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  1. Yes I had my son help and step hold brake pedal while I bled proportioning valve . I did it like 3 times with key switch on/engine off until light came off.
  2. West Coast Classic Cougar has instructions on how to bleed and turn off brake switch light on proportioning valve. It's under how to rebuild proportioning valve page on bottom . How to Centralize brake light switch piston position.
  3. Nice , as soon as I save money , FPA are on my to get list . ThankYou Cavboy78
  4. Cavboy78 , can u post pics of your fpa headers and their clearance on borgeson steering box. If not to much trouble. Thanks
  5. I highly recommend AED Performance carbs. On Mine is a 750 mechanical secondaries/No electric Choke/horns milled off runs smooth and is there on power for me. Starts easy enough even in the cold 30° Winter Central California mornings, i let it warm up and go. Straight out of box , I have only adjusted idle in 4 years. Up or down . Thats it. They sell 650 carbs also. With Vacuum I am not sure . But check out their Web site Aed Performance , they were great on my questions for my application. The owner actually responded to my email. I am very happy with my Carb. I have had Edelbrock Thunder series 650 / edelbrock 600 cfm/holley street avenger in the past. I have always had to mess with adjusting something on those. But this Aed is Easy for me. Summit sells their Aed Carbs. Thats where I purchased mine with my Summit Card .
  6. I use Fr4 NGK spark plugs on my 351w and the Ford Racing 9mm wires .
  7. I am using this bracket but mine is 5 speed manual. Got it from Sanco Specialties. It clears my AED (holley) 750 Carb , on top of a edelbrock rpm intake.
  8. I ran into same problem. I even broke one led.
  9. I have 1 power disc brake assembly from a 1969 Mustang 428 Fastback original. $300 plus shipping. If interested let me know.
  10. Funny, I get it. Thanks RPM for answering my question, good explanation.
  11. Question . Can I use the same Manual Brake Pedal (no pwr booster)from front drum brakes to convert to Disc Manual Brakes (no power booster)? ( Manual transmission car)
  12. Thanks to all your help here. I finished the 3g upgrade today on my 69 mach 351w(Msd Dist & Msd Box. Charging is good at 14.38v while in idle. Lights are bright , turn signals blink good at solid steady pace, while radio on & defroster fan on. My Tachometer works. Alt light came on at start up then turned off. I ended up using a junkyard 3g alternator from a 95 taurus v6 3.0 ohv. 130 amp small case 7" spacing . I swapped to V pulley while at Junkyard from an old Cadillac alternator , used my handy battery impact with 15/16 socket for pulley removal. I fabricated an extension bracket like Lanky ' s picture worked perfect. I used Pa Performance kit Voltage Regulator /harness. Due to my Factory Tachometer I think, my factory Harness had an extra wire which was connected to Stator stud on back of old 1g alternator. I called Pa Performance (they replied they never had that question before,as to where it connects to on 3G alternator). So they said connect it to Stator wire on 3G alternator . Hope this might help someone else.
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