny car before needing more power with a 671 blower ran a lot less nitro back then to try and keep the engines together usually 70% match racing. I've thought about building a 331 cu in alcohol injected hemi front engine dragster but don't see it happening unless it's a super cheap deal.
  7. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    That's why I suggested contacting Scat they have several rail systems for each model if I remember right they have one that sits in a lower position to lower it down in the floor pan. They make different rails for each model, they're not cheap either. The PO of mine was 6'4" fairly heavy.
  8. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    I have a set of Scat Procar Rally Elites with their rails some of the finest seats I've sat in. Great customer service give this fellow a call or email he'll answer any question you have. Alex Gonzalez Crank Sales SCAT Enterprises, Inc. 310-370-5501 EXT.121 310-214-2285 FAX agonzalez@scatenterprises.com
  9. Why just let a 15-20k engine sit find a newer Challenger throw it in there. I've had 5 426 Hemi race cars 64 Plymouth, 70 Challenger & 71 Cuda a couple Keith Black 426 Hemi Funny Cars 66 Cuda & 70 Challenger Bodies on Race Car Specialties Chassis a 47 Fiat Topolino with blown 392 Hemi running AA/Fuel Altered. That was a long time ago. Still miss the adrenaline rush & smell of nitro. After several crashes broken neck & back I was told one more bad blow would probably cripple me. I'm still paying for it some days I can't get off the couch without help.
  10. 3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    Water spray does the same thing all your doing is a temporary sealing of the leak plus it's non-flammable & cheap. I missed this question earlier.
  11. Yep I owned it in the late 60's 64 Plymouth Cross Ram Manifold 426 hemi with aluminum fenders & hood running in SS/BA NHRA B/MP National Record Holder for MPH bought it from Dave Wren when he lived in Montana and sold it back to him a couple years later when he moved to Washington. Google his name.
  12. 3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    It's an older Holley Street Dominator the new Dominators are square bore. It came on the care & will work on EFI so I'm not changing it.
  13. 3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    Plugs 3 & 7 are lean all the rest are normal. Maybe it's the design of the manifold I'm going to make my own gasket next time to fit the manifolds carb profile. I pulled the carb apart cleaned, blew out all the circuits out & double checked everything, new plugs, fuel filter. Started right up sounds good need to lower secondary float & idle speed circuit today. Ran out of time wanted to watch the Dawgs trounce the Beavers & it started raining. If it quits raining today I'll take it for a ride hopefully it's run all the water out of it. I drained about a pint of gas out yesterday it's all gas no water separation.
  14. Yep not a problem I've done it many times only once on a Mustang. It's a slow process unless you want some dents in the fenders you'll definitely need help pulling them off the engine. Try wrangling a set of 426 hemi heads off & on a aluminum front end car by yourself. When you put it back together buy some threaded rod and cut it long enough to be able to remove it unless your using studs. It will keep your head & manifold gaskets in place while you put them back on. Especially the manifold gasket has a tendency to move around you don't want to do it twice. If I were doing it by myself I 'd use an engine puller and save my back at least I'd take the hood & fenders off.
  15. 3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    It was in another post on additives I ran out of ValvTect and went tp Foss Harbor Marina & picked up 6 more bottles sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone I guess I'm not perfect. quote: I add a can of SeaFoam or ValvTect every other time I buy ethanol gas I usually put 1 can for 8-10 gallons as stated above Startron is another good product they both do the same thing it encapsulates the water separation that starts within a week from the time he ethanol is added. I learned the hard way after having to have 50-80 gallons at $4.79 a gallon plus $500 pump out & disposal fee of old dirty marine gas pumped out of our boat.This is different than the way products like Stabil work. Ethanol will add about 8-10 octane to the gas after about 2 months the octane drops gradually 92 octane after 2-3 months will equal 82-84 octane gas. I usually get non-ethanol gas when I can and fill it up with that.ValvTect - Valvtect Marine Gasolinehttps://seafoamsales.com/auto/