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  1. Parents Killed by Son 1 mile from us

    I really don't get your point I wasn't arguing for either side of gun control or confiscation of guns all I stated is what's happened in this country's society over a long period of time. Just turned on the news there was another road rage murder on I-5 at 1:00 am this morning & an officer involved shooting of someone who ran a stop light. I've been hunting, target shooting & skeet shooting since I was 15 I shot 22's with my grandpa when I was 8 yrs old he died when I was 10. All I stated is how the system failed I have no answers this subject it has grown into another one of those divide the country issues. The US population is 5% of the world with over 35% of the worlds gun related deaths this includes accidental, suicide & murders. I would like to see some real debate on the subject with some real answers on a problem that seems to have grown into an epidemic. The opiod drug problem is called an epidemic, it is but who's to blame? The junkie that was prescribed a legal drug pushed by his doctor & pharma companies then cut off left addicted to buy illegal drugs. When small towns with a population of 250 to 3000 people purchase 9 million to 30 million pills who's at fault? ( google that one ) In my opinion our country is in a period of time where it controls it's own destiny we need real answers to real problems not arguments. If it fails to solve the problems we'll be another blip in history that failed. I'm too old to care for me it's my sons & grandson I care about. Hopefully the young folks movement that has started will bring some change just like other movements have this country was founded by a revolution. Our for profit prison system is another topic too long to discuss.
  2. Parents Killed by Son 1 mile from us

    We have seriously considered moving to either Australia or New Zealand still might, the only thing holding us back is our son & grandson. I've been around guns all my life when I was 15 I had to go through an NRA gun safety & shooting program to get a hunting license at 16. That grew into several years of state sanctioned indoor target shooting, my 2nd year I was ranked 2nd in the state. I think people in the US have grown numb to shootings & mass killings every night on the local news which we quit watching there is at least 1 killing. They can't be grouped into any one category it goes across all of society mentally ill, family arguments, gang bangers, drunks, idiots,. Dad shoots son or friend by accident the usual statement is the gun was empty I just cleaned it. If you pick up a firearm you better know the 1st rule point it downwards open the breach. Sadly the only requirement to own a rifle or gun is age must be over 21 for handguns over 18 for rifles even AR15 type & a broken background system to check for mental illness, felonies etc that's it no training buy it shoot it. It has come out the son who killed his parents bought it legally at a local gun shop waited the 7 days for a background check which he past with 1 felony assault & multiple mental health evaluations under the care of a psycho doctor taking some strong meds. His brother warned the dad that he was mad and on the way over there & called 911 sheriff they arrived to late. I have purchased & traded several firearms at the same shop I know the owner fairly well. I was looking at a new skeet rifle when someone came into pick up a pistol on the 8th day of the waiting period. He looked in the database told the guy the City of Buckley hadn't responded to the background check then handed him the gun. He told me it happens over 50% of the time, if the purchasers city of residence doesn't respond you get a gun doesn't matter if your wanted for murder.
  3. Power steering belt

    Take a piece of 1/4" to 1/2" rope make sure it's riding on the V groove not on the bottom of the pulleys rap it around, cut it to length. They can use for the correct diameter. Did this with Mercruiser engines with belts from 45" to 106"
  4. Ignition Coil Options

    Whats up special treatment. :-)
  5. Wednesday about 7:00 pm we heard several helicopters didn't think much of it JBLM flys over quite a bit training. I spoke to my neighbor yesterday afternoon his brother in-law sub divided a parcel of land into 5 acre plots he had sold this plot next to his house last year the couple had just finished their house a few months. Yesterday when we left 3 sheriff suvs came down the road then 2 more black with blacked out windows suvs went by I was going the same way when we got near a small park there were about 8-10 police vehicles all parked in a group talking. Thought this was strange then we found out about the double homicide of the parents by their son. This happened less than a mile from our home. Sue mentioned she heard some gun shot's but didn't think much about it we're in a rural area hear gun fire all the time. Several months ago 2 brothers got into an argument & shot each other about 5 miles from us.So much for rural life if traffic weren't so bad we'd move to town. Here's the story21-year-old man accused of killing his parents near Buckley; victims identified | Q13 FOX News
  6. As many of you know since I bought the Mustang I've had problems with several 351W dizzys. It had a Motorcraft date correct with Pertronix Ignitor it was set up using 18L curve cams for 36* mechanical advance with light springs all in at 1800 rpm it had a worn breaker plate causing it to stick bushings were shot cost to repair & have it curved was almost $200 so I shelved it. I tried several off the shelf new & rebuilt dizzy's from the usual local parts stores all of them had problems either at start up or after a couple months. Bought a new Ready to Run Billet MSD it failed 2 hours out of the box. A couple weeks ago I bought a Pertronix Flame Thrower Stock Look dizzy with steel gear so far good. The workmanship is beyond what I expected it actually came deburred no sharp edges. Put it in fired before I could let go of the key. All I'm going to do now is get rid of the 2 junky looking 12 volt wires from the fuse block. Bought a 30 amp 5 prong relay to mount near the dizzy & choke to supply the 12 volts to both I have accumulated enough parts to put the date correct Motorcraft dizzy back together in the near future with all new parts the only parts used from it is the housing & shaft. . https://www.summitracing.com/parts/PNX-D134610
  7. Ignition Coil Options

    I've run the Pre Made Taylor 8mm wires since I bought the Mustang. Nice kit all the wires were made to fit the Ford Racing Harness perfect fit great boots that seal. I've had problems with other brand universal fit brands definitely would recommend Taylor for the price & quality.
  8. Ignition Coil Options

    I've tried several coils MSD Blaster II, FOMOCO & Acell HiPo 45,000 volt right now I have the Acell in there now. I would go with the Blaster II. I have similar rails by Ford Racing for spark plug wire routing in the pic above by barnet best rails I've ever had keeps them separated but best of all you never need to search where each wire is going they are in order from bottom to top where they exit 1= #1 cyl, 2= #2 cyl etc. I can change a dizzy cap in 5 mins without chasing any wires. If you make your own wires they can be cut to the exact length for a clean looking setup without any chance of spark jump.
  9. Free KD tools 0-300 psi Compression Tester

    Yep it's yours. Paypal is my hotmail address.
  10. I found a KD Tools 0-300 psi Compression Tester in a box if anyone wants it just pay shipping of $7.00.Has 1 adapter no box.Bob
  11. Door Glass Came Unglued Today

    The SKU: 68544-2 is the same as mine for the TMI product.
  12. Door Glass Came Unglued Today

    I'd call them the sku # is TMI which I think is a subsidiary of Distinctive Ind.
  13. Spare & Jack Kit in trunk ...

    I can't remember the last time I changed a flat tire. I carry a 12 volt air compressor if that won't do it time for a flatbed. I want to carry a mini spare & jack just in case. Our Cad ATS V doesn't come with a spare not even an option to buy one, if it has run flats nothing in trunk if it has standard tires 12 volt dual compressor air/fix a flat junk gunk.
  14. Duraspark II with Small Cap, New Melonized Gear GM HEI Module with Heatsink all setup and ready to drop in. The GM Module is small easy to mount puts out more volts than a Duraspark box. I have over $175 in it. I pulled it chasing another problem & went back to a New points dizzy I'm done messing with distributors. It's out of a 76 Mercury Cougar 351W $75.00 + $15.00 usps priority mail. Paypal preferred. PM me if interested. Bob