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  1. Plus Doug lost his original name for his headers in a divorce. Good lawyers.
  2. 1969 FORD MUSTANG Doug's Headers D669Y I was just short cutting . From Summit Racing they call them Tri Y. After a couple of years of use they still look great. Since they dont come out parallel to the group you'll need to fabricate a hookup. But it wasnt that much of an issue.
  3. I put in the Dougs 3/4 length. They fit great. It works with the standard PS bracket. Not sure about the full length.
  4. I added pics of the belts. They are OEM. Belts are dirty but complete. Some rust on the buckles but not in bad shape. sent me a message with your contact info if still interested.
  5. If anyone else has as set of fronts I too need a set. I have the rears.
  6. I have one door set of OEM hinge backing plates. I still have the dog point bolts that go with them. Let me know if anyone needs this set FREE. I'll likely toss them later this summer.
  7. I have a set of 2 point OEM seat belts. They were tucked away under the seat when I bought the car. I'd be happy to ship them out to anyone. Otherwise I will likely just toss them later this summer. Just shoot me a note.
  8. 351W. FMX trans with PS and PB. The PB is a large diameter booster. PS worked with the stock bracket. I didnt have to lower the cylinder.
  9. This came up in another thread. But take a look at the video from WCCC. very informative on the different production boosters and what to look for.
  10. For just going to Power brakes from manual, I used LEEDs. Its the bigger diameter power booster which does fit with the 351W that I have. I had the car down for a rotisserie so getting to the fire wall was easy. You do have to cut out part of the fire wall for the power booster to fit. It came with the 1" bore master cylinder. Then its a matter of changing the pedal. If you want a true Ford style unit you should watch a video by WCCC on the different types of boosters used and how to identify them. Very well done. They always are very informative. This set up has worked well so far. This spring I am moving to front disc.
  11. I did Doug's Shorty ceramic coated for the same reasons as above. These fit great. I can actually get them in with the engine in place. Car has to be lifted. I used a Magnaflow system but custom made the connection up to the Shorties. System sounds good.
  12. I agree. I replaced my pass side mirror. Just the glass. He had a great video. Cost was just $16. Or he has the entire mechanism.
  13. I went with a set of Roush Aluminum heads. Work great. Good power in all ranges. Need to go with a roller rocker with these. But its something I would have done regardless.
  14. From the kit I saw it looked like the flex lines are in the kit. But I have seen the lines also sold separately. There must be different kits? I was looking at CJ's https://www.cjponyparts.com/wilwood-front-disc-brake-kit-dynalite-4-piston-11-3-v8-spindles-1965-1966-1967-1969/p/DBF200-V/
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