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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, Here below are 3 different ways to adjust the valve lash on a 1969 sbf 302. Any opinion on which one to use? They all suggest turning the push rod with thumb and index finger...... what i need to understand (being i've never done it with hydraulic lifters) is when do i stop tightning the nut on the rocker? 1. When there's no more vertical play? or 2. when the push rod becomes completely un-turnable? Thanks for any and all advice!
  2. I'm currently installing the chocostang front disc-brake package (although I'd imagine this is similar for any front disc conversion) with the K/H 67 Shelby style calipers . No power brakes, manual trans. Aside from being slightly annoyed that my new stainless OEM-sized hoses don't fit in the new Master Cylinder (I'm on the hunt for some adapters as the threaded holes in the MC are much smaller than the hose fittings), I could use some advice on where to put the proportioning valve. The valve is supposed to go between the distribution block and the rear brakes (somewhere in the line that goes to the rear). It's pretty tight around the distribution block, and bending the rear line while it's in the car seems like a pain in the arse. Where have folks put the proportioning valve? Or is there a replacement distribution block I should get instead that has the proportioning valve built into it? It would be nice to reuse my existing front stainless lines...so hopefully I'm not delusional.
  3. Hi, In the midst of rebuilding my engine, 351w, and have a valve spring issue. My car is in India, and sometime in its past, the engine work was done. As parts were not easily available then, I feel that whosoever did the work replaced the valve springs with something easily available and close to size - the ones in my car are: Springs with dampers - Install height 1.78", Int Dia 1.007", Ext Dia 1.456" Now these don't match up to stock, except install height. Can I just return to stock single springs like Edelbrock 5882? I am running a stock cam, SS valves and roller rockers. Thanks for the help
  4. I need a picture of the p/s lines going to/from the power assist valve!! This valve is new and the gear box is new, EVERYTHING is new and it drives like crap!! memory steer and it does NOT return to center! thinking that maybe lines are wrong?? lol has alignment. Flaming river gearbox installed TODAY. thought it would fix it... So Its this one last thing before I take it to a place in Mustang, OK to try to get them to figure it out but I hate to leave the car anywhere! thanks guys and please pics or diagram asap. -Matt
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