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Who wants to trade my Power brake pedal for your Manual brake pedal?

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Well damn, I thought I had 2. I've gathered the pieces to swap to manual brakes on my 69 also. Depending on the master cyl you're going to use and if it has a rod retention clip, you may have to weld a stop tab on your brake pedal. The following is from the Mustang Steve site: 


On cars with manual brakes, the steel lever arm you see welded to the top of the pedal serves as a stop to keep the pedal from being able to travel back towards the driver far enough to pull the pushrod out of the master cylinder. If the rod comes out of the master cylinder, there will be no brakes. Most master cylinders for manual brake cars have a positive rod retention clip built into the piston. The rod snaps in place and is very difficult to get out. MOST DISC BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERS DO NOT HAVE THAT FEATURE, since they were mostly designed for use with a power booster. When swapping master cylinders and brake parts, BE SURE there is no way the rod can be pulled out of the master cylinder, by either a positive lever stop on top of the pedal, or by positive rod retention clip in the master cylinder, or both.

This is a pic of a pedal with the tab.


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Yes. The brake pedal design only cares about power or manual, not type of brake. The Master cylinder is drum/disc specific.

Btw, with no power stuff on your car, have you thought to name the car Manuel? :)  Kidding...sort of.

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