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  1. ralt962

    Printed circuit board

    Ive install a new CB but didnt realize there was a level of finesse needed to reinstall the gages. My turn signals and brake warning light I know work, but it seems my cluster lights are not working. Would they not work if the gages are grounded as described?
  2. ralt962

    Lanyard Attachment

    Thanks yes I have screw hole. So it looks like the lanyard goes under your cooling seal but on top of the rad support. this helps. Thank you.
  3. ralt962

    Lanyard Attachment

    Does anyone have a picture of where the Mach 1 lanyard attaches underhood. Mine was missing the lanyard so I dont have a starting point. thanks
  4. ralt962

    remove door plunger switch

    I was able to pop it out without removing the kick panel. Although new it was a bad switch. Replaced it and now working fine. Didnt chew up the paint which was fortunate. The park brake would need to go along with the kick panel. They basically go together. But thank you for the help.
  5. ralt962

    remove door plunger switch

    Thanks, I will give it a shot.
  6. ralt962

    Looking for hood latch bracket

    NPD has them 8182-1A $50.
  7. Minor question, but does anyone have a way or removing the plunger switch without chewing up the body paint? thanks
  8. ralt962

    Electric choke

    I have the same Holley. I had the harness out of the car so I did wire it to the switch. Any time the key is on the wire is hot.
  9. ralt962

    Mystery Chingadera

    Thanks for the picture. That eliminates one issue. Going to have to work on the bleeding and see if I can balance it. I did rebuild the distribution block, new switch and seals. I found an old spec book and it shows this light as being a dealer installed option in the convenience group. Looks like they had a number of dealer installed items.
  10. ralt962

    Mystery Chingadera

    I know this is an old post, but someone might know here. If the car originally came with the switch, but it was no longer there, (so no wire was connected) would the dash brake light come on? Just did a complete restore of a Mach 1. New drums front and rear, new lines. I bleed the system but I still have the dash warning light on. I'm going to try to re bleed the system and see if it balances out. Its not driveable yet so I don't have an idea how well the brakes will work.
  11. ralt962

    69 Mach 1 Stripe Application

    Anyone purchase stripes from NPD? Wondering if those are Express like the ones from CJs.
  12. ralt962

    Mach 1 hood paint BLACK ?

    I found an orignal Mach 1 hood that was stored in a dealership since 1979. It had been crunched in the front so it was buckled (sad to say). But I had my paint shop match the flat back that was on this hood. Since it was stored for 40 years the color had not faded. If the sikkens and other options, dont work out I will asked the shop what specifically they used to match the original color. Just let me know.
  13. ralt962

    Body tag question

    I have a Metuchen build also. So this is perfect. Thanks for the pics of the location.
  14. ralt962

    Body tag question

    Does anyone have a picture of where the body tag goes? I still have mine in good shape but the shot guns are new and the orginal hole location is gone. It looks like it goes close to the hood hinge in the pass side.
  15. Looks like you need a set of door reinforcement hinge plates also. I have one door set left. As Ridge Runner said, my gromets were molded to the harness.