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  1. I have a candy apple red Mach 1. I used the NPD gold and black stripes. Went on easy and look great. Make sure you find the recommendations of where to install them. There are some good old articles on the location.
  2. Have not checked the backup lights. Good idea to see what voltage I'm getting at the radio. See what is happening across the fuse. I think Ill stay away from the acid trick. I'd end up with a pile of goo. Thanks I'll give this a shot.
  3. Mine was built in January of 69. I believe thats where mine was originally. Sound like there were not all that accurate in the installation. I'll drill a hole back there. Looks like Casgar had the small hole about in a good spot. thanks for the quick responses.
  4. Does anyone have a location for the body buck plate that goes on the Right had side, top of the shot gun? It has one philips screw holding it down. It has the VIN and the various option and paint codes. I have new shot guns on the car so there the original hole isn't there. thanks,
  5. I do have the AMR solid state VR. Checked the connections, but I need to get up into the fuse panel. It must be a voltage drop in there. Checked again yesterday. I have one of those slide bar radios. The digital display flashes with the turn signals when at idle. At speed ( change lane) the radio doesnt cut out. Has to be low voltage with slow speeds. I said my Hail Henry's. Didn't help much on that one. I started my career at Ford when the Duce and Lee were still there. Yes that was a long time ago......
  6. I put in a new VR but I doubt it was a solid state. I'll check. But that would make sense. It does seem like there isnt enough power at idle. Although it starts great. Crank speed seems normal. I've had regulator issues on other vehicles. I thought the "new one" I bought would resolve this. I should know better by now. The number of "new" parts that I've replaced is pretty long at this point. I'll check the connection at the Fuse and connections. I had all the harnesses out on a table and went through each circuit but it could very well be the connector. Midlife being speechless on this one???? But you were the savor on my gauge issues some time back. thanks for the great suggestions. I'll let you know what I find out.
  7. This one is odd, but may be due to a low battery. At idle, when I turn the turn signal on the radio cuts off for a couple of seconds. I've recently noticed that it doesn't happen as much when the revs are up while driving. I've charge the battery up now need to test the theory. But I was thinking could it be an inadequate ground somewhere? My alt gauge doesnt seem to indicate anything. All the other gauges work fine. Have not pulled the alternator to have it tested yet. Battery shouldn't be down if I'm driving it. Starts fine. Thought someone might have seen this before and a place to start looking. thanks,
  8. Mine was mostly aftermarket. I did have to grind down the pinch weld flange to my the valance fit. The quarter panel was original, but the trunk and back panel with new, not OEM.
  9. Not sure if anyone needs these but I just replaced my front drum brakes with disc. The drum brake hardware is all hardly used. Less then 500 miles between the rebuild of the drums to replacing them with disc. I can dismantle the backing plate to provide all the shoes through the cylinders. Just pay shipping.
  10. I did send them to a good home. He took some door hinge reinforcements also. Sorry next time.
  11. I would make mine slightly shorter. 1/4" Still takes load from the shock. A little easier to get in. But add the tab as shown. The original Ford drawing doesn't have that.
  12. I added the lower tab like Brian did. otherwise it crushes the Fuel line that runs along that edge. I think the dimensions are a little long. I'm going to shorten mine a bit. They are a pain to put in and take out. Great feed back. second question, when you put your car on jackstands, do you use the lower are pivot point or back under the body? I typically put the jack stands under the inner pivot point for the lower control arm. Most of the front end weight is right there. ' thanks,
  13. I ended up with the Legendary Magnum. They look great. run true. Balanced with no issue. I also ran the Cobra tires. 2 years on them. So far so good.
  14. Just curious, does anybody actually used the steel braces recommended when jacking up the front end of the car? If not have you seen any damage to the ball joints or sway bar attachments? I made a set and have used them but they tend to be a pain to position correctly as you jack the car. thanks
  15. Great idea. I think I'll switch but carry the back up. Easy enough to pop in the points.
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