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  1. I highly recommend AED Performance carbs. On Mine is a 750 mechanical secondaries/No electric Choke/horns milled off runs smooth and is there on power for me. Starts easy enough even in the cold 30° Winter Central California mornings, i let it warm up and go. Straight out of box , I have only adjusted idle in 4 years. Up or down . Thats it. They sell 650 carbs also. With Vacuum I am not sure . But check out their Web site Aed Performance , they were great on my questions for my application. The owner actually responded to my email. I am very happy with my Carb. I have had Edelbrock Thunder series 650 / edelbrock 600 cfm/holley street avenger in the past. I have always had to mess with adjusting something on those. But this Aed is Easy for me. Summit sells their Aed Carbs. Thats where I purchased mine with my Summit Card .
  2. I use Fr4 NGK spark plugs on my 351w and the Ford Racing 9mm wires .
  3. I am using this bracket but mine is 5 speed manual. Got it from Sanco Specialties. It clears my AED (holley) 750 Carb , on top of a edelbrock rpm intake.
  4. I ran into same problem. I even broke one led.
  5. I have 1 power disc brake assembly from a 1969 Mustang 428 Fastback original. $300 plus shipping. If interested let me know.
  6. Funny, I get it. Thanks RPM for answering my question, good explanation.
  7. Question . Can I use the same Manual Brake Pedal (no pwr booster)from front drum brakes to convert to Disc Manual Brakes (no power booster)? ( Manual transmission car)
  8. Thanks to all your help here. I finished the 3g upgrade today on my 69 mach 351w(Msd Dist & Msd Box. Charging is good at 14.38v while in idle. Lights are bright , turn signals blink good at solid steady pace, while radio on & defroster fan on. My Tachometer works. Alt light came on at start up then turned off. I ended up using a junkyard 3g alternator from a 95 taurus v6 3.0 ohv. 130 amp small case 7" spacing . I swapped to V pulley while at Junkyard from an old Cadillac alternator , used my handy battery impact with 15/16 socket for pulley removal. I fabricated an extension bracket like Lanky ' s picture worked perfect. I used Pa Performance kit Voltage Regulator /harness. Due to my Factory Tachometer I think, my factory Harness had an extra wire which was connected to Stator stud on back of old 1g alternator. I called Pa Performance (they replied they never had that question before,as to where it connects to on 3G alternator). So they said connect it to Stator wire on 3G alternator . Hope this might help someone else.
  9. Lanky how did you wire your 3g alternator to the VR ?
  10. I have a 351w (1994 block) T5 Tranny. Lanky , are you using the fake voltage regulator on yours? I read it's only for looks.
  11. I still haven't looked for alternator at Junkyard yet, until I get a day off. But I did look up on Autozone website & notice the clock positioning of the plug is different on alot of these vehicles.
  12. Thinking about upgrading stock alternator to a 3g 95 amp or 130 amp . My car has a factory Tach, would that be a problem? Any recommendations. If I can buy a junkyard alternator to save $. Also to buy a new wiring kit from a vendor is my aim to simplify install. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Dang Good pictures and good point . I never realized how similar the stock 69 sbf exhaust manifolds are compared to the JBA 1653. Jba being more free flowing of coarse. Nice post.
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