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  1. The upper control arms I now have do not have provision for grease fittings, I just bought the Scott Drake upper control arms which have the grease fittings, going to piut these on and see what happens, Will have to go for another front end alignment....blah!
  2. No, I do not use the poly bushings. thanks for response.
  3. I restored my car about 2 yr ago and now have various squeaks with the car. During resto replaced upper and lower control arms, however no grease fittings in upper control arms. Did not change out Front springs, Rear springs were not changed and have a few of those pads missing. Some slight squeak coming from rear. Also changed out door window mechanism to 1970 style and getting a rattle from there. Car does not squeak on smooth roads only on rougher roads. I am thinking of changing out upper control arms for the Scott Drake grease fitting model and maybe front and rear springs. Comments please.
  4. I am looking for the chrome surround piece that goes into the circumference channel around the rim blow wheel. I have been using chrome tape which keeps coming off. Anyone have any suggestions as I don't see any suppliers that sell this piece. Thanks
  5. I live on the east coast in Jackson New Jersey...……….
  6. Hey Mate, I lived in Sydney (Wohlarra) in 1970 - 71, working for Philips, loved your beautiful country and did a 2 month safari trip before leaving. Thanks for your answer.
  7. Tried to do the formula that they have on CJ Pony but cannot get a result that makes any sense. I have a 69 Mach 1 with FMX automatic trans, 325 trac lock rear, 245/60R15 tires on rear and 225/60R15 on front. Anyone know which one I need. The speedo gear in there now is about 10 mph to fast at 50 - 60 mph.
  8. Thanks for that info, I worked at Ford from 1962 to 1968 at the Oakville and St Thomas Assembly plants in Canada so I know anything is possible as line workers back in the day did some non authorized activities on a frequent basis.
  9. Thanks for info, my car was built ibn San Jose on 11/19/1968 #124500
  10. Yes, I remember my father's 63 Galaxie fastback and how it would chatter and my dad always said not to worry about it! Thanks for the replys, I bought the Ford Racing version from CJ Pony.
  11. Does anyone know where there is a guide to where the factory labels and decals get placed on a 69 Mach 1? I have the complete package and there are no instructions. Many thanks
  12. There are a few Ford friction modifiers available, which is the correct one for a 3.25 Trac Lock rear on my 69 Mustang M code?
  13. https://cnj.craigslist.org/pts/d/oval-carburetor-air-cleaner/6577267361.html
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